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My wife's dad makes his visit with a purpose
When Nicole’s dad, Frank, arrived at the airport, I was in charge of the kids, luggage, and being the driver. Nicole was dressed in a sundress without a bra or panties under it. The morning he was flying in, she took a shower and shaved herself smooth for him. Her stomach was a flutter with anxiety. She was more excited about seeing her father than our four-year old, which is hard to do.

The kiss given to her father when she saw him was deeper than I thought a kiss would be between a father and daughter. Frank took an arm and wrapped it around her waist while his lips locked onto my wife’s. He looked at me with a bit of a knowing smirk. Apparently, she had told him that I knew what happened when she was back there. I was carrying our newborn and rolling his luggage in front of Nicole who was holding her father’s hand. Frank was holding our oldest child. If you were an outsider, you would have thought they were married. We got to the van and Nicole got in the far back seat alongside her dad while I strapped our children into the middle row. I sat up front alone.

The drive home from the airport put the kids to sleep, but I saw from the mirror that Frank was smiling and his arm was positioned in such a way that it was clear he had his fingers inside his daughter’s warm, wet, and waiting pussy. Nicole had said she was tired, too, and had put her head down. She was giving head to her dad right there in the back of our van. I just kept driving, but wondered how much time they planned on having fun while he was here. My dick grew stiff in my shorts as I thought about my wife finally sucking down the shaft on the man that created her. She wanted to taste his seed again and have it inside her belly. I heard a muffled moan and figured he had gotten her to orgasm. Within thirty seconds, he was grunting. I looked in the mirror again and saw that his eyes were closed and his head was back. A few seconds later, she brought up her head, looked at me in the mirror, opened her mouth to reveal her dad’s load resting on her tongue, smiled, and swallowed. She closed her eyes and savored the flavor of his slimy cum traveling down into her stomach. Frank had his arm around her neck with his hand down her dress caressing her D-cup tit. It was quite a sight to see. It was a good thing the windows are tinted.

When we arrived home, Frank went outside and played with his grandchildren. He noticed our hot tub and asked if it was open for later that night. I told him it was, and I sensed his mind was turning. Nicole and Frank went for a stroll around the neighborhood with the dogs, leaving me to feed the kids and make some lunch for us. While they were out, I charged up the video camera and put in a blank tape. I wasn’t sure when or where the next encounter would occur, but I wanted to be ready.

After slapping together some sandwiches and chips for the adults and feeding the youngsters, I put the children in their room to watch some cartoons and rest. I opened up the case of beer we bought and put it in the cooler of ice. By the time they returned with the dogs, they were hungry and thirsty. Nicole gave me a hug in the kitchen and kissed me. I hadn’t ever seen her so happy. She thanked me for being such a good husband and gave my balls a caring caress through my shorts. She then led me to join her and Frank in the living room. She sat right beside him on the couch and cuddled up next to him while she ate the sandwich and washed it down with the beer. I sat on the other side of our L-shaped couch watching the scene unfold. Frank looked at me and said he was happy to hear that I understood their relationship and not to take it personal. He asked me what Nicole had said about them other than the last visit she had. I responded that she was trying to make him feel love and that she was a caring daughter. He looked down at her leaning on his shoulder and she gave him a look that said, “Not yet”. Supposedly, they were keeping a secret from me. Frank wanted to let me in on it, but Nicole wasn’t ready to reveal it. She got up to get us all another beer from the cooler. Frank leaned over and whispered that there were a few things I needed to know, but he would have to tell me when we were alone. For the time being, I had to be satisfied with that.

That evening, I took off the cover of the spa after tucking the kids into bed and the crib for the night. Nicole said she wanted to shower before she got in, which is recommended to prevent outside dirt getting in. She invited her father upstairs to join her to save water and time. He winked and me and went upstairs. I grabbed the camcorder and headed outside to the backyard. Our shower has a large window that faces into our backyard, and I knew if anything would happen, I could get it on film. Sure enough, they weren’t under the cascading water of the shower one minute before she was standing with her back to him bending over to get the body wash while her ass rubbed against her daddy’s dangling dick. I couldn’t see the penetration, but I saw his hands reach out and grab her breasts as they hung heavy from her wet chest. She turned around to face him, her hair being pelted by the showering water. Frank leaned over and suckled her erect nipple in his moustache-covered mouth. If she hadn’t stopped breast-feeding when she returned to work two months ago, he would have gotten a sip or two of his daughter’s milk. As it was, she would get an occasional leak, but her tits were dry for the most part. However, given her emotional state, I wouldn’t be surprised if she started lactating again. I got it all on tape and decided to go back in when Nicole turned off the water.

Both Nicole and her dad came downstairs without a shred of clothing. They didn’t even have a towel around them. They walked past me and headed out to the warm water of the hot tub which had an unobstructed view of the star-filled night and the moon rising over the hills behind the house. I assumed that Frank hadn’t finished in the shower, but I was going to join them in the spa. I got undressed and quickly took a washrag over my body to eliminate body oil and dirt, then made a beeline outside. The beer-filled cooler was sitting on the steps of the spa. Frank and Nicole had already downed several bottles and cans over the last hour. Since I was in charge of the kids and wanted to remember all these events, I nursed my beers. I jumped in and sat in a corner. Frank was sitting in a side seat beside Nicole who sat in another corner seat.

We did some talking about mundane things like his job, sports, politics, and the kids. As the beer bottles and cans continued to drain and the spa water continued to swirl about us, Nicole got bolder around me. She got up and sat on Frank’s lap, then told me to stand up. When I did, she took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it and wiggle on her father’s cock which I’m sure was hard. After a quick glance back over her shoulder to see how her dad was handling the situation, she told him, “Daddy, tell him everything now.” With that, she turned back to me and began to suck my dick which now was harder than granite. Frank must have seated his own cock into his daughter’s pussy since she stopped wiggling and just did a little rocking back and forth now. He looked up at me standing there with my wife giving me a blowjob while mounted on her dad. I just realized this was my first threesome!

Frank smiled up at me and said, “Jack, I know you’re aware that this isn’t our first time together. To tell you the truth, it’s not even our second or third time together. Nicole and I have been in this relationship since long before you were in the picture, and we’re planning on keeping it that way until my dying day.”

I had to admit that was a bit shocking, but considering the way she was acting around him, I wasn’t completely taken aback. I told him I was fine with it as long as she was happy and it didn’t affect my children.

Then Nicole chimed in, “Jack, we’re planning on making another baby. We had one before and want another.”

My mind didn’t really comprehend what I was hearing. She and her dad already had a baby? I looked down at her as she continued to stuff my prick into the back of her throat and grind her pussy onto Frank’s penis under water and out of sight. I gave a quizzical look at Frank when he reached around and pulled her nipples down until they were touched by the warm spa water splashing on them. Nicole let out a moan of pleasure and tightened her sucking lips around me. Frank smiled at me again and said, “Your nephew is really ours.” Nicole’s older sister had a son who was eight years old. Of course, it looked like Nicole and Frank, but it was only obvious since they were all related, so it wasn’t going to stand out to anyone. I was then finally brought inside their secret they had kept from me.

When Nicole was fifteen and learning to drive her dad’s Bronco, he had taken those moments to trade the opportunity to drive for sexual favors. It had begun with simple rubs of his daughter’s bra-covered breasts and kisses, but by the time Nicole was able to get her driver’s license, they had progressed to full-blown vaginal intercourse. He had taken his youngest girl’s virginity in the back of the Bronco a week before she was turned 16. He had asked her if she wanted him to wear a condom or experience her first time completely natural. She told her dad that she loved him and wanted nothing artificial between them when he made her a woman. He drove the Bronco to his employer’s parking lot since it was Sunday and no one would be there and they wouldn’t be disturbed. She climbed in the back and got undressed where he quickly did the same. Nicole said it hurt a little, but she knew it was worth it because they loved each other and it was her dad who was doing this. Her boyfriend she was dating had no sexual interest in her, and in fact, he came out of the closet after high school, so her fears of losing her womanhood to someone who wouldn’t matter were satisfied. Frank then said that he wanted to put his cum inside her. He asked when she had her period, but she was so nervous that she couldn’t remember. He then asked her if she was okay with having her dad’s baby if he got her pregnant. She looked at him in the eyes and said, “I want to have your baby, Daddy.” With her approval, he send hs incestuous load of sperm spraying into his teenage daughter’s virgin womb. Nicole remained on her back as her nude father continued to push his cock deep inside her. He kissed her young boobs and then thanked her for her love. She told him she was happy to have a dad like him who loved her so much.

Two months into being Sweet 16, she found out she was pregnant. She and Frank had made love after that first time, and he made sure to use a condom whenever they had sex at his house. He would put the used rubber in her purse and have her dispose of it when she got back to her mom’s house in order to keep his wife from finding any evidence. Being the kinky, inquisitive teenager she was, she told that a few times, when she got back home, she’d sneak the semen-filled condom out of her purse, cut the tip of it and have her daddy’s cum drip out on her so she could rub it over her stomach. She had become addicted to him. Nicole had never tasted his cum. She said she was a little hesitant to try it because she thought that was too dirty. When I asked her what she did when he would shoot off in her mouth, she told me that he would always tell her that he was about to blow, and she would just let him blast on her face, in her hair, or on her chest. It felt sexy to her to have his juicy seed flow over her hand and between her fingers as it dribbled out of the tip of his penis and onto her gripping digits.

After learning she was knocked up, her mom sent her to live with Frank and his wife until a solution was figured out. Nicole transferred to the school on the other side of town where far fewer people knew her. Her step mom had suggested that she have the baby and give it to her sister who was 23 and living with her boyfriend. Carol didn’t know that Frank was the father, but it made perfect sense. Nicole and Frank agreed that it was a great way to solve the issue. Nicole’s sister, Jean, was more than happy to take the reins and prepared for the birth of Nicole’s baby like it was her own. Neither Nicole nor Frank ever told anyone the truth. As far as the family and friends knew, Nicole had gotten pregnant by an acquaintance of her boyfriend when she got carried away with them during a night-long lock-in at the bowling alley.

Now that her sister was raising her child, Nicole felt at ease knowing she didn’t have to worry about seeing her offspring. She allowed Jean to adopt her son and have full parental rights. She got on birth control, moved back into her mom’s house, returned to her original school, graduated, went to college, and continued to have weekend get-togethers with her father. However, the rendezvous came to an end when she started dating me.

Nicole told her dad that she felt the same way for me that she felt for him. He agreed that if she knew it was true love, she needed to move on. That was the end of their sexual relationship until her visit back home alone while pregnant with our second child. That trip, though, had reopened her feelings and the situation had presented itself to them both. I don’t think it hurt that she was five months pregnant when he saw her, which he had to recall as good times.

Back to this weekend’s visit from her father, I was utterly amazed at the events they shared with me. We had moved from the spa back to our living room. Nicole was sitting naked on the carpet by the couch with her elbow on her dad’s leg and another beer in her hand. Frank had a beer resting between his legs and stroking her hair. Nicole said she wanted me to sleep down on the couch and let Frank sleep with her in our king-sized bed. I figured that they would plan such an arrangement and said it was fine, but I needed to go in there to get the bedding and some clothes. Before coming back down with those things, I set up the camcorder and started to record. When I got back to the living room, Nicole was on her knees sucking her dad. I decided it was my turn to have some fun, so I got behind her and pushed my woody into my wife’s slick pussy. She seemed to love it, and Frank encouraged me, as well. He told me, “Go on, Jack. Pound that cunt! Cum inside her. I want to feel your seedless juice in her when I plant my next baby in my little girl.” I suppose it was the thought of competition between males that made me want to dump my semen deep inside Nicole to prevent her dad from getting to her eggs, but since I had my vasectomy, it was only wishful thinking. I knew her dad was anticipating the moment he could take over inside her and add his mobile sperm to my young wife’s lubricated potentially-fertile cervix.

I grabbed her hips and buried my bone into the depths of Nicole releasing my pent up sticky white cum. I grunted like an animal as I unleashed my worthless load. Frank moved off the couch and led Nicole up to bed where he was going to fill her full of his spunk which would do far more damage than mine. I stayed downstairs and wished them both a good night. I couldn’t wait to see what the camcorder captured up there. I heard the bed hitting the wall repeatedly and then silence. No footsteps to the bathroom which is typical of Nicole after we have sex. No running water or toilet flushing. Just total silence.

I fell asleep soon thereafter and having had some good sex before bed, along with tons of new incest imagery, I believe my dreams were fantastic, too. When I woke up several hours later, I went upstairs to retrieve the camcorder. Nicole and Frank were spooned together in bed. His arm draped over her shoulder. I left them to go see what was on the tape. It was already rewound having recorded the entire length, so I simply hooked it up to the TV and pressed PLAY.

I fast forwarded to the point where my wife entered the screen behind her bare naked dad. He told her to lay on her back and spread her legs. I noticed the glistening of my remnants running down her thigh. Frank ran his finger over my cum and stuck it in her mouth so she could taste me. He then went down on her and licked his daughter’s labia clean of any of my jism. Apparently, he flicked his tongue on her clit because she started moaning to keep licking her. It was pretty shocking to me to see this rough and masculine carpenter sucking my semen from his girl’s pussy! However, he was quickly moving up, kissing her stomach, her breasts, nipples, neck, and mouth. As he worked his way up, his penis had gotten lodged inside her. He was thrusting deep in his daughter trying to plant his second baby into the same womb he had helped create twenty-four years earlier in her mom. He seemed hell bent on providing another child for us to rear. The bed was pounding against the wall and I remembered hearing that downstairs. I heard him tell her, “Do you want me to do it this way or on your side?”

She said, “I don’t care, Dad. Just make sure to blast my insides with your virile seed. Make sure it does the job. Can you feel Jack’s wasted load in me?”

“Yeah. It sure is slick. Get on your side so can scissors you like we used to in the Bronco.”

She turned on her side and he replaced his bulging cock back inside the velvet glove of my wife. He grabbed her leg as he straddled the other one and shoved his dick to the place he and she felt it belonged. Frank reached down to put her swaying tit into his hand as he continued his torment on my MILF. The feeling of her bare breast must have brought back a memory that made him horny because he stopped rocking into her and held himself tight against his daughter’s pelvis as he delivered his live load of incestuous sperm into his offspring, hoping it would produce another baby for them. Nicole placed a pillow under her pelvis to prevent the cum from leaking out and encouraging them to flow to her released egg. Frank had collapsed beside her and they fell asleep in that position.

The next morning, I asked Nicole how she would like her eggs. Frank spoke up before she could say anything, “Fertilized.” I laughed, but only because I said the same thing when she was pregnant with our kids. We spent the day showing Frank the local tourist sites and doing the family things. He seemed content allowing me to share Nicole with him as we walked around town holding her hand and caring for the children. He was a good grandpa to them and treated them with love and respect, never letting them feel left out or neglected. He was not into hurting my children in any way, he just wanted to give them another sibling.

That evening, after we had eaten and put the kids down for the night, Frank suggested that he leave Nicole and I alone for a few hours. He took the dogs out for a late night walk and said he’d return in a little while. Nicole turned out the lights in the living room, lit a candle, then started to undress me. I unzipped her skirt and lifted her tank top off. To no one’s surprise, she was without a bra or panties. She looked at me lovingly eye to eye and kissed me. She thanked me for being supportive of their decision and promised to make it up to me. I wasn’t really sure how she could do that. Nonetheless, I’m sure she had something up her sleeve, and she did. She said she wanted to have a double penetration with me in her ass and her dad in her cunt. She had always wanted that since her visit back home.

Nicole said she thought it was wickedly nasty that her dad had fed her my cum and had eaten some out of her the night before. She said she didn’t know what to really expect of him, but hoped that I was as happy as she was that he had come to visit. She gave me a mouthful of tongue as she kissed me again and had me lay on the carpet. As I relaxed and expected a blowjob, I was amazed to see her turn around and put her pussy directly over my face and plant her vagina on my nose. In this 69 position, I had no choice but to lick out the very cunt that less than 24 hours earlier invited her father’s sperm inside. I wondered if any was still floating around that she was going to push out into my mouth as I licked her clit. With her mouth around my erect cock, I got a muffled moan from her. I wondered if she compared me to her father. Did I give better oral pleasure to her?
She certainly was not needing any KY jelly today. She was drenching me in her pussy juice. My face was covered in her slimy wetness, and I loved every bit of it! She said she wanted to wait until her daddy returned before fucking me, but we could play until then. She talked to me about what a joy it would be to have another baby, how her dad would be happy to use his carpentry skills to add on a room or two to our house, how she loved feeling pregnant, loved her father, and loved me. She knows few men would tolerate this situation. Nicole was feeling like a giddy teen all over again.

All too soon, Frank returned. He told Nicole he wanted to try something before we got started. She was so horny, she was willing to try anything. He told her to get on all fours and put on the blindfold she sometimes uses to sleep when the moon is too bright. She did as instructed and told her to spread open her legs a little. He then had our lab, Sam, lick her pussy. She squealed with delight! She said it was the biggest tongue she had ever felt on her. Sam continued to lick her and I noticed he was getting horny, but, like me, he had been fixed. Frank told Nicole it would have been hot to see her get filled with doggy cum and then fuck her afterwards, but since he was fixed, it wasn’t going to happen. After Sam’s licking had brought her to a mind-shattering climax, I took him outside to recover from his first sexual experience with a human. When I returned to the living room, Frank was on his back with Nicole riding him slowing inserting her father’s penis into her baby-ready body. She did look smokin’ hot as her tits swayed beneath her. Frank tried to catch them in his mouth as they came close, even sticking his tongue out to lick a hard nipple, hoping to suck it into his mouth. I moved behind her and between Frank’s legs. I didn’t have any Vaseline or baby oil, but I did have olive oil in the pantry which I grabbed walking back through the kitchen. I also snagged a dish towel. Slowly and carefully, I pushed my cock into Nicole’s asshole. She could feel the tightening of her ass around my cock and told me to go slow. Frank was being gentle and wasn’t in any hurry to finish this. After a few minutes, I was fully engulfed inside Nicole’s ass. I could feel her father’s cock on the other side of the membrane. It felt strange as our penis shafts rubbed against each other separated only by a thin piece of skin inside her. It reminded me of a condom and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. Neither was Frank. I felt that lovely feeling of a build up in the base of my dick when another sensation hit my shaft. It was Frank’s tip erupting inside his daughter. The force of his ejaculations were actually felt on my cock’s length. I realized I may be in my wife as she is getting impregnated. I spewed my load inside her ass and stayed tied to her until my penis deflated. Cum from both of us was dribbling out, so I used the dish towel to clean her up. Nicole seemed to be in paradise. Frank gave me a high five and said, “Jack, I think we did it.”

Well, that was the last major get together for Frank and Nicole while he was here. He continued groping her around the house and even took another shower with her, but to my knowledge, he felt his mission was accomplished. He slept with her Sunday night, but she only gave him a blowjob, though she did swallow his load again and told me all about how yummy her daddy’s cum tastes the next day on the way to the airport to drop him off. Frank thanked me for being such a gracious host and told me to take good care of his little girl and any packages that may arise. He gave each of our children a hug, kiss, and an envelope before making one last goodbye to Nicole. Right in front of the terminal, he kissed his daughter like a soldier going off to war. His right hand reached to her ass cheek and his left hand felt under her breast supported only by a loosely fitting T-shirt. I just rolled my eyes and realized that the love they share will never fade. Nicole returned the favor by placing her left hand over his baby maker. She whispered something to him in his ear, kissed his cheek, then watched him walk away with his luggage and that ear-to-ear smile on his face. When she got back in the van, I asked her what she whispered to him.

She said, “I told him I think we have a winner.” We’ll see.


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I started fucking my two daughters after I caught my wife her fucking her dad, when I asked her about it she said he had been fucking her since she was twelve and she just loved his cock. I was a bit shocked at first then but then thought if he fucked her at twelve I then thought I might as well fuck my two daughters. they were 11 and twelve, so when my wife was out I took them to my room and fucked them one after the other they just love my cock and now they can't get enough of it so when they are both old enough I''m going to get them both pregnant.

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IMHO incest with offspring is wrong on too many levels. On the other hand a threesome with father, daughter and boyfriend is as hot as it gets if it is just for the sex of it.

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IMHO incest with offspring is wrong on too many levels. On the other hand a threesome with father, daughter and boyfriend is as hot as it gets if it is just for the sex of it.

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IMHO incest with offspring is wrong on too many levels. On the other hand a threesome with father, daughter and boyfriend is as hot as it gets if it is just for the sex of it.

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