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Continuation of Silent Night PT 1
As I lay there helpless, my eyes were fixed on his jaws, and the more I strugled the more his hooks clicked together, and the tighter I was held down by his telekenesis. He was kneeled over me in between my pried out legs. He penis was throbbing, and he inched closer to my pussy. He held his cock in his right hand, and squeezed himself lightly to expose more thickness to himself. He semeed pretty impressed by his own size as he lightly growled, or moaned, whatever the light sound was that came from his throat.
He managed to get close enough to rub his massive knob on my labia. I could feel the contact made, and his wet cock seemed to slowly ooze a lubricant. I tried to struggle to break free but I was bound even tighter. I decided that this was it, and that I wasn't able to fight him off, or attempt anything silly, as I would not win, the more that I tried.
I could feel the warmness of his cock shrinking to human size, as it slowly worked itself into my cunt. I squinted my eyes shut, in agony, and tried to scream and cry, but no sounds were made. As soon as he was inside of me, I could feel himself grow to his natural size; stretching me so badly that I could feel myself beginning to rip. The pain was so intense, I thought I was going to die.
His cock inside me seemed to lube up even more for me to feel better comfort for us both. He was gentle, surprisingly for a huge ass monster like himself. He slowly began to penetrate me in and out and he drew his head backward as he did this. I could not move not even an inch. I popped my eyes wide open as I could feel him grow slightly bigger inside of me. Fear struck me like lightening; I was afraid of bleeding to death if he stretched me any further. But to my surprise, I was not at all bleeding.
He rocked his body slowly, his cock going in and out of me. I could feel my pussy tightening as he did this, and my very own body was beginning to betray me. It was beginning to feel good, and I was starting to enjoy myself. I could feel his telekenetic grip slowly easing from me, and not I was free to move as I pleased.
I slowly brought my hands up to his waste, and drew my legs around his body, and rocked with him. He knew I was enjoying this now, and this is perhaps why he let me free from his grip. I could feel my pussy tightening as he grew thicker, and I was dripping wet with hardcore lust. Something my hubby has not given me in so long. I could feel myself beginning to pulsate with a rush I had never felt before. I had many orgasms before but this orgasm was like no other.
I squinted my eyes tightly, as I could feel the painful pleasure of his cock pulsating aloing with my pussy. We were cumming together, and I gripped him tightly with my hands, as an explosive wave made me convulse like a person having a seizure. I could feel him growing tense with me, and he pumped me faster and faster, poking my guts, as his knob bashed against my cervix, which was beginning to suck up his cum.
I wanted more of his love, with brute desire. I clung onto him as if he were about to leave me. To my shock and surprise, he was still the same size he was, without his cock shrinking from cumming. He was still fucking me long and hard, with deep strokes. I loved how he would pull out his cock, and tease my pussy with his massive bumpy knob. He would dip it in and out slowly, then allowed it to go faster and faster as he dipped himself into me making me wetter and wetter.
I bucked my hips with him forcing him inside of me, as I drew my body into him. He grasped me pulling me deeply into him as we caressed each other and again cumming together. I could feel large goosebumps crawling acoss my body as we came together over and over again. He fucked until dawn, just before my hubby got home. The alien left after a good night of pure fucking, and left me with a pleasantly sore cunt. I wondered if he would come back for me the next night, and then the next and so forth.
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