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Even as old as we are, incest is very intriguing.
Fbailey story number 270

I Let My Brother Fuck Me

Hello, my name is Karen. I am a fifty-seven year old woman and I have been very happily married to my wonderful husband for thirty-nine years. I am the oldest of five children and I just let my little brother Brian fuck me again, yes again. He is forty-four years old and I think he is still very cute. He was only five years old when I got married and he sure grew up into a very handsome young man. Now he has gotten heavier, but so have I.

It all started a couple of years ago when our mother got sick and the two of us volunteered to stay with her for a while. At home I sleep in the nude but there I put on one of mom’s old worn out shifts because of the heat. I slept on the couch and sometime during the night I must have thrown my sheet off too. I awoke to a slight noise and knew that Brian was up, however I just lay there enjoying the soft couch. Threw my closed eyelids I saw a flash from a camera and realized that my knees were up and open. I opened my eyes just a little bit then closed them again pretending to still be asleep. Two more flashes shined through my eyelids.

I waited another minute or two until I heard another noise and then I stretched, yawned, and got up off the couch. I asked Brian what he was fixing for breakfast. He replied that he was making us all eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee. When it was ready I took mom’s plate into her and gave her breakfast in bed. Then I returned to the table to eat with Brian.

After the dishes were all done I asked, “Brian did you like what you saw earlier?”

Brian replied, “What?”

So I said, “You know. When you took those pictures of my pussy this morning.”

Brian just blushed and then I pulled my shift up over my head exposing my pussy, my breasts, and my entire body to his gaze.

He didn’t need to be asked twice. Brian came at me, grabbed me in his arms, and lowered me to the couch. He dropped his pants and his underwear to his knees and then desperately plunged his cock into me.

We loved each other in a brother and a sister way but that sex was only about lust. He slammed into me like I hadn’t known in years. My own lust was so high that I just kept having orgasms every time that he plunged his cock into me. Then my little brother flooded my pussy with his cum.

As soon as he realized what he had done he said, “Oh shit, I’m so sorry.”

I just smiled at him and said, “I’m not. I wanted it too.”

Brian said, “Not that. I’m sorry that I cum in you and didn’t use a condom. I know that your husband had a vasectomy.”

Again I just smiled and said, “I haven’t had a period in almost three years. I should certainly be safe by now.”

Brian asked, “Are you mad at me?”

I replied, “Not at all Brian. I wanted it to happen just as much as you did. In fact I wouldn’t mind if it happened again…real soon.”

Over the next two weeks I let my brother have sex with me anytime that he wanted too. As Mom got better Brian and I got more creative at when and where we did it. Since Mom went to bed early, we made love on the couch that I slept on every night and then in the bathroom every morning. We occasionally made love down in the cellar while I did Mom’s laundry too.

Over the past two years since then Brian has come by for a visit about once a month. We always have sex and it is always just as good as that first time.

Take today for instance. Brian arrived for dinner with my husband and I. He helped my husband cook the steaks out over the grill while I made mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn on the cob. After dinner my husband left to go bowling with his buddies. It’s a once a week thing and Brian knows about it quite well. Today though he decided to show up early and spend some time with my husband too.

After the coast was clear we went up to my bedroom where I undressed for him. Brian undressed too and then we cuddled on the bed. By now he knew what I liked. He kissed me gently for a while. He played with my breasts and thumbed my nipples for a while. He played with my pussy especially my clit. He knows that drives me up the wall. He tortured me, I squirmed trying to get away from his fantastic finger, and then I just shuddered when my orgasm struck. It started in my toes and built up speed as it passed through my pussy, my nipples, and threatened to blow the top of my head off.

After Brian pleasured me it was his turn to pleasure himself. I just opened my legs up and invited him in. Brian did not have to be asked twice, in fact he never had to be asked twice. He just thrust into me with the same intensity that he always does. I enjoy the way he uses my body to please his own. It’s the least that a sister can do for her cute younger brother. His cock slipping and sliding inside of me feels so decadent. I love my husband very much and I love my brother too, just not at the same time. Hey, that doesn’t sound like suck a bad idea. Maybe I’ll suggest it to my husband sometime just after he cums in me.

The End
I Let My Brother Fuck Me
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