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Waiting and needing my ex-daughter/now lover to return, I was taken care of by others...
Ex-Daughter Grown Up, Part 11 – Return Cancelled
(Introduction: if you have read parts 1-10, you will know the people involved: a husband back working in the country he loves and where his grown-up 17y.o. step-daughter, Yen, from a previous marriage has arranged for her ‘daddy’ to be taken care of by others…lots of them, and now I am flying again to regional offices after being upset at the attempted manipulation of me by a nominee, who happened to also be my secretary, of my ex-wife, Ha, who continues to surprise me and try and control me – like an object to which she has a right of ownership; and even with the Love I still felt for her, it was her daughter I loved more and with a heavy heart, and a sense of lost direction….I needed Yen to come back.)

Quy – my secretary and also friend and co-manipulator for my ex-wife gave me my e-ticket and showed me my flight was in 3 hours; I thanked her, and picked up some papers and my laptop and headed out to the airport. She repeated again “I apologize, Anh.” I left.
It was good to land in Danang; it was like countryside – well seaside - to me, away from the intrigues of the big city. It had been the city where I was first posted when transferred to Vietnam, and I had watched such a transformation over 12 years, it was amazing to have been a small part of it, part of the nation’s success.
A car picked me up and took me to the hotel, the driver handing me a bag of beer Liem had arranged, and where Tuan was the first person beyond the door I saw. She greeted me effusively as I checked in at Reception, and said Liem had told her I should be here about now, 5.30, and Liem would call in about 6pm – the same time as Tuan finished her shift, and maybe we could go for dinner…? “That’s fine, em; I will shower and change and be ready then, nice to see you.”
I unpacked only what I needed as, unless Liem’s office – perhaps I should call it Tinh’s office, as she was now manager – had any pressing business, I intended to fly to Hanoi tomorrow evening, work there Saturday and, also if nothing urgent requiring my presence, fly south and home Saturday night or Sunday morning. My plans and tickets were flexible, so it was no big deal;
For now, I showered, changed and was enjoying a beer on the balcony when the door was knocked upon. Bo rushed in, closed the door and hugged me; “Oh, Anh, I am so happy to see you! Welcome back!” I gently pried ‘her’ from my body, and kissed each cheek; “Me too, em, you look fine and well.”
“Oh yes, Anh, I am fine; when Tuan told me you were coming back, I was so excited, and couldn’t wait!” Bo hugged me and kissed me back, but she didn’t stop at my cheeks, she grasped them in her hands and found my lips, lightly at first, but then harder and she pried my mouth open with her tongue and entered, and I welcomed her. I pulled back enough to say “I told you I would be back, em.”

(For more on Bo, please refer to my new story, titled ”Lady-Man Love”, but I have decided it deserves its own story, not as part of this…)
Bo left as she was on duty, and within minutes Liem arrived, closing the door and shaking my hand! “Very funny” I said as I hugged her and kissed her cheeks; she laughed. “How are you, Anh, not any fatter – that I can see clearly?”
“I am fine, Miss Liem, never change; how are things with you, your family, and the office?” “I am fine; my mother never stops asking about you – what happened between you and her, Anh, you must tell me one day; and sister Tinh and…oh, everyone asks about you Anh! The office: actually, you have a meeting tomorrow – maybe, maybe, we have a new project!”
“Now that would be good news, em, especially for our office here, and you and the staff. What’s up, I haven’t read any reports from Tinh about anything?” “Ah, that’s because it has all happened today” and Liem looked downcast, “It only happened this afternoon while you were flying here; Tinh phoned the Boss and resigned, just after telling him about this new project meeting! What a day.” I was quite stunned, and sat down to digest the news, before hitting the Boss’ number on my phone; “Chao Anh, Liem has just told me the news, but only the headlines so far, so I will call you in the morning after I am at the office and know more.” He agreed, but also pointed out that I had better plan to be here for a few more days than expected; “Hanoi is ok I expect, but Da Nang is going to need your attention for now, Steve.” I accepted that, and we rang off.
Turning to Liem, she said “Tuan is waiting out on the street, Anh, are you ready for dinner?” I picked up the necessities – money and cigarettes – and offered my arm to head out. At Reception, handing in my key, I asked if I could extend my stay – didn’t know yet how many days, but more than just one night; no problem for you, Anh, I was told. “The Boss told me to stay, em” I told Liem.
We walked out to the road and there on the left was Tuan waiting, so we clambered aboard, me on the back behind Liem, and Liem whispered to Tuan, “Anh will be staying longer, em, isn’t that good news?” Tuan nodded, and I wondered what a longer stay would mean – other than probable tiredness! We headed in a direction I remembered, and Tuan stopped at the restaurant where we had been before, the three of us and Bo that last time, and also where Thinh worked, and it was indeed Thinh who bounced over to welcome us at the entrance, smiling broadly - at me – and saying how happy she was to see us again! My memories of Thinh were extreme; we had made love in her apartment one afternoon and reached heights which I had sometimes, but rarely, been to, and it truly had been an amazing trip.
As she seated us, she whispered “Anh, I relive it every day and night” and I knew we were both thinking of the same event.
She left us with a menu, and went to get my beer and the cocktails the girls ordered. Tuan had sat herself beside me quickly, Liem opposite, and I also recalled getting the better of Tuan last time: she had played ‘footsies’ with my groin opposite, but I had more than paid her back with a toe under her skirt bringing her to orgasm right here at the table. Her hand now already trailing on my thigh – glad I had worn jeans – I recalled also she had promised somewhere, sometime she would best me.
Drinks came, and the girls chose the dishes, and I watched Thinh walk away, and turn to look back at me, knowing me briefly but enough to be sure I would be looking; she smiled. I raised my glass and toasted the girls, and then asked Liem for a two minute ‘work talk’, apologizing to Tuan but saying I just needed the basics. Liem took five minutes to outline that Tinh had found the pressures of managing an office more than she wanted, and left her with too little time with her family, so she had taken the radical decision to resign altogether.
As for the new project, it was a possible redevelopment/refurbishment of the Hotel which, coincidentally, had been the very project I had originally worked on here, but they had chosen our Company as the preferred design and construction managers, so that’s what the meeting tomorrow was about: firming up ideas and possibilities before proceeding to contractual details. The first dishes arrived and I thanked Liem, said we would talk more business in the office in the morning; now time to eat.
Thinh refilled my beer, close at my side, and the girls changed to water soon after, as they wolfed the food down and I picked lightly at my own. I was sitting on the side next to the balustrade, overlooking the river, and I pushed my chair back and lit a cigarette, holding it over the fence beside me and away from the girls eating, but there was that hand again, on my knee closest to Tuan as I had tucked it up on the seat under my right buttock, comfortably so as I always did. I nudged my knee at Tuan’s thigh as a warning, but she took no notice, though it jolted her into remembering to ask if I had the photos – and my camera – with me; I answered ‘yes’ to both, and Liem asked “What photos?”
“Oh, they look a little like this” and she got her mobile out and pressed some buttons and handed it to Liem to watch a video I presumed – and then I remembered what she had shot on her mobile: me and Bo after my film had run out! Liem gasped and looked up at me; I shrugged in embarrassment, lamely adding “Just a photo shoot which got a bit hot, em – you remember yourself on one of those same photo shoots?” We all did, and with Tuan and Bo in my hotel room last time it was just as hot as when Ping, Liem and Tuan had me photo them before.
When she finished, I took the phone from her and asked Tuan to restart it, and watched myself almost having sex with Bo, and loving him/her. Actually, it looked very erotic and romantic and I knew why: Bo awakened feelings in me – no, Bo ignited feelings in me – and it seemed somehow we fit together that time, and my cock rose hard in my pants at the memory.
Tuan looked at the video again herself, and she couldn’t control her hand now and it grabbed at my groin under the table, feeling the hardness and squeezing painfully.
Thinh arrived at the table and couldn’t fail to have noticed Tuan’s action, even as I tried to move and escape.
I asked for one more beer but needed to go to the toilet just now, and I stood as fast as I could. Although it was a confusing route to the toilet, I remembered it enough to decline offers of assisted directions from Thinh, but nevertheless she was waiting outside where I washed my hands, and she grabbed my wet hand and dragged me into a storeroom next door, where she closed the door, pushed me against it and thrust her mouth at me, tongue plunging into my gaping mouth, and her body flattened against mine. It was a long minute or two later when she relented enough to say “I had to.”
“I didn’t complain em” as my hands sneaked under her top to caress her big breasts through her bra, her nipples – those very large nipples I recalled so well – swollen and wanting to burst out, even as my cock felt the same urge in my jeans, and I ground my pelvis against her own. Thinh whimpered into my mouth, pressing me even harder against the door, until senses returned and we both seemed to acknowledge that as exciting as these moments were, it was dangerous to continue this here and now. She stepped back a fraction and I smoothed her top down, pushing on her nipples as if to flatten them, and she laughed quietly. “That won’t help me calm down, Anh.” I gave her a light kiss, told her I would be here a few days and would call her at a better time if she wanted; she wanted she said, asking me to promise I would, and I did.
Smoothing my own hair, leaving Thinh, who did in fact have to get some supplies from the storeroom, I was able to head back to the table and rejoin the girls, explaining I had a bit of a stomach upset. They were sympathetic and asked if we should go; I said no, I’d be fine, and lifted my glass, looking around for Thinh and another bottle. She came over, her eyes twinkling.
“Yes sir, what would you like?” she asked, but I couldn’t tell her: three of the womanly dishes around the table please! Or on the table or under it even. So I simply asked for one final beer, and looking at the girls, also asked for the bill; Thinh swayed away, taking my eyes with her until Tuan brought them back by putting her arm around my neck; I jumped “Tuan, we shouldn’t do that in here, you know that.” “Where and when can we do it, Anh?” “Ladies, I know it’s only early, but could I just go home tonight.” “Don’t be scared of us, Anh” Liem added softly “Tuan has to work night shift at 10pm, so she will take me home and go back to work.” “And I have my, ah, monthly time for another day or two, so I also have a little stomach pain.” Thinh returned and Liem checked the bill before I paid, indicating to Thinh the extra money was hers, and she smiled, adding “Happy to see you again, Anh, and you ladies, and hope to see more of you very soon.” Plenty of meanings in that thank you sentence, I thought to myself, but I only nodded and said I was sure I would be back again.
We climbed on Tuan’s bike and the girls dropped me off at the hotel, not yet 8pm as I took my key and in my room, made some notes of Liem’s account of work.
I watched the evening BBC News and sat nursing a beer, suddenly alone and rather lonely in my room. I vaguely saw the Weather, and equally vaguely heard a tropical storm was heading this way. Last time here I had also had a bout of aloneness, and I had walked to the riverside where I had met Ming and Jin, the Uni students who chose me to take their virginity – Jin as yet was still waiting - and also Hong, who worked there. It was a nice spot and first time there I had enjoyed it alone, thoughts circulating as I sat over a beer.
I had changed out of my jeans, now I changed back into them, and decided to go for a walk; if it ended up at Hong’s restaurant, so be it.
Of course my walk ended up there – who was I trying to kid: myself? It was even Hong, who met me as I entered the doorway, and she was as beautiful and sexy as before; tonight - perhaps she had had a promotion - she was wearing a white blouse and black skirt, but it did nothing to hide the curves and suggestions of the body within. She skipped to my side, bubbling her welcome and when I answered her query with “Just me tonight, em” she led me to a far corner table, but still on the balcony side overlooking the river which snaked in from the coast a short way distant.
She scuttled off and my eyes followed her, and then I looked around: not so many people tonight I noted, and I also felt the breeze building off the river. Hong returned and just then I recalled the Weather forecast, and it seemed to fit: a storm was coming, and Da Nang was often in the path of the summer cyclones/tropical storms. Hong said “Anh, my boss suggests you would be safer drinking beer in your Hotel, as he is worried about this wind coming, and about his customers, so he would like to close now and tie everything down.” “What about you Hong, where will you go?” “He told me to take care of you and then get home, but my home is a little bit away, so I am not sure…” “Ok, em, you can come with me; thank your boss from me; here take this and buy some beer from him at least,” and I handed her some money, “Then you can take me and the beer to my Hotel and wait with me until it’s over, ok?” She smiled, but also looked concerned, as she scurried away and I stood, meeting her at the doorway and taking the bag of beer, and we ran out, the rain now spattering down. Hong started her bike and took out the ubiquitous Vietnamese raincoat, designed for riding motorcycles, and she put it on and draped it back over me as we rode off.
The wind was becoming stronger, as was the rain, but luckily we only had a short way to go; me, I loved riding like this, hands hidden under a raincoat from passing eyes, able to caress and cuddle and go where they would – and I took full advantage for the two minutes it took to reach my Hotel; my mouth found Hong’s neck, and my hands her breasts, kissing and caressing slowly even as the tempest rose outside this little calm world under plastic, and I said to her “I told you next time I would like slower” as she gasped and squirmed. Then she jolted me away turning into the Hotel car park and we had to grab her handbag and run for the entrance, soaked in a moment. I led her to Reception after shaking her raincoat of excess water and bundling it up, and took my key while mumbling this lady had brought me home but the storm…etc… and took her to the elevator and up to my room.
Hong was shivering and I told her to have a hot shower, and she went to the bathroom as I began stripping my own wet clothes off; I took some hangers from the closet and went to the bathroom door naked, knocking first, then poking my head around the door and suggesting Hong give me her clothes to hang up for drying.
She opened the door wide, handing me her skirt and blouse first, standing there in a skimpy matching set of bra and panties: beautiful. She looked at me, at my groin and exclaimed “Oh, Anh, last time you were so big!” I flushed red and my prick shrank even more as I retorted “This is what happens to a man when he is freezing cold – just like this happens to a woman” and I reached for her nipple, also shriveled but extended and pointy. She squeaked as I tweaked them, and she said “You need a hot shower also, Anh”.
Instead I took her clothes and shook my head – for now backing out and hanging them up outside on the balcony towel rack, sheltered from the rain at the moment at least; I did the same with mine, shivering in the wind and decided a hot shower and probable warm body was a good next idea.
I knocked again, entering to find a glorious body facing me under the cascading shower water. But despite such an invitation open to me, I cleaned my teeth first, warming slightly in the steam enclosing the room, and also finding my prick rapidly warming also. I finished and gargled with my Listerine, breaking open a new toothbrush/paste pack and passing them in to Hong.
She took them from my hand without releasing it and tugged until I followed suit into the shower stall. “Oh, that’s better, Anh, more like I remember but not yet” and she now released my hand to begin tugging on my growing prick. “Let me have some hot water, em, and it might feel more alive!” We swapped positions and I let the hot water rain down as Hong sidled up behind me, sharing the water and wrapping her hands around my body. I turned to face her, removing my head from the water and wiping my eyes so I could look at her; yes, her body was wonderful, her breasts full.
They were waiting for my hands and mouth perhaps; her body was all slender, dark brown and toned muscles – I knew from last time she was strong! – And she was only a few cms shorter than me after all. I leaned down a little and she raised a little and our mouths met, but when Hong began a frantic sucking and probing I pulled back, repeating what I had told her earlier on the bike: ‘I would like slower” and I refused her mouth, but instead put my mouth to her neck and just slowly kissed around, sometimes here and sometimes there, nibbled an ear, to her shoulders for more from my mouth, while my hands began their own deliberate roving as far as they could reach – a long way.
I slid along her buttocks, down the crease of them, and just under her perineum to her front slit, and up sharply. She jumped and my finger plunged inside as she came down; she had been wet inside already and I went in fully and easily and she shrieked against me and shivered. I didn’t remove my finger, instead adding another as I lowered my head and opened wide to – only just – swallow her whole breast into my mouth, and now Hong moaned and almost fell down, but my two fingers were supporting her and stimulating her, keeping her up, and I added my other hand to her buttocks and held her tightly. “Anh” she pleaded “Now, you have to give me now – please!” “No” I said very quietly and calmly, and eased my fingers in and out, lowering my mouth to her other breast and sucking the nipple to full length, nibbling it with my teeth, and added a third finger for a moment inside her; she squealed now and I moved my mouth to kiss her, thrusting my tongue inside and fighting with her own tongue. Then I stopped abruptly, turning her to rinse off, removing my mouth, my hands, and my body, from hers. I used my hands to rinse her hair a little, smoothed the water from her eyes and face.
I gave a few cleansing strokes along her cunt slit, then I gently pushed her out, reaching and handing her a towel, and ignoring her as I washed and rinsed my own body. When I had finished a few minutes later, Hong had left the bathroom, and I smiled to myself even as I told myself: I will make it up to her, and for sure she will enjoy it all more – well, that was my hope.
When I was dry, and even my cock felt much warmer and my hair had been brushed, I opened the door; Hong was at the balcony door, reaching for her bra firstly. “What are you doing, em?”
“I thought you were going to stay? The storm is too strong to go now!” She threw her bra back on the drying rack, turning slowly with a mischievous look, and thrusting her breasts high and bouncing to take my eyes; “Oh, I thought you wanted me to go home, Anh, or just play games? I can play games also…” I laughed, “Ok, ok em – I give up the game: I want you to stay, if you would like to stay.” I looked at her questioningly and wondered why I ever tried to best a woman: I rarely won. My eyes returned to her breasts and they were as a feast to look at, and she bent down slightly, leading my eyes also downwards as her hands slid down her abdomen. They played across a bare or shaven slit, and she bent her knees and used her fingers to pull apart the lips and display her opening, almost as if she was telling me to come and find out what else lay within. I walked across to her, my body pressing up against her own as I reached beyond to close the balcony door against the wind and noise, and then I led her to the sofa and I ravaged her mercilessly! There is no other deion for what I did; Hong had overpowered me in the room at her restaurant and taken her pleasure then, hard and fast.
Now I was pleasuring us both a little more comfortably on the sofa, but far faster than I wanted but couldn’t control. I slid to her depths and buried myself even further if that was possible, and she cried out but clung to me and pulled me even more tightly into and to her, and my mouth bit and sucked her neck and ears and as I could, even her nipples and breasts were not safe. She burst under with me with one climax, giving me juices I could feel slip down us, and then another when I reared and thrust hard inside, feeling the walls of her channel sucking me and groping for me, pulling me to her Centre, and I couldn’t hold it any more when she dug claws into my buttocks, thrust up, and when she came with a burst of a new climax, I let myself go!
Hong smoothed my hair away from my face when I collapsed onto her chest, searching for her nipple; she kissed my hair, wet, as was hers, and I could feel her mouth as she smiled; she said – tiredly but wickedly – “Is that what you mean by ‘slow’, Anh?” I chuckled against her breast, struggling for breath, and eventually I could answer “No, em, it’s not; maybe that was ‘payback’ for the way you took me! Next time, let’s try for more love-making, ok? I am an old man, and this fast sex is bad for my heart – but pretty exciting also!” “Are you ok, em; I hope I didn’t hurt you?” “Oh Anh, you are bigger than my one and only other man, but hurt me? – if there is a goddess of love, she brought you to me, Anh, and no, you couldn’t hurt me doing anything like that; what do we do now?” “Have a rest!” I said. Hong laughed and cuddled me as I sucked on her nipple, but I was now tired, and I took her to bed, slid in beside to kiss her cheek and mouth, and snuggled against her neck with my hand holding her far breast and hers under my neck stroking my back. It was nice.
Hours later, I woke to slip out to the toilet, and checked the time: 0330; the wind was howling outside, but I opened the door and brought the drying rack and clothes in – they weren’t getting dry out there.
At 0700 the weather was the same, no chance of going to the office in this. I phoned Liem and asked her to cancel whatever meetings, and phone some staff and get them to phone everyone: the office wouldn’t open today. She asked what was I doing, and I said going back to sleep for now, and I’d call her later. I climbed back into bed and felt a hand reaching to cuddle me, but I closed my eyes and drifted off lightly for a while longer. But Hong was awake, and her mouth down on my cock, sucking it up greedily soon woke me totally.
I threw the sheet fully off, and invited her to swivel around, presenting me with her buttocks and a crease between winding down, under and up to her vagina. I let her get comfortable again on my cock, her legs out to the side of me and I pulled gently on her hips to bring her to my mouth, waiting and willing. Before I occupied my mouth, I said “Good morning, Miss Hong, yes this is slow and a nice way to start the day…” and then I swiped my tongue on her buttocks and into her hole gaping open at me; she lurched up with a shriek, but I held her bum down to me and she settled, resumed her own sucking, and now so did I, my tongue salivating at the offerings waiting for it.
I kissed her tiny hole, wriggled my tongue around it and darted it a fraction through the puckered skin, and then I slurped right down, moving her slightly higher up my body so my mouth was able to reach from one crease, under to the next one, and this one was dripping, sparse hairs glistening with the moisture she was exuding, and my tongue had no problem slurping it up and swallowing the sweetness of Hong. When I reached her clit, open to me there within her folds pulled to the sides by her leg position, I daubed at it and it was too much for her, and she squeezed her legs in to my body and tensed herself and moaned and I swear: her pussy right in front of my eyes pulsed open and juices ran out, and she throbbed there above me, and my tongue went back to its job, sliding up and down, stopping at her clit, and now stabbing inside just a few cms, but harder and curled as much as I could; she bit my cock as she hit a new peak, and I yelped now, and I eased off for a moment to let her relax. She had been mainly licking and sucking on my head, but Hong now began swallowing more of me each time until she gagged when I hit her throat, and I urged her to be slow and take only what she could, assuming she didn’t do this very often, and she did as suggested.
She could manage 2/3rds of me I guess and that was nice for both, especially as she fondled and tickled my balls and slightly hairy crease of my anus now with her fingers, and even made a delicate probe of my own hole. She seemed to like twisting my pubic hair in her fingers also, but her mouth was working and when she went back to the head and lapped at my hole, the sensations became total and I wasn’t sure whether to stop now and make ‘normal’ love or let it go where it was heading; I decided on the latter and returned my concentration to Hong.
I dug as far into her as I could, now with my nose in play rubbing against her clit and almost burying itself within her confines as my tongue worked just below. She came again and creamy juice spread over my mouth and nostrils even, and now she did swallow most of me and my balls had to give up their contents, and I said “Oh em, let go or get ready!” She slipped up to my cock’s head, licked it back and forth and seemed to be drawing my own cream up from my balls the length of me to squirt into her mouth, and she put that mouth back over me to capture the remainder, and I groaned even as she did the same and tensed her pussy flat on my face, smothering me with flesh and cream! That seemed to halt my prick’s pulsing, finished or not, and I had to lift her off me to breathe, and she continued by rolling to her side, flat out on the bed, moaning and breathing heavily in time with my own.
“Have you been doing that a long time, em, you are pretty good?” “No Anh, that was my first try, but you seemed asleep and I wanted to do something slowly; slow is nice Anh, I agree. Did I make you happy, Anh, like you did for me?” “Oh yes em, you did – was it like ice-cream?” She giggled, remembering from the restaurant.
She twisted herself around to come up and lay beside me, cuddling tightly with her breasts hard and squashed against me. We just lay there until Hong looked over at the balcony doors and said “Wow, big storm, and not finished.” “Yes, I have already cancelled my office working today, what about you: anyone you should call and check on?” “Yes, my Mae and sister, but I am alone here and they live more than 100kms inland, and normally they don’t suffer as much as Da Nang and the coastal places do; they should be ok, but yes, I’ll call them and then shower. Oh, what about clothes – are they dry Anh?” “Sorry em, not yet; but I can give you a t-shirt and shorts for in the room until they are if you like, ok?”
“Maybe we should order room service when you are hungry – your nipples poking out a t-shirt might give me ‘hard’ problems down in the restaurant!” She laughed as she rolled off the bed “You know Anh, being with you is not only sexy, but you make me feel comfortable and nice and happy as well; they’re good feelings so thank you.” I only smiled back as she headed for the bathroom, returning with a towel wrapped around and then she rummaged for her mobile in her handbag, and I went for a shower.
When I’d finished, Hong was ready; yes, her family was safe but they said it was being reported that the storm had slowed right down and was expected to hang over us on the coast all day perhaps, much flooding and damage but minimal loss of life they had said so far. I turned on BBC as Hong threw her towel off and over my head; I held it and said she could have it back when she apologized; instead she held her nose in the air and took a voluptuous walk into the bathroom.
BBC came on with some film and reports of the storm, and confirmed what Hong had just relayed. Next I picked up the room service menu and sat with the coffee I had made, deciding I was hungry for food also.
Hong called out “Sorry Anh, just joking!” I took her towel in and studied her body before handing it to her; she looked embarrassed, but I only whistled and told her she was beautiful. I left her to dry off, and found another pair of shirts and the biggest sloppy t-shirt I had in my bag, now getting quickly empty after dressing myself in the same outfit, and not having planned for more than a couple of days. Hong asked to use my hair brush, and emerged looking fresh and lovely and I pointed to the clothes; she put them on, the shorts fine and the shirt covering her, but unable to stop her sizeable breasts from jiggling and wobbling and her nipples were easy to see straining, perhaps more so as I was staring at them; it would have to do for now, though I could ask Tuan to take her other clothes for drying somewhere better – problem or not, we would soon know as I expected she would come to clean. Hong sat beside me on the sofa and I gave her the menu. We ordered the same eggs and toast and orange juice, and I phoned the order down, asking especially for it to be delivered hot. I looked out the door then and spied the other floor housekeeper – of course Tuan worked the late shift, she would be home across the back courtyard asleep.
I asked the young woman if she had an airing room or somewhere drier for our wet clothes, and she smiled, of course sir, and took them away, promising the Lady’s clothes could be back by lunch. I asked her if she could clean our room next after we had finished breakfast and she nodded eagerly when I gave her a nice tip. Breakfast arrived and the waiter, whom I hadn’t seen before, gawked as Hong stood to be polite – but her breasts bounced and his eyes followed them – and I took over, told him where to place the tray and tipped him also on his way out with a backward glance. I turned to Hong “You did that deliberately, my young nymph! Next time, please just stay seated or we will have egg and juice spilled everywhere, if you excite the waiters like that!” Hong looked innocently at me “What did I do Anh?” I laughed and walked to her, my hands darting quickly to grasp her breasts and I shook them; “These are what I am talking about!” I had to lift her shirt and I fastened my mouth to one, sucking in as my emotions dictated, and swapping to the other one for an extended frenzy, Hong’s hands on my head holding me there, until I calmed enough to speak “Our eggs will be cold em, let’s eat them – first anyway.”
We ate and had no sooner finished than the housekeeper knocked and asked if this was a good time to clean my room; Hong moved to the furthest chair, and I noticed the young woman looking at her with interest. I looked out the doors at the storm, then back at Hong, and I whispered to her “She likes you em; have you ever been with a woman – she seems to maybe feel like that?” Hong whacked me and said “No, I haven’t Anh! Have you ever been with a man?” I hesitated and she exclaimed “You have! Tell me about it, what was it like?” I went to the fridge and got myself a beer, noting I would soon run out of my own.
I would need to drink the hotel’s I thought, before returning to Hong’s side as the housekeeper did the bathroom. “Actually, would you like to see these?” and I took the photos from my bag and decided what Hong and I had done was enough to let her know other things. The photos of the girls were one thing, but she didn’t know any of them anyway, but the last few were of Bo and me, and she gasped, looking at me “You did this Anh?” I nodded and she looked back at the photos and then slowly around the room; “They were in this room? You brought him here like me?”
“No, no em, I didn’t bring him here ‘like you’; I didn’t bring you here ‘like you’! Well, he – no not’ he’, ‘he’ is so close to a ‘she’ that I call her a Woman, understand?” It was a photo shoot she wanted and it just got a – well, it got a bit ‘hot’ between us…” “Hot! I agree with that Anh; they are so, what’s the English…anyway, they are very sexy!” “Erotic is the word em, it means exciting in a sexual manner; and yes, it was.”
I took the folder from her hands and put it back in my bag, thankful the housekeeper was still in the bathroom, but when I came back to the sofa, Hong’s hands went to my shorts and she felt the grown cock. Naturally it had grown because of the conversation, and my memories, and I looked at her nipples and they were so, so pushing through my t-shirt I had this stupid thought it could never be the same shape again! Hong whispered to me “Anh, I need to go to bed with you: now!” I caressed her arm as I sat and gave her the TV remote to take her mind of things; she plopped it down on the sofa in exasperation and I pointed to the housekeeper’s cleaning duties; Hong pouted, took my hand and put it to her pelvis: her shorts – my shorts – were wet! I pulled my hand away and told her to watch TV for a while, standing and looking again out through the windows of the balcony doors at the continuing storm. I turned and picked up my camera; “Hong, come over here please” and I draped her against the glass doors, the rain now on our side and splattering behind her – the effect which had given me the idea. I told her she was a fashion model, and she became one as I focused and clicked; a few shots later, she became bolder suddenly, and used her hands to stretch my shirt down, clearly outlining breasts and nipples and then her hands went under the shirt and she was fondling herself and her mouth opened and moaned as she held herself up against the glass.
When she opened her eyes and smiled so provocatively - but I realized the smile was directed beyond me, not at me - I took that, and she undid the button on the shorts and her hands found the zip and she slowly moved it down, spreading inside, bare flesh appearing little by little; but when she began using her fingers quite clearly within herself, I stopped shooting and turned at the audible sigh behind, finding the housekeeper with her legs spread on the sofa and her hands were mimicking Hong’s every move under her skirt, and her eyes glazed.
I turned the camera to her, wanting to capture the moments of rapture she was so clearly in, that vision of a woman in the throes of a climax as she furiously frigged herself and threw back her head now, moaning and thrashing; then a blur passed directly in my viewfinder and I put the camera to the side as Hong sank to her knees and literally burrowed her head under the girl’s skirt and used her hands to pry her knees apart wider, and it was obvious as I took this shot that Hong was overcome enough by the arousal to be having perhaps her first experience of the delights of eating another woman’s pussy. I took only two more and then turned my camera off.
I didn’t want my photos to be like a cheap voyeuristic thrill trip: it was too erotic and passionate for that. I would just be a voyeur with my own eyes instead, as I could now just study the scene as a man – with a cock leaking in his shorts.
I looked at the housekeeper; I had seen her before, but Tuan was my normal floor housekeeper, so now I noticed she was young – then again, so was Hong – with a beautiful face, and under the blouse which was rising and falling in rapid breaths there appeared to be small mounds of her tits; I decided to find out, had to.
I went behind Hong, who now thrust the skirt up above her head to let some air in, and she was feverishly tonguing the – her badge I now saw read ‘Hong’, and so there were two – tonguing Hong, and I clambered across Hong to the sofa and I reached and undid our new Hong’s blouse buttons, pulling it to the side; she moaned and pushed her chest up at me, but made no comment, and I sucked at her nipple through a thin cotton bra. It had front clasps and I released them, and the moment I spied her mounds, one became surrounded and swallowed by my mouth and oh, I sucked it. Hong – let’s call her #1, and the housekeeper Hong #2, I decided.
Anyway, original Hong, #1, must have found a spot at the same time and as I nibbled at a nipple Hong #2 screamed out and threw her body up, but my mouth didn’t let go and, I surmised, nor did Hong’s below. A hand ruffled the hair of my head and gently pushed it to her other breast and I sucked and licked and swallowed it the same, reaching my free hand down to roughly grope at Hong’s breasts through the t-shirt, and she slid one hand up the leg of my shorts to be equally rough with my lengthened, leaking cock. It was a frenzy of action and the two girls climaxed again and, like symbiotic twins, they also then collapsed in post-sex exhaustion.
I lightly kissed all over the breasts and nipples under me, and even managed to almost re-fasten her bra as I kissed up her neck and gently to her lips, where she opened for me as her hands came up to help mine and she cupped her breasts inside the cups of the bra comfortably while I did the hook-eyes. I then re-buttoned her blouse, as I felt Hong below sitting up herself and watching; “You are a gentleman, Anh. Do you also have another pair of shorts for me – these ones are wet!”
I stood up chuckling “No, I don’t, but Miss Hong here said your clothes would be ready by lunchtime, so you just have to put up with it – or take them off…” I added, leaning down to kiss her as I helped Hong #2 to sit up a little. She was dazed and had yet to speak, so I let her relax as I pushed my still hard cock down in my shorts as straight as possible, and sat on the sofa beside her to rest my own pent-up body. Hong #1 joined me and sat on my lap, looking amazed herself, and she said “What was that question you asked before – about being with another woman?” “Have you?” I responded, and she nodded her head “I have now, and the taste is sweet isn’t it Anh?” “Oh yes, em, sweeter than sugar and creamier than cream, and there is nothing can compare to it.” “I would like to try it sometime also, but that was wonderful, and I hope you don’t think I was bad but I just couldn’t stop myself!” Miss Hong, housekeeper, #2 Hong, now spoke for the first time. I smiled at her, and asked how old she was; when she answered ‘19’ I said you have plenty of time, and older Hong smiled and said “Em, you were delicious and I couldn’t help myself too; are you a virgin?” She nodded shyly, and Hong said “When you’re ready, Anh is the best teacher, trust me.”
“Hong - don’t say things like that, it sounds like I go around the country looking for virgins to ‘teach’, and that’s not true!” I was aghast, but Miss Hong stood and came to me “Your mouth already told me you must be a wonderful man as a lover Anh Steve, and also Tuan told me last time about you, so don’t be upset, and thank you – thank you both, but I better get back to work.” She kissed me fully, even as my mouth gaped thinking of Tuan telling others about our love-making, and then she kissed Hong’s lips lightly, and they clasped, and I grabbed my camera to take a sideways shot of two faceless women united in respect and love for each other. Miss Hong flushed and headed out, taking the dirty linen and her buckets and materials, but she then had to return sheepishly as we all had failed to notice she had forgotten to remake the bed! We all laughed and Hong ran and tackled the younger Hong and rolled her on the bed for a moment, but that was a quick joke, and I dragged Hong away to let the poor girl finish her job and carry on to other rooms.
When she finished, Hong curled beside me on the sofa to ask “So who is Tuan, and what did she have to tell, Anh?” “Hong, a gentleman should never talk about other women, whatever it may be, and I never do.”
We sat comfortably for some time, and watched TV; I noted an easing of the wind strength and even opened the balcony doors to see a slight brightening in the sky, but the rain was still ripping across at a steep angle, so it must really only have been a slight wind direction change. Miss Hong knocked later and passed in nicely folded and pressed clothes to Hong, advising mine would be returned a little later. Hong decided she would shower and later dressed and said she really should go home, rain or not; she had told her mother she would visit and had two days off, so she would go if the storm didn’t worsen again. She kissed me, “Thank you Anh, for a wonderful night and oh so interesting morning! Will you show me the photos when you get them please?” I nodded and said it would be next trip, and I would see her then. She draped my clothes on the chair, thanked me again and was gone.
I made myself a coffee from my own supplies I always carried, just calling down for hot water, and sat back with it and a cigarette; nothing to do for today, so I turned on the TV again and watched some news. I looked in my phone’s contacts and thought of Jin…I owed her, and doubted she could be at Uni today, but also that she could come out in the storm.
I sent her a text sms; said I was here, but stuck in my hotel and storm would keep me here another day or two….and left it at that. I pressed send and it went, and my phone rang immediately; it was Ping. “Chao em, what’s up? I am stuck here with the storm, you must have heard about it…” “Anh, yes, I know; Anh, have you heard from Yen?” “No em, not for a day or two, after I phoned her from Hanoi – why?” I had a foreboding thought, but waited for Ping to answer “Anh, I am sure you will, she phoned me before: she’s not coming over from Australia Anh…” “Ping, I can tell you are not telling me something – what is it, come on?”
“Anh, she told me she has met a boy at school and he asked her to spend the holidays together with his family or something, and her mother told her that was a better idea, so she wouldn’t buy Yen’s ticket for her. So, she’s not coming Anh, that’s what it means.”
“Anh, are you still there?” “Yes em, here; Ping, how did she sound – upset?” I waited, “Ping, talk to me…” “Anh, she should tell you, but I will just say I feel very sad for you Anh, and want you to know I am here for you…and always, because I love you Anh.”
“I’ll call you later em, and Ping: thanks for breaking it to me, and being gentle about it, but at my age I can handle everything women do to me: it has happened too many times already. Chao em, thanks again, you are special for me too.”
I got a beer – seemed the thing to do just now.
My phone beeped, sms from Jin saying she was not far and would like to come and see me – is that ok? I didn’t respond then, as my phone rang, and this time it was Yen. “Dad, hi, it’s me” and my first thought was: she didn’t stay ‘Steve’, so this wasn’t a lover’s call. “Chao Yen, what’s up?” She rushed into her words, tangling them to get it out: she had met a boy, I’d like him and he was very much like me, and very nice, and she and her mother had decided she should spend time getting to know him – and “Dad, so that means I am not coming over this week…ok Dad?” “You have a good time, little one, and you have my best thoughts for whatever you decide; I loved you as my daughter, and as my lover, and now I will return to loving you as my daughter Yen. I have to go con, there’s a big storm here and lightning and I should get off my phone…” “Daddy, I love you…” and I pressed off.
I sat there, my beer for company, and cried, and drank more beer.
I remembered Jin, and thought: I need company, but am I fair to her? I sent her a sms, said ‘can’t just now em’. For some strange reason, I went to shower again, and put on the shorts and t-shirt Hong had worn for a short time – a muted smile when my t-shirt, indeed, seemed to have stretched over her breasts! That made me cry all over again and I buried my face in my hands for a minute or two.
Yen had been as a daughter to me, yes, and more recently she had been my Love and my lover, the one I had thought would be in my life, and my life, for the future. What does my life hold for me now – though I had a wife in Thailand that was, these days, a friendship more than a marriage; yes, plenty of beautiful sex, but it had been thoughts of Yen which had sustained a feeling of Love within me these past months, within my heart. I am a sensitive person, very sensitive, and wounds to the heart hurt me, but I have had many and I always pick myself up and move on, start again, and I still trust people until they betray me. Yen hadn’t betrayed me, but she had wounded me.
My phone beeped again – it was Ha from Australia. “Chao Anh, how are you darling husband?” I had to smile in spite of the sorrow; “Chao Ha, but I am not your husband now…and you probably know: I am a bit upset just at the moment.” “Yes, Anh, I know you, and I know how you would be feeling, but it is for the best; she is so young, Anh, she needs young boys to learn about things first, before she becomes mature and ready for the love – same as I feel for you, Anh.” I took a deep breath, “Ha, you threw me away – remember? I wanted to be with you, and Yen, and I tried so, so hard…but it was you who gave up, you who wanted more money or something when I lost my job…what could I give you now you didn’t already take from me?” “A cuddle and your love, Anh, that’s all I want from you, trust me.”
Trust her – heavens, trusting Ha was what got me into so much trouble, and always ended up in me being cheated. But I had loved her so deeply, and had never stopped - as much as I had buried the feeling deep within myself, perhaps loving Yen was really a lie, and what I wanted was to be close again to her mother…I didn’t want to believe this for now, but it was a thought surfacing, and maybe I wasn’t so nice after all.
“Anh, are you there? I am flying back there tonight, where are you now? I’ll meet you anywhere you like Anh and I will make you feel better.” “Ha, I can’t have this conversation now, you are too fast for me; I am in Danang stuck in the storm, but I will be home in HCMC in a few days; I have a job to do, em, I will meet you at home ok? But you were just here – what are you doing coming back so quickly anyway?” “Just for you Anh, Chong em, see you very soon Anh” and she rang off, clearly satisfied she had yet again been able to call me her husband.
What do I do now…about everything? I had a beer, opened the door to the balcony and stepped out into the wind and rain, letting it blow against me, uncaring for now. I took a deep breath – a mouthful of rain more like it – and wished Yen well from my heart. When I opened my eyes, a rainbow was forming in the sky, and I took that as a sign, and I smiled even as I brushed the rain from my face. The Buddha says life is one of suffering; I will get through my own, with no rebukes, no animosity, and I thanked Buddha I have a life to make better for the next one, if that is my karma, and if I do not hurt others in this life, maybe I will also be reborn better in the next.
But in this one, I am lonely. Thoughts of Ha were too confusing to deal with, yet I must do eventually…just not now! I phoned Jin, asked if she was ok to be out in the storm and did she want to come to me now, have some lunch in the hotel, and…well see what happens…she said 15 minutes.
It wasn’t long before Reception phoned and said Jin was here, was it ok she come up? I said I would be down, and I met her in the lobby and took her to the dining room. She was radiant - though a little damp - and so beautiful to look at she took my breath away; she almost kissed me, but I gave her a face which said ‘NO’, and she quieted to say “Oh, Chao Anh, how are you?” She took a step back and I regained my breath, studying her anew. She had on a tight-fitting blue top, her breasts outlined well inside, and a short denim skirt, and she was a picture of a young, slim Vietnamese beauty; I lightly kissed her cheeks, inviting her to sit down and order lunch; Jin said “I am not hungry Anh – only for you!” I blushed, and she giggled, “Jin, ok just have a drink or a sandwich or a snack…something first, ok?” “Something first before what, Anh…?” She crinkled her eyes at me and flashed winking eyelashes at me, causing even more blushing!
I smiled weakly, and finally she ordered a lemon juice and we both had sandwiches; while waiting I told her I needed company, and I owed her, but I didn’t want her here under false ideas…so I carried on for maybe ten minutes telling her what had just happened with Yen, whom I had told Jin of last trip, and finally I stopped, sad and with my voice cracking. She reached across the table to lightly stroke my hand “You need a cuddle, Anh, straight after lunch, in your room.”
I signed the bill and we headed up to my room; once inside, Jin locked the door, and pressed her body to mine and wrapped her arms around me and hugged me with amazing strength. I circled her slim waist easily with my arms and buried my face in her hair on her shoulder. When she released me, I stepped back and she was so radiant, I said “Wait there” and I grabbed my camera, led her to the chair near the balcony doors where the natural light was better, even with the storm continuing, and sufficiently bright to capture her at this moment. The light was soft on her face, but her bright blue top showed the swell of her breasts gloriously, and her crossed legs flowed down from under her short skirt sinuously; I took a lot of angles, expressions and arrangements, and I got hard.
“’Que sera sera’ – do you know what this means, Jin?” She shook her head, as I sighed “It means ‘what will be will be’” and I went to her, took her hand and pulled her from the chair, undressed us both and took her to bed, where I took her virginity.
After, as Jin lay panting on top of me, our bodies sweating and joined, she said “Oh, Anh, now I know what Ming meant when she told me she went to heaven! What did we do, tell me, I want to live it all again Anh!” But I didn’t tell her: we re-lived it again, at a slower, less energetic pace naturally, but I was able to summon enough energy to sit her up and be hard enough for her to slide up and down on my cock, just as she had when we broke through her hymen the first time, with only a muted squeal from Jin as she realized she had changed forever. Unlike her sister, Ming, Jin needed no gentle pushing on her hips to bounce up and down, neither the first time, or now, and she sighed and made noises as she closed her eyes to experience these new feelings. I had suggested she do it this way the first time, so she could control what happened, but it was also a selfish gesture of mine: It meant her breasts were within my hands reach, and there is almost nothing I like more than cuddling nipples and breasts! Actually, not really a selfish action – I gave pleasure while receiving it, as Jin testified by thrusting her breasts down into my hands as I cupped them and her nipples were hard and extended, as she reached a new climax, more satisfying for her I thought, without the twinges of pain associated with the first time. She slumped down on me, her sparse wisps of groin hairs mixing with mine in the juices and sweat and clinging together, as if in need to join us everywhere and with everything. But I was now hard, so I gently rolled her over and lifted her legs over my shoulders and buried myself within; too tired to thrust with a frenetic pace, it was so beautiful to slowly slop through her juices and slide within her cunt, in and out, opening her walls as my prick slid its full length in before reaching the closed entrance of her womb, and she squeaked every time, holding my hair tightly in her fingers as I leaned into her and on her, my mouth able to latch onto her nipples for quick, suckling tugs with my lips.
As incredible as it seemed, I felt my old man balls begin to churn, and I buried as hard as I could inside as my seedless-juice built and blasted up my cock! Jin screeched this time, and almost pulled my hair out as I thrust and thrust and pumped into her – had it been sperm-laden, she would have been pregnant in her stomach, I was sure: it felt so strong! Oh lord, now I was exhausted and I fell forward, letting her legs fall to the bed as I draped myself over her abdomen and breasts, while still leaking final drops in Jin, who now became the post-lovemaking maternal woman, and she gently stroked my back and face and neck, the sweat dripping off us both.
After a minute or more, I opened my eyes – and I was blinded momentarily! The sun was out in full brightness, after days of hiding above the storm: perhaps Jin and I had reached beyond the Clouds and brought the sunshine down to earth with us….
We lay there quietly cuddling until Jin needed go to the toilet, followed by a shower. She had a dreamy smile on her face as she came out and began dressing.
I stared as the body I had so recently joined with began hiding behind clothes, and Jin borrowed my brush for her hair and it was gloriously cascading down her back. She came over to me as I lay propped up on the pillows, leaned down and kissed me with a warm, loving passion. “I am a Woman now, thank you Anh Steve.” I smiled, blushed a little, and she caressed my cheek before walking to the door, a final smile and wave and she was gone.
I languidly arose, my body well worn today, and my mind feeling rather down in the dumps. I cleaned my teeth, shaved, showered, washed my hair, and shook thoughts of Yen away for now. Coffee on the balcony as I watched the clouds appearing to be rolling away and the sun an orb as it began sinking over the mountains to the west – it appeared the tropical storm had passed, and work beckoned. I phoned Liem and she agreed we should be able to work tomorrow and she would begin re-scheduling a meeting for the new project. Our conversation didn’t delve into personal matters, as it shouldn’t when work was involved, and her professional maturity impressed me – possibly it was natural I suggest to the boss that Liem take over as the new office Manager here…
I phoned the boss, advising work should be able to resume on the ‘morrow, and also asked him to consider Liem for manager… leaving the idea planted for now, and then I phoned Ping, briefly just to let her know Yen had phoned me, and that I was ok, see her soon.
Business finished, I opened a beer, noting I needed to buy some more at the local shop – giving me an excuse to go out for a walk and some air. Not long after I had walked to Hong’s restaurant, knowing she wouldn’t be there as she had ridden off to see her family far inland, but not expecting the restaurant itself to be closed. Ok, I hailed a motorcycle taxi and directed him to Thinh’s restaurant, where I had eaten with Liem and Tuan last night: it was open, and Thinh ran across to greet me, a big smile on her shining, beautiful face. “Anh, I hoped, but I didn’t expect, to see you tonight; no problems for you in the storm?” I shook my head as she led me to a quiet corner table, running off to direct a waitress to bring me a Heineken, while Thinh met new diners at the entrance. I smiled at her enthusiasm, and at her beauty, which led to memories equally beautiful and erotic; I was feeling a tightening lump in my shorts even as the waitress arrived with my beer and ice.
Before I saw her, however, I whacked my hand on my groin and said to my cock “Enough for one day, go to sleep!” I looked up and the waitress was looking quizzically at me; I blustered and blushed and sat up straighter as she calmed and poured my beer, walking away as I said ‘thanks em’ and looking back at me. At least something had worked: my cock had deflated quickly.
Before I had finished my first glass, Thinh was back, topping up my ice and beer, and asking what I would eat. Truly, I felt no hunger, but I chose spring rolls just for something to toy with on the table and nibble at. I couldn’t help it, staring at her body in the white blouse, breasts straining, and her legs stretching down below her black skirt: “You are very beautiful em.” Thinh smiled as I added “But of course, many others have told you the same…” She blushed now, running off with my order for the kitchen, leaving me to my beer and a cigarette, and my contemplation of Life as it was now.
My original waitress brought my plate and a new beer as required, and I didn’t see Thinh again until things quieted down as people departed.
Like Thais, many Vietnamese eat fast, drink fast, and go home fast, i.e. early. Then she came, expelling a tired breath and sat down for a few moments to relax; I fed her a spring roll, against her objections, and furtive glances around for other staff, but she wolfed it down nevertheless. She sat for a few minutes, and we chatted, but she couldn’t contain herself for long, and she said quietly “Anh, yes, some others tell me I am pretty, but only from you does it sound so genuine; you are a nice man, Anh.” “I try to be em, and I don’t tell lies: you are beautiful.” I sneaked my hand across the table and gently clasped her fingers, and she shivered at my touch; “Anh, can we be together tonight, when I finish work?”
I was so sure my body had been over-used today, and last night, that it couldn’t respond with anything but a sigh: I was wrong, and my emotions jumped even more than my prick. I wanted to sleep with Thinh, so I told her, but also stressing sleep and cuddle as I did have to get back to work in the morning and focus on that. Then I gave her a shortened version of losing Yen as my love earlier today, so she would know I was also in a disheartened mood, in case she didn’t want this and us. She smiled kindly and said quietly “We’ll sleep.”
I ordered another beer as Thinh went back to work, mostly consisting now of attending to patrons paying their bills and helping clear tables. Soon the restaurant was almost emptied of diners, just me and a couple of guys the worse for wear, talking over each other loudly between their whisky and sodas, spilling most as they crashed their glasses together for each toast. I called for my bill as I finished up a cigarette with my final beer, and the manager urged the other two guys to finish up as it was closing time. Thinh returned with my change and asked for 5 minutes to freshen up and we could go.
A short while later we were in my room, where I offered Thinh first use of the shower while I had a final cigarette and beer. The night was calm and starry, and wherever the storm was now hitting, it had departed Danang, but I wouldn’t get details of damage and casualties until someone from the office could tell me tomorrow. Thinh appeared at my side as I crushed out my cigarette, and I stood to copy her with a shower and clean my teeth before I would place my mouth on Thinh’s, and soon I did, as we lay in bed and cuddled and kissed. The bedside lamp was still on and I studied again those big, dark aureoles and large breasts.
“You have magnificent breasts, em, so beautiful to look at and feel” and I did both, my left hand enclosing her right breast and gently fondling her nipple to an even harder response. She moaned and I leaned again to her mouth where she sucked my tongue in and swallowed it whole, our lips crushed together, and libidos rising.
“Roll over Thinh, and I will cuddle you to sleep” and she complied even as she emitted a frustrated meow sound. I lay my arm across her waist, and my long fingers were able to cover both nipples as her breasts lay together. My cock, woken and stiff, worked its own way between her thighs as I spooned my body to hers, and Thinh, wanting this to happen, clasped her hand around my rod and sought her own entrance: it was wet and I slid in smoothly, stroking a few times and whispering “This is a nice way to cuddle and kiss and sleep” and I nibbled and kissed her back and neck facing me, even as she pushed back to meet my slow pulsing cock sliding forwards. “Oh yes, Anh, I could sleep like this every time…with you.” I did nothing urgently, nor did Thinh, though her moans grew stronger and her squirming buttocks against me told me she wanted to race to a climax, so I helped her with a series of harder, faster strokes and she gushed juice.
I slowed but continued even, slow probes within her channel, gliding easily along the now even wetter walls of her, seeking the prolongation of her climax and satisfaction, even as I marveled at the tiny bumps and dents my cock could sense as it travelled along this mysterious canal which is a woman’s vagina; what an amazing thing it is. Thinh clenched herself under me, and I tweaked her nipples in turn as I kissed and bit at her neck and ears – my fetish, those ears – and she sighed through another ascent to that bodily nirvana I always hoped a woman could reach when I was making love with her: that was my satisfaction. I released her nipples, but held her breast; stopped nipping with my teeth and began light kisses; and slowed my strokes even more…until we slept, my cock stiff and thick and buried in her, her cunt pulsing around it like a heartbeat returning to calm after exertion.
Unusually, I didn’t stir in the night to empty my bladder, but when my alarm tingled on the bedside table, I woke with a morning erection more full of pressure from my bladder than any sexual need, and I disentangled our arms and legs and eased out before loping for the toilet.
I cleaned my teeth after and then, resisting the urge to jump back into bed and wake Thinh, showered and shaved – a smiled curse I hadn’t set my alarm earlier to allow a gentle awakening cuddling with her. It was 0730 and the breakfast I had ordered for us last night arrived promptly; I checked Thinh was covered and let the waiter put the tray on the dining table, tipped him and then held a plate of eggs and bacon near Thinh’s nose and let her inhale the smell until she stirred. Then I stood, grabbed the bed cover and reefed it down away from her body and she squealed in the cool a/c air on her nakedness, curling into a ball. “Anh, I wanted to sleep!” “Is that all – I thought you might want food? Sit up and I will bring it to you and you can sleep again if you want, but I have to go to work.” I leaned down and kissed her smooth buttocks and thighs, thrust my tongue into the crevice and licked her anus, and as she languidly rolled to her back, I slathered her sparse pussy hair and slit - teasing her for a few seconds before jumping off the bed and attending to the food. She groaned in complaint, pulled the cover up, propped up the pillows and sat upright as I lay her plate before her, juice on the table, while I ate at the main table, admiring her tousled morning beauty.
Her breasts were outside the bedcover, erotically peeking over as she bent her mouth to fork and spoon the food into her mouth, brushing her long hair away from her face; she was a beautiful woman in the mornings – but, of course, this was more surreal than real…a night in a hotel does not a lifetime make, I told myself, even if the subject of that night incites desire at every glance. Thinh looked over at me watching her, and when she had swallowed her mouthful, she placed her fork down and smiled “Anh, I wasn’t a virgin – as you would know – but you made me feel like that was my first time, and nothing like the fumbling, bumbling boy I did it with quickly, awfully, hiding in the fields behind my family house. We made love didn’t we Anh.”
It wasn’t a question I needed answer, purely rhetorical, and I only smiled and nodded, eggs and bacon in my mouth; I wiped my face with the linen, swallowed a mouthful of coffee and nodded again as I walked over to her, leaned in close and kissed her, whispering after “Yes, we did em, and I slept so well because it was so beautiful.”

Thinh covered her mouth and then ran fingers through her hair “I must look a mess, Anh, and I haven’t showered or cleaned my teeth…I am sorry…” I covered her mouth this time – with my own – and shushed her myself; “You look absolutely wonderful in the morning to me Thinh, truly. Now I have to go to work; you can sleep again if you want, and leave when you are ready – the hotel will be ok, I will tell Reception. I will call you, or better still: see you tonight if I can.” A final lingering kiss and a gentle caress of her face, and I turned and collected my things, smiled at her as I let myself out.
Tuan was outside the door in the corridor! “Can I clean your room now, Anh?” “Ah, good morning em; could you wait an hour or so…?” She looked at me, looked at the door, and smiled – well, I hoped it was a smile as she nodded “Sure Anh, I have other rooms I can do first.” I thanked her, blushing, and quickly moved off down the corridor to the lift. I told Reception my friend would be leaving later and that was no problem, and turned to find my car pulling up outside; off to work.
The day followed the night: it was memorable for the smoothness with which the meeting was held, and as successful in its climax of a full agreement.
Liem was delighted as we broke up from the meeting late into the afternoon, and well she might: she had steered the meeting well at her first attempt, reinforcing my conviction she should be the new office manager, and she had shown a maturity in the discussions which belied her lack of experience. We climbed into cars and headed for the office, where the remaining staff had already heard the news and were collectively beaming, more so when I placed a conference call to the Boss in HCMC and he shouted his congratulations to everyone. Dinner was agreed as a just reward for now, the lawyers still having to agree final contract details, but no problems anticipated. I left for the hotel to shower and change, reflecting that the departing storm of yesterday had presaged a new night and day of sunshine.
But a cloud descended over me, and I furrowed my brows searching for its cause. The lost love of Yen was the first thought, followed by her mother’s obsession with me, and my own marriage’s lost love came thereafter. Perhaps that should have come first, but it didn’t, and that was the nature of love: love felt, loves won, and loves lost.
I knew them all, so I sought solace in a beer, turning on BBC news to also try and distract my thoughts from further probing. A second can of beer was better, before I got myself going for a shower and changed into jeans and a t-shirt, ready just as Liem phoned from downstairs with the car. I shrugged my shoulders: tonight was for the Company, no need for my depression to intrude on the happiness of so many people happy to have a contract which should guarantee their immediate and mid-term future at least. They deserved a happy evening, and as head office senior here, it was my duty to oblige - “Where are we eating, Liem?” I asked her when I emerged into the foyer and greeted her. “I thought we’d go to that restaurant you have been before…where I got a little tipsy with Tuan and Bo… you remember Anh?” A vision of Thinh formed, and I smiled, nodding to Liem, as that old expression sprang to mind: Fate moves in mysterious ways. (Maybe it was supposed to be ‘God…’ but, for me, ‘Fate’ seemed a better analogy).
Thinh was there at the entrance, expecting this large group as Liem had made reservations, but she hadn’t connected my Company’s booking name with me, so I was a surprise, and she showed it with glee!
I thought she was going to jump me then and there and I stepped away behind someone to give her a microsecond to realize this wasn’t one-on-one time. She put on a demure look and slowed, before turning to lead Liem to our prepared table for about 20 people: I had told Liem to invite husbands/wives/partners of our 12 staff, allow them to enjoy one night (at least) at the Company’s expense/thanks to the Company’s good fortune – and especially after the less than good fortune of the storm the city and people had endured.
At the table, Liem sat me at the head, herself on the corner to my right, and as everyone else settled I found one of our design team on the corner to my left. She was Vang, and like all the staff nominally under my administration, I knew her enough to know she was about 27, single, graduate with an architectural degree, and had been with the company a few years. As well, she had played a major role in the design concept for the redevelopment which today had seen us win this project. She was also beautiful, and more than that – in a social setting, changed from her work clothes and with applied make-up, a more carefree persona emerged it seemed, and she was quite captivating. She was also immediately friendly to me.
I knew this because her foot tracked my ankle and poked its toes under my jeans almost the moment she sat down and crossed her legs, and when I glanced at her, her eyes were fixed on me, two steely, determined brown orbs glowing with – anticipation perhaps? I smiled to her, turned away and released my breath when Thinh interrupted to serve me my Heineken: Thinh knew what I would drink while waiting for the others to decide. A foot was still stroking its toes up my ankle and leg, so I asked Liem, and Vang, “What would you ladies like to drink?” They both opted for cocktails to start, and I laughed at Liem, “Remember last time em!” and she said tonight she would have only one, well…maybe two, maximum, but no whisky.
Slowly the group ordered their drinks even as they discussed what to eat – food being top of the agenda on most occasions like this, but a very slow process with so many people, and guaranteed to result in a mountain of food nobody would be able to finish…little pity shown for those less fortunate who had to survive on a bowl of rice, or rice and one additional cheap something; but I didn’t impose my views heavily on others, could only order sufficient for myself and not waste that, waiting for a better world, hopefully.
I was becoming melancholic and it was too early for that, when we were here to celebrate; I needed a distraction and decided the toilet was the safe option. I stood and excused myself to Liem (“toilet” I mouthed to her) but as I took 2 steps away from the table, I found Vang at my elbow asking, “I need the toilet also Anh; do you know the way to show me?” I told her to ‘follow me’, but she went in front and I had to steer her with directions around the corners and corridors. Naturally, that didn’t stop me viewing her from behind, and her hips had that model’s sway under her short denim skirt, with slim legs leading down below to high-heeled shoes, giving her a height almost equal to mine. I was distracted indeed – just as I had intended to seek – but my intention had not been this distraction, just a simple visit to the toilet for a minute. Instead, Vang stopped abruptly, and my ruminations led to the first contact of my prick in my jeans against her buttocks through her own denim, and my hands on her shoulders in a vain attempt to avoid such contact.
“Maybe this is the toilet Anh” and she took my mesmerized-like hand from one shoulder and opened a door, leading my mesmerized-like body through – and I realized it was the room Thinh had taken me before.
Vang’s eyes blazed – they were orbs, magical orbs which somehow captivated and captured me – and she thrust me against the door, closing it, and just as Hong had done in a similar spot in Hanoi, Vang opened my jeans, stripped them and my underpants down and held my cock while she buried her cunt – panty-less under her skirt? – Against and on it, thrusting hard and squealing when she realized the size as it entered her. I had enough presence of mind left to gently place a hand over her mouth and murmur ‘sssshhh em’ but my other hand reached under her skirt to hold her buttocks up and pull her even more towards me. Well, I had wanted a distraction: it might as well be pleasurable at the same time as taking my mind from its state of melancholia…enough thoughts as Vang hissed “I prayed for this dinner, Anh; I prayed to sit beside you; and I prayed I could rape you like this before we had even eaten dinner!” She thrust against me against the door, and I was buried inside her and she wriggled around so fast it was a blur; my cock could feel her, tight but moist all the way to the barrier preventing me from splitting her in two, and she screamed, howled and brayed as if at a full moon!
I could do only one thing to quiet her: I covered my mouth over hers and stuck my tongue inside, seeking her own and fighting with it as she continued powerful pushes against me against that door – that door now bruising me and scraping the bones of my back. I held her buttocks now with both hands, needing to help her release, and she also grabbed mine, but her hands had long sharp nails and they dug into me, tearing down as she reached to scrape a finger against my anus-hole, and it automatically tightened, in fear probably, but she probed and ruthlessly entered my bum: long nails are not a good idea for such an activity, my brain stupidly gathered as information. She screamed against my tongue, biting it, as I guessed a climax had hit her, but she didn’t slow, and the rape continued apace. She was a tigress with stamina, but a tigress which overwhelmed her mate, and took that to which she felt entitled – so much for the male of the species being the stronger…but I had long ago realized that truism!
Vang was an amazing fuck; she came again and again, without input from me almost. She assaulted my cock for herself; she just kept going, and going, and…pulling her body back, then slamming herself on my rod again, cumming again…and again…
How many men had she given heart attacks to, I wondered, my brain disengaged from the abuse my body was letting itself be subjected to – not unpleasantly, but not pleasantly enough to make me cum. Slowly Vang calmed, whimpering through lessening climaxes, and easing her nailed finger from my bottom and from the channels her nails had been cutting – I was sure – in my buttocks, and I also changed to a soothing stroking of her body. Damn! I had been so overcome I hadn’t even got to her tits! My favourite!
The only recovery action was to run my hands over the outside of her blouse, feeling the mounds and the raised, pulsing nipples within her bra: what a waste I told myself. I began kissing her lightly on the neck and cheeks, bringing her down, and a little nibble on her ear to bring her up…then I pulled away as far as the door would allow and she slipped off; but I was ramrod hard, and she wanted to climb straight back on! “Vang” I spoke strongly “We have to go back to the others…you are magnificent, em, but we have to go back now…”

I left the words hanging while easing her away, and she reluctantly stepped back, even bending down to pull up my pants, but not without slipping her mouth over my cock on the way down…”Vang! You have to stop, at least for now em…” I left that hanging in the air also, hoping that giving her some hope we weren’t finished could at least engender the idea that we must finish now.
I did up my buttons and straightened myself, and smoothed down Vang’s skirt also, then quietly opened the door and led her out when I saw the way was clear, hurrying her along the corridor to the real toilets. I showed her the Ladies sign, but she grabbed my face with those nails and pulled me into a kiss of passion and fulfillment, until I eased her away and gently shoved her inside, racing to my own area for a wash of my face – pinpricks of blood I hoped would magically disappear – straightened my hair and raced back to my table. Liem asked, as I sat, “Are you ok, Anh – you look hot?” I let out a breath and said “I am ok, em, thanks; just a case of over-excitement at the day we have all had.” Well, it wasn’t a lie: the day, so far, had been very exciting!
No food had yet arrived – wow that was a very fast assault and rape it seemed! Begun, climaxed and covered up: all between food being ordered and delivered to the table. Now the waiters and waitresses began serving, just as Vang arrived back and took her seat; she had refreshed her makeup and hair, her face was beaming with a smile and she looked like a satisfied woman. “Oh,” she sighed, “my stomach feels like it has been filled already, even without eating anything!” She slumped back in her chair, her smile now turned towards me, unwavering, as she picked up her cocktail and toasted me and, belatedly, Liem also. “Here’s to a great day – and evening so far - we have had” and she touched glasses as I attempted to avoid blushing, and hoped there was no external blood on my face to add to the redness.
Everybody began eating, the men drinking also – well, more than a couple of the girls did also, but the men drank faster, while I nibbled, trying vainly to decline both Liem and Vang filling my bowl; when it was full they desisted, and I nibbled a little, drank more beer, which invariably Thinh was there to serve, standing closely by my side and letting me know she was watching proceedings - carefully.
I soon gave up eating, took my beer and stood over at the balcony railing to have a cigarette, idly watching the table, but sinking deeper into my thinking mood, a kaleidoscope of my life, my job, my marriages (plural), my lovers and loves, and the rejoicing people at the table, satisfied today at the Company’s – and their – success. I smiled to myself: it is all about having enough to keep going isn’t it? Tomorrow never comes, right – and when it does, it is already gone. That means Life is the here and the now, and we all, especially me, better accept it: because that is just what it is. I raised my glass and toasted myself; perhaps the mystery of Life had just been unveiled to me after a search of almost 40 years…the length of time Moses wandered in the desert before leading His people into the Promised Land. Had I received the same profound message: now is the time to move onward?
Liem called me back to the table, concerned at my aloneness, and as I sat Vang’s hand was waiting to slide along my upper leg under the table covering. This was the here and now and, in my new awareness, I succumbed to it, my Life would go where it was bidden.
(End of Part 11)


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