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My daughter’s fifteen-year-old girlfriend has a crush on me.
Fbailey story number 267

NOTE: This story is much longer than most of my stories, about 27 pages in Word.

A Young Girl’s Crush

“You do know that little Natalie has a crush on you. Don’t you?” Asked my wife.

“But she is only…what…fifteen years old?” I replied.

“Age doesn’t have anything to do with having a crush on someone. The little darling would let you fuck her if you wanted too.” My wife said with a smirk on her pretty face.

“Did you ever have a crush on anyone? What do you mean I could fuck her if I wanted too? She is only fifteen years old for God’s sake.” I replied.

“Look honey, age has absolutely nothing to do with it. When I was thirteen I had a crush on my Uncle Bill and he was my mother’s older brother. I used to sit in his lap whenever I could, I showed him my pretty new panties whenever I could, and I kissed him goodnight right on his lips. Then one night when he and his wife were over drinking with my parents I came out to say goodnight and sat in his lap in just my little nightie. Shortly he had his hand up under my nightie and was fingering my pussy. He was the very first man to ever touch me there and I loved it. Right after that Aunt Linda took me to my bedroom and told me to leave her husband alone if I knew what was good for me. A few years later they divorced because he was fooling around with young girls. I always wondered if it was my fault. I also wondered why he never fooled around with me again. I guess Aunt Linda put the fear of God into him. Now at my age, I know that men are always interested in young girls and that very few of them actually act on that feeling.” My wife said.

“Wow you let your own Uncle finger fuck you at thirteen right in front of his wife and your parents?” I asked.

“It wasn’t the brightest thing that I ever did. Not only did Aunt Linda chew me out for trying to seduce her husband but right after that my mother had the sex talk with me too. It was so embarrassing.” My wife said.

“What else have you done?” I asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” She said as she smiled at me, kissed me, and cuddled in closer.

Just before I fell asleep she whispered in my ear, “Maybe you should give Natalie a pickle tickle.”

Pickle tickle was our little code for a quickie. That stimulated me into thinking about having sex with Natalie all night long. When I woke up in the morning with a massive erection I just rolled over on my wife and shoved it into her. She smiled up at me as she opened up her eyes. Not a word was said. I closed my eyes and pretended that I was fucking Natalie and that together we were going to new heights in sexual bliss. When I finally did cum inside her wonderful pussy it was very intense. I spit out cum and rammed into her over and over again until I was completely spent.

As I lay next to her, my wife said, “You were thinking about fucking Natalie, weren’t you? I really don’t mind. After all that was very intense and I was on the receiving end of it. She would have really enjoyed it, I’ll tell you.”

Wow, my wife knew me pretty well. She knew that I was thinking about fucking that fifteen-year-old and she didn’t even care. In fact she rather enjoyed it. Then she told me that Natalie would have enjoyed it. Was she giving me her permission to fuck Natalie?

So I asked, “Would you mind if I fucked Natalie?”

She smiled and replied, “Not at all. Would you like me to help set it up? Would you like to fuck your daughter too? After all she has a crush on you too.”

I was shocked and replied, “You’re kidding!”

“You can’t be serious. You honestly haven’t noticed the way Yvonne has been flaunting herself at you lately?” She said.

“No I haven’t.” I replied.

“Men! It’s a damn good thing you have women around to set you straight. Yvonne and Natalie have been throwing themselves at you for months now. Ever since they got their tits, lost their baby fat, and developed rather nice figures they have been after you to notice them as sexually attractive young ladies.” She said.

“Oh I noticed that. I can’t help but notice that. I also wonder which lucky little bastard they will let fuck them first.” I said.

“You! You big idiot! You’re the lucky little bastard that they will let fuck them first. Haven’t you been listening to anything that I have said?” She replied.

“What do I do now?” I asked.

“Well like most men you can just think about fucking them and continue to take out you’re sexual frustration on me…and I really don’t mind that at all…especially after this morning. Or! You can act on your thoughts and take what the girls are offering you. However, there is a little risk that you could go to jail for a few years since they are both under sixteen years old…but that seems highly unlikely from what I know.” She said.

“Just what do you know?” I asked.

“Well I have read Natalie’s diary, overheard the girls talking, and they have asked me some rather specific questions.” She replied.

“What questions?” I asked.

“Well how it feels to loose your virginity, if older men are better lovers, and are the orgasms really more intense?” She smiled.

“And you are really okay with this?” I asked.

“Yes I am. Besides our sex will improve too because of it.” She smiled at me again.

“Okay.” I said.

That Friday I got a call at work from my wife telling me to pick up a pizza on the way home. She would call it in and all I had to do was pick it up and pay for it. She also told me to cancel any plans that I might have for the weekend. She knew very well that I didn’t have any plans. However it was getting warmer, spring had finally arrived, and the weather had finally warmed up a little. I had thought about possibly doing some yard work.

When I arrived home with the two pizzas, mild wings, and extra garlic bread my wife met me at the door. The girls were called and rushed downstairs to eat. Yvonne and Natalie were just wearing brand new and identical string bikinis that my wife had bought for them. Of course they showed them off for me. As they turned around I saw the string disappear into their butt cheeks. String was the appropriate word for them, that was for sure. The strings had almost as much material in them as the suit it self had.

Natalie said, “Do you like them Daddy?”

Yvonne said, “We had to shave our pussies so that we could wear them.”

Natalie said, “Well mommy shaved us.”

Yvonne said, “We don’t have anymore hair down there.”

Natalie said, “We look just like mommy does now.”

I just smiled at them. They were beautiful wild teenage girls with no inhibitions what so ever. When I left the house that morning my wife had hair on her pussy because I got a hair in my mouth kissing it. Apparently she had shaven then shaved the girls. Wow just thinking about my wife shaving Natalie’s pussy excited me and I got an instant erection.

Yvonne noticed it, giggled, and said, “You really do like our new bikinis, don’t you daddy?”

Natalie said, “We have more to show you later.”

My wife said, “Let’s eat.”

One pizza was just for the girls with the cheese, ham, and pineapple on it. The other pizza was for me but my wife likes meat too. It had hamburger, sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and ham on it with pieces of steak and chicken sprinkled around on it for good measure and topped off with double the cheese. It was a meat lover’s delight. The girls drank soda, my wife drank wine, and I had a nice cold beer. We ate until we wanted to burst. Even the girls just wanted to vegetate on the sofa for a while. The sofa is right across from my favorite recliner so I got to stare at them as we talked and complained about being too full.

As I looked at the girls I noticed that they were almost identical. Their breasts were about the same size and shape and those little triangles of material allowed me to see all around the edge of their twin globes. Neither girl was sitting very ladylike so I could see their crotches too. Again the small triangle of material did little to hide their treasure from me. About all it did do was hide the slit from my gaze. I guess that was all that it needed to do.

Then my wife started in on me. “The girls were wondering if the stubble left behind from shaving was noticeable.”

I replied, “No not at all.”

“Not from there silly. Get closer like you inspect my shave jobs. Get in their close enough to smell their perfume.” She said.

So hesitantly I stood up and they all saw my raging hard-on pressing tightly against my pants. I got down on the floor on my knees right in front of them.

“Come on girls open your legs up wide so that he can get right in there and look.” My wife said.

With that both girls opened up their knees so wide that the tiny triangles slipped into their slits exposing the lower half of their pussy lips to my view.

Yvonne looked at her pussy and said, “It does that daddy. Mommy says that it is perfectly normal.”

Natalie added, “We hope you don’t mind. It embarrasses us a little bit but I guess it is okay.”

So as long as I had the opportunity I leaned in closer to Yvonne’s pussy. I could smell a faint perfume that reminded me of lilacs. I took a very good look at my daughter’s pussy lips. They were puffy. All that material did was cover up her clit and form a tiny triangle above that on her pussy mound. I could not see any stubble and I told her so, along with the lilac smell. She liked that.

Then I got between Natalie’s legs and leaned in closer. She smelled of roses. Her puffy pussy lips looked just like Yvonne’s and again I could see no stubble. Just to see how far I could go I reached up with both hands and using two fingers on each hand I opened up her pussy lips to further my inspection. Natalie’s breath caught in her throat. She froze. Then shortly she took in a breath, relaxed, and I continued to get closer and look. I could see the string but had it trapped under one of my fingers so that it wasn’t in the way. I was looking directly into Natalie’s vagina. It was moist, pink, and the most beautiful pussy that I had ever seen. I could see her clit too. Using one hand to keep the lips apart I used the other hand to slip a finger into her moist hole and then massage her tiny clit for her. Once again her breath caught and she froze. I stopped to move back over to my daughter.

Natalie shouted out, “Don’t stop! That felt great!”

I smiled at her and said, “Don’t worry I’ll be right back.” I knew right then that my wife had been right and that before the evening was over that I would be fucking that little fifteen-year-old.

Yvonne was waiting for me to open up her pussy and to touch her too. She moaned and called out, “Daddy, daddy, that feels so good. It’s the best feeling in the world. That’s it. Don’t stop. Oh God. I love you.” She clinched her teeth, rolled her head back, and had a powerful orgasm from my finger. Then she said, “That was even better than what mommy does to me.”

I looked over at my wife and she just smiled at me.

I went back between Natalie’s legs and fingered her to an orgasm too. Then I leaned in closer and put my tongue in her hole. She tasted sweet and I liked it. I licked her and used my tongue to give her another orgasm. She too shouted out things as I ravished her orally. When I finished she said, “You really are better than your wife at that.”

I went back to Yvonne and gave her oral sex as well but first I untied her bottom to get a good look. As long as I was at it I untied her top too. She had the sweetest little pink nipples. After giving her an oral orgasm I untied Natalie and admired her matching nipples too. I took turns giving them orgasms for another hour until my jaw hurt too much to continue. I had their crotches at the edge of the couch with them leaned back comfortable. I placed their feet up on my shoulders and buried my head between their pussy lips. Occasionally I would run my wet tongue from their assholes to their clits. They both got a thrill out of my licking their assholes. Once my jaw got sore though I just nursed on their nipples for a few minutes each. I eventually kissed them, poking my tongue in there too. That evening I had orally satisfied them both.

My wife took my hand and led me up to our bedroom as she said, “Thanks girls. I can handle it from here. I’ll take care of his problem tonight but maybe tomorrow I’ll let you fix it after you give him another problem.”

Fix it she did but it took three times to make it go down. I could not believe how excited I had been. I fucked her first, then she fucked me, and finally she sucked me off as I fell asleep.

First thing in the morning I woke up completely refreshed. I got out of bed without disturbing my wife. She always did like sleeping in on a Saturday morning.

I checked in on the girls and found them in bed together arm in arm. The sheet was only up to their waist so I could see at least one of their breast clearly. Yvonne had her ass sticking out from the covers just like her mother does. She didn’t even have a pair of panties on. The floor was covered with the clothes that they had worn the previous day. I thought about disturbing them but decided not too. After the work out that I gave them last night they deserved a good rest.

I only had on a pair of cut off jeans. I loved the way they felt and the strings that hung down. My wife said that they were too short and that my balls hung out occasionally but I didn’t care. I fixed a quick breakfast of toast and eggs over easy then headed out back. I thought about mowing the lawn but decided to wait until the girls were up. So I decided to inspect my backyard and take notes. I am always thinking and had often decided to put in a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, add to my rose garden, and to start an herb garden as well. Fresh herbs are great to cook with. Well I had thought about a Jacuzzi for several years, then I thought about seeing my girls in it naked, and then I went in to get a T-shirt, my credit cars, and my car keys.

The girls were up and asked where I was going. When I told them that I was going to get a Jacuzzi they screamed. That woke up my wife and she came running out of our bedroom trying to get her robe on. I explained things to her and she screamed too. So I fixed them breakfast and ate another one myself. This time it was a whole pound of bacon, sausage patties, scrambled eggs, and English muffins.

Then we went looking for a Jacuzzi. The selection was unbelievable. They had small ones to big ones, with televisions, refrigerators, and even towel heaters. I was only planning on buying one in this lifetime so I took a twelve setter, with colored lights underwater, a CD player, the heated towels, and a built-in wine rack. I got the enclosure too so that it could be used year round. They promised to have it installed within two weeks. However they loaned us a cheep foam model to use in the meanwhile. It could be delivered, set up, and in use before dark. Okay!

Back at the house I got to mow the lawn but the girls were never out of sight. All three had on those matching string bikinis. Our neighbor noticed my girls and came right out to talk to me. He borrowed my tree trimmer and my ladder then he spent the day on the ladder pretending to prune his apple tree. Very little hit the ground because he couldn’t take his eyes off my girls. Of course they loved it especially my wife. She took him an iced tea and stood there talking to him about his wife the whole time. She even turned and picked up a few small branches that he had cut off so that he could stare at her ass.

Sweet little Yvonne said, “Mr. Johnson you shouldn’t be staring at my mommy’s ass like that you have an awful big erection.”

Then Natalie said, “Why Mr. Johnson, did you cum in your pants? You have a big wet spot right there.” Then she pointed at his right pocket.

Embarrassed he rushed into the house as the girls laughed at him. My wife reprimanded them and then walked to Mr. Johnson’s backdoor.

I put my ladder and pruning shears away. Then I finished mowing my lawn and put that away too. I took the girls inside for lunch. It was going to be left over pizza.

By the time we finished my wife reappeared with a big smile on her face. She said, “Thanks girls you were great. I got to fix his problem. He isn’t as big as your father is but he was rock-hard thanks to you two. All I did was drop to my knees, suck on it for a few seconds, and then swallow his cum. He had the same problem that your father has too…it just wouldn’t go down so I took him up to his bedroom and let him fuck me right in his wife’s bed. I made sure to leave a good wet spot too. Men never change the sheets so I hope that she finds it. I also invited him over for a midnight dip in our new Jacuzzi when it arrives in two weeks. I even told him that our rule was that everyone had to be naked to get in.”

I said, “I like that rule.”

Natalie and Yvonne chimed in with, “Me too.”

Yvonne asked, “Mommy is it okay if you let someone else fuck you?”

My wife smiled and held my hand and she answered our daughter’s question, “Well no, actually it is not alright and the law calls it adultery. However your father and I have grown to the point where we occasionally stray from our marriage bed and have an affair. Sometimes we do that alone and sometimes as a couple. That is called wife swapping. Today your father let me fuck Mr. Johnson hoping that some day he would get to fuck Mrs. Johnson.”

Yvonne asked, “So who do you get to fuck when daddy fucks us?”

My wife just smiled as she squeezed my hand harder and answered, “For starters I just got to fuck Mr. Johnson.”

That seemed to answer their curiosity for the time being. I on the other hand could only think about…So who do you get to fuck when daddy fucks us…when daddy fucks us…when daddy fucks us. Oh my God!

After lunch the guys arrived with our temporary hot tub. They hooked it up to water from our garden hose and ran an extension cord into my garage. The heater would just about heat it up as it filled but that I should wait until the thermometer reached 104 degrees. They discussed where we wanted the real one put and we all decided that right off the back porch would be nice. In fact if we could enter it from the porch that would be even better since we would all be naked anyway. That made the two guys smile and check out the two girls even more. Those string bikinis were absolutely worthless. So anyway the temporary foam tub had been placed elsewhere.

Mr. Johnson came back over to talk and to look at the tub. My wife quickly told him that it was just a loaner until the real one was installed within two weeks. Then she added that the same nudity rule applied if he wanted to join us later with his wife. He made up excuses about his wife maybe not joining us if it involved nudity. My wife told him that if she was going to show him her naked body then his wife was to show me her naked body too. Then she added that he had already seen her naked body. The girls asked him if he had really seen her naked and made him run away embarrassed again. The girls loved to torture him. After all Mr. Johnson had been the Principle of the Elementary school that they had attended last year. His wife is their Freshman English Teacher this year. Their children are grown, married, and living their own lives. While we are in our mid-thirties they are in their low fifties. They have a few grandsons under the age of ten that come around occasionally. Actually I wouldn’t mind seeing Mrs. Johnson naked. She was quite attractive and I suppose that I had a crush on her. Besides I was jealous now that he had fucked my wife.

Just before it got dark the temperature reached the magic number. The girls had been dying to get in all along even if it were cold. Together we got naked and wrapped our bath towels around us for the march outdoors. My wife lead and I came up the rear. About halfway my wife stopped, turned toward Mr. Johnson’s house, and opened up her towel. Yvonne and Natalie did the same thing so I did too. Then we carried our towels the rest of the way and got in.

After a while Mr. Johnson came over to see how we were doing. I noticed that all three girls lifted up in the water enough so that their tits were just above the surface. As he looked at them my wife told him to go home and get his wife if he wanted to join us.

Soon he came back with a counter offer. His wife wanted to keep her bathing suit on…no. She would think about joining us after the girls went to bed…no. She really didn’t want to get naked in front of two of her students. She said that the school board would frown on that…then don’t tell them. He went away frustrated.

As we talked about it my wife came to the conclusion that Mrs. Johnson would join us but not in front of the girls so at least she was willing to do it. Now all we had to do was help her along. After a brief discussion we got out, put on our towels, and marched over to the Johnson’s backdoor. Mr. Johnson greeted us and invited us in. Mrs. Johnson came into the kitchen to see us. That was when we personally invited her and her husband to join us in the tub. Then we all dropped our towels to the floor. She smiled at the girl’s openness and then she really smiled at my erection. She actually started to laugh out loud. The girls promised that if she joined us that they would never tell a living soul, cross their hearts, and hope to die. Again Mrs. Johnson laughed and then said okay. She dragged her husband away and told us that they would be out soon. My wife told her that there was plenty of wine too.

We were not in the hot water for very long when they joined us in our backyard. Mr. Johnson dropped his towel and got in between the girls. Mrs. Johnson gave him a dirty look and then dropped her towel. She waited about a full minute for me to check her out then she climbed in and sat down between my wife and I. The water rose up and the bubble covered her breasts. When the girls started to giggle Mrs. Johnson cleared her throat and her husband placed his arms up on the edge of the tub around the two girls shoulders.

Mrs. Johnson turned to my wife and said, “I found a wet spot in my bed. Was it from you?”

My wife replied, “Not all of it, some was from your husband too.”

Mrs. Johnson said, “Then I take it that you would not mind if your husband and I left a similar spot in your bed.”

My wife replied, “Not at all.”

I felt Mrs. Johnson feel my cock under the water until it got hard. She felt both of my balls too. Then she stood up still holding my hard cock in her hand as she said, “Okay!” I got out and followed her, dripping as I walked. We did not grab our towels either.

She knew exactly where our bedroom was and took me right to it. She walked right over to my bed and got on her back in the middle if it. She lifted her knees and spread them wide for me. I climbed between her legs and started to finger and poke her pussy, I licked her clit, and I gave her an orgasm. She loved it and asked me for another one. I had to laugh because she wasn’t the first schoolteacher to make me do my homework over again. In fact I gave her two more orgasms before I slipped my cock into the very hole that my tongue and fingers had just come out of. The girls had teased me all day long so I was more than ready for Mrs. Johnson. I fucked her for all I was worth and I filled her with cum. She expected me to pull out but I knew that I couldn’t. I needed at least one more climax before I could. She seemed very surprised that I didn’t get soft. Fucking her that second time gave her another orgasm from my cock stimulating her. To her astonishment I still hadn’t gone soft. She knew that I was tied so she rolled me over and got on top. My cock never once left her pussy. I got to watch as her tits bounced and flopped around on her chest. I watched her belly dance. Then I grabbed her tits and squeezed them a little bit. Being ever the schoolteacher she felt the need to give me instruction on how to do it right. Hell I had been squeezing my wife’s tits for years. However Mrs. Johnson was different, she wanted me to squeeze them until she had black and blue marks on them from my fingertips. I had to pinch and twist her nipples until my fingers hurt. The harder and rougher I treated her tits the better she liked it. Finally her leaned over placing a nipple in my mouth and asking me to bite her. She wanted to feel pain, to see teeth marks, and even asked me to break the skin. Then I got the other nipple inserted into my mouth. As I clamped down on that one she had another orgasm and I filled her with my cum. I grabbed onto her ass cheeks and fucked up into her until I was completely spent.

She smiled as she backed up and squatted between my legs. I watched as she grunted to release the biggest pool of cum that I had ever seen in my life. She was proud of herself. We left the covers off so that the wet spot showed very nicely then we went back out to the others. Before we got in Mrs. Johnson asked if anyone would mind if she washed her cum filled pussy in the hot water. I had to smile when my daughter Yvonne raised her hand as if she were in school.

Mrs. Johnson said, “Yes dear. What is it?”

Yvonne answered, “I would mind.”

Mrs. Johnson smiled and said, “Okay.” Then she picked up the garden hose, stuck the nozzle into her pussy, and pulled the trigger. Natalie and Yvonne watched as their English Teacher douched my cum out of her pussy with a garden hose. After an appropriate amount of time she turned the flow off, removed the nozzle, and dropped it to the grass. Then she climbed in between my wife and I again.

Soon the girls were asking Mrs. Johnson if I fucked her better than her husband did. She turned to my wife and asked if she wanted to answer that question. She replied that she already had. Then Mrs. Johnson wanted to know what she had told them. My wife replied that she had told them that he wasn’t as big as I was and that he had stayed hard after a blowjob and fucked her up in his bed. She then said that fucking him had been a real thrill but that I was actually better in bed. Mr. Johnson had a hurt look on his face so my wife told him that she wanted to have sex with him again and often too.

Mrs. Johnson then answered the girl’s question, “Well she is right. Your father is really very good in bed, he gives wonderful oral sex, and he certainly knows how to please a woman. His penis did not go down until after he had cum in me three times. However, he made sure to give me six wonderful orgasms that shook my whole body before he was done. He was on top the first two times and then he let me get on top the third time. He did everything that I asked of him including biting my tits as hard as he could.”

Then she stood up enough so that her breasts floated on the surface. The girls jaws dropped open and they held their breasts as they asked, “Didn’t it hurt?”

Mrs. Johnson replied, “Well yes, it certainly did. That was the whole idea. I love pain and pleasure mixed together but my husband doesn’t like to hurt me. He also doesn’t like to perform oral sex on me either. I think that your mother and I will trade off more often from now on.”

Natalie asked, “Tell me more about pain and pleasure.”

Mrs. Johnson said, “Well I think it all started when my father used to spank me. At first I didn’t like it but as I got older and started to develop and started masturbating a lot I really enjoyed it. The harder he spanked me the more intense my orgasms were. Then I had a boyfriend that was really into anal sex. He would really hurt me sticking his cock in my ass without any lubricant. He loved it and I really started to enjoy it too. The harder he butt fucked me the more I liked it. Now my husband refuses to inflect pain on me so I have to go elsewhere for that. I put those spring clothespins on my nipples, a really big butt plug up my ass, or a soda bottle in my pussy. Almost every day in school I have a butt plug in my ass.”

All my daughter could say was, “Wow!”

My wife said, “I’m sure that my husband can help you out. He takes very good care of my nasty side too.”

I finally said, “Great! Now I have two women to practice a little S&M on.”

Natalie said, “Daddy can I help you practice too?”

I asked, “In what capacity?”

Natalie replied, “What?”

I asked, “Do you want to inflect the pain or be on the receiving end?”

Natalie asked, “Can I try both?”

Yvonne asked, “Me too!”

I replied, “Sure you can. I can’t believe that I will have four girls to spank and punish and two helpers too. Mr. Johnson would like to help?”

He smiled and said, “No. Not really. However I would like to fool around with the girls.”

Mrs. Johnson said to her husband, “Is everything okay with him punishing me?” He nodded his head so she asked, “Is it okay if my husband fools around with you girls?” They nodded their heads too. Then she said, “Okay you can put your hands under the surface of the water and fool around with them. Keep in mind that they are minors and that you can get in serious trouble if you fuck them.” Again he nodded.

She turned to my wife and asked, “Do you do threesomes?”

My wife replied, “Yes I do. In fact I’ve had several threesomes with my daughter and Yvonne too. Maybe you would like to make it a foursome.”

Mrs. Johnson said, “Oh yes I certainly would love that. Those girls are lovely.” Then she kissed my wife very passionately. When she finally broke the kiss off she went over to Natalie and kissed her just as passionately. Then she kissed Yvonne too.

Mrs. Johnson said, “Why don’t you guys stay here for a while then go over to my house and watch some dirty movies for a couple of hours while we girls get acquainted.”

I watched as the four women dried themselves off a little and then just marched into my house naked. We guys just sat there and talked about each girl. He liked fucking my wife and wished that he could fuck my daughter when she turned sixteen. I assured him that he probable could fuck her then. I knew that I wasn’t going to wait more than a day or two myself though. He was even happy that I would inflect pain on his wife for him because it really was not something that he enjoyed doing.

We dried off and went over to his house where we had a couple of beers and watched some old home movies of his wife. There was Mrs. Johnson taking a shower, bathing, and masturbating with a big dildo. There she was during one of her pregnancies, during childbirth in the hospital, and nursing the baby afterwards. There was one of her at a nudist camp with her three children. Then the last one was of Mrs. Johnson with four men. They fucked her every which way but loose. They fucked every hole that she had and more than once too. They fucked her two and even three at a time. Just before the end of that video she came home. She was still naked and so was I so she sat on my lap after poking my cock up into her pussy. She narrated the end of the movie and told me how great it had felt to have three cocks in her at the same time. Then she asked me if I had two friends that would be willing to fuck her with me while her husband recorded it. I told her that I would think about it. I crushed my fingertips into her breasts digging my nails into her flesh as I fucked her and watched the end of the movie. Then I went home.

My wife was still in bed with the girls when I arrived. They told me how good Mrs. Johnson was at giving another girl pleasure. Then they wanted to watch me fuck my wife. My wife suggested that I fuck our daughter first. Oh my God! Natalie wanted that too. What to hell.

So I started to kiss her and she said that it really wasn’t necessary because her mother and Mrs. Johnson had her more than ready for me. I took her word for it and slipped my cock in between her legs. She smiled, rolled her eyes, and said that it felt fantastic. I enjoyed it very much too. I had never really thought about fucking my daughter before and she was definitely the youngest girl that I had ever fucked too. Yvonne was a month older so Natalie would always be my youngest. Just as I was ready to cum in her she started to huff and puff like she was running up a big hill. My wife told me that Natalie does that during her orgasms. She had a big one too. Needless to say Yvonne wanted me to fuck her too after that.

I had to eat Yvonne out just to get an erection. I wound up eating all three of them going from one delicious pussy to another. Finally I was ready and I stuck it in Yvonne. It took quite a bit longer and she started to get a little uncomfortable before I cum but she did her womanly duty and let me finish. The four of us slept together that night even though it was a little crowded.

The next morning the girls ran right over to tell Mrs. Johnson that they had lost their virginity. They came back laughing. It seems that Mr. Johnson was jealous because his wife still wouldn’t let him fuck them until they turned sixteen. He thought that if he couldn’t fuck them that she shouldn’t either. They were still arguing when the girls left to come home.

After breakfast Mrs. Johnson came over alone and showed me her tits. They looked terrible but she loved them and said that it would be very hard to wear a bra Monday at school. I could see my teeth marks and the black and blue marks. She told me that sometimes she puts rose stems in her bra so that the thorns can dig into her flesh all day long. Since her tits will be sore the next day she wanted her ass to be just as sore. She wanted to be so tender that she couldn’t sit down. The girls found that funny.

Anyway I told her to get naked and then to get on her belly on the bed and she did. I got my wife’s hairbrush and hit her fairly easy building up to pretty hard. I handed the brush to my wife and told her to give Mrs. Johnson a hundred strokes before handing it over to one of the girls. Then I went down into the basement. I found a nice new board about four inches wide and quickly cut a handle on one end and rounded all of the edges. I took the paddle board back up just in time for my turn. I gave Mrs. Johnson a hundred whacks with that paddle and could hear her struggling within herself for control. I knew that it was hurting her but she would not break down and beg for mercy either. Our so-called safe word was simply “Please Stop” but she never said it. I handed that paddle over to my wife and left again. I looked all over for something to beat her ass with. Finally I found an old rug beater that my grandparents had back in the day. It had a great handle with four U-shaped wires sticking out of it. Each wire was a inch or so longer than the last one. The wire was really thick and stiff too. When Mrs. Johnson saw me enter the room she took one look at the rug beater and cringed. Yvonne was counting for Natalie. I waited for them to reach one hundred. Then I stepped forward and slapped that rug beater down on her ass and watched her expression change. On number fifty she said, “Stop! Please!” Her ass took a hell of a beating. Eight hundred and fifty strokes with some pretty serious instruments was more than most women could take.

Yvonne asked me to spank her ass next but to be gentle. I smiled at my wife then I sat in a chair, pulled Yvonne over my knees, and then I used my bare hand to spank her. Being right handed I had her head to my right side, my elbow resting on the center of her back, and my left hand up between her legs. I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit as I hit her ass. I could feel her ass jiggle as I spanked her, I could see it becoming pinker as I spanked her, and I could feel it warming up too. I gave ten rather light strokes and then increased the pressure every ten more until I was spanking her pretty good at the end and my hand was getting sore. Yvonne seemed to enjoy it and suggested that Natalie try it too. I told her that my hand was too sore to continue but that I could use her mother’s hairbrush. She cringed but said okay with Yvonne coaxing her to do so. I pulled my daughter over my knees with her pussy to the left while Yvonne got on her belly on my bed next to Mrs. Johnson. I started out slow and easy then increased like I had with Yvonne. Natalie adjusted well and basically enjoyed it. I know that she really enjoyed my fingers in her pussy and rubbing her clit. Mrs. Johnson reminded me that she might have liked that part too. I reminded her that she wanted her ass to be sore during school the next day and that these girl needed to build up to what she had endured. She agreed. Natalie took the full hundred strokes and lay on the other side of Mrs. Johnson. Then Mrs. Johnson told her that all three of them might have trouble sitting in a chair at school tomorrow. My wife just laughed at them and asked me to fuck her from behind as she bends over and grabs her ankles. It was fast and furious and we both loved it.

My wife called Yvonne’s mother and told her that she would see to it that Yvonne got to school in the morning. Mrs. Johnson said that she would give them a ride in but that they would have to get out a block before the school. She didn’t want anyone to actually see them together like that.

When I got home from work that Monday all four women were waiting for me to arrive. One by one they told me their story. Natalie started by telling me that she could feel her ass tingle whenever she sat down in one of the hard chairs in school. She told me that she went into the girl’s bathroom to masturbate three times during school. Yvonne told me just about the same thing but that her pussy tingled and she could have a mild orgasm just by squeezing her butt cheeks together and bouncing on her seat. She said that a couple of the girls had looked at her like she was crazy but she didn’t care.

Then Mrs. Johnson told us her story. She wore her burlap panties to school under her loose dress and a bra that was too small. Instead of her normal 36-C she wore an old 34-B to contain her breasts very tightly. She had to show the girls her hand made burlap panties. They couldn’t believe that she was wearing an old feed bag. It was coarse and it felt like straw. She talked about sitting for the first two classes then standing up for another class. She talked about pinching her nipples between classes. She talked about how badly her ass was stinging at lunchtime. She had Natalie and Yvonne in her afternoon classes and suppressed a smile as she told them to take their seat then watched as they slowly and carefully sat down. She even called them up to the front of the room just to watch then sit back down again. She kept them after the bell rang just so that she could smack them on the ass before sending them to their next class. After she was done talking Mrs. Johnson stood up and undressed for us. Her ass looked raw from the burlap scratching her skin all day long. Her breasts looked all squished and battered as well as being black and blue. I told her to go out and sit in the Jacuzzi until she felt better. Then I would spray some antibiotic on her tits and ass.

The girls and I joined her but my wife went over to let Mr. Johnson fuck her before she came out to sit with us. Dinner would be ordered in later. Yvonne had one more night with us and I was going to fuck her good. I was so very pleased that she once had a crush on me.

When my wife returned she was required to douche with the garden hose before getting in. She complained about the ice cold water but did it anyway.

I took Natalie up to my bedroom and made love to her. I kissed her and I felt of her nice young breasts, I nursed on her tender nipples as I felt of her soft pussy, and then I ate her pussy until she begged me to fuck her. Natalie was starved for my cock. She wanted my cock more than anything else at that moment. She no longer had a crush on me, she was totally in love with me. I had fallen in love with her too. As I fucked my cock into her teenage pussy I looked into her eyes. Just as her first orgasm hit they became glazed over or more accurately her pupils enlarged and she produced a single tear in each eye that moistened them. At the very height of her orgasm her eyes shut, that tear ran to the corner, and she held her breath for about ten seconds until the orgasm hit full boil and started to simmer. I just kept humping into her at the same quickened pace that I had been. Almost a full minute later her eyes opened, she smiled up at me, and her breathing had accelerated.

Then at the height of all that sexual emotion when a man is more vulnerable and just a split second before my release Natalie asked, “Will you be my boyfriend?” With my cock imbedded in her deeply and my hot sperm boiling in my balls and ready for its escape all I could possibly do was say, “Yes! I’ll be your boyfriend.” Then a flood of cum released from its vault and quickly shot up my penis and hit her cervix dead center time and time again. I think that was the most intense climax that I had ever had. It felt like my big head was going to explode. I must have transferred a billion sperm into her.

I very carefully slid off from her body and off to one side not letting my cock release itself from her. Natalie kissed me on the lips and slipped her tongue into my mouth. It tasted sweeter than ever before.

Natalie asked, “Did you mean what you said?”

I replied, “What?”

Natalie said, “That you would be my boyfriend.”

I smiled at her and said, “Yes. I’ll be your boyfriend. I love you.”

I had no idea what I had just done…

The full size Jacuzzi was delivered and installed just a few days later in time for the next weekend. Natalie was invited to spend the weekend again. My wife had been acting a little strange for a day or two. On Friday she asked me to come home for lunch.

“Did you tell Natalie that you would be her boyfriend and that you loved her?” Were the first words out of her mouth.

“Yes. I think that is what I said. Why?” I replied.

“Because the little bitch has told everyone including her mother that she has a steady boyfriend, that he is much older that her, and that she is no longer a virgin. Her mother called me this morning to see if I knew anything about it.” She said.

“Oh shit. Now what?” I asked.

“Well she will be bringing Natalie over personally tonight. She wants to have a talk with us about what went on here for those five days last weekend.” She said.

“Oh shit.” Was all that I could say. I phoned into work and asked for the afternoon off. I contacted Mr. Johnson and asked him to come home a couple of hours early so that he and his wife could help us out.

The minute Mrs. Johnson got home my wife filled her in. Together the four of us decided to stick together and just tell Natalie’s mother that nothing happened on our watch and that Natalie was basically never out of our sight. By then Yvonne had gotten home from school and said that everything was cool and that we shouldn’t get all excited.

We changed the rule for the Jacuzzi to allow bathing suits when needed. When Natalie’s mother arrived with Natalie we were all sitting in the huge Jacuzzi with soft music playing. Yvonne told Natalie there was a suit up on her bed for her and then took Natalie up. Her mother looked at us but was not as upset as we had imagined. My wife offered her a bathing suit and a glass of wine to relax. Amazingly she accepted both so my wife took her up to our bedroom to change. The girls came down quickly and I was pleased that Natalie was not wearing the string bikini in front of her mother. She quickly told us that she had screwed up but that she told her mother that she had made it all up. Her mother was so furious that she beat Natalie’s ass with a hairbrush a hundred times to punish her. She smiled when she said that I had done a better job on her butt.

Soon my wife and Natalie’s mother came down to join us. My wife winked at us as she got in the water. I looked at Natalie’s mother as she climbed in. She was wearing one of my wife’s bikinis and she had nice breasts, a flat tummy, and very nice hips. She was one very attractive woman and I knew where Natalie got her good looks from. As she spread her legs to get into the water I couldn’t help but look at her pussy. A few stray hairs were sticking out and I just wanted to stick my tongue in her. I knew that I wanted to fuck her. That week I had fucked my wife and my daughter Yvonne at the same time and I loved it. Now I wanted to fuck Natalie and her mother at the same time too. Mrs. Johnson had mentioned that one of her daughters might join her and I in a threesome sometime. Fucking mothers and daughters together could become a hobby of mine.

Natalie’s mother introduced herself as Sharon, Mrs. Johnson introduced herself as Karen, and then my wife introduced herself as Christine.

After drinking about half of her glass of wine Natalie’s mother started to tell us about her daughter’s imagination and her story about an older lover and loosing her virginity. Then after spanking the hell out of her she had confessed that it had just been a story and that Natalie had gotten into her stash of dildos and used one to break her own hymen. I smiled when Yvonne confirmed it by saying that they had both done it one weekend when she had stayed at their house a few months ago. That clinched it, we were safe.

Natalie’s mother had another glass of wine and relaxed some more. She started to tell us about her ex-husband and how he had cheated on her with a young girl. He had gotten a fifteen-year-old girl pregnant and run off with her. So when Natalie told her about an older man, having sex, and being fifteen it was more than she could take. She didn’t really want her daughter to grow up but even more than that she didn’t want her daughter to be responsible for breaking up someone else’s marriage.

During the third glass of wine Natalie’s mother said that she needed something to eat because she was getting a little tipsy. Then she asked us if we ever got in the Jacuzzi naked. Of course my wife said, “Yes. All the time but we didn’t think you would like that.”

“What do you mean? Do you think I’m some sort of prude?” She asked. “I’ll have you know that I used to be a stripper when I was in college.” Then she stood up and removed her bikini top.

My wife stood up and removed her bikini top then one by one Mrs. Johnson, Yvonne, and Natalie stood and removed their tops too.

My wife looked at Natalie’s mother and said, “Care to go for the bottoms too?” Then she slipped off her bottoms and threw them far away on the porch. Natalie’s mother slipped hers off and tossed them too. Then Mrs. Johnson, Yvonne, and Natalie removed their bottoms and tossed them. I looked at Mr. Johnson, stood up, and removed my suite too. He did the same.

Mr. Johnson said, “Hey with all these bubbles I can’t see anything. Would you girls stand up on your seats for a little show and tell?"”

His wife immediately stood up on her seat and was exposed from her the knees up. Mrs. Johnson held her breasts and said, “36-C.” She opened her pussy lips up for us and then turned around, bent over, and spread her butt cheeks for us too.

My wife stood up out of the water, held her breasts, and said, “36-C.” She too opened her pussy lips up for us and then turned around, bent over, and spread her butt cheeks for us too.

Natalie’s mother took her turn next. She stood up and showed us her hairy pussy. She held her breast and said, “34-D.” Then she opened up her hairy pussy lips and said, “Sorry about the hair but I haven’t needed to shave it for anyone in quite a while.” Then she turned around, bent over, and spread her butt cheeks for us too. She had a nice dark asshole that I just wanted to fuck.

Yvonne looked at Natalie and together they stood up showing off their naked bodies. Together they held their tits in their hands and said, “34-B” at the same time. They exposed their inner pink pussy lips and exposed their cute little pink assholes too.

Well it was finally our turn so Mr. Johnson and I stood up. We were both sporting huge erections. We shook our hips, flopped our cocks, and exposed our assholes and balls from behind. My wife came at my cock and his wife came at his. After a moment my daughter asked her mother for her turn and took my cock in her mother. I looked over at Natalie’s mother and she was licking her lips. I told my wife that Natalie’s mother might like a turn too so she offered me to her. Yvonne moved out of the way and Natalie’s mother zoomed in on my cock like a sniper’s bullet to its target. Her mouth formed a perfect circle as she slipped the head in. She could really suck too. She reminded me of that old saying, “She could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.” Then she sucked me right into her throat. Oh my God that was the very first deep-throat that I had ever had and I loved it. Her nose was buried my pubic hair. Then she started fucking my cock with her throat until I cum in her. She pulled back and swallowed then sucked my cock clean afterwards.

Then Natalie asked her mother to teach her how to do that. She turned to Mr. Johnson who still had an erection. They gently pushed his wife out of the way and then Natalie’s mother started giving her instructions. I watched as they both sucked on his cock. Natalie gagged a few times but she got the reward in the end. Her mother told her that it was required to swallow it and then to lick the cock clean afterwards.

As we sipped more wine my wife casually said, “So why were you so bent out of shape with Natalie’s story of an older lover when you get naked, deep throat my husband, and then you teach her how to suck cock on Mr. Johnson.”

Natalie’s mother said, “Because I was jealous. I haven’t been with a man in seventeen months and thirteen days. Your husband’s cock was the first one that I’ve had since my husband left me.”

“So you need to get laid.” My wife repeated.

“Oh God yes! I’d let your husband fuck me right her in this Jacuzzi with my own daughter watching if you would let him.” She shouted out.

I heard my wife say okay then I took Natalie’s mother in my arms and kissed her. She eagerly stuck her tongue in my mouth and grabbed the back of my head so that I couldn’t pull away. After an incredible kiss I pushed her back into the center of the water. Everyone held their hands out and kept her up to the surface as I opened up her legs and slipped my cock into her hairy pussy. When I slammed into her she floated toward Mr. Johnson. He in turn would push her back to me. The girls were pinching her nipples as I fucked her. Mrs. Johnson had her hand down near my cock fingering Natalie’s mother’s clit. My wife must have been massaging her ass underwater. The six of us were making love to her at the same time. Since I had just recently come I knew that I could last longer. The gentle floating on the water thing was so smooth that it was nothing like fucking a girl down into a mattress. There was plenty of lubricant too. It was like fucking an angel on a cloud. It took an incredible long time for me to finally cum but when I did it was totally worth it. It felt just so good. Natalie’s mother just sighed with relief, opened her eyes, and thanked me from the bottom of her heart. Mrs. Johnson was still tickling her clit and gave her one last orgasm. The girls gave her nipples one last pinch and then Mr. Johnson lifted her head up. She took her seat, sipped some wine, and rested the back of her head on the edge of the tub.

After a few moments to compose herself Natalie’s mother said, “Thank you all of you. You can not imagine how much I needed that.”

Natalie said, “Yes I can mommy. I too have wanted and needed sex since before daddy left, when I started going through puberty.”

Then the two women hugged and kissed one another. Then Natalie’s mother asked her, “Do you want one of these men to take your virginity?”

Natalie answered, “Yes mommy.” Then she pointed at me.

She said, “Okay honey but you had better give him time to recover. I think he gave me everything that he had in him.”

My wife then took orders for Chinese food and placed an order. She came back with a terrycloth robe and another bottle of wine too. When the front doorbell rang my wife put on the robe and went to answer it. She returned and invited us in to eat. One at a time we got out of the hot water and walked into the house naked. There were towels on the chairs for us to sit on and a big box of food at the far end of the table. My wife brought out Styrofoam boxes and started handing them out. We ate, talked, and laughed together. I could certainly tell that Natalie’s mother was much more at peace with the world than she had been when she arrived. She even reached over to stroke my cock as we ate.

After eating Natalie’s mother announced that I was ready to take her daughter’s virginity. No one told her otherwise. Natalie wanted it in the water just like her mother had. We left everything on the table and went back out. We assumed our positions again with Natalie floating. Her mother took Natalie’s place at one of her nipples, Mrs. Johnson was already tickling her clit, as I entered her. My cock slipped right in and felt at home inside her. After all this was our seventh joining but as far as her mother knew it was our first. I made Natalie’s experience just as nice as what her mother had experienced. However, after I came in her she reached up and encircled my neck stating, “I love you.” She stayed on my cock as it shriveled inside her and eventually tried to slip out. Natalie wouldn’t let it. She hung on forever. Eventually after promising to put it back in her she let it slip out.

Natalie’s mother suggested that perhaps Mr. Johnson could fuck her next but the look on her face forced my wife to say, “No he’s all mine.”

Mrs. Johnson chimed in with, “Yes we share my husband, so now the girls can share Yvonne’s father.”

Natalie’s mother asked, “Would you mind if I shared him with the girls this weekend?”

My wife replied, “Not at all.”

We drank some more wine, talked, and made out for a while. Soon Natalie’s mother suggested an early bedtime for her and the girls with me. We got out of the Jacuzzi and walked up to my bedroom. She had a talk with my daughter Yvonne about our sex life. Yvonne told her that it had all started about a week ago when we first got the temporary Jacuzzi. She said that she had been sharing me with her mother ever since.

Then she turned to her daughter and said, “Natalie tell me the truth…did you tell me the truth when you said that you had an older lover and that you were no longer a virgin? Is he your lover?”

I nodded at her and Natalie admitted that I had been her older lover and that she had lied to keep me safe. I had to smile when she was so relieved about spanking Natalie for lying to her. She hadn’t wanted to spank her and it had been weighing on her mind ever since. Then Natalie told her that she had enjoyed it. Together the girls told her of our spanking session last Sunday and how tender they had been at school on Monday. That sparked a gleam in her eye and started her talking about memories when she was a young girl and her father had punished her. About the time she turned fifteen and was maturing into a young woman her father starting taking notice of her. At first it was quite innocent then it quickly turned to punishment. She didn’t even have to do anything to get punished. Her mother would watch sometimes. If her mother watched he would just pull her over his knee, expose her panties by lifting her dress or dropping her pants, and then spank her with his bare hand. However if her mother wasn’t there watching he would also drop her panties and spank her bare ass. After a month he was spanking her bare ass in front of her mother too and fingering her pussy when she wasn’t there. Another month went by and she was punished while lying naked across his lap even if her mother was there. If she wasn’t his cock was between her legs during the spanking. He enjoyed it when she squirmed. Eventually it didn’t matter whether her mother was there or not he would strip her naked, spank her on her bed, and then fuck her afterwards. It was an every night affair until she turned eighteen and left home. However she missed it and said that her husband wouldn’t spank her because he thought it was weird. He still left her for a younger girl.

Natalie asked her mother if she wanted to be spanked then let me make love to her again. Oh yes she would love that. Then Natalie got the hairbrush and started in easily. Yvonne took over after a hundred and used the same hairbrush on her. When it was my turn I laid into her with my bare hand as I fingered her pussy and tickled her clit at the same time. When I got to a hundred, I got on the bed and poked my cock down into her pussy from behind. I used force to get it in her, I placed my hands on her back and pressed all of my weight onto her, then I fucked her roughly. I was trying to re-create what she had told us about her father. I must say that I was enjoying it. When I filled her she just cried for a while before thanking us all for giving her back her memories. She promised to let me fuck her daughter all that I wanted to as long as I would spank and fuck her once in a while. I told her that she couldn’t give me her daughter’s body as a fuck toy, that only Natalie herself could do that. I promised to give Natalie’s mother all of the pleasure that she wanted though.

Later my daughter wanted her loving. So Yvonne got on top of my cock and had a field day fucking herself while Natalie sat on my face and kissed her. Natalie’s mother enjoyed watching the two girls making out. She asked me if that was what my wife and Mrs. Johnson were doing over at his house. I told her to go over and look if she wanted too. Then she left.

After Yvonne had her fill both girls cuddled into me and we fell asleep. About midnight Natalie’s mother climbed in with us next to her daughter and woke me up. The girls were exhausted and could sleep through anything. She told me about having a Daisy Chain with my wife and Mrs. Johnson to get Mr. Johnson excited enough to fuck her. She wound up eating his cum out of both of them and she said that my cum tasted much better. Although she had enjoyed their clean-shaven pussy they had both enjoyed her hairy pussy. I told her that I liked her hairy pussy too and asked her not to shave it. She promised me that she wouldn’t. She also said that Mr. Johnson wasn’t nearly as good a lover as I was. I thanked her and drifted off to sleep. It was a peaceful sleep about things to come…


Over the next few months Natalie and her mother spent so much time at our house that we eventually asked them to move in with us. Natalie’s mother put some of her stuff in storage and rented out her house. With the extra income she paid for an in-ground swimming pool, a taller privacy fence, and a steam room in our backyard.

Mr. Johnson was allowed to fuck the girls even though they were not quite sixteen years old. I enjoyed fucking my wife and daughter together in my bed and I really liked fucking Natalie and her mother in bed together too.

Mrs. Johnson’s youngest daughter Robin graduated from a four-year degree and was going to transfer to a six-year program to get her Mater’s Degree in Business. After a little coaxing I convinced her to invite Robin to come home for the summer instead of going right to her new college to take summer courses. She was a smart girl and didn’t really need to get the jump on her credits. She consented to half of the summer, which was just five weeks because she wanted to take at least one course before the regular semester started.

By the time Robin arrived the new swimming pool, privacy fence, and steam room were completely installed. We celebrated her arrival with a pool party. Mrs. Johnson invited all of her other children, their spouses, and her grandchildren. She had a caterer set up a buffet in her backyard but told everyone that they could use our backyard facilities and our bathroom if necessary. Of course we all wore our bathing suits that day.

Robin was very attractive and much more outgoing than even her mother had been. She told my wife that it was a shame that she had to wear a bathing suit. My wife told her that we never do and neither do her parents but with the rest of her relatives here we had decided that it was for the best. Robin agreed but said that she could probably get the girls to join us sometime. She said that her sisters and sister-in-laws were not as prudish as they let on in front of their husbands. Robin knew things about the women that no one else knew. By the time the party was over Robin had gotten confirmations from all of the women to come back the following Saturday for a full day of nudity, drinking, and telling stories. My wife promised to buy extra wine for the occasion.

Anyway during the party everyone had a great time. The Jacuzzi, swimming pool, and steam room got plenty of use. I played lifeguard and watched the women closely. Mrs. Johnson had some fine looking granddaughters. The oldest girl was eleven years old and she was just starting to develop nicely. She had a puffy pussy in her one-piece suit and her tiny titties stuck out nicely too. Yvonne and Natalie showed her their string bikinis and let her wear my wife’s. Then they went out and displayed them for her relatives. They took it much better than I would have expected. They could not believe that it belonged to my wife though. Mrs. Johnson confirmed it and said that she and Natalie’s mother also had matching suits. When her oldest son said jokingly that he would like to see his mother in one she went right in and put it on. He was a lot more embarrassed than she was over it.

Mr. Johnson said that since there were five of those suits available that his two daughters and his two daughter-in-laws should put the others on for a group picture. With a lot of coaxing from the husbands they consented. He and I got to be the photographers but all of the husbands brought out cameras too.

Mrs. Johnson entertained us men by posing in her string bikini. She showed off her impressive breasts and her bare ass. She posed like a Playboy model for us. She did a move that was called a bridge. All I know was that her belly was up in the air and her hands and feet were touching the ground. That string bikini slipped right into her pussy lips. Everyone got pictures of her pussy. All that bikini covered was a small triangle of her pubic mound. Her oldest son took a picture from maybe a foot away and he had an erection doing it. I made sure to get a picture of him taking that picture.

When the other girls came out Robin was leading the bunch. She was not a bit embarrassed about showing her body off. According to my wife, Robin had let her brothers and her brother-in-laws see her naked before on more than one occasion.

Mr. Johnson had everything under control with his wife and Robin being so cooperative that the other three just followed their lead. They stood facing us, then sideways, and finally they gave a nice rear view. They even bent over and grabbed their ankles for a picture. When Robin suggested that they squat and spread her mother just dropped and did so. Reluctantly the other three squatted down and opened up their legs for Mr. Johnson and I to take pictures. The other men grabbed off as many pictures as they could too.

Then Mr. Johnson asked each one to pose for us individually. Robin was first and then Mrs. Johnson posed again for us. The other three women just grinned and bared it so to speak. Since they had already grabbed their ankles and squatter wide for us that wasn’t too bad. However when we asked them to do splits, somersaults, and tumble for us they just barely cooperated with us. When Robin and her mother got on their case they sat like an American Indian, performed the bridge with some help, and stood on their heads against a wall while we took pictures straight down between their legs. Finally out of desperation and very sarcastically Robin’s sister Trudy suggested that she just pose nude for us but in her old bedroom and not with all of the other men watching her either.

Trudy was twenty-seven years old. When Robin asked her if she wanted her to join in Trudy said that she wanted to do it alone first then she would let Robin join her for sisters pictures if she wanted too. Robin left us alone with her sister.

Once we three were in the room alone Trudy smiled. She told me that her father had seen her naked before and he confirmed that he had. Then he confirmed that he had sex with her several times too. When she gave him a funny look he told her that he and I had had sex with my daughter too. He told her that I had fucked her mother and that he had fucked my wife. He told her that the seven of us are constantly naked together and fucking one another when no one else is around. Trudy smiled and said that Robin had gotten all of the girls to agree to a nude Saturday the following week and that she was looking forward to it.

Trudy then removed the bikini and posed every way that we suggested. She sucked her own nipples, masturbated for us, and fucked herself with a ceramic dildo that she had made in high school. She stood in her bathtub and peed for us too. Then I took pictures of her father fucking her, he took pictures of me fucking her, and together we took pictures of her douching. Then we call for Robin to join us. Trudy quickly told her what she had done and helped Robin get into similar positions for us. Her father fucked her then I fucked her before she douched. Then the two girls made love like they used to when they were younger. I was sure looking forward to the next five weeks with Robin.

Robin made sure that her sister-in-laws posed nude for us too. They were not quite as cooperative but nudity was still nudity. Needless to say we didn’t fuck them. They would not pose together either. However Robin and Trudy dragged the other one in at the end and the four of them posed together for us. Reluctantly they licked the other girl’s pussies too. Trudy fucked them all with her ceramic dildo. Robin held the other girl’s pussies open so that her father and I could photograph how pink they were inside. All four girls sucked our cocks until we came too. Robin told them that they couldn’t send us back downstairs in the condition that we were in. Mr. Johnson came in one of his daughter-in-law’s mouths and I cum in the other one’s mouth.

When we finally came back downstairs everyone was curious but Robin told them that we had just been reminiscing about old times. Trudy confirmed it and so did the other two girls. The oldest daughter-in-law said that she would bring her eleven-year-old daughter along on Saturday if we promised not to fuck her. We promised her that we wouldn’t.

The rest of the day turned out to be quite sexy. All of Mr. Johnson’s five women and my four women were sitting on the guys laps, dancing provocatively, and talking very sexy too. I noticed that one by one Mrs. Johnson’s sons and son-in-laws went into my house with Yvonne and Natalie. Afterwards they told me that they had let all four fuck them. Robin made sure that the girls told the wives what had happened too. After that I got to fuck her two sister-in-laws. They invited me up to my own bedroom. Paybacks really are a bitch. They even let me take picture of them with my cock still in their pussies. The only one left to fuck was Robin and she was a sure thing. In fact she had promised to spend the night in my bed if there was room for her. I told her that I would make room for her.


That following Saturday Trudy, her two sister-in-laws, and the eleven-year-old arrived right after breakfast. They were accompanied by Robin and her parents. All of them were naked when they entered our kitchen. We were naked too. Mr. Johnson and I sat our cameras up on tripods in our dinning room for a full group picture. The three younger girls got down on the floor in a squatting spread pose. The four older girls did the same thing on chairs and the three older women squat and spread on top of the table. We two men hit the self-timers and stood at the far ends. We each took three pictures of the women like that.

Michelle the eleven-year-old knew that everyone but her had been photographed naked, alone and with others. She wanted to pose for her grandfather and I too. Her mother reminded us of our promise not to fuck her. Then just in case she made us fuck her first.

Michelle was really quite limber. She could put her feet behind her head and almost lick her own pussy. She sure liked to finger herself and expose her inner pink folds to us too. She was proud of her budding breasts and I liked how puffy they were on the ends. We couldn’t fuck her but nothing said that we couldn’t suck on her nipples and finger her pussy while the other took pictures. Then we ate her pussy for her and she really liked that. At her own suggestion she sucked the head of our cocks into her mouth. It seemed that her father had taught her how to do that. She said that he couldn’t fuck her either because her mother wouldn’t him.

We invited Yvonne and Natalie to join her for some girl on girl action. While I fucked Yvonne Mr. Johnson fucked Natalie. Michelle watched and asked the girls how it felt. Michelle ate them out while we took pictures. They had a really good time. Finally we all went out and joined the rest of the ladies in the Jacuzzi. Even with a twelve seat tub it was a little crowded with the twelve of us in it.

Michelle desperately wanted to sit in my lap but her mother wouldn’t let her. That was when Michelle told her mother that daddy always uses two fingers to fuck her at bedtime and that her ten-year-old brother fucks her every morning in the bathroom. Her mother knew that her husband finger fucked her ever night but she didn’t know about her brother fucking her. He was only supposed to fuck his mother. It started out as her tenth birthday present to him but she was making her husband wait until Michelle’s thirteenth birthday to give her his present.

Well anyway she told Michelle to sit in my lap if she really wanted too. She really did want too. She faced me and held my cock up as she positioned her pussy over it. Then slowly she sank down enough to get the head into her. She loved the feel of it in her. She took in more and more until I hit bottom inside her. She said that her brother never hit bottom before and that she liked how big I was. With nine other women watching her and encouraging her Michelle fucked herself the best she could on me. I held her waist underwater and helped her go up and down applying more and more force each time. I swear that I entered her another inch until I could feel her pubic bone hit mine. Michelle reached down between us to stimulate her clit as we fucked. It was a trick the her mother told her to try. Soon after that we cum together and she slumped against me. the first thing she asked her mother was if grandpa could fuck her too and then her daddy. Her mother said, “Yes.” That made her very happy.

That Saturday girls-day was great but it was not repeated. Robin left after five weeks to attend the second summer semester. She let her father and I fucked Robin anytime that we wanted too. Trudy joined us often, the other girls joined us occasionally, and Michelle and her brother joined us just once. Her father and her brother kept Michelle too busy to join us.

We had a simple going away party for Robin. The girls went shopping for the entire day. Robin’s father, two brothers, two brother-in-laws, myself, and even Michelle’s brother took turns fucking her non stop for several hours. Her father and I could not keep up with the five younger guys but we tried. He and I were good for three times each while the four other men fucked her four times each. However that damn kid fucked her seven times and in every hole too. She let him butt fuck her because his cock was so thin that it didn’t hurt. The rest of us only got to stick the head of our cocks inside her asshole, count off ten seconds, and then pull it back out. She was so happy with us that she promised to come home every holiday that she could. She hoped for a repeat performance too. So did we.

Trudy became another regular at our house two or three times a week. She just stayed for a few hours to use the pool, steam room, and the Jacuzzi. It was part of her exercise program. Sex was required too whether it was with her father and I or with some of the other girls. Trudy seemed to like Yvonne and Natalie the best.

A couple of times Trudy showed up with Michelle and just wanted to use a bedroom for a couple of hours. When she was done with her she always let me fuck Michelle. Trudy loved young girls. I often wondered what she did with her own daughters but they were only five and three years old so I assumed that she would wait a few more years. Michelle, Yvonne, and Natalie were more than happy to spend time with her.


By the following summer Yvonne and Natalie had turned sixteen. They made sure to invite all of the girls that were over sixteen to come over to use our facilities, in the nude of course. There were usually two or three naked girls in the Jacuzzi when I got home. They would always invite me to join then and I would. I knew that they just wanted to see my cock as I got in but I certainly didn’t mind. I knew that I would get to see them as they got out. The girls would always praise the fact that nudity was of no concern around our house. They said that their fathers and brothers were always trying to catch them naked and that it would just be so much easier if it were normal. Sometimes they talked about sex or the desire to have sex. They talked about their boyfriends, how far they had gone already, and how far they were willing to go.

Yvonne and Natalie would always tell them that they had been having sex with both men and women for the last year and that sex was great. There would always be the questions about how it felt, does size mater, and how bad it was the very first time. The girls would tell their friends that it hadn’t hurt because they had both used a dildo on themselves first. They would tell them that size does matter but that long and thin felt just as good as short and fat but in different ways. They also recommended that the girls start with an older man that knows what he is doing like me. They tell them that it is because the younger guys are too rough, in too much of a hurry, and that they don’t even care if the girl gets off. Where as an older guy makes sure that the girl has a good time too.

Eventually my wife and Natalie’s mother would come out naked and join us in the Jacuzzi. They would also recommend an older guy to them and then they would both recommend me. My wife made it perfectly clear that she wouldn’t mind if the girls gave me a try. She also said that she could help them out with any girl on girl thoughts that they had too.

Natalie would then take my hand and tell them that she liked the way that I made love to her and asked the other girls if they wanted to join us. The girls would look at Yvonne and she would tell them that I was her father but that we had done it once or twice then she would tell them that I was by far the best lover that she had ever had. The thing was that she wasn’t kidding either. She would usually get one of the girls to follow Natalie and I. If one did then the others would wait their turn. Of course Natalie would bow out so that the other girls could give me their virginities.

I made sure that they enjoyed it too. I would kiss them, suck on their nipples, and eat their pussies. I would poke in my finger and check for a hymen. I would slip in a thin dildo too before slipping my cock in gently. I would usually start with them on their back until I got it in them and then I would roll them over so that they were on top. I loved letting them control the action that felt best to them while I watched their titties and their facial expressions change as they had an orgasm. I made each girl feel like she were a queen. Afterwards I would give them a douche and take them into the shower. I would walk them back to their friends, kiss them passionately, and then thank her for letting me made love to her.

In the ten weeks that summer I made love to fifty different girls. More than half of them gave me their virginity.

The Johnson’s would join us after the younger girls had left. Mrs. Johnson really didn’t want the girls to see her naked and get the wrong idea. After all she was a respectably schoolteacher and she wanted to keep it that way.

When school resumed that fall things pretty much went back to normal. If any girls did come over it was after school but they usually left before I got home so that they could eat dinner with their parents.

Then it was Thanksgiving and Robin came home for a week. During that week she asked me to sleep with her in her parent’s bed then she asked her mother to go over and sleep with my wife. Robin wanted the house to herself and both her father and I to fuck her…at the same time. It seemed that in college she tried double penetration with a cock in her pussy and a second cock in her ass. She really loved it. She had never felt so full before and it just intensified her orgasms to the point where she would scream.

The first time that she sat on her father’s cock and told me to cram mine into her ass it was amazingly tight. The feeling was so much more intense for me too. When she said that it made her scream when her orgasms hit she wasn’t kidding either. I was slamming into her fiercely when she hit her orgasm. As her scream intensified I had to cover her mouth before the neighbors called the police. It was definitely not the sound of pleasure.

The next night she tried it with her father in her ass but she didn’t get that intense feeling with him so she made us trade back. That did it. For the rest of the week I did anal and her father did vaginal.

Thanksgiving Day the Johnson’s had a big family dinner. Robin brought her two brothers over to our house so that they could double fuck her in my bed. She turned up the music real load first though. After she had worn them out she had them send her two brother-in-laws over. They too double-teamed her but none of them were as good as I was in her ass.

After they left my wife brought out a big strap-on dildo. She got on her back and Robin sat on it. Then the two women got nipple to nipple as I slipped my cock into Robin’s ass. That dildo was bigger so her asshole was that much tighter yet. As I butt fucked her she got more and more excited. She hit several orgasms and let out several screams. My wife was simply amazed at what Robin was going through. After her third outburst I cum in her rectum but she did not have that last orgasm. She didn’t even care because the first three had been more than she had expected.

After I pulled out she asked me to call her father over. She never got off from my wife’s fake cock. Robin’s father came over and fucked her up the ass too. He managed to give her just one orgasm but it was enough for them both.

The next three days my wife and I took care of Robin’s strange needs. On Saturday her mother took my wife’s place and her father took mine. Together they managed to give their daughter one fairly good orgasm.

The next week Mrs. Johnson wanted to try it too. She sat on my wife’s dildo and let me slip my cock in her ass. She said that it was okay but she sort of expected the same intense orgasms that her daughter had had. My wife gave it a try too and liked it even less that Mrs. Johnson had. Robin’s mother enjoyed it the most and had two very nice orgasms.

The girls were not going to be left out but my wife told them that her dildo was far too big for them. They asked about Mr. Johnson. So he and I initiated both girls into the double penetration club. They seemed to accept the fullness even though it hurt them. They each had an orgasm too. However they wanted us to do it again once a week until they decided if they really liked it or not.

By the time Christmas rolled around I was the one to provide the anal penetration while the five women took turns wearing my wife’s strap-on. They all learned to accept the fullness and even enjoyed it. They each had one or two orgasms too.

Robin returned for the Christmas break and showed them all up with her extremely intense orgasms. She taught them how to rock their pelvis to stimulate their clits on the dildo. She told then to squeeze their ass cheeks to get a better feeling. Then she told them to control their breathing. They were to breath deeply at first but then shallow and rapid when they felt an orgasm coming on.

That was the trick. In the next three days I had given each of my five girls the thrill of her lifetime. They each had more than one orgasm and during the most intense one they actually let out a mild scream. Surprisingly it was Yvonne that had the most intense orgasm with Natalie under her and me behind her. That quickly became her favorite position.


During that third summer the girls were then seventeen years old. The Saturday gatherings in the Jacuzzi became co-educational with both boys and girls. At first we tried to limit it to six girls and six boys but it quickly became twelve of each with the girls sitting on a guy’s lap.

My wife, Natalie’s mother, and I would go over to the Johnson’s house to have our own little orgy while the teenagers fucked themselves silly in the Jacuzzi. Sometimes we would just sit on the porch and watch them fuck. It was just as good as any movie that I had ever rented.

Then all I had to do was tell Yvonne, which of the girls that I wanted to fuck and she would arrange it for me.

And to think that this all started with a young girl’s crush on an older man.

The End
A Young Girl’s Crush
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