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My sister and I experiment
As a child of the 70s, I was the offspring of two hippy parents. They were open about things like sex, drugs, and alcohol. They listened to John Denver and Joan Baez on the 8-track player. My sister, Nancy, who was three years younger than me, followed me around like a puppy. We got along great, and it was for this reason that my parents allowed me to be in charge of watching her after school and during the summer while they were at work beginning when I was 10. It wasn’t a problem because we just sat around and watched cartoons, played board games, and played in our yard. But one day, things changed.

My dad’s friend had brought over a stack of magazines. Most of them were “Fortune of Soldier”, “Guns and Ammo”, and such, but my sister and I discovered two Playboys in the stack while home alone. That was the moment we became interested in looking at naked women instead of watching cartoons! Nancy and I thumbed through those magazines thoroughly. We were curious to learn more and see more.

One Friday during the summer, I remember seeing one photo showed a picture of a man inspecting between the legs of a lady who was spread eagle right next to a line of several other women waiting to be inspected. I asked Nancy if she wanted me to inspect her, too. She said she would let me, so she got naked and lay in the middle of the living room floor. I grabbed a rechargeable flashlight and got down close to inspect her.

To be honest, I had no idea what I was “inspecting”. I didn’t have the slightest idea what lie between a girl’s legs other than a crack that extended from the front to the back. I let Nancy spread her legs and hold her labia apart to show me the inner workings. My curiosity grew when I saw several holes. When I mentioned it to her, Nancy told me that she pees out of the top one and poops out the bottom one. She wasn’t sure what the middle one did. I figured we had time to find out later, so that was the end of my inspection. She then inspected me. I hadn’t any pubic hair yet, so it wasn’t much different than hers. I spread my penis tip apart and showed her my two holes. I wasn’t sure why I had two, but I told her I pee out of them both. I was rather inexperienced, but willing to learn.

The following Monday, we decided to stay naked the entire day. We had a sense of it being taboo since we closed the window shades, but other than that, we just danced around and touched each other playfully. It didn’t have any sexual affect on me in that I didn’t get stiff around her, and to my knowledge, she didn’t get wet. However, we touched each other’s genitals and I found out that putting a finger on her clitoris made her laugh. We just made sure that by 3:00, we got dressed, opened the curtains, and were watching TV so our parents wouldn’t know anything when they got home an hour later.

A few weeks had passed and school was beginning to start. Nancy and I had gone out to play with a boy, Travis, who lived on the next street over. He was 9 and seemed to be far more knowledgeable than myself. We had mentioned to him what we do for fun and he said I should put my thing inside her. Well, that didn’t make sense because I didn’t know how to do it. I wasn’t even sure where to put it in her. He then said that there was a small hole, a bigger hole, and a poop hole. He said it would have to go in the second hole. Nancy got bored listening to him and rode her bike back to our house. I was about to follow her when I asked him one simple question, “Why?” Travis looked at me and said, “It feels good and that is how a baby is made.” Well, I didn’t know that! So, off I went and returned home to Nancy. That night, I told her what Travis told me. She said she was willing to try it.

The next day, my parents gone to work, we decided to try Travis’ suggestion. Again, she stripped out of her nightgown and lay spread eagle on the living room floor. She looked at me with a grin and said, “Try to put it in me.” I wasn’t hard and I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it happen, but at least I knew which hole I was aiming for, so I told her I would first try with my finger. I took my pinky and placed it inside her middle opening. It was rather warm in there, and I remember how feeling the warmth on my finger caused a tingle in my penis. That tingle quickly led to a stiffy. In fact, it was the first time I had gotten hard around Nancy except in the mornings when I had to pee. She saw my hard on and repeated, “Try to put it in me.” I sat on my calves and scooted her closer to me so the tip of my little dick was now just centimeters from her vagina. I moved myself up a bit more and touched my penis to her body just below clit. We were just two dumb kids experimenting in something we knew nothing about. Right before I moved in to insert my ten year-old penis into my seven year-old sister, the phone rang! I couldn’t believe it! It was our mother asking us if we wanted to go eat lunch with her. She’d stop by and take us out to eat. Well, with the moment gone, we decided to take her up on her offer and got dressed.

We didn’t do much of anything to each other until 9 months later when it was summer again and we were home alone all day. Now, I was 11 and my sister was 8. She was somewhat anxious to retry where we had left off the summer before. By now, I had a few wisps of pubic hair and had begun to masturbate. I realized that it felt pretty good, even though I wasn’t making any semen yet, it made me feel a sense of release. I wasn’t looking forward to showing my sister my changes just yet. For her, other than being a little taller, she hadn’t changed.

Nancy, being eager to start up right where we left off, took charge. Having gotten up as soon as our parents left for work, she walked over to my bed. We shared a room until I was in 7th grade, so it wasn’t a long walk for her. Anyway, she got on my bed and sat on top of my legs. She said she wanted to see me again, and she wasn’t going to let me up until I did. Well, with motivation like that, knowing I hadn’t had my morning pee, it wasn’t a surprise that I was sporting quite a woody. She pulled back the sheet and looked at me with a sly grin as she tugged the front of my Spiderman Underroos down to expose the cause of my pitched tent. She took a hold of it in her right hand and said she was ready to try again. I didn’t have much of a choice as she moved herself forward toward me. It was then that I noticed she didn’t have any underwear on. Within seconds, she had straddled me and placed my rod against her vagina. My eyes grew huge and my mouth open in a silent gasp as my sister rode me sliding back and forth with her pelvis until the inevitable happened and my penis found the entrance to her virgin hole. Suddenly, Nancy realized it wasn’t all fun and games as my 4-inch dick got about one inch inside here where it touched her hymen. She winced and said she would have to stop a second. I was ready for her to stop any time, though I have to admit that Travis was right. It did feel good. Then, I remembered the other thing he said, “that’s how a baby is made”. Well, I certainly didn’t want to put a baby in my 8 year-old sister. I was completely na? to the fact that she had to have a menstrual cycle. So, I told her it wouldn’t be a good idea to go any farther in, and I really had to pee. Reluctantly, she got off, but I guess you could say that was my first fuck.

By the end of that summer, I was beginning to produce semen and found the perfect opportunity to release the white stuff while I was in the bath. It didn’t take long after doing some whittling with the help of a soapy hand to spurt my load into the tub. This is where, may I remind you of our hippy parents, the story gets strange. My parents were big into recycling long before it was in vogue, so after my sister or I had bathed, the other would get in the same water to save on the water bill. I realized that my sister was sitting in water that had my sperm in it. I thought she might get pregnant that way, so I tried to take a bath after her, but she liked the water cool whereas I liked warmer water, so it only made sense for me to go in first. I was nervous for a few months wondering if she would end up with my baby in her because of my seed floating in the tub. It was even more nerve-racking when she’d have her friends over and they bathed together after me! How would I explain getting a virgin pregnant?

Nancy and I had one last hurrah before we called it quits. Before we moved into the new house just after I turned 13, she and I had decided we would jerk off in front of each other. Again, our parents were at work all day, so now that I was 13 and Nancy was 10, she had also discovered the joys of masturbation. One person sat on the couch and the other in the rocking chair facing one another. We would sit and rub ourselves watching the other person until we came. It was the most eye-opening experience of my life. I learned what I girl did to herself and what made her feel good. Nancy learned how a guy grips and strokes himself to unload his cum. I made quite a mess as I spewed my sperm-laden semen up and all over me, the furniture, the floor, and sometimes Nancy. She’d just laugh and say, “Get some toilet paper.”

Looking back now, I wish we would have done some oral exploration and more mutual masturbation. I fantasize about knocking her up now and wish I would have put at least one load inside her. I wonder if she ever thinks about those times and if she’d ever want to “retry where we left off” all those summers ago. Sadly, I haven’t seen or heard from her in 9 years since my mom died. Maybe, someday, we’ll get back in touch and see what happens from there.

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2014-03-10 20:05:32
"My Wish With Sis" - Nancy and Unnamed Brother

Nothing here to see, people, move on! This story is rather, very basically, usually in homes where there is at least a brother and sister sibling. The older brother is where the most results--toward sexual exploration, experience and even penetration--occurs as they are less cautious and more horny and don't fear risk as much as their sister(s). My two-year younger sister and I had similar experiences until I started eighth grade.

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2012-03-29 00:56:29
theres a year and eleven day between my sister and my self, we have a brother older, I was eight and my sister seven when our older brother showed me how to eat my sisters pussy, I ate her about ever day until she was married at the age of 18.

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2010-12-09 20:22:36
if you let her get away you are an idiot find her and fuck her fast before it is to late


2010-10-03 00:02:01
Not bad at all :) You do need to learn where a girl's hymen is located, but other than that, great job! Loved it.

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2010-05-21 16:28:52
I was stimulated by the fact that you both were not very knowledable but learning quickly....And yeah...I love an eager naughty girl!

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