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My first time writing Erotica.
I first met Tammy when she was about 7 or 8. She had been friends with my daughters before they moved far away with their mother a few years ago. She lived just around the corner. Everyone always thought Tammy was a homely little girl. I contended that she would blossom late and be a knockout as an adult.

Tammy recently turned 20, was a college student living at home. I had gone to high school with her parents although I did not know either of them well. She was tired of being a school kid living under the shadow of her parents.

I, along with my new wife, Debbie, resided in the same house as did my daughters. It was my neighborhood; I was comfortable there, knew the neighbors and even had a pet squirrel in the tree next door. It was our home.

One day in September, Debbie and I were walking our dogs, talking about our plans to head to the mid-south for her daughters graduation. It was several hours drive and we planned to stay for a week. We had discussed boarding the dogs and having the post office hold our mail until our return. As we passed Tammy’s house, she poked her head out the screen door and said, “Howdy stranger!”

I don’t see her often nowadays since my daughters have moved. I replied, “Well, hello to you too. Have you and Debbie met?” The response was negative so I made with the introductions, smiles exchanged and we continued our K-9 stroll. I noticed that Tammy was NOT a homely little girl any longer. She was a beautiful redhead with an ample breast, a slim waist and an ass to die for. She always was a redhead so I knew that it was natural. What got me most was her eyes, those riveting fucking eyes. Eyes that were, large, bright blue with long lashes were the highlight of her pretty face framed by the darkest red hair. As we walked, Debbie mentioned what a pretty young woman Tammy was and I told her how she had, ahem, sprouted. We continued discussing our plans for our upcoming trip while we zigzagged the sidewalks and alleys, stopping briefly to let doggies pee here and there.

We got home and buttoned up the house for the night. Nightly grooming completed, we headed up to bed. My bedmates always included Debbie and our 2 smallish dogs. Debbie sleeps in the middle, dogs on her side and I sleep on the cording the surrounds the mattress. King-size my ass!

We flipped on the tube to a cable TV movie channel, more for noise than anything else. A commercial came on for shampoo or some shit with a fine femme who had hair the same shade of red as Tammy’s. This got me thinking about how attractive Tammy had become and what the parts of her that were covered up would look like, how they would taste and how soft her pale skin would be. Suddenly, Debbie blurts out that maybe we could ask someone to doggie/house sit for us while we were gone. “But who?” I ask. “I dunno, it was just a thought.” I had someone in mind but figured I would let Debbie come up with someone on her own.

I was getting a wee bit horny thinking about this young woman whom I remembered as a freckle faced little girl of not long ago. I started to pat Debbie’s tummy. That is kind of a signal to her that BIG DADDY wants something more than a movie partner. Indeed, I wanted some of Debbie’s sweetness. She has plenty to give and is always more than willing to share. Sometimes, I have to give the “signal” since she is a shy little thing and seldom initiates such activities. She understood my intentions and immediately her breathing patterns changed for she knew what was going to follow. I shifted to my side so my dominant hand would be more available and her lips were closer to mine. Debbie did the same and our lips touched. Her kisses gave me a boner. She has a way of being so sweet and proper before turning into a woman full of passion. Both excite me very much. Her kisses turned into lust filled attacks on my mouth, her tongue wriggling into my mouth. By this time I was hard as granite and Debbie felt it pressing into her belly. She reached her hand down and began to stroke my dick with one hand as her other was rubbing my ass. I was caressing her upper back and neck. This always gives her goose bumps and makes her pussy nice and juicy. Knowing her body as I do, I started to venture my hand south and stroked her buns, tickling the crack ever so softly. She has a luscious ass, the kind of ass that I can follow around all day and play with all night.

I wormed my fingers between her legs from the back and found my furry treasure. Debbie was in fact quite moist when I finally got my digits inside. Warm, tight and oh so fuckin’ wet. I love fingering her while we kiss. I wanted to kiss the pink! I came ‘round front and again got my fingers into her sweet hole. I always use at least 2 fingers so I can rub twice the surface. I pistoned my probing fingers in and out of her cunt while I broke off her aggressive kissing. Her lovely tits were my next target. I took one in my mouth and rolled the nipple around before starting to chew on it. Debbie’s tits are the perfect size to gnaw on leaving enough to knead with my hands. I especially like to lick the crease under her breast. The place where tit becomes chest. I like the slight salty taste.

I continue down her tummy stopping to tongue her navel, then to her pubic mound. I played with her fur with my mouth, still fingering her love tunnel. I know her clit was aching but I wanted her to wait. Sexual tension, while frustrating, can be very enjoyable. Finally I get to her clit. It was a hard little nub and extremely sensitive. I suck on it with my fingers just wiggling inside her. She was moaning and groaning. I buried my face in her box, I could hardly breathe. I remove fingers and replace them with my tongue. I could smell her unique aroma but now I taste it for the first time that day in September. Debbie grabbed my head and guided me; I lapped at her twat for all my licker was worth, my nose bumping into that little man in the boat. When my face began to tire, I decided to fuck that pussy with my cock. Little Smokie is what we call my penis. It is a short fat little fucker that cannot get enough action. So, I climb on top of Debbie and she guides Little Smokie into paradise. She is well lubricated so my itty bitty prick has no problem going in balls deep on the first stroke.

I am a big man, outta shape and chubby. My wrists can only handle a few minutes of the missionary position. When they give out, I suggest we move the corner of the bed. This is our favorite position since my cock gets in as deep into her as it can. Her legs over my shoulders, I begin to pump slowly while I grope her lovely tits. I can hear her nectar sloshing around inside her. Debbie has copious amount of pussy sauce. I fuck her like that for a while and she points to her dresser and says, “Toy.” I extract my prick momentarily and retrieve the pink little vibe that always makes her climax. I hand it to her and then drop to my knees. My face is once again drawn to her sloppy slit. I love Debbie’s flavor. I slurp her secretion and smear it all over my face. I get up and slide Little Smokie into her and resume fucking her to smithereens while she uses the vibe on her clit. Once we do that it never takes Debbie long to cum. She starts making this sexy groan as her orgasm approaches so I increase speed and pinch her nipples. I feel her cunt contracting, squeezing Little Smokie, making him ready to burst.

Her orgasm subsiding and mine building toward blast off, I pull out and squirt my jism right on her clit. Not much pressure but gobs and gobs of semen make a real mess. I flip the head of my dick over her very sensitive organ. She squirms and giggles and tells me, “No more.”
So I drive my cum coated cock back into her, take a few strokes and let it rest. As it softens and plops out, we look lovingly into each other’s eyes.

It is an unwritten law in our house that I am responsible for clean up; a task I enjoy. That done, I help her up and we hug and kiss for a long moment. Crawling back into bed with her head on my shoulder she says in a small voice, “What about Tammy?”

I am a little surprised but quickly agree to ask her.

The next evening at about the same time, I take our smaller dog for a walk. You guessed it, right over to Tammy’s house to ask about sitting with dogs at our house next week. I took the littler dog because she is a puppy and quite adorable. No one can resist her. She said that she’d have to ask her folks with an eye roll but seemed like she was anxious for any reason to get out of the house. We chatted about her studies and my daughters for a few minutes. We exchanged phone numbers and she told me she’d call later with an answer. I was drooling heavily as I checked her out. I feel Little Smokie stirring so I excuse myself, making up some bullshit excuse to get back home.

I tell Debbie that Tammy would call and let us know. I no more than spat that out when my phone rang. It was Tammy bubbling with glee as she confirmed that she would house sit for us. Frankly, I could hardly wait. I was anxious to be near that cute young lady for any reason. Debbie could only hear my side of the call but she got the gist. I think she saw something on my face for she asked what was wrong. Busted! I had to come clean or she would see that look whenever Tammy was around. I told Debbie that I had been fantasizing about her. It was common that I told Debbie about my fantasies. She was ok with it as long as I didn’t act on them.

We planned to leave in the evening and drive during the night so as to miss the heavy traffic in Springfield and St. Louis. Tammy arrived at 5 as planned as I was loading the car. Tammy walked up wearing a cropped T shirt, a short denim skirt and flip flops. I wondered to myself if she was wearing panties. Her hair was in a loose pony tail. She was one sexy little lady.

Debbie saw her walk up and motioned for her to come in while she tried to contain our barking ass dogs. I followed and enjoyed the swing of her hips. Tammy had been to our home many times in years gone by but had never been into the sleeping areas. We gave her a tour and then sat down on the king sized bed while explaining some of the quirks of the house and the dogs as well.

I could not keep my eyes off that girl. That denim skirt was begging me to yank it off but I resisted. We all stood and we said goodbye to our dogs. Tammy and Debbie hugged like women always do but I saw that Debbie was holding on a bit longer than normal. Debbie buried her face in Tammy’s hair savoring the scent. Then I saw Debbie drop a hand to her ass. I heard Debbie whisper, “I have been thinking about you since we met the other day.”

I could not believe my ears. My wife was coming on to this chick half her age! Who was I to complain?

Tammy was shocked at Debbie’s actions at first but she did not object. She was tense and understandably so. Tammy is a young na? girl whose experience with the older generation was limited. Now she was the object of a middle age woman’s lust. Shit, middle age man’s lust too. I wanted her as bad as Debbie did. I stepped over behind Debbie, reached around her and lifted her shirt, nudging them apart momentarily. Debbie was wearing no bra so her tits were now exposed. Debbie’s bare skin excited Tammy so she cupped a breast and bent down to lightly kiss the nipple. She studied it and then went for it. She put her mouth on Debbie’s nipple and sucked it gently at first. Her aggression increased so I walked around behind Tammy and did the same to her. Likewise, she was not wearing a bra. Her tits were so firm and lovely with light small nipples. Gawd, I wanted to suck on them. I settled for a squeeze. She jumped a bit but I met no resistance. Since I was behind Tammy already, I unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor. My hunch was on the mark…no panties. Her firm round ass was a work of the Lord. I took out her Scrunchee and let her hair fall free. That kid had a head o’ hair. I walked back behind Debbie as she took Tammy’s tits in her hands and was squeezing them. I pushed Debbie’s warm ups down to her ankles, she instinctively stepped out of them. I pulled down her lime green panties and in no time I had nudged the girls toward the bed. Finally, Tammy spoke, “I have never done this before.”

I wondered if she meant that she was a virgin or just never tried a woman before. We would soon find out. The ladies stretched out on the bed as I stripped out of my clothes. Tammy saw Little Smokie and said, “Oh Mr. Wilson!” I assured her, “Call me Rex. You might as well lose the formality since I plan to fuck you tonight.”

Debbie knew the size of my member was not impressive so she said, “What he lacks in size he makes up for in other ways, trust me.”

I stood at the foot of the bed drinking in the beauty of 2 women in my bed. Debbie with her lovely figure and the curve I know well. Tammy with her pale skin, youthful figure not yet fully developed. Debbie’s pussy was bushy but with trimmed lips. Tammy’s was sparsely covered with her dark shade of red. I wanted her to spread so I could see but I had to wait.

The girls started to explore one another while was deciding what my roll in all this should be. I sensed Tammy’s tension so I decided to help Debbie explore her. I crawled onto the bed so Tammy was in the middle. Tammy had her ass toward me so, being an opportunist, I snuggled close to her and stroked her booty. My god, she was soft. My hand roamed over her hips and wound up on her breast for a moment before Debbie nuzzled my hand away so she could suck on that bubble gum colored nipple. Tammy liked that action so I ran my fingers through Debbie’s hair and helped her keep in firm contact. Debbie was running her hand up and down Tammy’s thigh. I decided to help things along and moved my hand toward her red pussy. I nudged her legs apart slightly and tickled her pussy lips. Wiggling my fingers cause her to open up a bit more. Finally I was able to insert a finger into the tightest pussy I have ever enjoyed. She was wet and hot but I wondered how even Little Smokie would fit in that tight twat. I grabbed Debbie’s hand and guided it to Tammy’s cunt. Debbie slipped a finger in and slowly stroked her. Tammy was flat on her back with her knees up and wide apart. I moved to kiss her. She sort of pulled back so I nibbled on her neck. That convinced her that it was OK. She allowed me to kiss her. Her tongue was in there but not very active. I wiggled mine around in her mouth and she took the bait. We enjoyed a few moments of kissing before Debbie came up for some. We traded places. I was so excited watching my lovely wife make out with Tammy. I sucked and played with those firm tits before heading south. Her flat tummy had a trace of red hair below her pierced belly button. I get in position to taste her forbidden fruit but she tried to close her legs. Debbie whispered, “It’s OK honey, he won’t bite.”

She slowly opened back up. I made eye contact with her and I saw fright in her face. I looked at her snatch before moving in. It was a perfectly shaped vulva. Her inner lips were small and soaked. I could smell her feminine scent faintly. I led with my tongue and stuck it in her hole. Her mild flavor was wonderful. I began tongue fucking this tasty morsel. I reached into Debbie’s crotch and found Tammy’s hand there rubbing timidly. Tammy began to moan as did Debbie. I crammed 2 fingers into Debbie’s own bit of heaven. I said, “You should try this down here.” I gave her a wink because I knew she’d never eaten pussy before. I assumed Tammy had never either. Debbie came down to see what I was talking about. We kissed right in front of Tammy’s pussy. Then Debbie said, “Only if you fuck me.” I was thrilled with this. I offer my prick to Debbie’s mouth for some spit. She sucked me for a bit. Wow, I love her style! Tammy was watching closely. I asked if she’d ever sucked a dick before. She shyly shook her head and Debbie encouraged her to suck me. And that she’d teach her.

Fuck me, is this a sweet deal, me being a practice prick? I laid back and let the lesson begin. Tammy was a willing student, listening and watching as Debbie administered an impeccable blowjob. When Tammy was ready, Debbie kissed Tammy deeply and said, “Be careful of your teeth. No contact unless you decide you want to.”

With one girl on each side of me, it’s too bad I only had one little cock for them to suck on. Tammy kissed my mushroom a few times before gathering the courage to take it into her mouth. When she did the feeling was awesome. She had to stop since her gag reflex was working. When she was catching her breath, Debbie says, “Timing your breathing is crucial to a good blow job and you must learn to relax the back of your throat.” Tammy tried some more. She was not very good but the idea that we were breaking her into a whole new world was so fucking exciting.

I told Debbie to scoot up here cuz I wanted to lick her pussy while Tammy was sucking me. Debbie kind of laid on her side with her leg straight up in the air. I wiggled my upper body so it would work. This made my lower body move to the side a bit. Tammy adjusted but never missed a beat. She was getting into it but still not near what I would call good.

Debbie was watching that young agile body flex. Gawd, I was having trouble keeping up with all that cunt cream. It was all over my face and running a river down her upper thigh. Every once in a while I would smear it all over her leg.

Debbie kept moving a little. That was not normal. She loves the licking a always give her; she’d never pull away. I figured it out. She wanted to eat that pussy. I helped her along by moving with her, even nudging her. Our movements put Tammy in a similar position as Debbie. We were all 3 more or less on our sides in a rough circle. Debbie started to finger Tammy and commented on how small her box was. Debbie grunted and shifted those last few inches and started lapping at Tammy’s twat. We were all moaning and panting. The room was full of the smell of sex. The dogs were poking around looking and sniffing; they didn’t know what to think. Tammy was perfecting her technique on my shaft while loving the sensations my wife was giving her. I could reach both women’s tits so I took advantage, playing with this one then that one. I was in heaven.

Tammy was really working on my prick but I wanted to fuck that little pussy. I stated my wishes and we shifted our bodies so Tammy was on her back with her ass right on the corner of the bed. I hoisted her legs up and out and her glistening pussy looked so lovely. I knelt down and French kissed her gash, got up and Debbie grabbed Little Smokie and aimed it into Tammy. I pushed gently but steadily. She gasped a little but my dick kept on burrowing until it was all the way in. Debbie was watching me fuck another woman. I was major league turned on and I think the Debbie was too cuz she went for Tammy’s tits. Tammy was fingering Debbie while I began drilling the tightest cunt on the planet. I knew I wouldn’t last long like this so I slowed down, real slow but I felt the boiling in my balls that I love so much. I didn’t want to cum inside this little lady but I did want Debbie to swallow my load. I grabbed Debbie by the hair and pulled her down to where the action was. I quickened my pace and popped my prick out. Debbie knew what I wanted since I have shared my fantasies with her many times. She was waiting with mouth open I crammed it in her mouth and started to spurt my spunk down her throat. I must have cum a quart!
Tammy could not believe what had just happened. This young lady had just been party to every man’s fantasy. She looked so sexy, freshly fucked, hair tousled, skin flushed and a huge smile. We were all smiling and soon it became a giggle fest as I cleaned us up. We keep a box of baby wipes in our nightstand for just such things. They are cold, of course and Tammy almost jumped out of her skin when I wiped her pretty pink pussy. Debbie is used to it but that didn’t stop her from giggling.

We all lay on the bed catching our wind caressing each other, me in the middle. I don’t know who dozed off first but it was the best nights rest in years. I woke with Tammy’s hand on my little dick and Debbie’s hand on top of hers. I kissed both ladies on the forehead and mentioned our trip.

We all piled into the tub/shower and made a soapy silly fun time of it but we really did have to roll. We toweled each other off, dressed quickly and with hair still wet, we made our way to the door. There seemed no remorse for what we’d done.

Tammy kissed us both, assured us that everything would be fine around the house and with a smile and a wink said, “Hurry home.”

More Later

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