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Chapter 9

“Girls, the pizzas here,” Jason called to his daughters, closing the door behind the delivery driver as he walked away with a smile for the large tip in his pocket.

“Coming dad,” Karen and Nancy responded as their naked bodies scrambled out of their father’s bedroom and streaked ahead of him to the dining table which he’d already set for their meal.

“Are you sure you want to be running around the house like that?” Jason asked as he set the two pizza boxes on the table and reached for his chair.

“We go around like this all the time,” Nancy said with a shrug as slid her naked ass onto her chair.

“It’s true dad,” Karen said at her father’s disbelieving look, “when mom was alive all three of us would walk around the house naked until just before you got home. And Nancy and I have been doing it since she died. As son as we get home from school we strip out of our clothes and start walking around naked until a half-hour or so before you get home. Just in case we keep a few things in the closet by the front door so we can slip into something real quick if we have an unexpected visitor.”

“But don’t the neighbors complain about you walking around in the nude?” Jason asked as he started to sit down and then took another look at his naked daughters and took a minute to strip out of his own clothes before he gave them a quick smile and a blush as he sat down at the table.

“You remember how mom insisted that we have heavy curtains for all the windows,” Karen asked as she slipped two slices of pizza onto her plate before she passed the box to her sister. “That was so we could do whatever we wanted to do around the house without disturbing the neighbors.”

“The more you tell me about what you and your mother were up to while I was unaware of her whole seduction plan makes me wonder just how well I actually knew her,” Jason said with a slight frown. “But it also makes me horny as hell when I think about the three of you running around the house totally naked.”

“Not only that, dad,” Karen said with a mischievous smile as she reached over to stroke her father’s hardening cock under the table, “mom taught us all about eating pussy. That’s how I know how good you are, because I can compare your technique to mom’s.”

“Karen’s right dad,” Nancy said as she pushed her sister’s hand aside so she could stroke his cock. “Mom always said that you were better at eating pussy then she was, and now I know she wasn’t lying.”

“Well I do try my best,” Jason told his daughters with an embarrassed shrug, “but I think I’d prefer to be known as a better fucker than eater.”

“Oh, you are dad,” Karen told her father as she took a bite of her pizza.

“That’s right daddy,” Nancy said with a grin as she continued to stroke her father’s prick under the table. “Mom always said that you were the best fuck she ever had, and now that you’ve popped my cherry I have to agree.”

“But I’m the only fuck you’ve ever had,” Jason pointed out with a sly grin.

“And if I have it my way you’ll be the only fuck I ever have,” Nancy said with a predatory grin.

“I’m with Nancy, dad,” Karen said. “I can’t think of anyone else I’d like to fuck now that I’ve fucked you.”

“I’m glad you think so,” Jason told his older daughter before he licked his lips and continued, “but someday I’m sure you’ll find someone else that you want to fuck more than me.”

“Never,” Karen and Nancy said together. Karen’s arm gave a little jerk and some of the sauce from her pizza dropped to her chest. Karen reached for a napkin to wipe her chest but her father stopped her.

“Let me take care of that, Karen,” Jason said as he leaned closer. Before Karen knew what her father was going to do he stuck out his tongue and licked her tit clean before moving on to give her nipple a quick suck. Karen let out a happy little giggle as her father sat back in his chair and gave her a quick wink.

“Oh look daddy,” Nancy said, waiting to make sure her father was looking her way before she intentionally dropped the last of her slice in her lap. “Could you clean that up for me.”

“Of course,” Jason said, giving his youngest daughter a wolfish grin before he slid out of his chair and knelt between her thighs. “But don’t let it happen again, I don’t want our dinner turning into a food fight.”

“Whatever you say dad,” Karen said with a sigh as she leaned forward to eat the rest of her slice over her plate as her father cleaned her sister’s lap. Nancy had pushed her chair back from the table so Karen could watch as their father licked her sister’s thighs clean before turning his attention to the girl’s bald pussy.

“I hope the two of you aren’t going to get jealous now that I’m fucking both of you,” Jason said as pulled back from Nancy’s lap to take in the full view of her cunt. “So far the two of you have been great friends and there’s plenty of me to go around so you don’t have anything to fight about you know.”

“If you say so dad,” Karen said with a frown that she tried to hide before anyone else noticed it. “But I’ve had you all to myself for a month now and it won’t be easy for me to share your cock with someone else, not even Nancy.”

“But you will, right sis?” Nancy asked anxiously as she let out a little gasp of pleasure as her father pushed his head between her open thighs to lick her slit from bottom to top before sucking her erect clit into his mouth to tease it with his teeth and tongue.

“Of course I will,” Karen with a sigh as she wished she’d dropped her pizza onto her lap instead of her chest.

“Oh God daddy, that feels so good,” Nancy moaned as pussy quivered around her father’s invading tongue. As her belly clenched at the pulse of sexual energy running up from her cunt Nancy reached down to grab her father by his thinning hair and push his head further into her crotch. “Make me cum daddy, please make me cum,” Nancy groaned as her stomach started to quake with her approaching orgasm.

“Eat me daddy, eat me,” Nancy whined as her feet beat against the floor and Karen watched the two of them with a wistful smile on her face. Jason pushed his tongue into his daughter’s drooling slit and rubbed his nose against the girl’s erect clit as Nancy’s whole body jumped and jiggled as her orgasm shot through her body and escaped with a scream of pleasure.

“Thank you daddy,” Nancy said with a weak moan as she opened her thighs to release her father’s head.

“You’re welcome,” Jason said as he licked his lips with clean with obvious relish. As he backed away from Nancy’s crotch he noticed the juice smeared around his daughter’s bald pussy and it took all his self control from ramming his unprotected cock into her fertile cunt but he finally managed to return to his seat and his dinner.

“So, Nancy,” Jason said as he returned to his pizza, “since you just lost your cherry, and since Karen’s having her period, I guess it’s only fair that you decide what we’re going to do next. Is there anything special you want to try?”

“Well,” Nancy said hesitantly as she wrapped her fingers around her father’s hard cock under the table, “there is something I’m curious about, but I don’t know if you want to do it.”

“What is it?” Jason asked encouraging her to speak as he tried to suppress the groan of pleasure that threatened to escape his lips. “There aren’t too many things that I’m not willing to try, though there are a few things I don’t like that much.”

“I was wondering,” Nancy said, Jason wasn’t sure if she was hesitating because she wasn’t sure how he’d reply or because she was picking up the pace of her strokes on his shaft as his cock and balls started to vibrate with his approaching orgasm, “if you’d fuck me in the ass.”

Jason sputtered and coughed, grabbing a napkin to wipe his face before he replied. “I would love to fuck you in the ass,” he said as his cock jerked in Nancy’s grasp and he felt her other hand cup around the head of his cock to catch his cum as it shot from his cock, “if you really want to try it.”

“I do,” Nancy said, hoping excitedly in her chair. At first Jason thought she was excited about getting fucked in the ass, but then he realized that the girl was using her excitement to hide the fact that she was shoving her cum coated fingers into her unprotected pussy. When he realized what Nancy was doing Jason wondered if he should say something, but he finally decided that it was too late to stop the girl if she was so determined to get his cum in her fertile body if she was that determined to knock herself up with his baby. “Ever since mom told me about anal sex I’ve been curious about what it really feels like, but she did warn me that some people don’t like it.”

“Well I’m not one of them,” Jason said, recovering from his surprise enough to imagine what his eleven year old daughter would look like as her belly started to swell with his baby and her tits grew to match, swollen with milk he could drink straight from her nipples until the baby was born. Jason snagged another slice of pizza from the box and started eating it to disguise the hopeful smile on his face as he got back to their conversation. “I prefer to fuck a girl in the cunt, but I’m willing to fuck you in the ass if that’s what you want. But first we better clean the table.”

“We’ll take care of that, daddy,” Karen said with a meaningful glance at her sister as she got up from her chair. “Why don’t you go into the living room and we’ll join you in a few minutes.”

“Sound’s good to me,” Jason said as he got up from his own seat. “Maybe we can turn it into a three way, I always wondered what it would be like to fuck a girl while she was having sex with another girl at the same time.”

“Now you’ll be able to do it every night if you want,” Nancy said as she grabbed what was left of the pizzas and followed her sister into the kitchen.

On his way to the living room Jason stopped to get some condoms from his pants pocket and dropped them on the end table next to his recliner as he sat down and turned on the TV with the remote. As the news reporter droned on the screen he turned down the volume until the sound was an inaudible buzz as he leaned back and listened to his daughter’s as they argued in the kitchen. “What’s the idea of telling dad he can fuck you in the ass?” Karen asked in an angry whisper loud enough to carry through the whole house.

“Come on, Karen,” Nancy said in a voice much calmer than her sisters. “You know I’ve wanted to try anal sex, ever since mom told me about it The only thing I wanted as much as daddy’s cock in my virgin pussy, is daddy’s cock in my virgin ass.”

“I know that,” Karen said with a deep sigh, “but I had him all hot and bothered for my virgin ass once he knocked me up. Once he gets a taste of your ass he’ll lose all interest in mine.”

“Or maybe he’ll want it even more once he knows what he’s missing,” Nancy told her sister with a chuckle. “Come on Karen, you know I want daddy to give me a baby as much as you do, and if we can just get him hot and bothered enough he may even forget the condoms every once in a while when he fucks us. I want daddy to knock me up because he wants to, but I’ll take a baby any way I can get it.”

“Me too,” Karen sighed, “that’s why I didn’t say anything at dinner when I realized that you were putting his cum in you pussy like that. If I’d thought of it I would have done it myself, but I don’t think dad will let either of us get away with it a second time.”

“I guess you’re right,” Nancy admitted, “but at least we’ll get to eat each other out while dad fucks my ass. I haven’t eaten your pussy all day because you were in such a bad mood, I hope you’re as ready for a good cunt eating as I am.”

“Oh, I’m ready Nancy, let’s go.”

Jason quickly turned up the television before the girls realized how low he’d had the sound, and then turned the set off as his two naked daughters entered the room and moved to stand between him and the screen. “Are you ready daddy?” Karen asked with a quick giggle.

“Almost,” Jason said as he indicated his semi-erect cock. “Why don’t the two of you get started? I’m sure you’ll get me hot enough to fuck both of you in the ass.”

“Not my ass dad,” Karen said as she got down on the floor and lay on her back.

“Not until I knock you up,” Jason said with a grin, “I know, but I still keep hoping that you’ll change your mind.”

“And I keep hoping that you’ll change yours,” Karen said with a grin of her own as Nancy straddled her face so her sister could reach her pussy with her lips and tongue.

“Oh yeah,” Nancy said with a gasp of pleasure as her sister licked her bald pussy even before she had a chance to reach the older girl’s cunt. “Eat my cunt, Karen, make it nice and wet while daddy watches us.”

Karen only response was to suck on her sister’s drooling pussy lips until the younger girl’s clit popped out of it’s sheath so she could nibble on the sensitive little nub. With another groan of pleasure Nancy stretched out across her sister’s naked body until she could run her fingers through the reddish brown fuzz around the older girl’s wet pussy.

“So, you like that?” Nancy asked her sister as she blew across the older girl’s quivering cunt lips. “I bet you like getting your pussy eaten as I love eating it.”

Jason smiled as he watched his daughters eat each other out, he could see Nancy’s puckered ass hole bobbing up and down just a few feet in front of him and he could feel his prick getting harder by the second as he thought about shoving it into the eleven year old’s virgin ass. As he watched the girls’ flat bellies rub together as the girl’s slid their naked bodies back and forth he started wondering what it would look like if he actually broke down and gave his daughter’s what they wanted. The thought of the two girl’s rubbing their swollen bellies together while the milk dripped from their tits was enough to make Jason’s cock rock hard so fast it almost hurt.

Once again Jason had to wrestle with his self control before he got behind Nancy’s fertile little cunt and gave her enough baby juice to knock her up for sure, but through force of will he managed to stop himself before it was too late and grabbed the condom from the end table. As he approached Nancy on his knees Jason wondered how long it would be before his two baby hungry daughters managed to wear down his resolve and get what they wanted, a part of him hoped it didn’t take them too long, but he knew his conscience would never allow him to forgive himself if he ever gave in to the girl’s desires.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this Nancy?” Jason asked as he came up behind her on his knees. Nancy didn’t bother to take her mouth out of Karen’s crotch to answer him but he saw her head bobbing up and down between her sister’s thighs as he brought the head of his cock up close to his preteen daughter’s pussy. “I’m need to get my shaft well lubed before I shove it in that cherry ass of yours so I’m going to fuck it in and your cunt a few times before I switch to your ass, ok?”

Nancy didn’t bother to answer again but Jason saw her head bob up and down a couple times as she continued to eat her older sister’s slimy cunt. As he brought the head of his cock up to Nancy’s slit Karen moved her face away from Nancy’s pussy and smiled up at her father as he slid his shaft into his youngest daughter. Jason moved his cock in and out of Nancy’s fuck tunnel, swirling the cock around as he did so to make sure that it was well coated with her pussy juice as Karen licked and sucked his cum heavy balls with every thrust. Part of Jason’s mind wondered if he was pushing his own baby juice deeper into his daughter’s fertile belly and he almost hoped that he was helping his little girl’s dream come true.

“I’m ready if you are,” Jason said, pulling his well coated cock out of Nancy’s cunt and bringing it up to the girl’s puckered ass hole. “Are you sure you’re ready for this Nancy?”

“I’ve been ready for over a year daddy,” Nancy said, taking her face out of her sister’s crotch just long enough to speak to her father, “now pop my ass cherry just like you popped my pussy.”

“Whatever my little girls want,” Jason said with a savage grin as he thrust forward with a grunt of effort and popped the head of his cock into the girl’s ass. “Or almost anything my little girls want,” Jason finished when he saw Karen’s mouth open and stopped her before she could say anything. Karen gave him a wistful smile and then returned to eating Nancy’s cunt as her sister returned the favor in spite of the occasional muffled moan that could have been either pain or pleasure..

Breathing through gritted teeth Jason pushed his cock a little deeper into Nancy’s virgin ass and then pulled it back out for the next thrust. “I swear Nancy, your ass is even tighter than your cunt,” Jason panted, “I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am.”

With every thrust Jason buried a little more of his shaft into his daughter’s quivering virgin ass. One final thrust and Jason’s whole cock was buried in Nancy’s ass and he held it there as his daughter got use to the feel of his full prick buried in the depths of her bowels. “Your ass is incredible Nancy,” Jason moaned as he started moving his cock in and out of the girl’s hole. “I don’t think your mother was this tight when I fucked her in the ass.”

“Oh daddy, your cock feels so good inside me,” Nancy moaned as she took her face out of her sister’s pussy and shook her head back and forth at the sheer pleasure that was running through her body with her sister eating her cunt and her father fucking her ass. “Fuck me daddy, fuck my tight little ass. The only thing better than this is when you fuck my pussy.”

“I was just thinking the same thing,” Jason said with a grunt, “the only thing better than a tight ass is a tight pussy. And no one has a tighter pussy than you and Karen.”

“Does that mean you don’t want to fuck my ass anymore dad?” Karen asked, taking her mouth away from her sister’s pussy and replacing it with two fingers shoved deep in the younger girl’s twat while she teased her clit with her spasming clit with her thumb.

“Oh, I want to fuck your ass too Karen,” Jason said as he felt his balls start to twitch with his approaching orgasm, even though Nancy’s ass didn’t quiver the way her cunt did when she was getting close to her orgasm he could tell that she was on the edge the way she was gasping for breath and shivering just on the edge.

“Fuck me daddy,” Nancy cried as her whole body started to shake and shiver between her father and sister. “Fuck my ass daddy, fuck my ass.”

“You’re too tight for me, Nancy, I’m cumming,” Jason grunted as he slammed his cock to the balls in her ass and shot his load into the condom wrapped around his prick.

“So am I daddy,” Nancy cried, her body shaking so hard she bucked her father out of her ass and onto the floor as she rolled off Karen to shake and quiver through her own orgasm.

“That makes three of us,” Karen moaned as flopped around the floor between her sister and father.

“That was the first three way I ever had in my life,” Jason groaned as he got up on his elbow and turned to look at his two daughters as they lay spent but happy on the living room floor. “If I knew it was this good I would have done it a long time ago.”

“And this is just the beginning daddy,” Karen said, giving her father a wide grin before she licked her sister’s pussy juice from her lips.

“Yeah daddy,” Nancy chimed in as she gave her father another juice smeared grin, “just think, it’s going to be like this every night for the rest of your life.”


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