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It all started when we were staying at my sister in laws house in between moves from The US and Germany. My wife,Sabine and I stayed with her sister for about three weeks and my wife being very cautious refused to have sex with me while staying there.

One night I was especially horny I tried for hours to get my wife to have sex and no way going tonight. So I got up and walked into the living room and was watching TV when Giesela walked in. Now Giesela is 14 years older than me but for a woman of 45 she was still very hot. She had a very small ass and compared to my wife had no breasts. I was sitting there and she came over and started asking me what was the matter why was I not in bed sleeping. ( I had to be at work at 5am). I told her that Sabine and I had a fight and I needed to cool off a bit before going to bed. Giesela looked at me and said '' This will make for some noise tonight, make-up sex is always the best. ''

I just looked at her and excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I came back she was sitting there on the couch with her legs apart and I was looking right up her skirt and her panty covered pussy. This was always something I wanted to get into was her panties. She looked over at me and noticed I ws looking up her skirt, and jokingly asked if there was something up there interesting. I said yea. I then told her my real problem with Sabine and she then closed her legs real tight. She understood why I was looking and then said there was no way she would allow that to happen. I told her how beautiful I thought she was and how sexy, but she rebutted all my approaches.

Now turned down by two women in one night was more than I could stand and I went off to bed still horney as hell. I awoke a few hours later and went down the hall to the bathroom. When I got by Giesela's bedroom I heard her moving around. I looked through the half open door and saw her naked for the first time. WOW she had a fantastic ass and those tits small as they were are perfectly formed! I stood and watched her as she was looking for her clothes. Then when she had them all she started for the door, I quickly went into the bathroom. I didn't turn the lights on I just dropped my drawers and sat down on the toilet. To my surprise she walked in and turned on the light.

Here I was sitting on the toilet and my sister in law in the nude standing right there in front of me! I asked what she was doing and it startled her to see me there. She said excuse me she didn't know anyone was in here. I said its OK and she just looked at me. I Then stood up and she was staring at my cock that was growing hard very quickly. She was amazed at the length and thickness of it.( My cock when fully hard is about 9 inches long and a good 1 1/2 inches thick. )

I walked right over to her and took her into my arms and started kissing her deeply. At first she tried to resist but slowly started kissing me back. My hands were going up and down her back feeling her ass up and squeezing them tightly in my hands. This was perfect, I slowly pulled her into me and my cock was pressing up on to her stomach and she started to squirm a bit. I started to play with her tits and the nipples were as hard as rocks, I bent down and started to suck on one and them the other, she started to moan quietly.

my finger had found it way around to he shaved pussy and I was rubbing her slit up and down making it wet as can be. I found her clit and started rubbing it and playing with her making her moan louder. She was at the point of no return I knew I was going to get my first shot of her wet pussy on my cock tonight!

I took her hand and slowly moved it to my cock, she didn't need any help with what to do. She slowly started to stroke me up and down. I placed my hand on her shoulder and slowly pushed her down on to her knees. Now with my cock only inches away from her mouth she looked up at me and said that Sabine must be stupid not wanting to have sex with this nice cock. I said '' Why don't you kiss my cock and let it slide into your mouth and give me some head? ''. She looked up and told me she never gave head before and said '' I want your hard dick in me''

She stood back up and I turned her around so I could play with her pussy from behind. She bent forward and held on to the sink. I slowly started rubbing my cock up and down her pussy and she was moaning that she wanted it deep inside her.

Slowly I started pushing in and her pussy was so warm and wet. This was some of the tightest pussy I had in a long time. She moaned even louder as I sunk my cock deep into her. She started pushing her ass back so as to get more of it in her. She felt so good wrapped around my swollen cock. I started fucking her slowly but wasted no time in picking up the pace and drilling in and out harder and harder. It only took about two minutes and she was on the brink of cumming. As she started to cum she released her juices all over my balls, this warm wet feeling was great. She then started saying she wanted me to cum deep inside her pussy. I was going deep and hard into her as I felt my balls explode cum deep in her inside her. We both fell forward and I was leaning on weak legs up against her ass.

She said she hadn't had sex so good in over 15 years, and said anytime I wanted we could continue our playing with each other. I looked at her and said next time I will introduce you to oral sex. I want to eat your pussy and suck your juices while you have my cock deep in your throat. She said that would be great, she always wanted to learn how to suck some dick.

To be continued............

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2009-11-29 02:53:47
Fuck ur negative comments!!! It's a short and sweet story¡ there better b a #2!!!

Anonymous readerReport

2008-10-11 01:48:47
I don't have a big dick but they just LOVE the cute little way I get on and off.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-09-29 14:04:34
it is not how much cock u have but the way u use it


2008-09-28 11:34:47
what the hell is with all the negative comments and yea maybe a lot of men dont have nine inch cocks BUT alot of them do so dont be jealous and hateful! My boyfriend has an 8 1/2 inch dick and it's fucking great and that story even though was short was still good it got to the point and didnt drag on could you do better? Prolly not! and for you nagging about the typos he was caught in a memory! i do that all the time i am in a hurry to say it and dont care what comes out of it as long as the point is accross so if you are looking for something better GET OFF THE FUCKING PORNO WEBSITE AND GO TO THE FUCKING BOOK STORE!

Anonymous readerReport

2008-09-27 10:53:49
Everyone's a critic. Give the man a break. This is a true story about how some guy whose wife wouldn't fuck him in her sister's house got lucky and caught his sister in law naked in the bathroom. He felt her up, turned her around and caught some tight, wet, under-fucked pussy. He isn't a writer; he's a guy who wanted some and got some and the story made me hard. I liked it. And I do have a nine inch cock, though now that I am in my 50s it's only about eight now. Some people have big dicks, some women have big tits. He said his sil didn't have tits. The story was good, hot, and juicy. Hope he gets his wife into a threesome in the future!

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