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This is just the intro. No sex.
When I walked into my dormroom and saw my girlfriend of two months give my roommate a blowjob. I knew that it was over between us. One because of the fact that she wanted to wait to have sex of any form. Two because well she said it when she took her mouth off his white cock and said'Its over between me and Ian'.

I stood by the door and cough low and deep. Both of them stopping Keisha with her head bobbing and Jake with his hip thrusting as they saw me. Jakes eyes grew wide when he saw me and pushed Keisha off him and buttoned up his pants. Keisha wiped off the cum from her light brown lips and sat on the bed with him.

" It was an accident" she said. I smiled and went over to my side of my room and sat down in front of them.

Me: So what happened you tripped and his dick happened to be out?

Jake who was watching me sort of slid over farther from Keisha.

Keisha: I love you. You know it don't you?

Me: It's a pretty werid way off showing it.

My cell ranged and I answered it and listen and hunged up.

Me: Well I hope you two have a good time together and see you two next year. Merry Fuckin Christmas!!!!!

I grabbed my suitcase and went downstairs. In my sights was a friend who was like a brother to me and we only grew together as one over time. He saw me and gave me a big Russian hug patting me on the back and pulling away. Smiling with his white teeth.

Alex: It's been a long time bro.

Alex stood 6'2 and weighted a mere 170 pounds. He had blonde hair which he kept in a buzz cut and brown eyes. I on the other hand was 6'2 myself yet I weighted about 265 of muscle and a little fat. I had my hair in short dreads and my brown eyes were hidden by stylish eyeglasses. The reason we called each other brother was because he was the only male beside his father in the Lavrov family. He had about seven sisters. five older and two younger. I've havent seen them in a long time like since I left for college a year ago. I was the only child and was raised by a mom who thought that if she worked all the time I would have a good life. Wrong she was always gone on business trips and so she asked the neighbors who just moved in to watch me for a week. They were cool with it and they treated me like i was a part of the family. Hell I spent more time there and went on trips with them that i started to call Alex's mom my mom.

But anyway i climbed into Alex's Ford Fusion and strapped in my seatbelt as we took off for a small farm in Nebreska. I went to sleep around an hour into the trip andwhen i woke up we arrived. I sat up and looked at the farm. It was big and had corn fields around the whole house. The house itself was big also three stories and all white. We pulled up to the porch about 20 feet shy and Alex turned off the engine. I got out and strecthed which was a good thing because my bones were popping away. I noticed movement on the porch and turned to face a sight which almost caused me to pop my load all over the place. Alex just came over to me andsmiled broadly.

There were three of the most sexiest girls that I've ever seen in my life standing on the porch watching me giving me big smiles. One of them looked familiar but I couldnt place it. The sun which was starting to set and the air which started to get colder casted rays of sunlight off there skin. i just stood there on the drive just staring at there bodies.

The shortest 4'10 one who looked no older than 13 had a cute face framed by brown hair that would give any Hollywood or Model a run for their money in the future. She had soft green eyes, a small cute nose, and lips which were the kind that if you kissed them you would try to keep them on your lips. Her breast which I think are kind of on the small size looked on bigger than peaches which made her look even more attractive when you look at her smallbody. Her jeans which gave her a lot off ass for a girl so young and I have to amitt a white girl at that was really something. She had the tinest of a gap between her legs and the white shoes matched her shirt and jeans perfectly.

The second tallest which I think would be 5'6 was just as pretty and had a sexy face which looked like they could turn a guy head thru walls and pretty Hazel color eyes. She had blonde hair with brown highlights which came a little above mid back. Matter of fact her and the yougest looking one looked like sisters. She was wearing a sweater and one of her nipples were sticking straight out. Teasing me. Her breast looked to be about a small C cup. Maybe a 34c? She had a muffin top body which meant that she was on the chubby side but had an ass and her legs were thick for a white girl close together.

The tallest girl who had to be 5'10 had black hair a pretty face and had big tits. Like porn star size tits. She was on the skinny side too so that was a worry.

Jake:( Points at tall girl) Ian this is my girlfriend April. You remember my sisters Amber(Brown haired) and Carmina(Blonde with Brown highlights) right?

No fuckin way. Amber was like a little sister to me. She would always try to follow me and Alex around since she could walk. She has changed in a year like crazy. Carmina is the girl I've had countless Jack-off sessions thinking about her. She was my dream girl even though she is like two years younger than me. I walked over to them and they laughed and we talked about my Daul Majors in school( Criminal Justice and Pyschology) We grabbed my bags out the car and took them up to my room.

When everyone left I just sighed and took out my cell open the contacts and erasing Kesiha's number. Afterward I put my clothes away and went to the bed laying down thinking about things and other useless stuff when I heard a voice say something that caught my attention.

Voice: Do you have a girlfriend?

I sat up and looked and there was Amber who was looking at me with a look of something I couldny begin to explain in her eyes.

Me: No. Not anymore why?

She comes to me and sits on my bed looking me in the eyes.

Amber: Because I was wondering if you would be my boyfriend.

I was shocked. Here was a girl who I always viewed as a little sister and she wanted to be my girlfriend. Amazing. Just unfucking believiable.

Me: Um... Amber your what 12...

Amber: 13 and I know that your 19 because your birthday was in November on the second week of that month. I already know what I'm thinking and I know what you're going to say. I'm like a little sister to you but I want you to know something. I love you. Thats the only reason why I followed you and Alex all the time. To be close with you.

I was speechless. I couldn't even think what to say. What is a guy fantasy. To be with a young girl. Not all guys but some and here was one who was willing no who wanted to be with me.

Me: Ok I have to think for a moment.

Amber: Ok. I will always love you even if you say no.

With that she gave me a kiss on the lips her soft sweet lips and left. Leaving me to ponder should I go with a 13 year old or tell her no. My head was saying no and yes. My cock was saying just go for it. We can loss our virginity with her and by her. Do it man. I didnt even go downstairs for dinner. I was still in thought and I saw Amber go by blowing me a kiss and I blew her one back. Shit. I'm I going to do this? A black college guy and young white middle school teen girl?

I guess I'm going to have the answer tommorrow. Damn Ian K. Ward whaat the hell did you get yourself in?

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