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a cum drinking slut gets what she deserves
A mans hand caressed Amy's soft bulbous pot belly. He couldn't help but admire her body. It was very sexy but odd. Her legs were lean, her arms were lean, , her waist was somewhat small but she had this giant gut. It was thick, round and soft yet was firm to a certain degree. He rubbed it as he watched her suck off the man sitting next to her. They were almost to her house. So she sucked quickly. After she gulped down that load she proceeded to suck him as well. He continued to rub her belly as she sucked, slurped and moaned.

At this point the car had stopped and the driver told her they were at her house but she wanted to finish so she ignored him. The car sat there in front of her house until she was all done gulping down his cum, As she stepped out the car the man gazed at her voluptuous body. The bottom curves of her round little bubble butt hung out of her extremely short skirt. He stared at her big pot belly stretching out her shirt even more than her huge tits did. He saw how her hard nipples could be seen through the fabric of her thin white shirt. He watched her lick cum from her enormous plump pouty lips. He had no idea this would the last time anyone gazed at these features ever again.

Amy crept through her front door quietly. Looking around back and forth to make sure her parents weren't home. It was an hour past curfew and didn't want them to know where she had been all night also she knew they would flip out if they saw her wearing that skirt. She has just returned from a party where she had sucked off twenty different guys she didn't know. Not too mention a random homeless man in the park earlier that day so of course she was very tired.

She went to her room and locked the door. She discarded her shoes and took off her skirt so she was just in her tight little shirt and a thong. She reached under her bed and pulled out something she had been waiting for all day. It was a two liter soda bottle. But it wasn't filled with soda, it was full of cum. She opened it, got on her knees and began to chug it eagerly. She didn't stop for a single second. As she began feeling extremely full she rubbed her belly which was even bigger now. Her day was complete with this act of self degradation, She had no idea that her big cum filled pot belly would soon be the cause of something catastrophic.

As she was chugging the last bit of cum down a loud breathing noise came from behind her. Feeling startled she turned around quickly and let out a loud but abruptly short shriek. Something horrible had come in through her window. It was about 20 feet long, crawled on all fours and resembled some sort of hideous lizard but with a large worm like face with a gaping mouth full of rows and rows of razor sharp teeth. It was large enough to eat a person whole. It hissed and drooled at Amy, it noticed her round bulging cum filled belly. Once it took sight of her gut it deemed her a worthy meal.

Frightened and confused Amy couldn't understand how it snuck in so quietly being as large and terrifying as it was. It crept closer and closer so she stumbled back and fell over. She was trembling in terror. Her giant lips shaking with strands of cum dangling from them swaying erratically. Her eyes welled up with tears and she began to sob uncontrollably. She cried for help but alas no one was home. She pathetically begged and begged for the monster to spare her but it kept closing in. She bawled in hopelessness.

Amy backed up against the wall. Her hands behind her with her legs bent towards her. Her soaking plump pussy bulged out of her small panties. They could barely fit in them. The monster saw this and it shot a tentacle from its mouth that latched on to her fat pussy and it began to suck on it violently. Another tentacle emerged and latched on to her giant dick sucking lips covering her whole mouth, and began to violently suck on same way. The tentacles sucked and tugged til the lips of her slutty mouth and her pussy had swollen to twice their size then removed themselves.

Just then it opened wide and lunged at her. Amy held her arms up as if to protect herself in the most futile way. She let out one last dreadful sobbing moan then the creature engulfed her head, arms and shoulders, beginning to instantly chew her up and momentarily the rest of her was taken in. She disappeared in an instant and its mouth sealed up. With an extreme haste it grinded its dinner up violently, with an amazing speed that quickly reduced its food to a mushy pulp. It munched away to completion and gobbled it down vigorously. Within mere seconds what used to be a fearful crying teenage cum-slut…. was now nothing more than an unrecognizable mush being gulped down the monsters throat.. Noticing something was stuck in its teeth, its tongue searched around for a second, then spit out her ripped up thong. The beast's stomach bulged from being filled with the creamy pink paste that was once the young worthless cum drinker. It let out an angry huff and crawled back out the window. It seems that Amy got what she deserved for having such a big cum filled belly.

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2012-03-16 19:59:24
I liked it but no backstory or follow through. Either way, it belongs in Fiction

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2011-05-08 00:19:15
sounds like an X rated story to come out of a Scary Stories To Tell in The Dark book if anyone knows the title

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2011-01-17 20:39:04
Love it. Warped, but funny

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2009-07-14 09:18:23
Seek proffesional help.

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2009-05-22 02:32:03

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