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well me and my cousin (sam) thats what we'll call her,have always been close.we always did things together and just went about our lives like normal people.but once we started getting older around the age of 18,i started noticing her developing and becoming beautiful.i soon started to become sexually attracted to her,but never thought it would go anywhere,and i wasnt sure if she thought anything about me.we also always did alot of sleepover and just stayed up late on the computer and talking about lifee.and our families always go on vacation together in their shore house.

i was now older and didnt like the beach very much,so i would stay home alone in the house and watch tv until everyone returned.i decided to go get a shower and maybe go out for a walk or something,once done my shower i was walking by her room,and saw her bags of clothes,and i dropped my towel and wondered in there to take a looks see.i saw a black bag and bra and panties and my cock immeditely grew hard.i rummeged threw the bag and found a sexy little pink thong and took a bra and went into my room and shut the door behind me.i sat on the bed and smelled the panties which made my fick grow even harder by the sweet smell of them.i slowly began stroking my cock while tasting the panties and rubbing the bra on my dick.i was getting really into it and closed my eyes with the panties in my mouth while sliding my hand up and down my now rock hard dick.i didnt realize that my dog was gone,and my door opened and i didnt realize it because i was deep into fantisizing about her.i soon heard her say,"having fun with those?" and this is when i jumped up and covered my cock,and she said,"no need to hide it,i already saw it,but i took your dog for a walk before i headed to the beach." still embarrased i didnt say anything.she was only wearing a skimpy light blue bikini and i noticed a little wet patch on her crotch area.i was staring at it when she said,"you little perv staring at my pussy." while saying that she had a big smile on her face.she started to slowly walk toward me and planted a big kiss on my lips and told me that i made her so horny by masturbating with her bra and panties,this is when she also told me that she was also sexually attracted to me,and had been for awhile now.i now felt a little more comfortable and kissed her back.we started getting into it,and i released the tie from the back of her bikini and let it drop to the floor,and began squeezing her boobs and rubbing her nippples,she fell back on the bed and i landed on top of her.i stopped kissing her and took her nipples into my mouth,making them rock hard.i sat there for a while just playing with her nipples,i heard a faint moan when i looked down and noticed her panties were soaked with her pussy juices.when i observed this,i licked the part of her panties that was wet and tasted her beautiful pussy juice,i slide them down her legs and observed her nice pink shaven virgin pussy.i stared at it and slowly went down and stuck my tongue into her pussy and began eating her out,and i noticed her swollen clit and started flicking it with my tongue.i know that this made her horny because she started thrusting into me and her pussy was really wet.i got up and locked the door,even though there was nothing to worry about,becuase our family went to the beach early,and stayed late.they had just left about a half hour ago,so we knew we had time to do whatever we wanted.she flipped on top of me and stripped me naked,and took my hard cock in her hand.she began to stroke me up and down and teased me by licking my balls and the top of my cock.i begged her to take me in her mouth,which she quickly did.and sucked my cock for about 5 minutes when i finally told her that i was going to cum,and at that she just sucked harder and faster.this made she shoot into her mouth,and she stopped and opened her mouth and showed me that she swallowed it all.i then got back down and took her pussy to my mouth and went back up to her boobs,becuase they were so nice and round and i loved playing with themm.i was now making out with her and rubbing her nipples with my finger buried deep in her pussy making her squirm while shooting cum onto me.while licking all of the cum out of her pussy,i looked up at her and she asked me to fuck her.i told her i would,but i wanted to fuck in more than once place.she agreed without any thought,andi layed down as she lowered herself onto dick was in her pussy,when i felt a barrier,and just pushed right threw it and she cried out a little but in moments it was all moans.i kept it slow until she begged my to fuck her harder and i began thrusting up into her with force and made her squirt cum across the room and i then brought her upstiars to the living room,and layed her on the couch,i spread her legs apart and pushed inside her and thrusted into her,making her scream with pleasure.she loved it as she just layed there letting me fuck her however i wanted. we fucked on all 7 beds in the house,the stairs,and the floor,when i told her to take a shower with me.we got in the shower and i immediately bent her over and fucked the back of her pussy making her moan and scream.we continued to have sex in the shower for about an hour when we got out and she got dressed,but let me watch her finger her pussy and rub her nipples first,i sat there watching and jerked off and got of and squirted my cum all over her face,when she took it back in her mouth and milked me for all that i had.she then got dressed and we went about our day and didnt speak of the hours prior.she was asleep when i started jerking off to her pussy soaken panties and bra,i put the panties in my mouth and tasted her cunt juices when i just needed them again.i snuck into her room,and silently took of her shirt and bra and played with her nipples,and this awoke her,but she didnt mind and i stripped her and ate her out for about 15 minutes when she squirted on my face and said she didnt want to wake everyone up,so i went into my own room and jerked off to what i just took off of her.the next day i didnt go to the beach,like always and she said she wanted to stay home becuae she didnt feel good,which was a lie.everyone left and we were watching tv and she said she didnt want to have sex because her pussy was sore from all the fucking the day before.but instead,she stood in front of me and removed all of her clothes and let me suck her tits,and then sat on the couch and made me strip,she said she wanted us to both watch eachother masturbate,when she had to come she would squirt on my face,and when i did,i did it in her made me so horny watching her rub her nipples and slide her finger in and out of her wet cunt.she soon got a boyfriend but when i went over she would let me watch her shower and get dressed,which i loved.becuase her nipples got hard watching my jerk off.thats the end of my cousin story,sooon another will come.

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2011-06-15 07:38:01
Two words: Space Bar

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2011-06-07 18:33:57
A new invention the space bar and capital letter

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2011-06-06 09:14:18
There's a new invention called the space key. You should try it.

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2011-06-06 01:57:04
oh noez. grammar police


2011-06-05 20:29:41
Won't give this a positive vote until you learn about paragraphing, grammar, spelling and lying. In a TRUE story, you stick to reality
we fucked on all 7 beds in the house,the stairs,and the floor,when i told her to take a shower with me.we got in the shower and i immediately bent her over and fucked the back of her pussy making her moan and scream. Yeah, sure, whatever. What a legend - in your own mind.

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