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Hey guys and girls, i have been wanting to write a story or two for awile after reading the ones on here. So, this is my first story... i hope that you like it. please be nice on the comments, maybe some tips to improve future stories that i might write.... p.s. im straight and this is not something that i really want to happen... my theory is that you can get off any way you want to, just dont try to press it onto other people to like what you like...
One night while sitting around a campfire, I was wondering what it would be like to be a girl. I was wondering what masturbating would feel like, I had heard that girls could have more powerful and more plentiful orgasms.
When I was about to turn in for the night, I looked up and saw a shooting star. I don't know why, but I decided to wish that I could be a girl for a week. Just one week. My wishes had never seemed to come true before so why should this one?

The next morning my alarm went off and woke me up around 5:30. When I went to reach for the snooze button I felt something on my chest. I moved my hand to my chest to see what it was and I was astonished to say the least. I immediately jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror. When I saw an attractive brunette looking back at me in the mirror I screamed. When I screamed though, it wasn't the deep manly yelling that I was used to. Instead it was probably the highest pitch I had ever heard in my life.
About thirty seconds after I screamed I heard my dad running towards the bathroom to see what the noise was. Before he could get to the door I shut it and locked it. “Are you alright in there?” he asked through the door. “Yeah sure.” I replied. After I heard him walking away to go back to bed, I leaned against the door and thought for a few minutes while checking in the mirror every few seconds. I finally realized that my wish had somehow come true.
After that I realized that I had to pee. When I pulled my shorts down I also realized that I didn't have a penis anymore, I now had a vagina. I quickly pushed the thought of looking more closely away when I felt like I was going to piss myself. So, I did what I thought girls did when they peed. I sat on the toilet and let loose. After I was finished I stood up to pull my shorts up and remembered that I was supposed to wipe myself. When I wiped I must have hit my clit because it felt like a jolt of pure pleasure. I stopped and went back to my room after pulling up my shorts.
On the way to my room I looked around and noticed that everything looked different; if I hadn't known better I would have thought that this wasn't my house. When I got back to my room I turned around and noticed that everything was different. It didn't just look different, it was different. All of my Simpsons, Family Guy, and music posters were gone. Everything was either white, pink, or light blue. Even the walls were pink. Also, it was completely clean, no clothes on the floor, no dirty dishes on the desk, and it smelled like perfume.
The alarm went off again and I remembered that I had to get ready for school. I headed back to the bathroom and turned on the shower. After I shut the door I started to take my clothes off. First my shirt, I was actually excited to see myself nude. When my shirt was off I took a moment to look at and feel my breasts. They weren't too big, maybe a B cup with pink pea sized nipples. As I felt them; first cupping them, then lightly glancing my finger tips across my nipples. The sensation from my nipples made me give out a soft coo. As I continued to undress I also continued to explore my new body. I turned sideways so I could see my butt; if I was still a guy I would have thought that it was a nice ass to say the least.
After I checked the water temperature and stepped into the shower my nipples became erect from a momentary chill. As I continued to shampoo my hair and lather my body with soap, I took the chance to rub my pussy with one hand while rubbing my nipple with the other.
First, I rubbed around the outer lips slowly gravitating towards my little pussy hole. As I began to slip a finger into my hole I moaned. I also felt how tight it was, not to mention the heat. I thought that since I was a virgin as a guy, I must still be a virgin as a girl. This also made me wonder if I had a boyfriend; and, if we had done all of the things that I did with my girlfriend when I was a guy.
These thoughts quickly pushed me towards my first climax as I began to frantically pump my finger in and out of my pussy while my other hand moved to my clit and began to rub it. I tried to suppress moans by biting my lip as I came and felt something warmer than the shower water squirt on my thighs.
When I stepped out of the shower a few minutes later I felt energetic and really horny. As I dried off I thought of what I could do to get myself off again. I decided to look where I stashed my porn. What I found surprised me, I found multiple butt plugs, a vibrator, and something that I thought was a small vibrator that was made to stay in my pussy with no hands. I decided to use the small vibrator during breakfast. As I put on a bra, panties, some jeans, and a white tee shirt I paused for a moment to put some tissues inside of my panties so I wouldn't have to change my jeans if I squirted again. Before zipping up my jeans I slipped the vibrator in and turned it on about half way. Before I could move my hands away my legs clamped shut from the feeling the vibrator was giving me.
As soon as my legs let go of my hand I finished zipping and buttoning my jeans. When I stood up I couldn't help but sigh from the feelings I was receiving from the toy in my dripping pussy.
Out in the kitchen I could hear the kettle whistling so I went out to shut it off and get myself a bowl of cereal. Halfway through chewing a mouthful of cereal, I wondered what my pussy tasted like, I could sure as hell smell my musky scent while sitting at the table. So, I finished my cereal, put my bowl in the sink, and headed back towards my room. The feeling in my pussy from the combination of the vibrator and walking made me sprint back to my room so I could rub my pussy.
I quickly unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled down my pants and began to masturbate with my panties pulled to the side. As I pumped the tiny vibrator in and out of my tight hole, I thought of what it would feel like to have a cock in my pussy. That thought pushed me towards climax as I began to rub the vibrator on my clit. As I came, I once again squirted my pussy juices onto my legs, hands, and bed. Instead if wiping it off of my hands I decided to lick it off. It tasted sweet, and tangy, hard to describe.
When I finished wiping up my mess I changed my panties, grabbed my backpack and gave my dad a hug as I headed out the door and down the street to the bus stop.

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2013-01-30 01:34:17
this is an excellent video! i just spent an hour opnomsicg a comment that contained almost exactly what you covered after watching the sex toy recommendations 1 and 2 videos which failed to covey any of these important considerations. i'm glad i persevered and looked all the way to the end of the sex toy videos to find this great clip.the only comment i have is that if you have jelly or rubber toys that are porous or may contain pthalates, you should ALWAYS use a condom on them!


2012-10-25 03:38:45
Can you post more part 2 plz xD

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2012-02-04 11:02:46
That's fantastic news :)

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2012-01-30 00:14:15
i almost forgot about this, i wrote it a few years ago and thought id never see it again, sorry for never posting part 2 ill start working on it but it might be awhile due to rusty writing skills. Keep your hands/fingers/vibrators or whatever else you might have ready cuz its about to get hot. and to the person who posted the comment saying i shouldnt have gone from sitting by the campfire to waking up the next morning, shut the fuck up, ill fill it in. '' after i made my wish i decided to go inside and go to bed.

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2012-01-10 14:44:43
I can't wait for part two :)

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