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Marilyn couldn't wait for the rest of her special treatment and asked me to come back next Sunday.
I was at Marilyn's home the following Sunday. I had made extra preparations before arriving. Today's massage session was going to be a lot more than just a simple erotic massage. The previous week, Marilyn was hinting that she wanted the same kind of massage I had given her friend, Barbara. I had been giving Barb massages for several years now and knew her, I thought, fairly well. At least I thought I did until a few weeks ago when all her massages took a turn and changed into erotic massages at her request. Even though Barb was married, her sex life was similar to Marilyn's, almost non-existent. To make a long story short, Barbara had told Marilyn what I had done; I had eaten her and made her cum, and Marilyn wanted some of the same.
After last week's disaster in my pants, I wanted to be able to control my feelings a little better this week. My preparations besides taking a normal shower meant sexually relieving myself before this massage to give me extra stamina in case this erotic massage session turned into the ultimate and intimate penetration.
It was another beautiful sunny Sunday. When I arrived at Marilyn's, she had just gotten out of the shower and answered the door with her still wet hair and wearing a light green loose fitting open bathrobe draped around her. No pj's today, but she did have a pair of green slippers to match her robe. She was awaiting my arrival and felt no need to get dressed or even to cover up. She was expecting this to be her big day. She was anticipating Barb's massage, and by showing me her soft nakedness, she felt would get me in the mood to go down on her quicker. I didn't really need extra encouragement to go down on any woman; especially a red headed beauty like Marilyn. Redheads have always been my weakness and many of my fantasies have evolved around them. Being the very oral person that I am, I have to manage great control to keep myself from eating every woman I do. If I didn't, I would probably suck every one of them off before I even began their massage.
To be honest, she was exceptionally easy on the eyes, and from her open front display, I could feel myself getting a little aroused already. It appeared that I needed a little cooling off period before I even got started. A coffee break should do the trick. We both sat in her kitchenette and talked a while over a cup of coffee. Her sitting there with her green eyes accented by her open green robe was not helping me much to calm down. I could sense that this Sunday was going to be added to my list of most memorables.
Marilyn dropped her robe to her hips as she waltzed into the living room and mounted my table. She was a 'Venus de Milo' with arms. With just her legs covered as she lay quietly for me to begin giving her pleasure, I could feel myself growing. I was getting myself excited. After a few deep breaths, I started on her back and was becoming more relaxed listening to her usual mmmm...s and aaah...s. She was whispering to herself as she lulled herself into a semi sleep. She couldn't believe it when I said it was time to turn on her back.
Staring with the hands and fingers and working up her right arm, Marilyn appeared more alert. She was coming out of her semi dream state and was now also more aware of my touch. Finishing with her left, I began soothing her chest and tummy with soft gliding strokes. Moving to her side for a light abdominal massage with slow caressing circular strokes which she also liked. It probably helped to stir things by some gentle tugging of her pubic hair. She liked the soft brushing of my fingers across her mound. A little added stimulation never hurts. As I began some side pulls across her torso, I would most times be leaning into the side of the table for extra leverage, today being one of those times. Marilyn had hers arms resting beside her with her hands over the edge. I hadn’t even realized it, but when I was pulling up her sides; my penis must have been pressing against the back of her hand while it was hanging over the edge. When I went around to the other side to continue with more light side pulls, I hadn't realized that the wet spot in my shorts had increased and was visible and was felt by Marilyn's hands while I had been at her side. She didn't say anything to me about it, but I noticed an almost grin or smile on her lips. I imagined she was just enjoying her massage. I moved to her tender breasts for her added sexual enjoyment. All the time, I was sliding my slippery wet sweat pants along her hands and arms as they remained on the edges of my table. Marilyn never mentioned it, but she did seem much more excited today than last week. I thought it was probably just the anticipation of me licking her pussy. It was exciting me too. My cock was getting stiff and back to semi hard throughout the entire massage. Each time it would go soft, I could feel myself oozing. Her ooohs and aaahs from her breasts and nipples being manipulated made her feel warm inside and wet outside; and had caused me to leak more pre-ejaculate fluid. She knew she was exciting me as well. It was quite obvious as I backed away from the edge of the table and the huge bulging wet spot in my pants was directly opposite her bright bulging green eyes. It had been years since she had sex with anyone. Seeing my arousal had also increased her excitement. The fact that I had told her last week that she would be getting the same massage as her friend Barbara had only added to her arousal, and mine.
As I began sliding my hands up her slightly parted right leg, I couldn't help notice the wetness between her legs. She was more excited than usual today, definitely in anticipation of me putting my head between her legs soon. Her usually soft and puffy nipples had become hardened and perky today; and stayed that way for the rest of her massage. By the time I finished her left leg, without having even touched her vulva, her legs were considerably further apart. It was easy to see that her vulva and clitoris were noticeably swollen. Marilyn was beyond just oohhs and aahhs. She was telling me how it felt and what she wanted more of and how she liked it. She liked the slow gliding stroke up her legs to her inner thighs. She wanted me to touch her vulva now, but I assured her soon she would have her wish.
I asked her to turn on her tummy again so I could continue with more or her erotic massage.
Her stiffened nipples and excessive wetness began to affect me. My shorts were getting tight against my own stiffness. I felt like I was giving myself a rash from all the friction. While stroking her back and rocking her from the side, my boner was gliding up and down her hand and arm as it lay beside her near the edge of the table. I thought I was just grazing the table as I do most times while working from the side; but Marilyn also new this, it seemed, and had slid her arm purposefully off the edge.
Marilyn was playing it cool. She liked the cock massage on her arm and still never said anything or even flinched. She was making herself wetter. She wanted my cock inside her. Her mind was working overtime, as how she was going to approach the subject.
Back to the feet, legs, inner thighs, and the additional object of this massage; the vulva.
Marilyn was overflowing with excitement as I finished the final few soft tickling strokes on and in between her labia. Today I wasn't using my usual lubricants here because I would be using something new.
It was now time for Marilyn to roll over on her back again for the finishing touches on her front. I was getting anxious myself and seemed to work faster than normal. I was already rubbing my fingers gently between her legs. I don't even remember giving her breasts another usual arousing massage. Enjoying every second of her massage, I could see her green eyes trying to send me a message. Part of it I knew; she was more than just ready for my tongue to lick her swollen moistness.
I was already working on her feet and gliding my hands between her legs. This was progressing to fast. I had to stop for a few minutes and calm down. I moved to the side of the table and asked Marilyn if she could move her butt toward the end of the table.
She was dripping wetness; I had a throbbing wet woody of my own. As I helped Marilyn scoot down to the end for what she knew was going to happen, she reached over and grasped the wet bulging mass between my legs. Instinctively my cock twitched and throbbed in her grip. She said it had been a long time, and apologized for doing that. Jokingly I played along and said if she was a good little girl, I would see if that could also come out and play. She said she would be as good as she could.
I left it at that and approached her as she relaxed with her feet off the end of the table.
I picked each soft and relaxed leg and rested one on each shoulder as I nestled my head between her thighs. Marilyn had waited a long time for this and was shuddering just from my breathing on her clitoris. Slowly and methodically as I separated her lips; with an even and rhythmic motion, I placed my moist tongue between her lips and onto her swollen mass. Long licks up and down, slow circular tracks around her nub. A little side to side waggling and gentle sucking; several more long licks between her lips, my tongue slowly gliding up from her vagina to her clitoris and back again for several strokes. She tasted so sweet. Finally settling my tongue and lips around her clitoris, I began a steady pulsing licking with my tongue; a little faster and a little harder and then just he right speed and pressure; just the way she wanted it. Not even five minutes later and Marilyn was screaming she was coming. She didn't have to scream it. I could see it and feel it as her legs tightened against my head. Her hips lifted of the table to meet my mouth and nose. With her hips bouncing and shaking up and down, she had my face sliding between her lips.
I kept gently sucking until she subsided and stopped before she became too sensitive.
My cock was straining inside my pants. Marilyn tasted so so sweet and my mind was racing. Eating pussy drives any man wild. It's a primitive natural instinct. I gently took Marilyn's legs off my shoulders, then leaned over her head and gave her a warm loving kiss to thank her for allowing me to have her. She licked my lips as she kissed me back to get a taste of herself. I helped her as she started to sit up.
She looked down at me and said she wanted that too. Normally I would say no and resist clients when they ask for sex, but I wanted Marilyn. I came to her house today, knowing that I would most likely give into her.
Marilyn told me that she wanted me inside her when she first felt and noticed the wetness in my pants. When she grabbed me and my cock throbbed in her hand, she remembered what it felt like to have a stiff penis gliding in her and sliding against her clitoris at the same time.
She reached for my pants before I could react. I stood there while she reached in and fondled through the slippery wetness. She pulled my shorts down. Pre- ejaculate still dripping from the tip, she wrapped her hand around my shaft and walked me to the end of the table where she sat. I gave her no resistance, as she led me between her legs. Still holding me she leaned back slightly and put her legs around me and pulled me closer as she guided me into her hot wetness. She slid me up and down between her lips before positioning me at her opening. Marilyn placed my head in her vagina and released her hand from me. She tightened her legs behind my back and pulled me deep into her.

Her green eyes were smiling at me with every thrust. She was hot and horny and was going to cum again. With her legs still wrapped around me, I leaned forward to suck on her left erect nipple and of course I couldn't neglect the right one. I leaned further to put my lips to her waiting mouth. My shaft was gliding between her labia making smooth contact and gentle friction against her clitoris. With full body to body contact Marilyn pulled my mouth tighter to hers. Her thighs squeezed my sides as her legs tightened around my back. She pulled me deeper into her and raised her hips to meet me at the same time. She shuddered and contracted her vagina around my now pulsing stiffness. Each contraction caused me to squirt more cum into her. We orgasmed together. We both ended today in paradise. We just laid there for several minutes. Marilyn, contracting and me still twitching with each squeeze of her vagina.

I didn’t want to pull out. My dick never felt so good. But as all good things…., I withdrew my still semi swollen from Marilyn’s delicious pussy; warm cum rolling off its tip onto the carpet. I excused myself to use her bathroom while she lay still savoring her warm afterglow. When I returned, Marilyn wanted to get up as well.

I helped her to sit up and swing her legs off to the side. She slid off of our combined wet spot and hopped to the floor. She took one step toward her bathroom and a torrent of white cream poured down between her thighs. Just before she turned the corner, I caught her reaching down and scooping up a sample of our mixed juices and put it to her mouth. After all this she was still horny enough to want more. I could see this was to be a lasting relationship.

Marilyn became a steady client from this day forward. She never did remarry, but she was able to go out and meet men and add some fun to he life. Things changed around for her, once she was made to feel alive and feminine. Her sexuality had risen to her consciousness and she was able to enjoy the pleasures she had hidden for so many years.
One other thing; Marilyn and Barb are still best friends, but they no longer feel the need to compare notes after every massage. But I suspect they still do.

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