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Sometimes incest just sort of happens and keeps happening and spreads.

A Family Of Friends

The whole sex thing with my two daughters was not something I plotted or planned. It just sort of, I guess you would say it evolved. Nagging bitch was in another psych ward. That is how I thought of my wife, not by her name or as my wife but “nagging bitch.” How else can you describe a person who, whenever she got tired of housework or whatever, checked herself into a psych ward for a month or so and left me to take care of the girls and run my TV repair shop?
Brandy was seven and Kate was six when the first sex episode happened. “Is Mom in the nut house again?” Brandy asked.
“Honey,” I tried to correct her, “Mommy is in a hospital. She has problems.” I always tried to put a decent spin on things and not involve the kids in our problems.
“Well Mary says she is in a nut house because she is nuts.” Mary was our next-door neighbor with a big mouth. On the other hand, Brandy was too outspoken also. I think her first words were “Fuck you” and I just was not around to hear it.
“Sweetheart, please let me watch TV, okay?” She climbed up on my lap and we watched John Wayne shoot the bad guys. I folded my arms around her like always and relaxed.
Whether it was by accident on my part or her squirming around but my right hand slipped a little low and my fingers rested on her little pussy. I was tired, half drunk and engrossed in the movie and did not notice where my fingers were. Suddenly I became aware of the way she squirmed every now and then. I pulled my hand away from her pussy. She took hold of my hand and pulled it back down. Twice I removed my hand and twice she put it back. Oh hell, I thought to myself, I am too tired to argue. I left my hand there and she placed her two little hands on top of mine. We sat that way through the rest of the movie.
She was asleep by the time the movie ended. I smiled as I thought how she had begun to notice her body. Anyway I put her to bed and went to mine. God, I felt like I had the weight of the world on my back. The next morning I got the kids up and started their breakfasts. Our baby sitter had not shown up by the time breakfast was over so I laid out their clothes, brushed their hair. I sent Brandy off to school and took Kate to work with me. She was on a four day school schedule. Kate was the quiet child. She had her television and her games to play with while I kept busy with my work.
When Kate and I got home. Brandy was waiting for us. I opened the front door and led the kids inside. The nagging bitch was sitting on the couch, phone nailed to her ear, gabbing to one of her friends. Man I wished the nagging bitch would die.
I showered and put on fresh clothes. That was her welcome home. The girls were terrified of her. Brandy refused to stay inside with her and Kate cried if I went outside and did not bring her along.
For the next two years the cycle kept repeated itself over and over. Brandy kept getting bolder and bolder with my hands when she sat on my lap. I finally told her, “Honey, you have to knock off that stuff. You and I both know it is inappropriate.” My daughter blushed and looked guilty. She nodded her head. I thought that would be the end of it. Kids are a lot more stubborn than adults give them credit for.
The nagging bitch heard me and interrupted, “Let her fool around if she wants. Then you wont bother me.” In the previous two years I had only sex with her three times. The nagging bitch would not let up. “You don’t have the guts to rape her so she’s safe around you.” I did not respond. That night nagging bitch took over Brandy’s room and sent her in to sleep with me.
I smiled and said, “Come on and crawl under the sheet, honey and we’ll get some sleep.” She grinned and hopped up on the bed. I turned out the lights and she snuggled up against me. I draped my arm over her and felt a tiny bud of a breast. Somehow between the age of seven and nine Brandy started to grow tiny tits. They had just barely begun to grow enough to be noticeable. I should have removed my hand and did not. I liked the feel. I squeezed it gently through her thin nightie and went to sleep.
The next morning I got up and went to the shop. Since nagging bitch was home I figured she could get the girls ready for school. When I came home that evening Brandy’s stuff was in the master bedroom and nagging bitch had put her own belongings in Brandy’s room. I prepared an evening meal for us and relaxed in front of the TV. Kate usually shared my lap with Brandy. One sat on each leg and leaned back and we watched whatever was on. Kate fell asleep as usual and I carried her to bed and went in to take a shower and get ready for bed.
Brandy followed me into the bathroom and got in the shower with me. After playing with her tiny breast the night before I had somehow acknowledged our relationship had changed. I realized something changed inside me. When I saw her naked in the shower with me all resistance crumbled. My cock got hard and Brandy laughed and grabbed hold. Damn that felt good. “Wait honey till we get to bed. She squeezed it and turned around for me to wash her back. I washed her back and her butt and let my hand reach around in front and gave her little pussy a feel.
“Daddy,” she told me, a very serious expression on her face, “We must keep whatever we do in here private and secret.” Say what? Those grown up words coming from her mouth shocked me. “At school they tell us we are supposed to tell our teacher if anyone ever feel us up or shows us his penis.” She took a deep breath and said, “We must tell no one, especially Mom. She is evil.”
My heart went out to my two darlings. They got cheated out of so much. “You are right, this must be our secret.” I became co-conspirator with my nine year old daughter.
“Well, Kate is going to know.” She told me in a confiding voice. “She wants to sleep with you too and we can’t play favorites. I’ll take care of things with her.”
I could not believe it, nine years old and she was making quick decisions better than most grown ups. “What do you intend to do?” I asked.
Brandy smiled, “She is going to beg you to let her come sleep with us. You wait until Mom opens her mouth and then you give in.” So young and so grown up, I thought to myself.
We dried off and went to bed naked. I waited for her to snuggle her bare ass up to me but she had other plans. My cock got instantly hard the second she grabbed it. She crawled up on my belly and eased her crotch down on it. Of course it would not go in without a struggle so I endured her attempts. I was aware I could force it in her and hurt her so I did not try.
She gave up and I told her, “You lay on your back and I’ll make you feel good. Spread your legs wide.”
She spread them and I slipped up between then and buried my face in her pussy. “Ooh!” she squealed. “Oh!” she exclaimed when I slipped my tongue in a little. Finally she whispered, “stop. No more, Daddy. ”I rolled over on my back and she crawled up on top of me. I reveled in the sensuous feelings I got. She eased herself down again and eased the tip of my cock into her slit. It was in just enough to bury the very tip end. She went to sleep that way. In the middle of the night I eased her off of me and went into the bathroom. A few strokes was all it took to make me cum. I pissed and cleaned off. I slept peacefully, but I knew something more had just changed in my life, changed radically.
The next morning Brandy kissed me and hugged her naked body hard against mine. “I love you Daddy,” she told me. Then in the next sentence she said, “Lick it.”
I slipped down in bed and began to lick her pussy. She let out little moans and whimpers and sighs as she spread her legs further apart so I could slip my tongue in deeper. It seemed my tongue went in further this second time. I licked the little spot where her clit would grow beyond its small present size. “Oh Daddy,” she whispered.
Reluctantly I kissed her pussy one last time and got up. She followed me into the bathroom and watched me take my morning piss. As soon as I flushed she hopped up on the toilet stool and started her piss while I shaved and made myself ready for the day. Brandy got dressed and went to wake Kate. Now that she had entered my bed she took over the duties of little mother. It was not the way a little girl would play at being “Mommy,” but rather Brandy assumed the duties abdicated when the nagging bitch went her own way.
I started breakfast and had it ready and on the table as Brandy and Kate entered the kitchen and sat at the table. I watched the news on the small TV in the kitchen and the girls chatted about little girl things. I smiled at them. Brandy got up and hurried around the table to kiss me goodbye before they went outside to wait for the school bus. The kiss was not the kiss like a young girl gives her father. It was the kiss of a lover. With a start I realized that is what we were fast becoming, lovers.
Then Kate came around and puckered up. I remained seated and bent over to kiss her. The little shit stuck her tongue in my mouth, licked my tongue. “Say what?” I exclaimed. She laughed and hurried out the door. I followed them outside and we waited for the school bus together. They waved goodbye as the bus pulled out and I got in my car and drove to work.
At the shop, all day long I thought about what Brandy and I did together. I felt little twinges of something, not conscience or fear of discovery but just a plucking at the edges of my thoughts. I got hard when I thought of Brandy. She had awakened a part of me that had remained dormant since Kate was a year old and nagging bitch started her crazy shit. I wanted out of this insane marriage and was afraid to push for a divorce because in California the mother got custody and the father got fucked.
The girls were home when I got there in the evening. They waited outside and went in with me. The nagging bitch was there, sitting on the couch talking to someone named Kenny. She looked up, sneered and went on with her conversation. Brandy and Kate sat at the table in the dining room doing their homework when I walked through to the kitchen to start dinner. Both the girls left the table and hurried over to hug and kiss me. Brandy gave me a soft-lipped kiss of welcome and Kate stuck her tongue in my mouth again like she did that morning. She was going to grow up to be a regular little slut if she kept this up.
“Don’t fix me anything,” nagging bitch said and went into what was now her room. I noticed how both girls seemed to freeze up when their mother came anywhere near them. They got tense until the nagging bitch left and then they relaxed.
“What is the matter?” I asked them. “Is there a problem here I don’t know about?”
“Aw, Mom keeps asking me what we do when we go to bed and I tell her we sleep. Last night she asked both of us if you had started to fuck us yet.”
“I think your mother and I are going to have a little talk,” I said in a grim voice. I was angry enough to do something I never even considered before. I wanted to smash her face in. I do not believe in violence against women, but I was willing to make her the exception.
Kate looked at something behind me, her eyes widened and she looked down at the table took a deep breath and asked, “Daddy, can I sleep with you and Brandy I get lonely too.”
“Oh hell, let her,” nagging bitch said. “It’s not like you were man enough to fuck either of them.” Nagging bitch snorted, “They are safer with you than they would be anywhere else in the world. My father at least had enough guts to try to fuck me. You’re even more worthless than he was.” Right after we got married she told me once how her father felt her up and begged her to let him play with her tits. Her mother walked in on them and smashed him in the head with a table lamp. When he came to they threatened to call the police. After that they both walked around in front of him naked every day and taunted him until the poor weak son of a bitch committed suicide.
I finally stood up from the table and told her, “Drop this right now and don’t involve the kids. I am about out of patience with you.” nagging bitch started to make a smart remark, looked in my eyes and shut her mouth. I walked outside with the girls, saw them off on the bus and drove to work. For the thousandth time I wondered how I had ended up married to that monster.
When we were kids the nagging bitch and I were neighbors and walked to school together. One day she all but dragged me into her house and demanded I fuck her. We fucked and I loved her pussy. After that it became almost a ritual, We walked to school, spent the day “learning” and came to her house and fucked. We were fourteen when nagging bitch got pregnant. We were fifteen when nagging bitch had Brandy and we were sixteen when we got married. We moved in with her mother, into her room and finished our schooling. After graduation I went to community college, learned TV repair and the rest was history.
Somewhere along the line nagging bitch started to get the notion I was like her father. After that came the bull shit, a little at a time, then more and more nagging and continual sniping until it built up to what we had when Kate asked to sleep with Brandy and me. When I got to work I decided I would try to find a way to get rid of that thing I was married to. I was at my wit’s end.
Suddenly the phone rang. “Kent’s TV,” I answered the phone like always.
“Mister parker,” a woman’s voice said, “This is the school nurse at Rollins Middle School…”
“Are my girls all right?” I asked, panic stricken.
She gave a little laugh, “Oh, this is not that kind of call. Your daughter Brandy started her first period today and we, the school that is, needs at least verbal permission to handle things here at school. Your… ah, your daughter suggested I call you rather than her mother.”
“Sure, do whatever needs doing. But isn’t she too young to start her period? She’s only ten.” In my head I was asking what the fuck next could happen to muddy the waters.
“It is not unheard of,” the nurse answered. She paused and added, “Your daughters also wish to change buses and take the one that lets them off downtown by your store. Is that acceptable with you?”
This I could decide. “Yes, we already discussed it.” So I lied to the nice lady. We hung up and I got back to work. I knew what was behind the bus change. My girls did not want to go home unless I was there with them. I hated that monster.
“Hi Dad,” Brandy called as she entered the shop.
“Hi Dad,” Kate echoed her.
“Hi kids,” I answered, “Be right with you.”
Kate made for her “work station” and fired up her TV. Brandy looked around and said, “You need to get us each a new computer and network them so we can play games.” She giggled and added, “We already play some great games.” We looked at each other and laughed like a pair of conspirators. Since they had no homework they played computer games until I closed the shop.
We arrived at the house and found Kate’s clothing had been moved into what was my bedroom. Brandy thought a moment and said, “We can move our desks into Kate’s old room and study and do homework in there. We need new computers, Dad.”
I was on a merry-go-round that kept spinning faster and faster. “Well, let’s go to the computer store next to the shop and see what he has. I can’t afford to buy new, so we’ll look at the used computers only.”
“Let’s eat pizza!” Kate shouted. Ever since she started to use her tongue when she kissed me she had become more boisterous. She grabbed one hand and Brandy grabbed the other. Out the door we went.
On the way to the computer store Brandy said, “I have to get some pads, Daddy” It took me a second to realize she meant sanitary napkins. I pulled in at a convenience story. Brandy led the way into the store, to the hygiene aisle and said, “I am nor sure which ones to get.”
“Let’s ask this young lady,” I said. I turned to a teen-aged girl and asked, “My daughter just began her first period. What would you suggest she get? This is all new territory.”
“You just start doing it?” she asked Brandy. Brandy grinned a conspiratorial grin.
“Yes,” I answered her. “This is Brandy’s first period.”
“I was not talking about periods,” the teen told me with a knowing grin. That’s what started me on my periods.” She and Brandy grinned like two old friends.
“We haven’t really started,” Brandy said. “You know, just…”
“Are you ready, Dear?” a man about ten years older than I came up and kissed the teenager. It was not a fatherly kiss.
Then he realized she had been talking to us. “Frank Calloway,” he introduced himself.
“Kent Parker,” I answered. “Your daughter was helping us make a decision. My daughter just began her first period and we were trying to decide what to get her.
He and I began to chat while the girls headed for the counter to pay for the mini pads we decided on. Frank’s daughter reached in his front pocked and pulled out a roll of bills and peeled two off. He kept right on with what he was saying to me and did not even notice.
We exchanged business cards and left the store. I was pretty certain Frank and his daughter were romantically involved. A part of me realized I wanted them to be sleeping together to ease the pangs of conscience I felt.
Buying four computers turned out to be a simple matter. The storeowner recognized me as soon as I entered his store with the girls. I explained I needed to get a computer for the girls to do their homework on. “No,” he said. “That will never work out.” I just got in four HP’s set up to network together. Including the monitors, mice and speakers I’ll let you have them all for five hundred dollars. A lawyer just upgraded and these units only have sixty gig hard drives and three giga hertz CPU’s. Also they do not have accelerators, just OEM video cards.”
“Well, that is about double what I planned to spend.” I got no further.
“Daddy,” Brandy said in her newly acquired authoritative voice, “This would be just perfect. Kate and I would have our own computers at the store and at home.” She grinned impishly, “We’ll go without food for a whole year to pay for them.”
How do you argue with such a noble willingness to sacrifice? I gave in. “Okay, here you go.” I wrote out the check and prepared to move our new purchases out of the store. I handed Brandy the key to my store and she and Kate hurried to unlock. I made five trips carrying everything either to the store or the car. When I locked the shop up Kate tugged on my shirtfront and puckered up for a kiss.
I bent over and puckered my own lips and got a mouthful of tongue again. I also got a hard on. This little shit liked to tease. I did not notice the computer storeowner smiling as he watched us. Brandy did notice him and told me about it later. We went to the pizza parlor and sat in a booth. As soon as our orders were placed Brandy told me, “The computer guy watched Kate kiss you Daddy.”
“Oh?” I did not figure anyone could see anything that would or could get us in trouble.
“He grinned at us like he knew a secret.” She stared at me. “We must be more careful.”
She turned to Kate. “From now on, when you kiss Daddy you keep your tongue in your mouth if we are out in public. No more little kid games.” Brandy was very definitely the woman in charge and she had made no mistakes in her new role so I did not try to correct her. How do you correct someone for being right?
We talked and enjoyed each other’s closeness. We discussed Brandy’s period and the changes this would make in our lives. Kate told me all about school and her friends. Then she dropped a bombshell, “Barbara Slade gives her dad blow jobs.”
My heart dropped into my stomach and I asked, “How do you know?”
“She told me after I saw her grab his cock when he came to pick her up after school. He gets to pick her up on Friday and keep her all weekend. Her mother has two boyfriends that come over every weekend for sex.” She was so matter of fact about it I knew she was not making anything up. Then she added a clincher, “She swallows and everything.”
Well, fuck, I wondered, are all the kids at that school fucking? Brandy answered that unspoken question. “Dad, about half of the girls start to have sex when they are nine years old in Southern California. Our teacher told us what the statistics were and started to tell us about the dangers of casual sex.” That sure wasn’t like the lessons I had in school.
As we got up to leave I thought a minute. Then I made a decision I was not certain was right. “Honey, do you know Mister Slade’s first name?” I asked Kate.
“Yeah, it’s Warren,” I decided to pay Mister Warren Slade a call. He could get jacked around big time if Barbara talked to the wrong friend. I asked for the local directory and found him listed. I jotted his address in my notebook and we paid and left. All the way to his place I tried to figure just what to say to him,
He lived in a very nice part of town. We three went up to the door to his apartment and rang the bell. A tired looking man in his forties answered the door. “Yes?” he asked as he looked at the girls and then me.
“Mister Slade,” I told him gently, “I believe you should ask us in. I do not believe we should hold this conversation in the hallway.
He looked puzzled and backed up so we could enter. “My name is Kent Parker and I need to talk to you about Barbara.”
“What’s wrong?” he asked nervously.
“Barbara bragged to my daughter Kate here that she indulged in oral sex with you.” His face turned pale. He looked as if someone had struck him in the stomach.
“Wait,” I told him and held up a hand. The reason I am here is not to cause you trouble, but to help you avert it.” That got his attention.
“What?” he asked dumbly. “Uh… well…”
Look, Barbara confided in my daughter Kate about your relationship. I wanted to give you a heads up so you could talk to her and warn her you and she could both get into big trouble if she talks to the wrong person.”
“Ah, well…” he was tongue tied in the worst way.
“Daddy, let me put him at his ease.” Brandy was beginning to talk more and more like an adult. She walked up to Warren and grabbed his cock through his pants.
“Oh Christ!” he exclaimed. His eyes got wide and his jaw dropped.
“There, I believe my daughter just allayed your fears about this being a setup. Brandy kept stroking him until he got hard.
“He’s got a bigger one than you, Dad.” She grinned and added, “But yours is nicer.” Now how was that for loyalty? She let go and came over to throw an arm around my waist.
“I’ll warn her at school tomorrow,” Kate said. “She loves you a lot and doesn’t want to lose you.”
He thanked me and we left to go home. I set the two computers up for the girls and watched them play around on them. Nagging bitch came out of Kate’s old room, sneered at us and went back in. “Daddy, thank you,” Brandy said.
This time when we went to bed there were three of us. Brandy looked so cute in her belt with the pad between her legs. We locked the door so we wouldn’t be interrupted and the girls took turns playing with my cock. I told Kate to sit on my chest first. When she did I stuck the tip of my tongue in her pussy and licked and explored. Kate finally had enough and slipped down to take me in her mouth while Brandy held it for her.
There are no words to describe the ecstasy of the moment. In less than five minutes I shot everything I had into her mouth. She shuddered, gagged and almost couldn’t swallow it. “I did it! I swallowed it the very first time,” she told us proudly.
“Me next,” Brandy said. She took her place above my cock and slipped it into her mouth for the first time. She started a slow, steady rhythm and ran her tongue around it enough to create a vacuum. I played with her tiny tits and felt myself have a second cum for the night. Not to be outdone, Brandy swallowed like she had been doing it for years.
After a bit I got up and put my pajamas on. The girls slipped into their nighties and crawled under the sheets together on one side of the bed. I unlocked the door and went out into the kitchen to get a drink of water. “Not even man enough to fuck a little girl,” nagging bitch said and shut the door.
That was the way things remained for almost six months. Then something new happened. We came home and nagging bitch was gone. “Dad,” Brandy told me, “I think Mom has left for good.”
“What makes you think so?” I asked.
“I checked her room and all her clothes are gone.” She was sure as hell right. The closet was empty the dresser drawers were all pulled out and empty. Even the bedding was gone from the bed. I went out on the back porch and found four suitcases and an overnight bag missing.
“Oh shit,” I muttered. I hurried outside to the garage and found the mini van missing. That van was to be the first step in my plan to expand my business and make house calls. Back in the house I checked through the papers in the strong box. The title to the van was gone.
I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. “Brandy, let me use your computer,” I said. She nodded and I sat down and accessed the company account. It had a total of just over four hundred dollars in it. I checked the personal account. It was empty. So was the savings account. All the money we had in the world was the day’s receipts I deposited on our way home. I had forgotten her name was on the bank accounts. Then I remembered my coin collection and the gold coins in the safe deposit box. Maybe all was not lost.
The next day I went to the leasing agent and told him what happened. “Now you can either work with me or I will empty the shop out and work from home,” I told him firmly. He accepted a half-month’s rent.
I went to the phone company and told them the same thing. My suppliers, everyone was willing to work with me except one jerk. No money no parts,” he told me in a nasty voice.
“Fuck you,” I said, “You will get my check for what is due. Cancel out on all present orders I have with you. I buy from Los Angeles after this.” Two days later he called and tried to make things right. “Fuck you,” I said again and hung up. Between the mortgage payments on the house and everything else we just barely kept the shop open.
I opened two new accounts at the bank and changed all locks on the house and the shop. By then Brandy and Kate were both opened up enough to have full sex. You talk about two cock hounds, those two would rather fuck than eat. Except for business worries I was in heaven.
The nagging bitch called just once and said she was moving to Mexico with “Raul,” whoever Raul was. “Raul was a real man, so nagging bitch claimed, whatever that meant. That was the last I ever heard of her. Who cared? I informed the police, and went on with life. One detective came around the shop and listened to the tale of the emptied bank accounts, checked with the bank and dropped it.
Our lives together went along very nicely. I expanded as soon as I could afford another service van. I made house calls while the girls watched the store after school. I began to sell used television sets and do the new conversions. We prospered. Our sex life was one night Brandy and the next night Kate. Some nights I laid on my back while one sat on my face and the other on my dick. We were happy.
Then right before her fifteenth birthday, Brandy brought a tall, gangling guy into the shop after school. Kate grinned at the joke I hadn’t heard yet. “This is Warren Junior. He’s Barbara’s older brother. He wants to spend the weekend with us.
“Ah,” I said. “This means?” I asked.
“Oh he and his dad take turns with Barbara and he wants to do me and I want to get a change.” I had been expecting this for some time. “You don’t mind, do you Daddy?” she asked anxiously.
“No Sweetheart, I have been expecting this for some time. Fix up your mother’s old room and use it so you have a little privacy.” Warren Junior grinned bashfully.
Barbara called us that evening and said she and her dad wanted to come over. I agreed and an hour later Barbara and Warren senior were at our front door. I invited them in and we sat around and talked until Kate said, “Come in here, Barbara.” She led her into the computer room and Warren and I were alone.
“I never did thank you for what you did for us,” he told me. Barbara and I had a talk and we added Warren junior to our fun.” He smiled very shy and asked, “Would you like to have Barbara? She says she wants to have sex with you.”
I was surprised at the offer. “Sure,” I told him. “She is a very beautiful young lady.”
“Good,” Kate yelled. I want to fuck Uncle Warren.” We both turned toward the girls and saw they were already naked. He and I got naked in the front room and we started in.
“First in my pussy, then in my mouth,” Barbara told me. “Then if you are able, once in my ass.” She laughed, “I’m a three holer.” I was raw by the time Warren and Barbara left to go home.
“Daddy,” Kate told me seriously, “I don’t think I want it up the butt. I’ll just settle for being a two holer.” She was so serious I had to laugh.
“Sweetheart, whatever you want is fine with me.” I hugged her and we crawled into bed together. This was the first time I slept with just her since we started to have sex.
“You know I am going to have trouble finding a husband as great as you,” she told me seriously. “You know Brandy and Junior are going to get serious, don’t you? You won’t get jealous, will you?”
“No, sweetheart,” I told her. “I am well aware that what we have is special but that you both are going to want husbands of your own. I will miss our fun together, but I also want what makes my girls happy.” I did, too.
Six months later Kate came into the shop with a handsome young guy about two years older than she. “This is Brad. He wants to spend the weekend. Can he?’ She looked at me and grinned as a tall slender woman followed them in. “This is Brad’s mom, Monica. They have sex.”
Monica stopped in the doorway as if she wanted to turn around and run back out. “I had to laugh at the expression on her face. “Come in and sit down. You’re among friends. Kate likes to get the essentials out of the way. My girls and I have been sleeping together for six years. Your turn.”
She was a pleasant looking woman in her late thirties, nicely built bur not a great beauty. She looked shocked at my bluntness. “Well, we have just started to…” her voice trailed off. Her face got a bright red. “Well, just two months.” She gulped and looked at the floor.
“They go sixty-nine,” Kate said. She looked at me and grinned.
“Brad! You told!” she exclaimed.
“No I did not,” he told her. “I don’t know how she found out.”
“I guessed,” Kate bragged. “And I was right as usual.”
“Hey Junior,” I called and Warren junior stuck his head out of the back room. “If you can tear yourself away from Brandy or whatever job you’re working on, take the van and drive these people over to our house.
Brandy followed him out, buttoning up her blouse. She had no bra on as usual. “Nice tits,” Brad told her. “Hi Brandy.”
“Small cock,” Brandy answered him. “Hi Brad.”
“I have my car, I’ll follow you,” Monica said.
“Wait, I told her, I have to close in another hour. Why don’t you wait and drive me over with you? Well, if you don’t mind.”
“Sure, that will give us a chance to get acquainted.” She smiled bashfully and sat in a chair to watch me.
“How did you and your son get started?” I asked her.
“Well,” she hesitated, “I guess it just sort of happened. Ever since his dad died I had been alone with just Brad. We went out to a movie and to dinner a few times and then one night I had more wine than I should have and…” She got a far away look in her eyes.
“Well, I was slightly tipsy.” She stopped and corrected herself. “No, I was drunk. When we got home I showered, put on a nightie and went out into the living room to kiss him good night. I had put on a transparent nightgown and forgot to put on the peignoir over it. I told him to kiss me good night and he took me into his arms and kissed me and played with my breast and ran his hands all over my backside. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and I was helpless to stop what happened next.
“He undressed me in the living room, took off his clothes and took me on the couch. He led me into the bedroom and took me again. That was the first night we ever slept together. For two months it has been the most intense honeymoon I ever dreamed of having.”
I kissed her mouth and said, “I’ll lock up early and you can take me home. We have a date with destiny.” She smiled at my pretentious words. I locked up and we left.
When we got to the house there was a room full of naked people. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed. She started to pull back so I grabbed her hand and led her on through to my bedroom. I took my clothes off and hugged my naked body against her. We kissed long and deep. Then I undressed her and led her back out into the front room.
I pulled her down on my lap and began to play with her breasts. Her nipples got hard immediately. So did I. “Raise up a little,” I whispered. She rose up enough that I could get my cock positioned just right. I pulled her back down and entered her pussy in a long, slow motion. She gasped. Then Brad came over and stuck his cock in her mouth. She gave up the last vestiges of her resistance and began to suck. I worked my way in and out of her until Brad cum in her mouth. She had an orgasm and I cum inside her and she had another orgasm.
Warren senior and Barbara came in the front door. He spied Monica and his eyes lit up. “Warren senior, meet Monica.” I said. She got all embarrassed to be introduced to a fully clothed man while she sat naked on another man’s lap with his cock up inside her.
“Er, hi,” she said in a small voice. Warren nodded, went over to a corner of the room and undressed. He came back over.
“Why don’t you two get acquainted while I serve the drinks?” I asked. I got up out of the chair, he took my place and I gently shoved Monica down on his lap. He reached around her, grabbed hold of a breast and said, “You are a good looking woman.” Brad grinned when he saw his naked mother get involved with her third penis of the evening.
I was tired so I went into my bedroom and lay down. Barbara came in and joined me. She did not say anything. She laid her head on my belly, took my cock in her mouth and fell asleep nursing on it. I napped and relished the feeling of being sucked by a sleeping girl. Junior came in and stuck his cock in his sleeping sister and fucked her.
Sometime during the night Warren senior and Monica took off together. Junior and Brandy went over to their apartment. Brad and Kate did their own thing and left Barbara and me all alone. I opened a beer about noon and Barbara took a good hefty swallow. Then I finished it and opened another and she shared it with me. When I opened a third she did not want any more. Kate came out of the spare bedroom and wiggled her ass at Barbara and I.
“Come here, Barbara, “I want you to lick all the cum out of me. Barbara looked at me for guidance.
I shrugged. “If you want to try it, go ahead. If you don’t, then don’t. Barbara went over and got down on the floor and buried her face in Kate’s pussy. She licked, paused, licked some more and finally buried her face in Kate’s pussy. Brad came up behind and slipped his cock in her ass. She bucked once and it was too late. She loved it. I got up and showered and got dressed.
I took the van down town and stopped at a small caf?or breakfast. “Remember us?” a familiar looking man asked. I looked at the young woman with him and remembered them.
“Frank Calloway,” I said.
What are you doing away from your two lovely daughters?” he asked.
“They are with their boyfriends. I needed to get out and have a little time alone.” I looked up at him as said, “Why don’t you two join me for breakfast?”

They sat and she told me, “We are going to have a baby!” He smiled at his daughter and kissed her forehead.
“My wife is very angry about it. But, like I told her when she threatened to go to the police, if I am arrested who is going to support her in the style she has come to expect? She saw the reasonableness of that argument. I sent her to Paris.”
I thought a moment and told them, “I think I have some friends you might like to meet. Let’s eat and go to my place. I think we have the makings of a special interest club.” Then I thought again, “Are you in a monogamous relationship?”
He looked at his daughter. “This hasn’t really come up in the past. We both agreed we would like to party with you and your daughters. But that was as far as it went. What do you have in mind?”
I told him, “There are a few of us who are into incest and we have sort of started to party together. We are discreet and like to be able to be able to let our guards down.”
“Let’s do it Frank,” she said eagerly.
She laughed aloud as her father nodded. “Good, I want to suck Kent’s cock and make you watch.
He grinned, “Well, just so I don’t have to suck it, I’m not that kind of guy.
That was the Sunday our incest group formally began. There are well over a hundred of us now, in our group alone. We intend to start charging dues and get the money together to buy a farm off the beaten track somewhere that will be our own little retreat.

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hey can my brother and i join the club?

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great story ! my cock was hard all the way thru! got room for another guy for those daughters of yours ? i would gladly pay dues to join a club like yours ! need more stories like this one ! hope you have some cumming !

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a good read but a few tips,try to work around the way this site spaces to make paragraphs and use spell check,other then that your a great writer

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Really great story. I loved the way it unfolded and continued in some nice directions. Keep it up... if you can.

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