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It started out innocently enough......
My wife paid for my mistakes

It started out innocently enough..... My wife Kelly and I were
driving back alone after dinner out with some friends. I turned to Kel and said ‘hey, it’s early, why don’t we go over to that Gaslight bar and have a drink maybe a dance before we call it a night. It’s right down the hill from the house.’ Kel, said ‘sure, for all time we’ve lived here we’ve never gone there, lets do it’. Kel reminded me that her friend Joy said it was a meat market for middle aged singles but then added 'I’ve always wanted to see what it was like.'
When we got there, there was a short wait to get in but we waited and watching people come and go and we were in before we knew it. Once inside, I was surprised at just how large the place was, yet it was packed with people. The band was playing 80’s songs and
Kel and I went over to the bar to get a drink. Kel is 46, fit, nice and I mean NICE perky rack and legs that go all the way up to heaven. She was dressed conservatively but cute for our dinner with our friends. Black skirt, white blouse a little low cut but with her bra on didn’t put on a show.
After about an hour Kel and I each had a few drinks and had danced some on the crowded dance floor but we had now settled in with seats we snagged at the bar and were just watching the ‘show’ of people hooking up. All sorts, young guys prowling for cougars, young women with daddy issues as Kel put it. We were having a great time making up stories behind each of our ‘entertainers’.
Mistake #1: Kel brought it up by saying how ‘weird’ it would be to go to a place like this and pick up a total stranger, she can’t believe she’d ever done it in her younger days.
Like a complete idiot, I said ‘I don’t know, could be fun just to see if I could get anyone interested. I know you could Kel.’ Kel smiled coyly and said ‘oh , honey who’d want me.' Now this was strictly the booze talking when my voice said, ‘ hell babe there are probably 30 guys in her who would give there right nut just to feel you up. Kel laughed and said I’d probably get one of these young bimbos in a heartbeat but she didn’t think she could pull off getting picked up.
Mistake #2: Keep in mind we were both wasted because this is nothing like how we would normally have acted. Just a wrong place, wrong time thing. I said… least I think I did.... ‘lets have a bet, I’ll go over there and talk with that little honey in the gold dress and you sit here and look hot. Whoever gets interest first wins’…. ‘Wins what?’ Kel smiled….Hmmmm….’sex with me at home tonight’ I laughed, ‘You’re on hot shot’ Kel said with a grin.
Mistake #3: Why the fuck I left Kel alone I’ll never know. But off I went. As I’m approaching my test ‘target’ I suddenly remember that I was never ‘that’ easy to pick up chicks even when I was younger. I'm fairly good looking and in great shape but even my inebriated mind was thinking….OMG she can’t be older than her late 20’s. She’s going to laugh in my face. Oh well, to late to chicken out now. I asked her if she wanted to dance…yeah, I know….real smooth, give me a break, my life was just about ready to head down the shitter anyway. Her name was Sarah and on the bump and grind to the dance floor I made some small talk with her. I could see she wasn’t to interested and after our dance I thanked her and started to make my way back to Kel at the bar.
Mistake #4: As soon as our place at the bar came into view I saw Kel with two young very fucking handsome guys chatting her up. I should have gone over there immediately and bailed her, and me, out but I decided to see where this was going. I found a single seat at the other side of the oval bar where I could see Kel and she could see me, but I kept back. Kel looked radiant with the attention she was getting and I was becoming a little jealous thinking ‘ hey these assholes want to fuck my wife’ ‘ I ought to beat the shit out of them’. Kel glanced over at me a few times and seemed glad I was there to back her up. I guess one of them asked her to dance because they got up and headed for the dance floor. The other guy started looking around, I guess he ‘lost’ the chance with Kel and now had to find another piece of ass for the night. After about twenty minutes Kel and the guy returned. The barkeep had held their spots so I was still in good viewing position. I did notice that Kel’s blouse had a couple of buttons undone and her lacy bra was in pretty good view. I can’t tell you why but I got a raging hard on watching my wife a little disheveled and slightly moist from dancing getting hit on by this guy.
Mistake #5: The BIG one. I was still discreetly massaging the wood club in my pants when Kel got up, as if excusing herself from him. I thought, ok great... this is over, I can’t wait to get her home and fuck the hell out of her. Kel walked by me and motioned for me to follow her toward the women’s room. So I followed, wondering ‘what the hell is up’.
Once out of view of the bar Kel turned to me and said ‘I saw you go off with your girl, it didn’t work out?’ ‘Na’ , I said ‘she’s not my type’ ‘whats up Kel, I know you’re having fun but it’s time to go home’ Kel said, ‘Honey, I have a huge favor to ask, you’re going to have to trust me but this is something I think I need to do’. Oh fuck, that didn’t sound good. Kel continued..’I’ve never been so turned on in my life. It’s not him, it’s the fact that he wants me sooooooo bad’. ‘Hey what the hell Kel, he wants you so you’re going to fuck him ! – Fuck that bullshit.’ ‘No honey, no, no, no nothing like that. Just let him walk me out to the car, I’ll let him kiss me quickly and then I’m off. I’ll drive to the other side of the parking lot and pick you up’. ‘I just want to carry the fantasy though, then go home and fuck you silly big guy’….' besides, how else am I going to end this? I can't just say, sorry pal, my husband and I were just pulling you chain". She sounded so convincing and I almost came right there thinking about this guy kissing her and what I was going to do with her later. ‘Ok’ I said, ‘but no feeling the goods, keep his hands off your body’ ‘Ok babe, thanks, I’ll meet you in back in 10 minutes tops’. With that she went back to Mr. jackoff at the bar and I took my seat and waited until they left.
I left right after they did but I lost sight of them for a minute, then looking over towards the far corner where we parked earlier, I caught a glimps of them walking in that direction. The parking lot wasn’t well lit so since I couldn’t see much I headed for the back of the building to wait. Ten minutes my ass, better not be more than Five. I didn’t think I could stand to sneak up and watch so I kept going.
Eleven minutes later, I couldn’t take it anymore. Fuck this, what was she doing? That’s some kiss I thought. I made my way back to the front of the building and snuck quietly towards my car in the far lot.
My heart dropped though the pavement at what I saw next. The back door of my car was open, he was sitting on the edge of the seat facing out and my wife, my whore wife, skirt up and panties pulled to the side was fucking this guy. His hands were on her tits, over her blouse…I GUESS not to completely undress her in the parking lot, what a sport. Kelly was rasping ‘don’t cum in me’ ‘don’t cum in me’ but this guy had other plans. With a loud ohhhhh he shot his load in my wife’s pussy. Kel, slapped him and lifted herself off his massive cock. Jez, this guy just kept going, he must have been at least 12”. Kel adjusted her panties and wiped some of his cum that was leaking on her leg with her hand. Mr. smooth stood up, zipped up and grabbed Kel and spun her around kissed her very hard goodby and strangely left without another word. Then I heard it, Kelly was sobbing. I ran over not knowing exactly what I felt. I was furious beyond belief with her for fucking this guy but sick to my stomach unsure I could bring myself to leave her. Kelly looked up at me and fell into my arms sobbing uncontrollably unable to speak. When she finally was able to get a few words out all she said was ‘ He raped me, he raped me. I couldn’t fight back. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry’
Later Kelly told me how when he kissed her goodnight he slipped his hand up her skirt, she pushed him away but the damage was already done. He licked his fingers, wet from their brush with her excitement soaked pussy and told her she wasn’t going to tease him out of fucking her. He then grabbed her and pushed his thick fingers into her cunt elevating him to a frenzied state. Kel was paralyzed with fear, he then opened back door of the car and pulled her toward him, holding her while he released his cock from his pants. In almost one motion he pulled her in and on top of him only being stopped once by her panties caught in the wrong spot. He trust deep into her causing her to almost pass out and told her she was going to love this. She didn’t. He pulled her bra back enough to expose her nipple and he bit it hard enough to draw blood. He said he wanted to knock her up so he could suck the milk out of her hot tits. She could feel his massive cock ripping at her insides pressing hard against her cervix. Her body was working against her as she had to force herself to stop meeting his rhythmic thrusts. All she could think of and hope was that I was coming to rescue her then when that hope all but perished, she begged him not to cum in her. In her panicked state she thought that if he didn’t cum in her everything could be fixed. She said that when she felt his dick stiffen and expand to shoot his cum in her, she felt dizzy and distant. She thought he kept cuming for an eternity shot after shot heating every inch of her womanhood. When he was done, she felt completely and utterly violated of every part of her sex. As for me, I have to live with the fact that I stood cowering behind the next car over watching my wife being raped and shot full of cum and did nothing. I didn’t tell Kelly that I was there watching. I knew that even though she blamed herself for what happened if she knew it would end our marriage.
I would be better off if our marriage was over. Kel has dealt with her ordeal in a very unique way, but that’s another story. (Let me know if you want the rest of my story)

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2012-08-04 19:00:28
i agree with the last comment any red blooded man would fuck a whore's pussy if put in front of his,i sure as hell would. and no it is not considered rape. husband should fill guilty for not being there for his cock teasing wife. good work, bring on another chapter

anonymous readerReport

2011-08-29 11:37:39
Great story, should definetly make more


2009-09-20 21:51:45
If it was me being raped by 10 thick inches of cock I would go with it and even get his phone number for future fucks.


2009-08-29 15:17:05
Serve's both of you right!Thought you could just get away with it by playing with other people's desires...She should have played it instead of leading it to nowhere...Sorry A whole,never let your woman play goddess cause it just may lead to her fall...

Anonymous readerReport

2009-03-29 05:20:04
Liked the approach....what started out as just a fun evening spiraled out of control because of the other guy's desires...perhaps that element of 'danger' and what it meant for your relationship could have been explored more .... a follow up story perhaps ??
Yes paragraphs would make reading easier !!

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