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A young womens torment into sexual hell
Sasha hurt all over. Pain was everywhere. It was extremely cold but the pain felt like fire to her body. She hardly noticed the near freezing teperature. Where was she? Why couldn’t she see? Why did her body hurt so? Dull and aching in places, sharp and piercing in others and the burning stinging of her flesh. Why could she not move? She was dazed, confused and lost in her own mind. What was happening to her? She tried to clear her head trying to remember something. Was she in a car accident? Had she fallen into a ditch or a hole? Was it a plane crash? Nothing. She knew or remembered nothing but the heat and throbbing of pain. She tried to swallow, her mouth dry and parched. She could not. Something held her mouth open wide and her jaws ached. Drool had run out of her mouth for hours leaving her throat and tongue dehydrated and scratchy. What kind of accident could cause the kind of pain she had everywhere it seemed. She drifted into unconscious but not before realizing she was face down on a rough hard surface that rubbed her cheek. Her arms were pinned and spread wide high above her head and her legs stretched far apart and restrained by something.
“AaaaHhhhh”…. Freezing cold, wet, wide awake, the pain subdued by the cold. Momentarily anyway. “Mmmmfffuuee.” Sasha’s mind raced. What was that? Uugghhh.. She groaned. Trying to right herself. Impossible. Was that ice water? “Look she is awake, She is trying to move, ” A voice rang out. Sasha called for help but all that was heard was Hhheeetthhh…eee eesse. “Make sure those bindings are tight, Her master will want to whip her again and put on that harness with the 12 inch vibrating cock and butt plug vibe. He may even want to get in her mouth and make her swallow. Hehe Hehe” “stand her up against the wall with her back and ass facing out. Fill that open mouth of hers though that hole in the gag with her panties and cover the gag and panties with duct tape.” Sasha heard the voice of a woman saying these things and tried to scream. OOO… she moaned trying to say no.
Sasha felt what ever she was bound to lifted on both sides and leaned against a solid surface she thought might be a wall. She felt the cold hard surface on her skin and…. Oh my God!! her tits and nipples, her stomach and thighs. Her head was positioned in such a way as to have her cheek pressing against the wall as well. She realized she was completely naked. She heard a locking sound that sounded like a gate being closed. She was now fully upright and it was rock she was pressed against because she could feel the irregularities of the surface and the roughness of the cold stone touching her skin. She heard a ripping sound. Then with no formality she felt fabric stuffed into her mouth through the device holding it open. She could smell the musky fragrance of sex and the faint smell of urine and shit. Then the whole thing was covered and stuck to her face with the tape. She heard a squealing door open and close with a loud clank and the sound of a lock.
She hung like this for a long time. Her memory started coming back slowly. She had gone out with Lacy and Kelly to the coffee shop. They all had lattes and talked to guys who hit on them. She had early class tomorrow and needed to get home. Lacy and Kelly dropped her off just outside her building about 11:00 pm when a black van pulled along side her. The side door opened she was grabbed and pulled inside where she felt the hard fist of one of her assailants strike her in the jaw and she was knocked unconscious.
She heard the lock and door again. Thwack, thwack, thwack thwack it sounded like footsteps. It stopped. Immediately a harsh more than hard striking pain walloped and covered both sides of what she knew was her bare ass cheeks. It happened again and again, over and over for what seemed like dozens and dozens of times. She screamed with all her might at each strike, but no sound was heard
What Sasha’s master saw was Sasha’s bright cherry red ass. A couple of small blood vessels had broken underneath the skin and had been exposed by the repeated blows. Small formations of that blood lay against her skin. Her master knew this was only the beginning. This had to be done. He disliked having to cause so much pain but to train his new slave he knew she must endure it. She was really beautiful and he really wanted her body intact for his pleasure. “Sasha,” he said in a loud deep voice. “I am going to tell you what is going on and what will be happening to you and why.” “You will have no control or say in this. It will be done as I describe and the only way for you to lessen the pain of this suffering is to tell yourself over and over again that you will obediently and immediately do anything and everything I say without question and that I am your master and you are my property and the extreme pain won’t continue past your training.” “I know you cannot speak so you will immediately nod yes to my questions when asked. Do you understand? Sasha’s mind froze, was she supposed to nod. The pain that raked her body left her bewildered. SMACK against her ass flesh again. Her head immediately started nodding up and down. Too late, another series of hard striking blows against her backside. Sasha passed out from the pain. “God dammed little cunt,” growled her master. “Well time to get busy with other things,” he said to himself. “George get in here now and bring the harness, the tattoo machine, the piercing gun, the restraint straps and the gurney.” When George arrived he set all the things he had placed on the gurney in their proper place. He unbolted and untied Sasha from the frame that had her in a spread eagle standing position and placed her facedown on the gurney. Her arms were falling over the sides and he bound them to the legs of the gurney He placed a 30-inch spreader bar between the restrains he had put on her ankles and secured it. He picked up the harness from the floor and lubed the plugs attached to it liberally with some green goop from a can marked lube. “Master can I put it on her? Can I, can I? “No! I am not ready for that yet now back to your cell and don’t let me see that cock of yours hard again until your mistress arrives,” his master chided. Master took the tattoo machine and hand ed a beautiful tribal butterfly freehand design across her lower back. The letters of the words “Fuck me here and directional arrows pointing the way to both holes appeared down each ass cheek with the cleft of her ass in the middle. Master then took the crotch harness and placed both vibes into Sasha’s respective holes and secured the buckle in back. Sasha’s pussy and ass we completely filled as her master turned on the vibration function to low. Sasha stirred as the buzzing feeling inside her began to awaken her. Sasha groaned through the gag. “Oh I see you are awake my little whore. You missed the part where I tell you I am going to tramp stamp your back and fill your holes with toys.
Master removed her blindfold. She could see a bit but very intense spotlights shined into her eyes limited her view. He tore the duct tape away from her mouth and pulled her panties out through the ring of a 2½-inch ring gag that kept Sasha’s mouth open. He then pulled up a chair and sat down out of her view. “ Now Sasha we will continue our conversation. OK?” Sasha’s head acknowledged yes. You my sweet are by far the hottest co-ed on campus and far more beautiful than you were before. I have watched and stalked you for almost two years. I know your habits. I have seen the loser guys you date with the needle dicks you let fuck you. I have the videos to prove it. You are due a much larger cock than than what you have been getting. Problem is you don’t give any men the time of day that don’t fit into your how can I use them, what can you can I get out of them plan. Dick size be damned. Well now it is my turn to use you and I have a dick that is going to punish that little pussy of yours any time I want. I am not some piece of trash you can throw away like you did. If you knew then what you are about to learn now you would have never been the cunt you were to me.
Sasha’s mind raced. This guy knows me; did I date this guy? There have been so many. Which one? She had lots of beautiful things to prove the number of men she had spent time with and yes she had treated all but a select few of them like shit. She had to admit she was beautiful and her beauty dictated her attitude. She was 5’7” 125 lbs blue eyes and light auburn hair, which was about three inches longer than shoulder length. She worked out and had nice firm 34 C breasts. Her ass was a stunning heart shape and everything she wore accented its curves. When she wore tight pants you could see the camel toe just waiting.
The next thing Sasha knew was that there was a huge fat cock in her mouth pushing its way towards the back of her throat. Master pinched her nose. “ You were not listening to me bitch! So now you will give me the things you would not before.” Sasha struggled to breathe but could not. He continued, “ I cared about you and all you wanted was my money.” He let go of her nose but kept thrusting his cock in her mouth pushing her head down its length. “So here is the deal. We are nowhere near campus anymore. Your friends Lacy and Kelly are in no position to tell anyone about your get together at the coffee shop and for all anyone else knows you are missing which should not concern anyone for a while based on your history of being gone for days at a time. You are going to become my personal sex slave. You will have no freedom. You will be trained over the next several weeks to anticipate my every whim and I will fuck and cum in all your holes repeatedly several times a day. Your training will be more of what you have already experienced plus pain you can’t even imagine yet. After your training if you are what I want, you will be like a favorite pet. But do not misunderstand there is no escape and you will service others and me for the rest of your life. I believe you will come to enjoy it.” Master unloaded in her mouth forcing his cock down her throat as white streams of cum slid down her esophagus. He pulled back a little to make sure she had a good bit in her mouth as well. Her gag reflex reacted but she could not swallow so the cum just oozed. Master pulled out and wiped his dick across her face.
Sasha could not see his face. She could not move her head enough to look up. Additionally the spot lights obscured any serious detail about anything but …her masters cock. She knew it was big by the way it felt in her mouth and throat but it was huge. It hung between his legs like a boys arm. It must have been at least ten inches long and only a bit smaller in diameter than a coke can and it was only partially erect after he had unloaded into her. She could taste the cum on her tongue. It was salty as usual but it had a nasty sour putrid taste to it as well. His balls hung down as well and they were no small marbles either. “You like the looks of that cock, slut? Just imagine how it is going to feel pumping into your holes all day. Your pussy lips will be so well fucked that they will hang down to your knees.” He said laughing. “Oh and speaking of pussy lips it is time to get them and your clit pierced. As you can probably tell right now both of those fuck holes between your legs are occupied, but that won’t be a problem.” Sasha could feel the vibrators doing their job but they had not brought her to orgasm. “I am also going to pierce your nipples. Now I am going to untie your arms and unhook your ankles from the gurney and lead you by that collar around your neck to a reclining OB chair. It will be hard for you to walk with that bar between your feet but you will manage. Don’t fall, I will not catch you and I will flog you until you crawl on your belly to the chair if you do.” Sasha tried to see the face of her tormentor but what she saw horrified her. It looked like her masters face had been burned in a fire as it was disfigured and scarred. She also saw the body of a strong muscular frame. It mesmerized her in its proportions. Who is he? I dated this guy and let him go? She asked herself through the growing pain in the small of her back and the beginning of an orgasm.
Sasha was on her feet now. She could look around the room. It was fairly large. It was all stone except for the steel door in the corner and the floor, which was very rough cold concrete. Various furniture items were in the room. She saw the chair she was being led to. She saw an odd looking high back chair that looked like the ones used to electrocute people on death row. She saw a six-foot X with shackles on all four corners. She saw something that looked like a sawhorse only bigger and different. She saw steel eye bolts in the walls at various heights and she saw several large rings suspended from the beams in the ceiling. She saw large padded studded footstools and one of those stocks with the head and wrist holes they used in the 17th century to punish people. What she saw next horrified her. It was a cage about four feet square. Her body still ached as her master pulled her by her collar. She had to work her legs in such a way as to move one at a time and only a few inches at a time. The chair was at the far end of the room. She stumbled but remained upright. She thought to herself that master wanted her to fall so he could inflict more pain. When she reached the chair she was made to sit, not on a cushion but on a hard plastic pad that had sharp protrusions pointing up. It reminded her of one of those mats that they use for desk chairs to roll around on over carpet. The pain in her ass multiplied ten fold. However when she sat both vibrators pushed into her farther and intensified her building climax. Her stomach was belted to the chair and her ankles were again locked into bindings on the chair. Master bound her wrists together and pulled her arms up above her head and secured them to one of the rings in the wall. She tried to moan but found that more sound came out now than before. She became very vocal. “Now now. slut lets not get too excited yet. Oh you can make noise but no one will hear you and the more noise you make the more you get punished. Understand.” She failed to reply so master picked up a paddle from a tray holding the piercing gun and spanked both of her breasts very hard. Sasha reeled at how intense the pain from her nipple area was. She stopped the guttural noises and remained quiet nodding up and down. Master pulled out several studs and rings from a case and chose two barbell studs for her nipples and three 1/2inch hoops for her pussy. He placed the barbell studs first. The pain was so bad on Sasha already abused breasts that she passed out. Master admired his work. Then he removed the crotch harness leaving the vibes inside her. He parted her pussy lips between his thumb and forefinger exposing her clit and then pierced her and applied the hoop. He felt some compassion for his toy and knew what she had endured. To place the other two labial hoops the vibe needed to come out. As he pulled it from Sasha’s cunt he noticed she had cum and she was sopping wet from the climax. He grabbed a bucket of ice water again and poured it over her body to wake her. “ YOU wake up!! You may not cum without my permission ever, EVER!! Do you understand?!! Sasha nodded yes immediately. Master then pierced Sasha’s pussy lips just even with her vaginal hole. He then inserted a 12-inch dildo that also had a rabbit extension that vibrated on her clit. He locked the two hoops together with a small padlock preventing the device from coming out. He did not activate the vibe, but that would come. He removed her from the chair and had her walk to the cage. “Get in” he yelled. Sasha bent over and struggled to get inside but finally did. He locked her wrists to the bars in an awkward position. “Tomorrow will be three days.” He said, “You will get water and a chance to crap and pee. Then I will fuck and beat you all day. Get some rest. You are going to need it.” He walked to the door opened it turned out the lights and left locking the door behind him. Sasha started to cry. She still tasted the putrid cum in her mouth. The room was freezing and pitch black and her body hurt like no pain she had ever felt. The piercings’ hurt the worst. Then the rabbit started to vibrate. Oh god NO!!!
It was a fitful night for Sasha. At least she thought it was night. She tried to sleep but only dozed in erratic bouts of exhaustion. She was basically doubled over with no way to stretch with her feet spread wide, knees doubled up against her chest and her hands bound to the bars. Her mouth still forced open had cum in it. Her nipples and labial lips burned with the stabbing pain of being pierced and having the dildo stuffed inside her and the rabbit vibe flicking her swollen clit. She had to shit and pee terribly, and all the while the vibes working in her ass and on her clit caused her to cum uncontrollably every few minutes. She had cum so much she produced no more of her juices. They had all dripped out several hours ago into a drying pool on the floor that she could feel under her ass. “Oh god why? Oh God what is he going to do to me now. Please somebody help me!!” she cried in her mind. She did not know how long she remained like this. The complete darkness, the utter silence, the freezing cold and the burning of her flesh obscured any and all estimation of time. Hours, days, she did not know. Her master said he would return. Her master? How could she call that sadistic animal her master? She knew she had no choice. In a very odd way she prayed he would return soon just so she could know she was not forgotten in this place. Would she ever be free? Would she ever she people she knew again? What did he mean by servicing others? Would she die here?
All the lights in the room came on blinding Sasha. It took a while for her eyes to adjust and focus. Oh God she feared. She heard the lock and the door again. Please let me pee!! She thought. Please give me some water and food. Please can I get warm? Her mind raced. She saw a man walk in and walk towards her cage. It was not her master. He carried a bucket and a metal box. He was dressed like some type of medieval blacksmith wearing leather shorts or something. He had chains that formed an X across his back like suspenders and he carried a whip on his belt He was of large build and bald. He spoke to her giving her instructions. Sasha recognized his voice as that of the man her master called George. “I am going to let you out. You may relieve yourself in this bucket after I remove your plugs. In this box is an orange, a bottle of water and ½ of a turkey sandwich. I will remove your gag so you may eat but your hands will still remain cuffed. The bar between your feet will be removed but your ankles will still be bound together. You may not sit. You must kneel and rest your ass on your feet. Do not speak. Any deviation from these directions will result in me using this whip. Understand!” Sasha did not know if she was supposed to nod. This man was not her master but she did not want to risk his wrath so she nodded. “My name is George. I am a slave here too. I have been for 5 years. My mistress takes very good care of me. She said I might even get to fuck you. I like fucking ass the best. I like your ass especially, that nice tattoo you have telling me to fuck you in the ass is great.” Sasha was horror-struck by the thought of a tattoo telling people where she was to be fucked and who was this guy anyway he sounded retarded. George opened the cage and uncuffed Sasha’s hands. He drug her out by the collar around her neck and forced her to stand. Sasha’s legs cramped and buckled slightly causing her to almost fall. He saw the cum stain on the cage floor and tsk tske’d at the thought of her punishment. After Sasha was standing he removed the padlock from in-between her legs and removed the rabbit dildo. He also removed the anal plug vibe and stuck his face between Sash’s ass cheeks lapping at her. “GEORGE!” a female voice boomed over an unknown speaker. “What did I tell you?” “Yes mistress,” was his reply. He drug over the bucket and placed it behind her. Sasha squatted and emptied her bowels and bladder in an explosive push while George looked on. She had to hold her self up with her hands and arms pushing down on the rim of the bucket as it had too big of an opening to sit. With her legs still spread it made it even more difficult. After she had finished she rocked her hips slightly to get the remaining urine droplets to fall, as she was not given any toilet paper. How degrading. George moved the bucked and then removed the bar from between her ankles. He told her to stand and put her feet and hands together. She did. Then he locked them together at the cuffs. “Now kneel,” he said. Sasha could not. Her balance was off and her legs did not want to do what her mind told them. “KNEEL!!” Again she did not move. George grabbed her around the waist and moved her under one of the rings in the beams above her. Sasha tried to scream but her mouth was still gagged and she remembered her masters warning. George strung her arms high above her head and forced her to stand on her tiptoes. He removed his whip and backed away. Sasha heard the crack only milliseconds before the whip slashed across her ass and lower thighs. It sent shockwaves of pain though her. Again and again he swung striking her back and legs, her breasts and stomach. Sasha again passed out from the pain.
When she awoke she was bound to a chair. At least it seemed like a chair, but was different in the fact that it had a hole in the center like a toilet only smaller. The chair was bolted to the floor and her ankles, knees, waist, and just below her breasts and shoulders were strapped to the chair. She could see her breasts, in which the flesh was wrapped tightly with a coil of rope and stretched out away from her body on each side to the eyebolts in the walls. She also had some type of chain attached to the barbells piercing her nipples and stretched them out in front of her. Her gag was gone and her arms were semi free to move from the shoulders, but her wrists were held to the chair by chains attached at her wrist cuffs. The metal box holding her food was sitting on her lap. She ravenously grabbed the bottle of water and gulped it down. She ate the sandwich wishing she had saved some of the water, as the sandwich was dry and flavorless. She finished it off and ate the orange slices. It was not enough but it was something after three days. After she finished she heard the electrical whirring of a motor. It only took seconds for her to realize what it was. A hard metal rounded shaft was being pushed into her pussy from beneath the chair. It felt long and thick like a penis and it moved in a consistent rhythm in and out of her. It must have had lube on it as it slid into her easily and pushed deep inside her. After a time the speed increased and it was really thrusting into her quickly. Her pussy ached at the size and length of the intruder as it violated her. All of a sudden when it had reached the hilt of it’s rise an electrical shock radiated inside of Sasha. The speed slowed and each time the cock reached up as high as it would go the shock happened again. Sasha’s cunt was being traumatized with each thrust. The electro shocks she was taking reverberated throughout her body. She wished she were dead. This punishment went on for hours it seemed. Sasha initially wanted to cum but the continuing shocks had put a stop to that. She heard the door unlock and open and someone walk in. It was her master.
“You sick fucking bastard let me out of here!” Sasha screamed. The metal cock rose again and supplied her with a tremendous jolt. “Now Now, Is that any way to talk to your master? I am going to leave that there for a moment while you compose yourself and remember where you are,” said her master as he worked a remote control in his hands. After a minute or so the pain inside her subsided. Master sat down in front of her. “My name is Bradley, Brad for short although that is not the name I used when you knew me. You will only call me master or sir. Now are you through with your tantrum.” Sasha nodded yes and she said, “Yes sir.” Good, then lets get down to business. You have been here for 5 days. We led you to believe it was only 3 but it has been 5. After you were abducted you were brought here to this place that is so far from civilization that you could walk for a full day and never see a soul. Not to mention as you may have noticed it is quite cold here. Outside temp is about 10 degrees below zero. We don’t waste money on heat for this room. This room is your room. You will live and work in here and if you obey as you are told you may have the pleasure of someone to keep you warm in here very often.” He said with a sly nasty smile. “ When you were abducted some other girls were also grabbed and they are here as well being trained just like you. Unlike you they will be sold to very rich Saudi’s that want white American women to be their slaves. As I said before you are mine and I own you. I see you ate. I see and hear everything in here. This room has infrared, microphones and closed circuit television so I can see you all the time.” He said. “Would you like to see what kind of shape you are in?” Sasha nodded. The metal cock was still inside her but it was not moving or shocking her. “George get in here and bring two full length mirrors!” “You will see you don’t look the same as you remember but your wounds will heal if you behave and you will be as stunning as ever with the addition of your new tattoo and jewelry. After I unbind you from the chair and the modified sybian under you you may look in the mirrors and then I will let you get some real rest. You still will have to sleep in your cage like a good little fuck slave, but I will not bind you and I may even give you a blanket if you don’t try to do anything stupid while you look in the mirrors.” George arrived with the mirrors and master was right she had bruises everywhere. Her flesh was scourged and torn. Her face was swollen and the hideous way her breasts were stretched and blue almost made her pass out. She gazed unflinching as her master unbound her. First her breasts and nipples were freed then the restraints binding her to the chair were loosed. Master used the remote to retract the stainless phallus from her pussy. She tried to stand but weakness overcame her and she fell. Master and George picked her up and stood her against the strange looking sawhorse and moved the mirrors closer. Sasha now understood why she hurt so much. There was little more than 1 square inch of her body that was not tortured and bruised. Her back, her thighs, (both front and back) her butt, her stomach, chest, breasts, arms, and face all bore the signs of the cruelty inflicted upon her. She saw the tattoo and the piercing and fell on a heap on the floor unconscious. “Put her in the cage, give her that blanket that is in that girl Lacy’s cell. You know the one that has all her cum stains and blood on it. Damn her cunt and ass were tight. Couldn’t believe how she bled after I had at her. Like she was on her period or something. While you are in there for the blanket you can have at her ass if you want. Just gag her. I don’t want her screaming loud enough to wake my slave.

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Do we get to read part 2

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when do we get part 2

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