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Dad gets transferred so we have to move to Hawaii and I get to go to the Bikini High School.
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Bikini High

When our father was transferred to the Hawaiian Islands we were really excited but when we found out that we were going to be on the eighth island of Niihau we were not all that happy.

Before we moved Dad’s company sent us all a seminar put on by a college professor, complete with a slide show. The problem was that he knew a lot about the two bigger islands of Hawaii and Maui, some about Oahu and Kauai, and a whole lot less about the rest of them.

We learned that the Hawaiian Islands are comprised of a total of 137 islands and atolls, with a total land area of 6,423.4 square miles they stretch out for 1,500 miles in length. Only seven of the eight main islands are inhabited. The Hawaiian Islands are also located 1,860 miles from the nearest continent making it the most isolated group of islands on Earth. Niihau has 69.5 square miles of land and the only natural lake of Hawaii, called Lake Halulu. Oh yea and we were moving there!

As it turned out we had to take four airplanes and a boat to get to where we were going. We were greeted by Dad’s new boss and taken to our house. On the way he told us that there were only a thousand people living on the island. He said that we ‘children’ were registered in school and that we would be taken there the next morning. Then he said that we were required to wear bathing suits to our new school. I was to wear a Speedo and my sister was to wear a string bikini. Then he handed us each a package containing five sets for each of us. He said that we could not even wear shoes. Great!

Well the next day we were met at our house and taken to the high school. There were less than a hundred students in the whole high school. Everyone was wearing bathing suits just like we were even the six women teachers.

The school was right on the beach and surrounded by sand. After an assembly to introduce my sister Keesha and myself to everyone we were divided up by grade. I was sixteen in the tenth grade and went up the beach while Keesha was fifteen in the ninth grade and went down the beach.

I got to know the twenty other tenth graders that first morning. The teachers asked us to tell the others about ourselves and then we played some games where I actually got to memorize everyone else’s names. It was cool to know everyone. There were fifteen girls and just six boys in our class and our teacher was very pretty. Everyone surfed and our teacher used to surf professionally when she was younger. We got to go swimming before lunch and then we joined the rest of the students.

Keesha and I sat together for lunch. She was excited that there were eleven boys and eleven girls in her class. They were paired up to swim and every girl was paired up with a boy. Her boy was cute and he copped a feel of her breasts in the water. She liked that. That was when I looked at my sister in a different way. Keesha had very nice tits and compared quite well to most of the girls in my class. Plus she had liked getting felt up. As I stared at my sister I became well aware that my cock was straining to get out of my bathing suite. Oh shit! Now what was I going to do? As I looked around I wasn’t the only boy sporting a hard-on. That made me feel a little bit better. Keesha had quite a swell of woman flesh in the tiny bikini. When she stood up I realized how tiny her bottom was and then she turned around. There was a string up her wonderful crack and then she bent over showing me her brown puckered asshole. I felt my cock stiffen even more. Finally I said fuck it, to myself and stood up to rejoin my class. The girls took notice of my erection and I took notice of their breasts and bare butts too.

My teacher took me aside. I thought that I was going to get in trouble. Instead she actually told me that I had a very nice looking lump in my suit and that she wished that she could see it sometime soon. Wow!

Back at our end of the beach under some palm trees the teacher Billy as she wished to be called had the girls line up in a straight line and had us boys line up behind them. Then we did some exercises where I got to look at about six of the girl’s assholes as they bent over in front of me to touch their toes. I could see the bottom half of their pussies too where the strings ran into them. I saw moisture leaking out of some of them too. I was rock-hard when we finished. As I looked around all six of us boys were in the same condition. Then the teacher told the girls to turn around and see the affect that they had on us. How embarrassing for us!

Billy walked over to me and asked me to drop my Speedo and show the girls how big my penis was. Of course I refused. Billy said that if I removed my suit that she would and that the rest of the girls would too. She said that we could go swimming in the nude after that. I asked about the other boys and she said that they had all done it before and that they would do it again. The boys smiled. So I hooked my thumbs in my waistband and dropped then to the sand stepping out of them. My cock was not all that big as far as I was concerned but Billy sure liked it. She removed her bikini and let me look at her nipples and her shaved pussy. All of the girls removed their bikinis and they all had shaved pussies too. The boys dropped their suits and all of them sported erections.

Billy held my cock and cupped my balls so I cupped her pussy and inserted a finger up into her hole. She told me to slip my finger up higher and tickle her clit if I wanted to see her orgasm. I did and she sure had a good one too. To make up for it she jerked me off, but before I could cum she knelt down and sucked it into her mouth. When Billy was done with me two of the girls came over and placed one of my hands on each of their pussies and let me finger fuck them too. Before long I had fingered every girl in my class, all fifteen of them plus Billy. They had all woman-handled my cock too. I came twice and the ones that caused it sucked my cock into their mouth to capture my sperm. I noticed that the other guys had just as much fun as I had too. Then we went into the ocean and swam around. Talk about getting to know your classmates…

Just because we were in the water it didn’t mean that the sex had stopped at all. We played Roman Solders with the girls up on the guy’s shoulders. When the girls fell down I held them up to the surface and kissed their pussies licking up some of their juices in the process. I made sure to taste them all. Billy sure tasted good and when I got through with her I had another erection. Billy noticed and sat on my cock in the water. She hardly weighed anything in the water and I easily fucked up into her. After I came in her I whispered to her that I had been a virgin. She whispered back a thank you for letting her be my first. She then suggested that I fuck at least one of the other girls ever day and to not show any favoritism for a while. She said that the girls were used to getting fucked by all of the boys and that it should continue that way. Who was I to change things?

That day after school Keesha and I walked home together. I told her that I had lost my virginity to my teacher and she said that she had lost hers to the boy that she was paired up with. She said that all of the boys and all of the girls had fingered her pussy and played with her clit. Then we went into more detail as we walked home together. We both agreed that this was the best school that we had ever been to. We also decided that our parents DID NOT need to know about our day.

Mom and Dad were pleased that we liked our new school and that we had met other kids to play with. Play with was an understatement.

The food tasted so good fresh from the ocean and ripe right off the trees. Bananas never tasted so good before and shark was even better than steak.

Keesha and I never changed out of our school clothes like we used to at home. Dad sure kept a close eye on Keesha so I told her and then she made it a point to bend over and let him see her asshole. She figured that Mom would have to take care of Dad’s problem. Then she offered to take care of my problem. I wasn’t even aware that I had one until I looked down.

Keesha and I decided to go for a swim. That was the first time that I got to fuck my sister. The waves that rolled in helped her go up and down on my shaft. The water on our side of the island was slightly cooler than at school and it made her pussy feel all that much warmer. I was only the second boy to fuck her and she said that she enjoyed it a lot more than the first one. She was also my second fuck and I was torn between them. Fucking my teacher in front of the whole class was great but fucking my sister was great too. I figured that I would just have fuck the rest of the girls in my class before I made up my mind.

I slept very well that night and put on a new Speedo for the day. In stead of a shower I took a swim in the ocean before breakfast and Keesha joined me. She offered me a quick fuck but I told her that I was going to save it for school. She smiled and said that she would be available anytime that I needed her. Likewise I told her.

Mom took special interest in my Speedo or rather what was in it. After the previous day I was no longer concerned if girls could see my erection or not, it just didn’t mater any more. As I envisioned my mother naked I got much harder to her delight. Eventually Keesha and I headed off to school with mom watching me walk away.

Once we were out of sight Keesha grabbed my Speedo, put her hand down it, and grabbed a hold of my cock as we walked. Then she told me that I shouldn’t tease our mother that way. She said that Dad was not able to keep up with her sexual desires anymore and that Mom was masturbating a lot more often now. Keesha said that Mom had made some comments to her about how ‘big’ I had become and that Mom was not talking about my height either. Then Keesha told me that I could fuck Mom if I wanted too. She meant it too. That gave me something to think about as we walked along. Keesha finally took her hand out of my Speedo before anyone saw us.

That day was Tuesday and we had regular classroom during the morning followed by our beach activities in the afternoon. As we were told Monday was just a day of relaxation while Tuesday through Friday were half days of school followed by Saturday when we competed in the water and took dance lessons. We boys learned to twirl fire sticks and snap bamboo poles on the ground while the girls danced between them and took hula lessons. Yes, we had to go to school six days a week but it was something that we all wanted to do.

We had six women teachers one for each grade, one was a combination health instructor and nurse, while the last one was the substitute teacher incase anyone got sick and she was also the principle. They were all beautiful compared to my teachers in the past.

The senior girls asked the principle if they could just go naked all day long since they were that way most of the afternoon anyway. The principle asked the girls in the other classes and it was unanimous. Then she asked all of us guys if we too wished total nudity all day long too. We sure did! So it was decided among the six teachers that we could all undress after we got to our homerooms and stay that way all day then.

When I saw my teacher naked I remembered loosing my virginity to her the day before and I got a huge erection. She just smiled at me and asked me if I needed her to fix my problem or if I wished for one of the other girls to take care of it for me. I looked at Lana a really cute little Hawaiian girl and asked her if I could fuck her. She smiled and said that she would have preferred some other word but that the answer was still yes. She sat up on her desk and I just stepped into her. She aimed my cock at her pussy and took it all in. As I fucked her I asked her what she would like me to call it. She smiled and said that fucking was just fine with her and that she was only kidding with me. So with renewed vigor I ‘fucked’ her until I exploded and finally went soft. I wasn’t the only boy either that needed ‘softening.’ Lana was very nice about it and licked my cock clean while another girl licked her clean.

School that morning was actually quite intense. We covered at least a full day of material if not more. We still got homework none the less. Then it was lunchtime. Keesha said that two different boys had fucked her twice that morning. She smiled as she told me that I was still the best of her four lovers so far. I told her that she had some serious competition but that she was definitely at the top of my list too. The afternoon went by quickly with me fucking two more of the girls. Then Keesha and I put on our suits and walked home.

Mom was waiting for us to round the corner. She had on the bikini that Keesha had worn the previous day and she looked fantastic in it. She said that Dad was going to work late to get up to speed at his job. She then asked us if we wanted to go swimming before dinner. We said okay and ran to the beach. Mom stopped on the beach and waited for me to turn around before removing her bikini and getting in the water with us.

Surprisingly Mom said, “This is how you do it at school isn’t it?”

Keesha took off her bikini and threw in toward shore. I followed suit and threw mine too.

Mom said, “I went to school today and had a long talk with your naked Principle. God she is a lovely woman. She told me that all of you students had voted unanimously to remain completely nude during school from today on. She explained to me about Keesha staying out of the water during her periods too with the sharks and all. Then she told me about the liberal sex that took place at school. To top it off she took me to meet the school nurse and the three of us had an hour of blissful sexual pleasure together. I really needed that and I was told that I should have more sex with my children if my husband wouldn’t give me enough. All in all it was a very interesting day.”

I was astonished at her outburst but from what Keesha had said that morning I knew that it had been long over due. So I walked closer to Mom and poked her belly with my erection. She reached down, felt of it, and then wrapped her legs around me as she slipped it in her warm pussy. Keesha came up behind her and cupping Mom’s ass helped her to go up and down easier. That was the first time that I fucked Mom and I certainly enjoyed it. She had the loosest pussy that I had fucked so far but the incest thought of fucking my own mother was more than enough to send me to heaven. Mom cried out that she was cumming, I cried out that I was cumming, and then Keesha cried out that she was too. Apparently as Keesha had been lifting Mom’s butt, Mom had been fingering Keesha’s clit.

The three of us walked out of the water together, carried our suits to the house, and spent the rest of the night naked. We ate, did our homework, and went to bed before Dad came home. Mom wanted me to fuck her again but she graciously had me take care of Keesha’s needs.

The week went along smoothly. By Friday I had fucked all fifteen girls in my class along with my teacher several times. Then I had fucked my Mom and Keesha every night too.

Saturday was really different with the girls learning the dance the hula and us guys trying not to smash their ankles with the bamboo poles. Keesha was actually a quick learner but I wasn’t that good. It was interesting to watch all six teachers and all the girls shaking their hips like crazy without their heads moving at all. Wow what hip action. No wonder my teacher was such a good fuck.

That first Sunday Dad did not go to work. He was semi shocked that we were all naked at breakfast except for him. However, looking at Keesha got him so excited that he practically dragged Mom to their bedroom.

When he came back out he too was naked. He looked at Keesha as if he had never seen her before.

Mom then said, “I explained to your father that we now have a sexually active family and that he can fuck Keesha or myself anytime that he wants too. That is correct isn’t it Keesha?”

Keesha replied, “Yes Dad, anytime that you want too and you don’t have to drag me off to a bedroom to do it either. The ocean is a great place to fuck and wash off afterwards.”

Mom asked me if I wanted sloppy seconds and sat down on my stiff cock facing me. As she fucked me I sucked on one of her nipples. She sucked on one of Keesha’s nipples and fingered her pussy all at the same time. Keesha leaned over a bit and stuck a finger up Mom’s ass. That was all that Dad needed to bend Keesha over and shove his cock into her pussy. The four of us cum real close to one another.

Then we ate breakfast.

That afternoon we lounged around and decided that moving to Hawaii was the best things that we had ever done.

The End
Bikini High
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