A drunk night proves to be a Hot night
I am a 23 year old female bartender, blessed with a killer body, but just a plain face. 36dd 23 35 is what I have grown into. The story I am about to tell happened 2 years ago one night after work.

It was a Saturday night, a warm and humid summer night. I had to close the bar on that Saturday, I closed because one of the other girls wanted to leave early. So not having anything to do after work I told her I would. I gave up men for a while at that time. Tired of all the jealousy, games, just tired of all their shit.
We closed at 1am because of being in the city, but bars on the outskirts could be open till 3am. The bar I work in is connected to a motel, and the company makes us wear a “cocktail” outfit. It is a wrap mini dress in brown. Wear also have to wear brown or coffee sheer to the waist pantyhose or tights. Heels (I wear platform wedges easier to move on) And this granny panty as not to show off too much. The wrap is pretty deep cut and also very short. It shows a lot even if you not bending over..

The bar was stocked, cleaned and prepped for the next day, the rest of the girls left and I was about headed out the door. I turned off the lights and headed for the back door. I opened the door and felt the warm humid air brush against my legs and face. I locked the door and walked towards my car. The parking lot was dimly lit and empty. I reached the door and got my keys from my purse, opened the door and threw my purse across the seat. Then reached under my dress and tugged at the granny panties till they fell loose and at my ankles. I threw them in next to my purse and slide into the seat. I never wear panties, have not worn then since I was 14. I like the feel pantyhose gives me and of course the are PANTYhose! I started my car and thought, I would like to have a cool drink after such a hectic night at the bar. So I headed out of town to a small bar I know the bartender at. After about 15 minutes I pulled my car into the parking lot. Only a few cars remained. Slow night here I thought. The bar is a horseshoe bar with only a row of tables lining the walls. I went in and went to the fourth stool and set my purse on the bar and climbed up on the stool. I am only 5’5” so I do have to climb up on them. Mike the bartender waved and pored me a drink, we made small talk, mostly about his girlfriend, who is a good friend of mine. He left to clean glasses and restock the beer bottles. I looked around there were about 6 people in the bar on the other side of the room. I was about an hour and three double shots, and all the people left, Mike poured me my fourth double. And went to wipe down the bar. I heard the door open behind me and some people walked in, they didn’t pass me, and I heard the chairs behind me being moved. I went back to my drink. I was getting a good buzz on now.
I could heard the voices of the people behind me just under the music from the jukebox. They were Latinos, I turned my head a little and saw 5 men sitting at the table, all in some kind of work clothes.
Mike came by and poured me another drink, I wasn’t even finished with the one I had yet. So I chugged the drink I had, and stirred my next. I usually don’t drink that much but once I started it was hard to stop. I knew I was at my limit after 3. My fifth was in front of me. I had to go to the little girls room and knew it would be a challenge to even walk straight. So I twisted on the stool and lost my balance, one foot was on the stool rung, and the other slammed to the floor! My legs were spread wide open and I could feel the air hit my nylon covered crotch. Right in front of these 5 guys that where only 4 feet away from me. My crotch was right at eye level for them. “Aughhhh, mmmmmm and yeah!” was what they said. I slide off the stool and walked around the bar and went to the washroom. When I was ready to go back to my stool I thought,”Geeezzz you sure gave them a show!!!” I got back to my stool trying not to make eye contact with the men. There in front of me were 4 more drinks!! Mike came by and told me it was from those guys, don’t blame him. I grabbed up a drink and turned toward the men and held it up and said,”Thanks”. They all held up there drink and toasted. I was totally drunk and still took sips of the drinks. I had to get something to eat, I took a long drink, and left Mike a tip and slowly slipped off the stool and weaved to the door.

The warm air hit me, and it was like hitting me in the head with a baseball bat, Wow talk about drunk! I finally got to my car, a restored 1956 Ford in Salmon and Cr?. A gift from my dad on my 21st birthday. He’s a car nut. I went for my keys in my purse and dropped my purse. I bent over and felt the night air caress my pussy and ass as the dress hiked up. I didn’t care, I picked up my purse and got a super head rush when I stood up. This large Latino man was right in front of me, he said,”You too drunk to drive, we drive you home. I thought yeah great! I’m seeing double now! “Ok, thank you!” He held on to my elbow and guided me to their car, he opened the back door and I tried to get in lady-like, but flopped in. He sat next to me, and another guy on my right. Three guys in the front and me sandwiched in the back. I heard the car start and the car pull out of the parking lot. And made a turn which made me real dizzy. I put my head back and passed out.

I came to with the large man on my right squeezing my tit and the guy on the left doing my other tit. I closed my eyes and thought I don’t care. I felt my legs being opened and a rough hand sliding up my nylon covered leg, sometimes being snagged on his hands. From all the tit play my nipples were erect and now responding to touch even through my uniform and bra. The hand reached my crotch and I moaned, He rubbed my now moist lips in circles and would push some nylon in the hole he was fingering. I arched my back and untied my wrap and let it open all the way. Now the guys in the front seat that were watching could see all of me. That turned me on, I then unhooked my bra which hooked in the front, and let it open to the waiting mouth of the guy on my right. He must have not shaved for a few days, his beard was sticking my tit and nipple, which also brought me to a near orgasm. My large friend on the right pulled down my pantyhose to my knees and bent over to look at my pussy. “Your like a little girl….no hair” He smiled and put his hand in my crotch and cupped my pussy. My head was spinning, I was so turned on and so horny from not getting any for quite sometime. The large man got his finger wet and was trying to get it inside of me, I rolled my hips so he could get a better angle, I felt the tip of his finger going past the opening and a lot of pressure as I am small framed and my pussy is very tight. With him pushing and me trying to push back it was slowly goin in. The guy on my right was pinching my nipple and running his tongue up my neck to my ear which was driving me insane. I turned my head and sought his mouth with mine. I sucked on his tongue and mashed our mouths together, I reached down with my left hand and grabbed the guys arm that was fingering me. And started to pull it out and shove it back in in a hard motion. With my other hand I found my clit and rubbed it moaning loudly in this guys mouth, The kissing got harder and I was pumping this guys finger into to me faster and faster, I felt a quiver then another each one was stronger, then another then I held my breath, and the big one came over me, I stiffened my legs and arched my back off the seat and broke the kiss and let go of the hand. And tremor after tremor and the release of my cum running down my ass. Trying to catch my breath I rolled my head back and was lost in a world of ecstasy. The finger in my pussy was still pumping and I was started to rise again. The car stopped. The large man reached down and slipped my shoes and pantyhose off. He took my arm and opened the door and lead me across the road along with the other men and out into a field. One of them spread out a blanket of the soft grass . The large guy pushed me down on my back and squeezed between my legs and grabbed my ass and started to lick my inner thighs, the guy who was sucking my tit kneeled to my side and had his pants down and I could see his cock straining to break the skin. He was stroking it and I opened my mouth wide to let him know I wanted it. He leaned on his hands over me and I grabbed his cock and pulled it into my mouth. I get excited by sucking cock but this was special, this time someone was eating me and fingering me. I sucked hard on the head and he started to pump his hips back and forth. He moaned a few times, I knew he was loving it. The older guy stopped licking me and dropped his pants and walked on his knees closer to my pussy, I spread my legs as wide as I could and brought my knees up. He took his cock head and rubbed it up and down my pussy getting it wet. The he slowly pushed the head past the lips, and into my sopping wet hole. Pushing deeper until he was all the way in. Now my face was being fucked and my pussy, this is heaven!!! I have never had 2 men at once, I sure was missing it!. The large man’s pumping slowly got faster and faster, till he shoved it in real hard and kept it there and was bucking. I felt his cum squirting inside of me, and I started to cum, shaking and squirming , this got the guy in my mouth to explode, a few squirts in my mouth and he pulled out and the rest on my tits. All of a sudden a guy grabs my arms and sits me up, then turns me over and takes me doggie style. He rides me fast and hard, and now I am moaning loud, and the guys tell me to shhhhhhhhh. I put my head down and meet his stroke , until he pulls out and cums all over my ass and back as he stands up. My head was reeling for all the sex and booze. My pussy is starting to get sore but it feels so good I want more. The large man was ready for more after watching, he laid down and motioned for me to mount him. I climbed on him and guided his cock into my pussy and started to rock on him. A different guy got behind me, I knew he was gonna fuck my ass, I’ve seen a lot of porno movies to know that. He started by putting a finger in my ass which hurt, and then 2 fingers, I thought I was going to pass out from the pain, then as he was talking in Spanish to the large man I was on top of, held me by my hips and entered my ass!! Felt like he was ripping my insides out I cried out loud and the large man put his hand over my mouth to cover my sobbing.. It felt like this searing pain was going to make me pass out. He finally after a lot of backing off and pushing, he was in to his satisfaction. He started to slowly pull out and then shove it back, just a little at a time, after a few strokes, he made it pull out farther and then farther. The pain was drifting off, the large man held me tight to his chest, he lifted my head and pulled my head to his mouth and licked my mouth and darted his tongue in. All the time the guys in my ass picked up speed. The large guy told me to move my hips and grind on his cock, I did as he asked and he again sought my mouth, but this time my lips mashed his and I sucked hard on his tongue and licked his teeth breathing so hard that snot was coming out of my nose.

Ramming my ass now harder and harder I felt the deep burn of an orgasm started to form, the sweat was in pools on my tits and on his chest, and I was sliding on his chest, making my nipples sore, but more erect. My clit was grinding on the guy under me, my passion rose and I grinded harder, and harder. My cunt was gripping his cock now in spasms and I again was going to cum hard, The guy in my ass rammed deep one last time and emptied his balls into my ass, and pulled out, I was still in my fever grinding and was starting to have the waves of pleasure over-take me. My thighs tensed up and I strained my head back so far I thought it would rip off. I went completely ridged and let out a loud Auggggggggggggggghhhh and finally twitched myself down to stopping. Worn out, I fell forward onto the chest of the large man. I felt someone touching my ass, but I did not care, I was all I could do just to breath. The final guy entered my ass, this time it did not hurt at all, after a few strokes it actually felt good, real good, I tried to meet his thrusts, but was too tired. He fucked my ass for at least 5 minutes, could have been longer, till he came deep in my ass. I lost all track of time during this. The large man bucked his hips and finally came in me, and helped me off him, and I fell in a heap on the blanket, I passed out. I finally woke up, my head pounding, tongue dry, pussy and ass sore. It was late morning , I was in the backseat of my car, bra on, wrap on., shoes and pantyhose and purse in the front seat. It was hot as hell as all the windows were up and doors locked. I got out of my car and went into the front seat, there was a note that read. “You a good fuck lilgirl” I headed home and thought I’ll use that name.

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2012-02-11 19:47:19
rf8HCY Author, Shoot yourself a knee..!

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2010-08-06 14:34:25
Absolutely love all of your stories . Love women like you. All of the Lady's , that I had a relationship with , all loved sex as much as you and we enjoyed many of the same things that you enjoyed and have done. There is not one woman that I have known that doesn't enjoy multiple partners and enjoys being submissive. God............. I love you women.


2009-09-19 10:16:29
Hi, LOVED it....Because you are an admitted slut and you went along with being used by these 4 guy's ! Thats hot and yes, I sure would like to have seen all that !


2009-07-20 16:11:05
well all i can say is that i wish that id been there ,id have me some of that hot tight ass too hehehehe

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2008-11-12 13:58:11
Lilgirl you are one muy bonita, caliente chicka! Wish I could have gotten a piece of your tight, hot ass that night. Hmmmm good fucking tail. I bet you would love the big boner your story put in my pants!

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