When I was 18 I loved to see guys naked. I came up with a crazy idea. I would sneak into the coaches office at school, everyone knew it looked into the boys locker room and that it had a one-way glass so the boys would be good they didn’t know if the coach was in his office or not.

From what I had over heard in the office one day I knew the coach would be out on Tuesday, and the girls coach would have his PE class that day. So on Tuesday after the class began I slipped into coach’s office. The stories were right a big window looked into the boy’s locker room and even looked right into the shower across the room.

I was so excited I would get to see a room full of ass and cock. I killed time snooping around not much till I looked in coaches bottom draw; he had a couple magazines of older guys with young girls. Girls my age older teens into early 20’s.

In the pictures girls played with the men’s things and even had them in their mouths,. Here it was in color girls my age and maybe a little older sucking on cock and getting fucked like crazy!!!!! Seeing the pictures made me feel funny between my legs and I got wet down there too. I shoved the magazine back in the drawer when I heard the door open and thought it was the boys coming in to shower. I was about to see cocks of all sizes and colors. Then I froze as the office door opened and in walked the coach. I’m not sure if he or I was more shocked. What are you doing in here I asked loudly? Nothing I stuttered, nothing sir. Well you must be doing something he repeated as he looked at the magazine draw, I hadn’t closed it fully. Looking in it was obvious I had been in it. Holding one up he repeated what are you doing and did you looked at my magazines? Looking down I said yes sir I saw it but only by accident I came in to………… To what He yelled? Well sir I thought..well…… I know what you thought missy, you thought you’d come in and see the boys showering didn’t you??
Red face and looking away, wanting to crawl away and hide I said softly yes sir. I’ve never seen a boy naked and ………. And what he asked again? Just thought I could see a guy from in here. Taking my arm he said let’s go to the office young lady, I think we need to call your parents. Noooooo please don’t call dad. Anyway I’ll tell them about your magazines. Laughing he said you think they’ll believe you over me you. Come on lets go. No please I won’t tell just let me go. I thought you wanted to see naked boys he said. Not sure what he was saying I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face. You may stay and see the boys shower, if you like. First he threatens to call my parents now he says I can stay and look, I was so scared and confused. He stepped closer as he said you have a beautiful body Summer, do you have a boyfriend? No sir no boyfriend. Reaching out he put his hand on my tiny boob, asking as he did any boy touch you here? Just standing still not sure what to do or say I mumbled no … no one has ever. Taking my quietness and lack of movement as a go ahead he cupped both breasts and said your small breasts are so soft and firm Summer lets have some fun while we wait for the boys to come and shower. Just like you saw in my magazines he added as he squeezed them. His touch really mixed up my feeling I knew he shouldn’t but it made my legs weak and wetter between my legs. I just stood there tongue tied and weak in the knees as he continued to feel me up. Getting no protest from me he instructed me to take off my shirt and my bra.
I knew it was wrong but I did as he said. He watched wide-eyed and was rubbing himself down there as I took off my shirt. I could see from the big bulge he was rubbing that his thing must be huge. Don’t stop know off with the bra Summer. Unhooked it and it feel to the floor as I tried to cover my boobs with my arms. He said no missy let me see them as he moved my arms away. Staring at them he was licking his lips and saying how nice they were and how he loved small breasts and hard nipples. He cupped them both and pinched my nipples. It felt like they were connected to my pussy, as he pinched I got wetter. He let my boobs free and reached under my skirt and swiftly removed my panties before I realized what he was doing. He put them to his nose and inhaled deeply. You smell so sweet Summer, I can hardly wait to lick your sweet young pussy, and take off your skirt let me see your sweet pussy dear. I did as he said and was naked except for my shoes, as his hands and eyes were everywhere on me. Pull down my shorts summer its time you say a mans COCK. Come on pull them down you know you want it. In a trance I knelt down and pulled he shorts he didn’t have underwear on so as his shorts went down his thing popped right out into my face. I must have gasped because I heard him laugh its big huh Summer, just what till you put it in your mouth and feel it in your virgin pussy. Nooooooooo I stuttered, it’s too big. It was huge, fat and long the head red almost purple and looked like a tree trunk. He wrapped his hand around it and grabbed my hair, pulling my face closer to it till he rubbed it on my lips. Open up Summer suck coaches cock baby. Open up and suck it. When I didn’t, and squirmed and tried to get free he slapped me. I would have fallen over he hit me so hard except that he still held my hair. No I won’t ask nice again Summer open up and suck it. He pushed against my lips and as I tried to say no please no he pushed it in nearly gagging me. You sweet little cocksucker he moaned as he moved my face up and down on it. I knew it you’ re a natural born cocksucker honey, suck coaches cock I need it so bad honey. Sucking it wasn’t to bad but it was stretching my mouth so wide it hurt. I hoped he’d stop soon and let me go. But he started moving it in and out my mouth faster saying soon Summer you’ll taste your first cum. I didn’t even know what he meant but I soon found out as his thing swell, throbbed and then stuff squirted into my mouth. He was moaning real loud now, saying eat it, eat my cum, swallow it all down. Oooh baby eat my cum like a good girl, yea baby what a great cocksucker you are. Then I heard a lot of noise, stand up coach said the boys are here. I stood up he spun me around I saw the boys starting to strip. I was between him and his desk as I watched the boys get naked coach stood behind me his arms around me playing with my boobies and his growing cock against my butt. So all that cock Summer, makes you want it again doesn’t it baby? I ignored him but his hands on my boobs really made me wetter as I saw all sizes and colors of cock before me. Some looked different than the coaches, later I learned they were uncut and coach was cut. The black boy’s things looked as big as coaches but they were still soft.. I thought my god I wonder what they look like hard. As I looked over the boys seeing cock and ass the coach bent me forward over his desk. I could still see the boys undressing and showering. Coach rubbed his hard again cock up and down my wet crack as I watched the boys showering. Get ready honey daddy’s going to make you a woman now. He actually called himself daddy. I felt him push his cock against my hole as he said I can’t what any longer to fuck you baby. My nuts need draining in your young trendier pussy. It hurt as he pressed harder forcing his thing in me.
I cried, he slapped me again Stop crying the boys will hear. He pushed harder I felt it start to force my pussy open the head forcing my walls apart as he entered me. I had just sucked his cock and now I was watching naked boy’s shower as he picked my cherry and started fucking me. His cock seemed to have no end as he pushed into me. It seemed forever before I felt his balls against my ass and I knew his entire thing was inside my no longer virgin pussy. Summer you have the tightest cunt I’ve ever fucked. Soon after I felt his balls on my butt he slowly pulled most of it out then slammed it all back in. pushing me against his desk harder and harder as he rapidly increased his thrusting in young cunt. The boys all showered and most dressed as I felt him swell like he did in my mouth, then I felt squirt after squirt as he came overflowing my young cunt with his seed. With no where to go his seed flowed between his cock and my cunt walls, running out and dripping down my legs. His cock spent, as was he he collapsed over me his cock still spasming in me. Oh Summer you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had. His cock softened and fell out of me.. He then pulled up his shorts and told me to be back same time tomorrow to see the boys again he smiled.

The End

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You wont believe it but I just now got a chncae to look at Dirbys pics and i love/want them all!!!!! but i cant afford them all so I going o have to cut down im afraid..:( So trying to figure out what I really want lol!! anyway sorry lady it has been crazy busy with coming back from vaca,dirbyb-day and every weekend filled with something till mid sept!!!! I trying to narrow down what i want and email you my order!

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