This is a story that I've been wanting to tell someone for a long time. I never had anyone that I could share it with, so I decided to share it with you, the reader; hopefully, you masturbate furiously and if you don't, I apologize.
I was twelve years old and was hanging out with my friend Jordan. He was that one friend that you don't know really well, but you still invite over to your house to stay the night. And am I glad that I invited him over that night. It was something I'll never forget, and something that gives me wood from just thinking about it.

We were upstairs in my room, probably watching some crappy TV show on TV or maybe playing a computer game. I don't remember what we were doing exactly, but that doesn't matter. I remember I was lying on my bed and all of sudden, he jumps on me, his crotch making direct contact with my ass; he laughed as he got off of me. Then he laid down, and I did it to him. This kept going for a few minutes until he said, "Dude, I actually have a boner!" He was wearing sweatpants and lo and behold, he had a hard-on; as for me, I had had a boner since when I first got on him.

Hesitant, but having that complete disregard for feelings as people do when their horny, I asked, "Do you want to do it for real?" We looked each other in the eyes and we just nodded. Making sure the door was closed, we began to undress, with our underwear coming off last. His penis flopped out of his underwear, and I couldn't help but grin. It was small, probably only a little over two and a half inches, but I still liked it. My cock was bigger, probably around four and a half, maybe five inches.

We started with some slow rubbing, just getting a feel for each other's cocks. He looked at me and said, "Go down on it." I dropped to my knees and put his dick in my mouth, letting it slide all the farther it could into my mouth. I licked around it, bobbing back and forth on his little cock. His hands ran through my hair and I pulled away.

"Your turn." He dropped down and began to suck my cock, but he couldn't deep-throat it. He took it as far as he could, and I began to run my fingers through his hair. "That feels good." He kept going for a little while longer, then pulled away and we laid on my bed, naked. I positioned myself over him, my dick hanging down toward his mouth. I began to suck on his cock and I felt his mouth wrap around mine. We 69'd for a few minutes, before we decided it was time for anal fucking.

I bent him over and spit on his ass, lubing my own cock up. "Spread your butt cheeks." His hands came around and he spread them, his rosebud looking glorious and wet. I put my cock head on his ass, then slowly pushed it in. He let go of his butt cheeks, as he grunted slightly.

"It kind of hurts." I didn't pay attention to it, though. I just kept making my way into his ass, gradually settling into a stream of steady, first-time humps. It felt really good, especially at first; he had clenched his ass pretty tight, creating a vice-grip on my cock. He loosened up after a bit and I continued fucking him, hearing his occasional sigh of pleasure. I stroked his dick for a bit and then he brought himself to a standing position. "Can I do you now?"

I pulled out of him, and bent over. I felt my ass being lubed up, then spread my cheeks like he did for me. I felt a small cock-head push on my asshole, then not much of anything. He was humping, I knew; I could feel his hips hitting me. His cock was too small to do any good, though. I let him go for a few minutes, then we laid back down on my bed. I proceeded to get on top of him, fucking his ass again. I went for a few minutes, then pulled out, pulling him off of my bed. I bent him over and proceeded to fuck him.

I reached around, jerking him off as I fucked him. After a few minutes, a warm, sticky substance was deposited into my hand as he came. Soon after, I pulled out of his ass, promptly cumming on my floor. We laid down, smiling at each other, stroking at one another's limp dicks. "That was fun." He just laughed and rolled over to watch TV, still in the nude. I slapped one of his butt cheeks, then began to stroke his ass.

"What are you doin', man? I thought we were done!" It was my turn to laugh. Before we knew what was happening, he was lying on my bed and I was inside him, fucking away again. I didn't know where my burst of energy came from, but it was the kind of energy where I felt I could have destroyed an oncoming bus. I fucked vigorously, my hands keeping his ass spread so I could see my dick coming in and out of his ass.

However, much quicker than the other time, I felt myself needing to come soon. I pulled out and sprayed another wad on my floor. I laid back on my bed, my eyes closed and I felt pressure on my chest. I opened my eyes and he was sitting on me, his dick hard again. Without any words, I leaned forward, sucking his dick again.

I rubbed it furiously, and he cried out. "Oh, man, I'm going to cum!" I stopped stroking, licking at his balls. I licked up the short shaft of his dick, ticking his balls with my other hand. "Dude, let me fuck you." He got off of me and I laid on my bed, spreading my ass for him.

I felt the dick on my hole again, then inside of me; I felt more this time, but not enough to actually be concerned with. His weight was hitting me, pounding my ass for all it was worth; in this case, he didn't have enough to use it for what it was worth.

I felt him pull out and I saw him cum on my sheets. "That was really cool." I just laughed and we got under the covers, watching TV. It turned out to get even better that night and we continued this relationship for a few years, resulting in a few more interesting stories.

If this one has a positive reaction, I'll post more. So, please, comment and rate, thanks!

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2010-11-13 03:17:44
i love a guy named jordan he goes to my school but were still closeted lol keep writing!

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2010-11-13 03:17:31
i love a guy named jordan he goes to my school but were still closeted lol keep writing!

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2010-07-19 08:01:23
u should have put more detail as to how the cock felt inside him

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2009-06-11 20:58:11
Good turn on. Keep posting your stories

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2008-10-25 11:55:48
im in love with a named jordan ha! i hope this guys last name doesnt start with a c! pretty good story though. hope we see more

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