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I became a test subject for Lillian a twenty-eight year old college student that was writing a thesis for her Ph.D. in Psychology.
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What Is She Up To

All I could think of to myself was “What is she up to.”

There I was taking nature photos along the city park’s jogging path. A pair of humming birds had caught my eye. I was not really trying to hide but apparently I had been as I was trying to capture the humming birds in flight around a flower bush.

A young woman came down the path and stopped. I just gave her the once over. She was blonde, pretty, and wearing a white T-shirt and baby blue shorts. I see that same sight almost every time that I come to this area to take pictures. This particular young lady though started to remove her T-shirt and that was obviously something that I did not see every time. Since my camera was in my hands I took a few pictures of her fine breasts. I hadn’t seen a full-breasted blonde like that in quite some time. I couldn’t help but wonder what she was doing. Then she removed her shorts too, keeping her jogging shoes on. She rolled up her clothes into a ball and tossed them into the bushes and ran off. Now that was a sight to behold.

Not one minute later I heard her calling out for help. Curious, I went to find her clothes and put them in my camera bag, and then I started for the sound of her voice. She was not on the trail so I followed it into the dense bushes. There she was lying on the ground. I almost smiled as I saw her lying there with her shoelaces tied together around the base of a bush and a pair of handcuffs around her wrists. Her hands were behind her back and her breasts were heaving magnificently from her calling out to me.

Lillian told me this story about how she had been drinking the night before at a local bar and that somebody must have put a date-rape drug in her drink because she had just woken up and knew nothing about what had happened. Okay it was very convincing except for one thing, I knew better.

I untied her shoelaces from one another and got her to her feet. She insisted that I take her to my house and cut the handcuffs off from her wrists. I wondered how I would get her to my car like that. Lillian suggested that I take off my T-shirt and pull it down over her body to cover her nakedness. Yeah, like I wanted to do that. I decided to play along with her game for the time being. After all I was pretty sure that she had not centered me out intentionally. She didn’t even know that I was in the woods let along know that I would be the one to find her naked. So anyway I removed my T-shirt and started to slip it over her head when I had an idea. She obviously wanted to be found naked and I did have my camera right there so I told her that I would need some pictures before covering her up. She half smiled and agreed to my request.

Not so surprisingly Lillian was very cooperative about standing near the bush, thrusting out her impressive chest, and smiling sweetly for me. I got full frontal, rear, and both sides. I figured that I had gotten more than I had ever anticipated and stopped taking pictures of her. I then slipped my T-shirt down over her head, over her breasts, and down past her waist. My T-shirt just barely covered her bald pussy.

Together we walked down the jogging trail letting several joggers fly past us. Every single one of them checked Lillian out as they went by even the female joggers. Lillian told me about being a twenty-eight year old college student and trying to write her thesis for her Ph.D. in Psychology. She was single and did not have a boyfriend at the moment.

I started to put two and two together. Her thesis in Psychology, her nude rescue, and me started to add up to a sexual mind game. I was a test subject for her thesis. Now how far was Lillian willing to go and how far was I willing to take it? My wife had left me years ago and now at sixty-five bird watching was the highlight of my day.

I had a rather nice house in the city but I also had a cabin out in the middle of nowhere that I use enough to keep it fully stocked. On the way to my car I decided to take her to my cabin. When we got to the car I helped her into the front passenger seat and closed the door. With her hands behind her back Lillian turned slightly sideways. That way her knees were toward me as I got in the driver’s door. My T-shirt had risen up above her waist to reveal her shaven pussy and the moisture that was seeping out.

As I drove I constantly looked down at her exposed pussy. Lillian knew it and she made no effort to stop me, in fact she opened her knees up for me very slowly so that I wouldn’t know that she was doing it on purpose. This mind game could work both ways. Now I was really interested to see how far she would go, especially since I would have her some twenty miles from the city and completely under my control. I was planning on leaving the handcuffs on her, just to see what would happen.

Lillian made small talk as I drove. When I turned off the main road she got just a bit nervous. As I drove back in a couple of miles she got even more nervous. She was not sure if I were a Good Samaritan or a murder. Now I was in control mentally, up until that point she had been.

Then I pulled in to my cabin. I told her that I lived there year round and that I could go a whole month without ever seeing another living soul. She was just lucky that I had chosen that day to go into town at all. Actually I had been carrying around a case of can foods in my trunk for a month to take to my cabin so I just told her that was why I had been in town.

I got out and opened up her door. She swung her legs around and stood up on her own. I pointed out the outhouse to her and watched her facial expression change. I had seen that look before. Women and outhouses don’t seem to get along all that well. I got the case of food out of the trunk and carried it to the cabin with Lillian right behind me.

I told her that I didn’t know how I would be able to get the handcuffs off from her because I didn’t have a hacksaw. I did have one in my trunk but I wasn’t about to tell her that. I teased her with chopping it with my ax or trying to use a small nail to pick it. She preferred that I try using the nail first. So I did and of course I was not successful, mostly because I didn’t even get it in the hole. Luckily she couldn’t see behind her back at all. Eventually I gave up and said that I would do it later.

I told her that I needed to get some water from the creek to cook with so I grabbed the bucket and left her there. From outside I watched to see what she would do. Surprisingly she did nothing but sit there and wait for my return. I went to the small waterfall in the creek and let my bucket fill before returning to the cabin.

I poured Lillian a cup of water and held it up to her lips so that she could drink from it. Then I offered to take her to the outhouse before I fixed us dinner. I could tell that she did not like the idea but she had decided that it was time to go anyway. I opened up the doors for her and she went through them and then she sat down. She said that it did not smell as bad as she had anticipated. I thanked her. Then she got a funny look on her face. I knew that look. She had only planned on peeing and letting me wipe her pussy dry but now I would have to wipe her ass too and that was much more embarrassing for her. For some reason pee and pussies are exciting but shit on her ass was not, well for her anyway. I really didn’t care one way or the other, but she certainly did. Wiping her ass afterwards was not all that bad and I told her that I would wash her up when we got back in the cabin. She seemed to like that and said she would appreciate it.

I lit the propane stove and put on a pot of water and started some dinner. As soon as the water was warm enough I used a washcloth and had Lillian get on my bed so that I could wash her pussy and her ass properly. She was the finest lady that I had ever gotten my hands on. I took full advantage of her and she allowed me too. I played with her pussy lips, I poked my fingers into her nice pink hole, and I tickled her clit until I smelled the food burning on the stove. Damn it!

I just put the pot on the table and used just the one spoon that I had stirred it with to feed us both. She made no objection to using the same spoon that I did. Apparently stew right out of a can agreed with her. She ate her half eagerly.

Then she asked me if I would have another go at the handcuffs. I told her that I wanted to do the dishes first and get back down to the creek before it got dark. She watched me wash the dishes and use up the rest of the bucket of water to rinse them. Then she offered to accompany me down to the creek. I filled the bucket and then Lillian said that she would love a bath. I went back up to my cabin to get the soap and a towel.

When I returned totally naked she looked surprised and then she smiled at me. I pulled the T-shirt up over her head and removed her shoes. We got into the water and I used the bar of soap to wash her breasts, her back, and that fine ass of hers. Then I went after her pussy with a new awareness of my nudity, my hard-on, and my desire to possess her.

I put her in the grass along the shore, parted her legs, and thrust myself into her. She complained about the position on her cuffed hands so I rolled us over with her on top. She thanked me and then she fucked herself with my cock. She was in a hurry but I wasn’t. The cold creek water had calmed me down considerable. The fact that I was sixty-five years old might have had something to do with it too. On the other hand it had probably been two years sine I had sex with a woman and I really wanted it to last. Whatever the reason the outcome was perfect. I kept hard, she kept going up and down on me, and we both enjoyed it immensely. She cried out her orgasm and then tried twice as hard to get me off. During her second orgasm I did cum inside her. She lay to my side panting. I watched her nice breasts heave.

As we calmed down I told her what I had seen that afternoon along the jogging path and that I knew that she had been studying me for her thesis. She confessed that she had been but that she now really liked me. I took her back into the water and cleaned us both up from the sex. I dried her off and we walked back to my cabin. I then easily unlocked her handcuffs; after all I had been a locksmith for most of my life.

Lillian stayed with me in my cabin for a whole week. The sex was great and some of the best that I had ever known. I gave her back her clothes from the jogging trail and she wore them when I took her home.

We stayed in contact for several years after that. She did finish her thesis and got her Ph.D. She eventually married and had two children. Whenever she would come for a visit she would have the kids call me grandpa. I though of her as a lover not as a daughter but I also liked being called grandpa too.

The End
What Is She Up To
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