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Lee's plans to break Jen out, but Mr K has something else in mind...
For those of you who haven't read the first installment, (I would recomend you do to understand the story better) each paragraph is from the point of view of Jen or Lee which alernates each time, as always, it starts with Lee, though the last paragraph is from an Extra Characters Point of view...

I walked into school confident, ready, and prepared, it had been 2 weeks and 4 days since Jen had been taken. I had spent the last few weeks working up to today, and investigating; I’d stolen her school records to find her home address but there was nothing there, I had to break in through the window, she lived in an apartment on the bottom floor of a nearby block of flats, I was wondering what they had done with Jen’s mother... “Mr K?” I walked into his classroom, he was my form tutor, “Any news on Jen?” no-one was in the classroom yet, but it wouldn’t be long before they were. “Jen is fine,” He replied in his usual monotone voice, “Yes but have you done a pregnancy test yet?” I asked quietly, he smiled, clearly he had anticipated the question, “Yes we have…” He was making a point of being pedantic and answering the absolute minimum. He was trying to get me to say it out loud… “And is she…” I was interrupted as the door flung over and Suzie walked in “Hi sir…” She took her seat in the class (in front of mine) and was shortly followed by a few more people. Mr K returned to his desk, and I shuffled towards my seat.

I was so tired… during the day, Mrs K would be here, probing at my stomach and using ultra visions they had invested in to try and see the baby (At night they would leave me, this wasn't their home just a house they owned), though it was clearly early days… She’s doing it again now, I don’t actually know if I’m pregnant yet, I just assume so since she’s still looking for the baby, I took my first three pregnancy tests last night, “So I’m guessing I’m pregnant then…” I said trying not to show my fear, “What makes you say that?” she replied, “Well you wouldn’t be still using this thing if I wasn’t…” she smiled, she had clearly anticipated this, and replied shortly after with, “I don’t trust those cheap little things… Once a girl came here, showed up as pregnant, but after 5 months, still nothing was showing up on the ultrasound, and hr stomach didn't expand, we had to let her go… I only take the solid evidence now…” Let Her Go, I wondered for a moment if she meant "Set Free" or someting a little more grusome. The thought of being here much longer killed me… I hate it here, I’m strapped down to a Gynaecologist chair completely naked, my silky smooth legs are free but my pampered feet tied to the stirrups, my slender stomach tied down to the chair, and my delicate hands tied behind the chair, Mrs K would often shower me down, clean my hair, she even put on make-up, shaved my legs and pubes, she liked to keep me pretty. I knew Mrs K was deliberately avoiding answering any more than necessary, so I would have to ask her out right if I was pregnant.

Suzie turned around as always, flirting with me, she would take my hand, and look into my eyes, trying to work out if I fancied her… the slut, she’s a fit slut granted, but my mind was elsewhere today, “What you up to this weekend sweetie?” she asked, Mr K saved me, “Keep it silent in form Suzie…”, she turned back around and remained quiet. Mr K began to call the register; I put my hand up, “Lee?” He asked noticing my raised arm, “Sir, about Jennifer, have you heard anything from her?”, “Yes I have…” he replied, I thought for a moment about how to word my question and did so as follows, “Apparently she fell and broke her tooth and had to have some fillings done, do you know if the results where… positive?”, Mr K smiled at my methods, and then with little hesitation told me the results where defiantly positive. My heart sank, “Thanks Sir…”, I didn’t have much time to curse him under my breath, “Dude why do you care about that stuck up bitch?” asked Matt, as I didn’t usually hang around with Jen, the teachers pet, I told Matt that I usually copied my maths homework from Jen, “That bitch has left me to do it myself the last two weeks! She said she was coming back after her tooth operation”, Matt laughed, “Thank god, I thought you’d gone to the dark side for a minute mate…” he paused for a moment as Sir looked in his direction. Once Sir’s attention was drawn to another student with their hand up, Matt turned to me, “Nice chain bracelets… why have you got on three?” I laughed, the chains didn’t really suit me at all, but I wasn’t wearing them for fashion, “They’re my Uncles, he died last year so I thought I’d wear his chains today, as a little reminder”, Matt’s expression immediately changed, “Oh sorry to hear about that mate…” the story wasn’t true, but it was more believable than the real story. The bell rang. “Well good luck with the Jen situation mate, lets hope she’s back soon before the grade point average drops…”, we shared a smile “Oh she’ll be back” I whispered, “Even if I have to go get the bitch myself…”

“So did the test say I'm pregnant?” I asked outright, Mrs K replied with a simple nod as she got up, and walked away. A tear toppled down my cheek, but I tried to show as little emotion as possible, I hated either of them seeing me weak.

I came to sir while most where leaving, “Sir, can I go and see her?” he didn’t smile like I had expected. Smiles used to be a rare contortion of the face for Mr K, now they seemed like a regular occurrence as far as I was concerned, “Of course, I have a free period today” he told me, I’d half expected a “NO”, or even for him to put up some kind of fight, I hadn’t expected this, but it could be done, I thought back to my class periods “I have a free study period after lunch,”, Mr K thought about it, “Perfect he said, be by my car, come alone, make sure you aren’t seen or followed” With that he picked up his briefcase and walked away.

The phone rang and Mrs K put it to her ear, putting her head into such a position that she could use her hands while the phone was trapped between her head and shoulder so she could talk at the same time, I knew it was Mr K… It’s always Mr K. The chair I was bound to was easily movable due to the wheels on the bottom, the brakes where locked on at night so I couldn’t attempt to move the chair, god knows how that would make any difference, but they obviously weren’t keen on taking any chances. “Okay, I‘ll get everything ready” Mrs K stepped on the pedal to release the brake and wheeled me into the bedroom on my right, I had caught glimpse inside the door a few times during the week, Mr K had been going in there ever so often with heavy boxes that sounded like they where full of metal. As she wheeled me through the door and into the room fully, I became aware of what he had been doing, I gasped at the sight of the bed-like contraption, after studying it with widely open eyes for a while I had an idea of what it did, but before I could turn my head to Mrs K to clarify them, there was a sharp sting in the side of my arm and the words I had attempted to say came out blurred and meaningless, my head fell to the side and my eyelids became heavy… slowly and reluctantly I drifted off into a deep sleep…

My study period had just started, I made my way to the cafeteria building, and when no-one was looking, headed for the underground teachers car park, the door was always left ajar though when closed it required security card access, I ducked behind cars and motorbikes to ensure I wasn’t visible on the security cameras, then stopped at Mr K’s car, I’d seen it many a time, everyone had… The Grumpy Arsehole Mobile we called it… Footsteps echoed loudly, he could hear them from every directions, steady, precise, like a rhythm or a continuous beat. Mr K arrived at his car and ignored me, getting in the car, I was about to sneak around to the side door when the boot of the car beside me clicked, I turned to look and realised the boot door was slightly raised, Mr K had unlocked it, he was waiting for me to get in. I pulled the boot door open to reveal a large area, big enough for me to fit into, I did so, realising there was a rope attached to the inside of the boot door so I could close it myself, instead I found a plastic bag in the boot and placed it over the lock so when I pulled the boot door down it remained unlocked, though I held onto the rope so it looked closed, I hoped he would buy it, and after a few seconds, we began moving.

I woke up to find myself strapped into the bed-like machine, I could hear my mother in the room opposite screaming, I knew she was in the house, they had brought her here shortly after they had brought me, to make sure she didn’t report me missing to the police, I haven't ever met my father… My mother went quiet; god knows what Mrs K was doing to her. I just had to hope she was okay. I studied the machine now I was closer, and it looked more complicated than I thought, although I was right, there was some secondary tasks it also did, though she couldn’t work out all of them, the machine beeped, and an arm I didn’t realise was directly below my jaw, pushed upwards till the top of my head hit a metal bar lightly making it impossible for me to open my mouth. The machine beeped having completed its first task...

I could tell we where arriving when he suddenly began to slow down and I could hear the Navigation System telling him he was nearing his destination, I let the boot door raise a little so I could pull the plastic bag inside and pull the door down so it locked. Whilst it was open, quickly getting a look at the street name: Elmands Avenue. When we stopped Mr K got out and unlocked the boot, we where in an enclosed garage, I climbed out carefully, but I couldn’t see anything as it was so dark, I had no idea where Mr K was till there was a sharp pain in the back of my neck, and well… you know the rest…

“MMMMMM!!!” I tried to protest through my gritted teeth, I was shouting but it was no use, Mrs K had clicked a button which moved the machine into a different position so Lee could be easily locked into place, Lee was being dragged into the room by Mr K. I tried to protest again, Mrs K came close to my face, almost whispering in my ear, “You know recent research shows that sex during pregnancy is very good for the baby and the mother” Mr K smiled at this, “Most of this research is a load of rubbish these days but… why take the risk?” Lee was locked into place fully clothed and Mr K pressed another button on the huge remote and it clamped him into place, the small display to my right showed “Auto Pilot Engaged. Stage One”, with that Lee was lifted a little higher and a small but sharp bladed wheel began to turn, as Lee’s uniform trousers where held in place by a small metallic arm, the razor cut through the fabric like butter whilst other robotic limbs removed his shoes, socks, and watch, I’m sure the machine could be programmed to remove jewellery too, but he wasn’t wearing any. The razor eventually cut through his jumper, polo shirt and underwear till he was completely naked like I was, the screen showed “Stage One Complete, Proceeding to Stage Two” Lee was then lowered and brought into a position where he was laying on top of me, the machine beeped with the display showing “Stage Two Complete, Human Intervention Required, Initiating Drugging Sequence” I knew what was coming next, a sting in my lower leg, and I drifted off again… as I began to fade, it dawned on me how much money the K’s most have… the contraptions, the Ultra Sound, the houses… where did they get all their money?

I work up suddenly, surrounded by bleeps and buzzing, I was in a knew machine, laying on top of Jen, I suddenly realised we where both completely naked, and the contraption was forcing my fully erect penis into her cunt, I must have been given some kind of Viagra before because my cock had never been this hard, the machine was motionless but seemed to be monitoring something according to the small display, I couldn’t see it very well from my angle, I tried to get a better view of my surroundings before attempting to wake Jen, I realised my hands where pushed right up against Jen’s soft C cup breasts, I could feel her hard nipples against my palms, I realised the little robotic arms attached to my fingers meant I couldn’t move my hand at all but seemed to have some kind of purpose, my face was pushed extremely close to Jen, but was quite movable compared to my other limbs, Jens legs where wrapped around me, I could feel the smooth soft skin of her thighs against my butt cheek, and the cold sole of her foot pressed against one of my thighs. Jen woke up slowly, “No!” she said, realising where she was… “I tried to stop them Lee I tried but…” she spoke quietly but quickly, “It’s fine” I interrupted “It’s not your fault, we’ll get through this like last time…” as I finished my sentence the room lit up a little, the machine moved us forward slightly, and our hips where pulled gently apart till my now 9 inch member was almost out of her cunt before slowly pushing it back in again.

I realised his hands where cupping my breasts quite gently, he was forced to do so, and I could feel my nipples where hard and my clit was becoming very sensitive to Lee’s strokes. His hands then began to move in a gentle squeezing motion, like a massage, the tiny robotic arms attached to his finger were forcing his hands to move that way. It felt really good, and it went in rhythm with his hip movements. Suddenly a soft material stroked up the spine of my back, it felt lovely and added to the experience, another swept over my thigh and my arse, it all began to build me up to my first orgasm, I could feel it building, I moaned in ecstasy. Then a small robotic hand began to brush against the soles of my feet, tickling me a little. Tickling had always made me wet when other boys did it to me, even girls sometimes, I giggled, the tickling now added to the feelings I was having; making my first orgasm stronger, I couldn’t control it, my back arched as much as possible, my toes curled, I moaned loudly as I came all over his dick and it began fucking me faster, I screamed quietly as my second orgasm was already creeping up.

I kissed Jen hard, I was actually enjoying this, watching her writhe in pleasure, knowing I didn’t have to feel guilty every time I came inside her, her breasts where so soft and smooth, I slipped my tongue in between her teeth and it met hers, the kiss was amazing, the feel of her skin touching mine and her legs wrapped around me, with her wriggling whilst my full member is inside of her, I couldn’t help but cum.

We where kissing passionately, the best kiss I had ever received, his arms suddenly began to move, one of his hands went slightly lower and began brushing over my nipple again and again, I can’t explain how unbelievably sexy it was, the machine had been controlling most of his movements up till now, other than the kiss, but then his fingers became I little more movable, he began pinching lightly on my nipples and toying with it. His other hand went much lower, till it touched my clit and he began flicking over it repeatedly, whilst his hip movement quickened and he began fucking me relentlessly, our heads where forced a little closer together and our tongues stroked over each other by accident but it felt so good we kept doing it whilst kissing, I had two orgasms at once, shortly followed by a third, I felt him cum inside me again, the warm liquid felt good inside me.

I stopped kissing her for a moment, “I want you to scream my name…” I asked fucking her extremely hard, “Really?” she replied, I hoped she didn’t find it odd, “Yeah, I replied, when your next orgasm builds up…” my explanation was cut short, “Oh Lee! That feels so good, faster Lee… Oh god yes Lee… YES!!!”

I had to stop as I gasped, Lee had moved a little and his cock was hitting my G-spot every time, it felt even better than before, I didn’t know that was even possible, “Oh god yes, right there, fuck me right there Lee, right there… oh yeah” I was gonna cum again any minute, “Oh yes, there Lee, harder Lee… Yes… YES… YES!!!”

Her vaginal walls contracted around my cock forcing me to cum with her, as we panted, exhausted from the feelings we where both having, I hoped that the machine would stop, I was exhausted, but there was a part of me that wanted it to go on forever, never-the-less, it wasn’t stopping yet. My arms where forced into new positions, my right arm was put behind her back and was forced to move up and down, stroking her soft slender back. My other arm cupped her arse, and my right finger was moved so it circled the rim of her anus, I could only imagine how that felt until her arms which had been previously wrapped around my head now moved behind my back, one of them stroking my back and the other was forced lower, making her long fingernail lightly skim over the rim of my anus, it felt as great as I had imagined. Then my right arm stroking her back then moved up to her feet, stroking her left foot, a move I hadn’t anticipated at all, and then the clamps loosened a little “Mmmmm” She let out a small moan, “You like that?” I asked.

I had always had an obsession with my feet, I loved them being touched, but now it felt better than ever before, Lee’s hands worked wonders, “Oh yeah… stoke them, tickle them, play with my toes…” I begged. Lee did so. Then slowed down to tease me, “Do you like that?” He asked, “Oh yeeaahhhhh” I replied without hesitation.

“Explain everything you love about me making love to you…” I asked her, “I love the feel of your skin against mine… I love the feeling of your dick penetrating deep inside me” at this point she moved her lips so close to mine I could feel her breath inside my mouth, she was teasing me like I was teasing her, I began to stroke her feet a little faster “Ohhhh…” she let out a gasp, closing her eyes before saying, “I love the feel of your cum inside me, your tongue stroking against mine, your hot breath on my neck” her tongue began to lick at my lips gently, teasing me once more. I stroked her feet at the speed she liked most, toying with her toes a little like she’d requested, “I love the feeling of my legs agai…” I kissed her hard cumming inside her once more; as I began to tickle her foot a little; she seemed to have another miniture orgasm, her toes curled and pushed on my fingers a bit.

“Arhh…” His finger was pushed deep inside my asshole, it hurt at first but as it began to move a little it almost felt… pleasurable… “Sorry it wasn’t me…” he said, I tried to reply but I couldn’t speak, I came again much harder than before, my juices covering his dick as my finger was plunged into his ass too. “Argh…” he muttered, it must of hurt a lot more with my sharp fingernails but I could tell he was beginning to enjoy it a little too as his cum flooded my insides. We kissed hard again and came once more together before the machine shut down, “Goal Achieved” was displayed on screen.

“Commencing Shutdown Sequence” Seemed to be displayed on screen, my hip was punctured with a shard needle and I began to become tired again, “That was amazing…” I told her… “Yeah…” She replied, “I love you…” after hearing that I fell asleep, unable to reply in time…

Darkness. It was pitch black but I could hear and feel we where moving, I could smell the open air, they must have thought Lee was planning to find his way back to the house and rescue me, so they where moving me to another location. As we drove past a street lamp the small space I was tied up in lit up momentarily, I was in a car boot, my mother was clearly audible next to me, not in the boot but in the back of the car, probably tied and gagged too. “Shut up you bitch, you want us to drug you again? I hear it’s terrible for the liver…” I hear Mrs K say... My mum immediately quietened down. I was too exhausted to even attempt making any noise… My asshole still ached a little. Thinking back to the sex I had experienced just hours ago made me wet and hungry for more, though it would probably be a while before I saw Lee again.

I woke up outside my house, fully clothed in uniform that was clearly not mine, Mr K probably took a few spares from the lost property at school. I’m guessing my own uniform must have been torn off of me in some way, as I doubt they would have wasted much time undressing me; the drug only seems to last about 30 minutes, dependant on quantity of course. I picked myself up from the ground, dusted myself off and headed inside, my keys under the welcome mat as always, but my mother was wide awake waiting for me, “Where have you been I’ve been worried sick!!!” I told her I was out with some friends. Insignificant details. I knew she would be angry at me, but what was a few weeks grounded in the grand scale of things? I went upstairs to my bedroom, passing my dad’s room on my way up, “Nice to see your home safe son…” he said. He had always trusted me to look out for myself, a trait my mother hadn’t adopted. “Thanks dad” I replied lingering in his doorway for a minute then walking on, “Hey where are those bracelets you bought the other day?” I smiled, though unprepared for this question, “Uh, I threw them away, they started to make my wrists go green…” I heard dad tuting quietly and mutter something to the effect of “Damn eBay rubbish…” eBay being the place I’d told him I’d bought it. In fact I’d got it from a expert in miniaturised tracking systems, I had paid nearly 1000 pounds to get tracers shaped like chain braceletsl. I’d paid another 30 quid for the software to track the location of the bracelets. At this present time, one was somewhere on the floor of Mr K’s garage, one was hidden in the boot of his car, and the last was in Mr K’s back pocket, and all locations where visable from my laptop.

I felt us draw to a halt, it was quite sudden, I hoped we had reached our destination as I was growing uncomfortable. My arms where tied behind my back and my legs tied together, there was a rope around my waist that was then tied around my knees so it held me scrunched up in a ball, I realised for the first in a long time I wasn’t naked, I could feel an expensive lace bra and panties on and some kind of lace up, I was in expensive lingerie, a present from Mrs K no doubt, trying to keep me pretty as ever. I had stockings on, and little black peep toes on my feet, I could feel the thick lipstick on me among other make up which I rarely wore by choice. As we came to a stop, I could hear my mother being dragged from the car, screaming through her gag. I wondered what was happening… I suddenly became aware of how the ball gag I had in my mouth was making my jaw ache, then I realised my mothers screaming had stopped, I think she’d been drugged again.

As I got into my room, I finally turned on my laptop and started up the tracer software, the tracer showed the tracer in Elmands Avenue (Obviously the house) was far from the other two tracers, one was stationary and the other was moving incredibly slow, and was inside a building, so it must be Mr K, he marked each signal with either "Car", "House" or "Mr K", sneaked out his back window with his laptop and got in his mums car with the keys he had stolen from the drawer minutes before. The software came with a small receiver that had direct uplink to the satellite, which meant I could use it anywhere without having to connect to the internet. I started the engine and set off.

I woke up in an apartment on the floor, it was midday, I could see it on the clock. Several things struck me immediately, where was my daughter Jen? Where was I? I realised I was completely naked other than some kind of pad on the sole of each of my feet that I couldn’t remove, and some kind of vibrator in my ass and pussy that couldn’t be removed either because it was locked into place by a strong but thin metal rod that ran round my waist like a belt, holding both dildos together so they couldn't be removed, the rod was hinged so it could be opened like a jaw, the left side was hinged, and the right side had small holes in so it could be locked by a padlock, there was currently an odd looking padlock in it. I was also wearing some kind of button shaped contraption over each of my nipples. I wondered why those people hd done this to me, and why had they not left my daughter Jen here with me, Mr and Mrs K didn't even seem to know my name, they always just called me Jen's mum, I still didn't know why they had taken us. As I got up, I realised one wall of the apartment was just one big window, and the room was like a big square shape, I checked all the doors, they where locked, it was then I realised the neighbours in the opposite buildings starring at me, teenage boys, little girls, men, women and the elderly all starring at her completely naked before them, there was no way out, and no way to stop them from seeing me, I hated it, I was so shy about my body usually, and had only had sex with my ex-husband. It was then each of the vibrators started up, I fell from the shock, these dildo's where far longer and thicker than I had ever had inside me before, teenage boys in the other buildings got out their cameras, the girls giggled and the group of men to the left where clearly laughing at me and reaching into their jeans. My nipples were pinched and toyed with, building me up to my first orgasm, I screamed as the first one swept over me, in clear site of all in the opposite buildings, why was no-one helping me? No-one calling the police? The pads on my feet began to vibrate, something about my feet being tickled had always turned me on. I remembered how my ex husband used to suck on my beautifully formed toes and licked up and down my legs and feet. The thought of that lead me to my next orgasm shortly followed by another. As I fell to the floor screaming and moaning in pleasure, pushing myself closer to the window. As I tried to get up I fell and my legs where pushed further apart, strengthening my fifth orgasm to the point that my juices were propelled from my cunt and covered the windows, much to the amusement of the kids next door. The next orgasm was building up and the tickling was causing me to wriggle in different directions. I was pulling with all my strength at the metal rod, then I tried pulling out the vibrators, as I touched the front one, I felt it grow in size, growing within me. It grew thicker and more painful, but also longer, I could feel it just millimetres away from my G-Spot, I couldn’t help but touch it again, I screamed from the agonizing pain shortly followed by a wave of three overpowering orgasms. I fell to the floor crying, I was in such ecstasy and pain at the same time, I didn’t even care about the opposite building anymore, I accidentally touched the front vibrator again and it grew in size once more, now so huge it parted my legs a little, giving me another huge orgasm, I was screaming at the top of my voice, it felt so damn good. I couldn’t take it much longer…

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2009-04-08 17:09:15
wow that was way amazing

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2008-12-03 19:13:20
it was a little hard to follow who was telling the story

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2008-10-20 11:58:12
seriously. I sometimes think people can't read. IT IS A SERIES!! Click on the username to read the next part. Oh, please do a part 4!!! (I'm rereading....again :) ) hehehe. I like this one. But want part 4

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Dude, you need to re-read your work. There were many grammatical errors....otherwise good job.

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It's funny, how it's always the people who are clearly not paying attention to anything, but the sex scenes, who are commenting stuff like "OMG U R A CHILD!! WHY U NOT FINISH?!?!". If you would just have taken your time to read the first three sentences, you'd have seen that it's a part of series.

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