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This is a true story, can't put it any other way, enjoy.
This is a true story of how I came to be and the people that have helped me in a sense come out of my shell. Also on how this has profoundly change my life for the better, to everyone that has supported me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. For the first time in my life I can actually say that I am finally a whole person, no more pretending, and feeling out of place.

This all started a long time ago about when I was about 13, around the time when just about everyone starts to hit puberty, discovering who you are inside and out. Well the expriences of my life is much more than that, deep down I had always felt and in a strange sort of way knew I was always different. Not different in a bad way, but in a way where I felt that I was born in the wrong body. Thinking that somewhere some how mother nature had fucked up in some way.

Well anyways, it's was the start of Junior high, and I was a seventh grader, never had a girlfriend, but I had always had alot of female friends, whom have always said that I would make a pretty and cute looking girl. My reply to them was always "oh really" or "yeah right, I highly doubt that". Well growing in a small Texas town, harboring these types of thoughts would have made me a outcast in a way. Well as the school year went on, October rolled around, not just because my birthday was in that month, but halloween was just around the corner. Halloween was my favorite time of the year, for day out the year I could forget whom I was, and pretend to be someone else completely different. As I got home from school, I walked in the front, and yelled for my parents seeing if anyone was home. My mom was a stay at home mom, and my dad worked all his life. I've got an older sister, but she was no longer living there, but she still had alot of her cute clothes in her old room. Well as I got upstairs, I heard my mom and sister talking, I was thinking great just fucking great, there goes my plans for the evening. As I got closer both their eyes lit up and smiled, so they started asking me what I was doing tonight, was I going anywhere or if I had anything planned. So I told them no not really, they both got this wild look and shit eating grins on their faces, and said to me "Good cause we're taking shopping for your halloween costume". And I'm thinking great I already had my costume planned and now it's gonna get fucked up, can this day get any worse. As walked out of the house into the garage to get into the car, I saw about 6 boxes labeled "old boy clothes","old bedding" and so on. At first I thought nothing of it, so I put it out of my mind, as we drove into town, we passed by a few costume stores but we didn't stop. So I figured we're probably headed to the mall, to get my costume, as my mom parked the car my sister and I got out of the vehicle. I hung my head and just followed them, I over heard my sister ask my mom, when are you going to tell him. My mom replied "before we get into the store"

This finally peeked my interest in the converstation, and I finally piped and asked "tell me what, what the hell is going on and what is up with being so secretive. My mom finally started to say that my dad left us, and we're moving east. We're headed to Galveston, Texas and that dad left us a considerable amount of money for us to start a new life. I was shocked, that my dad would do that, but I was thinking hey this might actually be good for me. Then my mom started to talk again, that from this day forth all of my boy clothes were going to be donated, and I was to start dressing as a girl, my eyes grew wide with excitement. My sister saw this look in my eyes and said that I think he or she I should say likes that idea. I mean I was already a cute guy to begin with already, standing at about 5'8" at 145, I had curves in all the right places. Then my mom shocked me with another surprise, that after we were done shopping I had a 3:30 doctors appointment with a gender psychologist, so I could start being put on hormones. I couldn't wait, I mean we went into all the clothing stores, J.C. Penny's, Sears, Macy, and then the last of my favorite stores, Victoria's Secret. We bought panties and bras. I mean I practically had a brand new wardrobe, when we got back to the car, my sister went into the bags of clothes, threw a mini skirt at me, and a cute little top, matching bra and panties. She told me to get changed, and I looked at her strangely, and I proceeded to ask her and where am I going to get changed at. Right here in the car, um ok sure not a problem, as I started to change a strange feeling came over me. A feeling came rushing over me, a feeling that I was finally becoming the person that I wanted to be. Well I finally got dressed and I looked at myself of the car, my sister came over put some lipstick on me, a little bit of eyeshadow, and tweezed my eyebrows to give it that nice little arch. I have to admit, for a 13 year old boy, I looked damn good as a girl.

Well after she was done we headed to the doctor's office and a very nice receptionist said that the doctor will be right with us. I couldn't wait, I was finally going to be put on hormones and I was finally going to become a girl. That where chapter 2 comes in and I will write more in the second chapter.

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2011-01-21 22:23:19
obviously not a true story

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2011-01-21 22:23:07
obviously not a true story

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2009-04-28 10:15:46
wow...thats amazing...#2 will be great :D

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2008-11-15 00:38:39
wow i liked this story alot. it wasn't just about sex like a lot of others which was good. if this is a true story then thats awesome because i myself was born a hermaphrodite and would write a story about it but feel its just very personal

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2008-11-15 00:18:04
nothing fun done yet, #2 might be better

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