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A series of stories following the secret love life of two interpretable first cousin’s…
Southern LOVIN
A series of stories following the secret love life of two
interpretable first cousin’s…

Intro (Arrival) --

Matt took a step outside to the arrivals area of Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, being welcomed to Atlanta by the dry hot air, and honking horns, of the commonly congested roads of Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. There was no breeze, like what he is used to having up north. Matt is a 6 ft’, 185 lb, young piece of meat at the age of 19. He is a computer genius, and webmaster, having become a very successful young business man, and multi-millionaire. Founding the website which was a comedy, adventure, reality web show consisting of marijuana smoke sessions in a vehicle, called “burnies” in which the driver and the group would be sent on random missions to locations throughout the state at first, but then expanded regionally, and then finally throughout the country, as the site became more, and more famous. Matt usually comes to Atlanta yearly to visit his cousin Jodi that lives there with her husband, but this time he’s coming down to visit because he wants to buy a house down south, and try to accomplish his life goal since he was a child…to get into an intimate relationship with his married cousin of 15 years who is twenty two years older then him.

The Pickup --

Matt sat on the bench pulling out his cell phone to call his cousin, but before he could get to his contacts he heard a horn beep in a mild tune, and a women shouting Matt, Matt, Matthew!!! Down here!!! It was his cousin Jodi in a big white utility truck, she was about 70 feet away from him. Matt put his phone into his pocket, and grabbed his luggage and started walking down towards her vehicle. He put his luggage in the back of the truck, and hoped into the vehicle. Jodi leaned over the seat and greeted him with a big hug. Her D cup implants pressed firmly against his chest. He immediately got a hard on, but it was to soon to make any type of move towards her. Jodi is 41 years old, but really does not look a day over thirty. She’s a 5’ 4’’, 117 lb, D-cup implanted, blonde beauty, with a southern bronze tan, gorgeous legs, beautifully maintained feet, along with the prettiest face a man could ask for. How have you been Matt? Asked Jodi. I’ve been fine, Matt replied, been thinking about a lot of projects for the future. How bout yourself, how have you been? You look terrific! Said Matt. As Jodi merged onto the high way, she says to Matt…I’ve been hanging in there, a lot of the stress with work, and the droughts are miserable, but its all cool because I have my backyard beach, referring to her swimming pool, and I can catch a beautiful tan too! She laughed. What kind of projects are you working on? Mostly just some websites, Matt said to her. Matter in the fact I think I might have an opportunity for you in a partnership involved with some good income for you on the side, but we’ll discuss that down the road, as soon as things are planned out accordingly. Sounds interesting, maybe you could help me become a millionaire like you did yourself, she said jokingly. Matt said in a mischief tone, maybe so, you never know what can happen. It might just change your entire life, he said, along with a chuckle. What do you mean by that? She asked, curiously. I don’t know, I was just saying, if you were to become rich it could change your entire life, my life has changed drastically, I bought my parents a home, and set them straight with cash for the rest of their lives, and only hear from them about once a month, not that I mind that he laughed. Hell I own three houses so far, and have more money then every single person I’ve ever met in life combined. On top of all that I am only nineteen years old. Jodi replied. Well, it would be very interesting to see what happens down the road from now. Indeed it will be, Matt said to her, looking out the window, as they pulled up to Jodi’s house.

The First Encounter --

While Matt was unpacking in his room he heard Jodi’s husband Jim shout ..You stupid bitch, your fucking worthless! Jodi ran outside onto the front porch crying. Sitting on the chair, grabbing a couple beers out of the cooler next to her. Chugging them quickly, to calm her nerves. Matt’s room is in the basement/game room, and the front porch is right above his room outside the window. Matt went up the steps, towards the front door, while seeing Jim plopped on the tilt back chair watching the Speed channel. What the fuck is your problem you ignorant hick!? I can’t believe you treat a beautiful women such as Jodi like a piece of shit! You should be fucking ashamed of yourself! Matt shouted to Jim before going out the front door. Fuck you! Go back up north you pussy! Jim retaliated back towards Matt. Outside it was another usual sweltering day in the Georgia summer. What happened Jodi? Is everything all right? Asked Matt comfortingly. I don’t really want to talk about it right now. Not with him here at least. Said Jodi. Well lets go for a little walk then. Suggested Matt. That would be nice, I’d like that. Just let me grab a beer. Said Jodi said with a smile on her face. She grabbed two, and handed one to Matt. Why thank you Miss. Matt said to her with a smirk. They started walking along a secluded gravel road near Jodi’s house. With nothing but farm land surrounding them. As they continued walking, Matt was checking Jodi’s body out. She was wearing a nice tight tan t shirt, with tan short shorts on, showing off her smooth, sexy, tan legs. She was wearing tennis shoes, which teased Matt’s secret foot fetish. He was dying to see her sexy bare feet. As they walked all he could think about was making love to her, and getting close to her feet, and toes. Matt! Why are you walking so far behind me? Jodi asked curiously. I’m sorry I was looking around, day dreaming. He said with a laugh. Day dreaming about what? She asked him. Oh you know, just random shit, life stuff, the works. He said to her. So back there Jodi, why did Jim say that to you? You know you don’t deserve to be treated like that. Because he’s drunk Matt. She started to cry. He’s an asshole when he drinks, always yells at me, talks down on me. Back there, well he asked me if I got the mail today. I said to him, no honey I forgot all about it. I’ll go get it in a few minutes, after I get dinner started. And that’s when he flipped out on me. She said to Matt as she took the last sip of her beer and chucked the can along the road. Matt was starting to think this might be his first and only opportunity to make a possible move towards his cousin. He noticed a trail leading off of the road. Lets turn here onto this trail. Suggested Matt. As they turned onto the rail Matt said to her well Jodi, you don’t deserve to be treated like that. Any normal man would be proud to have you as his wife, and would treat you like a princess. I mean you are Princess Jodi aren’t you? He laughed, referring to the nickname given to her by her father. She laughed. Yes I am the princess. I should be treated like the princess I am. Matt took one last sip of his beer, and threw it on the ground. He grabbed her, and pulled her close to him, well baby I’m going to do better, I’m going to treat you like a fucking queen. He said to her, as he pressed his lips against hers, sliding his tongue deep into her mouth. She started to resist trying to pull away, but Matt used his strength advantage over her, and forced her down to her knees along with himself. Jodi pulled away, and shouted. Matt, what the fuck are you doing!? We are fucking cousins! He replied. Jodi I’ve been in love with you since I was young. I’ve always wanted to get with you, and now I have that chance. I don’t care what anyone thinks, or says, only we, and our family know that we are cousins, and they sure as hell don’t need to know about this, it can be our secret. I came down here for two reasons only, and those reasons being, for a house, and the main reason being…to give you a better life baby. I’ve come down here many times before as you know, and what I seen earlier from Jim isn’t the first time I’ve seen that. I’ve seen you cry too many times because of that asshole, and I want to put a stop to that. Just take a chance Jo…you can have whatever you like baby. You’ll never need a wallet again baby, whatever it is I got it for you. Just take a chance. Matt said to ser confidently. Jodi was speechless, she could only stare into Matt’s beautiful baby blue eyes. Matt….okay, a chance, one chance. She said to Matt. The two pressed lips, kissing in the hot dry Georgia weather. Matt started grouping Jodi’s breasts, she moaned and ran her fingers through his hair. Jodi…baby…god…Jo keep kissing me. Matt said to her. She started moving her hands down his chest, and stomach. She lifted his shirt above his head. Matt you’ve got a fucking sexy body. Jodi said to him. Enough of mine, I want to see more of yours, beautiful. He said to her, as he lifted her shirt above her head. Revealing her nice large D cups, they were implants, which Matt loves. WOW! Jodi…your tits are just amazing! She laughed at his comment. Matt gently pushed her onto her back, and collapsed on top of her. Coming face to face with Jodi, he kissed her deeply, and passionately. Their tongues twirling together in each others mouths. As he pulled the kiss away, Matt noticed a trail of both of their saliva coming from Jodi’s lips attached to Matt’s own lips. Making him instantly hard as a rock. He started rubbing her legs, pulling her right leg up above his head. Matt started to kiss, lick, and caress the back of her sexy legs. Jo…you’ve got the most amazing body I’ve ever seen. These legs are fucking incredible. He said to her as he continued taking kissing, and rubbing her legs. I’ve got a question for you honey. He said to her. What would that be you master seducer? She said laughing. What would you think about if I went down on your feet, and started sucking, and licking your feet, and toes. Maybe throwing in a nice foot rub for you. He asked her. Well Matt, I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but I take care of my feet very well. And that’s for a reason baby…and that reason is cause I love to have my feet played with. She said in a soft, sexy voice to him. You’re an amazing women he said to her, and quickly took off her shoes, and then slowly peeling her ankle socks off of her feet. First revealing, a small sexy heart tattoo with an arrow going through it above her talus bone. Then sliding the sock down past her heal, then towards the middle of her foot, rubbing the sole of her foot. Kissing, and tickling her sole with his tongue, Matt finally removed Jodi’s sock, revealing her sexy French tipped toe nails. He immediately shoved her foot into his mouth, sucking on her toes. Sliding, and slobbering, his tongue like an uncontrollable dog in-between each of her toes. She laughed and said to him that tickles Matthew, but it’s hot, as she threw off her other shoe, and sock. Try my other foot. He complied, and quickly grabbed her other foot, bringing both of her feet to his face. Licking them up and down, and smelling her sexy, soft soles, he went to town on her toes, deep throating all of toes. Wow you have a big mouth. She said with a cute laugh. He pulled out her slobbery foot, and did the same with the other foot. Sucking, and twirling his tongue around, and in between her toes. Jodi, give me a blowjob baby…I want to feel your mouth. As she sat up, to kneel in front of him, Matt unzipped his pants, pulling off his Jack Daniels boxers, producing his 8 inch member in front of his cousin 21 years his senior. I can’t believe I am about to give my younger, younger cousin a blow job. She said. Think of it as I’m a random man on the street, just looking for a fuck. He said to her, to course her into blowing him. She slightly laughed, stroking his cock hesitantly. Matt was getting anxious, and wanted to fuck his cousin. He grabbed Jodi by her long, blonde hair and pushed her mouth down onto his cock. Driving it deeply into her throat she started gagging. I want some spit baby, he said to her as he started thrusting deeper, and faster into her throat. Making his cousin gag more, and more. Matt started getting the spit he wanted, his cock covered in his cousins saliva, as she gagged more, he started slapping her lightly on the cheek. Jodi moaned as if she didn’t really know she wanted it. Matt pulled his rock hard, sloppy cock, out of Jodi’s warm mouth. Open your mouth, he shouted. When Jodi opened her mouth, Matt spit right down her throat, and shoved his cock back into her mouth. Violently skull fucking her, he was enjoying watching the tears drop down her face, from his on slaughter. The look of distress on his cousins face, while she was down on his cock was uncontrollable. Matt gave her one last long deep thrust into the back of her throat, forcing her head deep down on his cock, holding her there for 30 seconds, counting one Mississippi, two Mississippi, ect. Jodi started gagging, and coughing, nearly vomiting all over her younger cousin multiple times, as he held her deep down. Finally releasing her, he threw her onto her back, flipped her onto her knees, smacking her ass. From behind, he pulled her hair, pulling her into a kneeling position. She could feel his hard cock, pressing against her ass. Her cousin kissed her neck, moving up to her face, then to her ear, sucking, and licking on her ear, he grouped her breasts roughly. Unbutton your shorts, and pull them off now, you dirty slut! Commanded Matt. Jodi did as told, as her Matt went back to her neck, still rubbing her breasts. As her shorts, came down below her bikini line, Matt jumped up, and pushed her down onto her stomach, yanking off her shorts. Your going to be a fun fuck, baby! Matt said loudly. Jodi didn’t know what to expect from her cousin, after he said he wanted to treat her better then her current husband, but now after the face fucking moments ago she wasn’t sure if Matt is really being sincere, and nice to her, or just taking advantage of the situation she was in. She had no time to think about it fully, as her cousin grabbed her by the waist pulling her into doggy style position. Matt slowly, pushed his large, hard cock into his cousins warm, tight, but yet surprisingly wet older pussy. Jodi moaned in pleasure….Ohhhh god, yes, stick that big dick in your cousins tight cunt. Does it feel good baby? Is it better then Jim’s cock? He demanded to know. Yes…oh…god..yeeeeesssssss…fuck me harder Matt…please!!! Your cock is better then my husbands!!! Fuck me Matthew!!! Fuck me harder!!! Jodi screamed in the middle of the trail. Matt muffled his cousins mouth with his hand, while grabbing a fistful of her hair, he pulled back, and started to fuck his cousin like a rag doll. Jodi screaming in pleasure, at least Matt thinks so, as he can’t make out what Jodi is saying with his hand over her mouth. He takes his hand off her mouth, and smacks her bare white ass. I’m loving the tan lines baby. Something about tan lines around the tits, and ass, and pussy are fucking hot to me. He said to her in pleasure. Just shut up, and fuck me like a dog Matt! She said to him in a bitchy, but sexy tone. As you say, Maam. He continued thrusting deep into her warm, wet pussy. She squeezed her pussy muscles around her cousins cock, as he pulled out. Jodi you’ve got a tight fucking pussy! He shouted as he got stood up on his feet to drive deeper into his cousins pussy. Oh god!! Yes!!! Matthew I’m about to fucking cum!! Mattttt!!!! She screamed, loudly as she came onto his cock. Her pussy tightening around his eight inch cock. He fucked her slowly, and deeply, kissing her tattoos of a dream catcher, and a sea horse on her shoulder blades. Baby, I love you. He said to her. I love you too Matthew. She said back as she turned her head to look back into is eyes, and to meet a passionate kiss. It was a quick, deep kiss, as their tongues twirled each other, he sucked on Jodi’s tongue, as she started thrusting deep, and hard into her vagina once again. Fuck me Matt! Fuck me baby!! I am all yours!! Shouted Jodi. Matt fucked her deep, and hard, pulling her by her shoulders, slamming her pussy against his cock. I’m gonna cum Jodi, I’m gonna cum, he repeated to her. Cum in mouth baby, don’t waste it. Matt pulled his cock out of his cousins, soaking wet vagina. She faced towards him, and took his cock into her mouth. This time face fucking herself. Yeah baby, suck it like the fucking whore you are. He said to her deeply. She sucked on him hard, and slow, staring into her cousins eyes. She felt the cum rushing up into his penis, the head was getting swollen. Baby! Baby! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!! Oh god..yea..fuck yeah. Agggghhh yeah, that’s its Jodi. He said to his cousin in ecstasy as he shot his thick huge load into his cousins mouth. She pulled his cock out of her mouth, playing with the little bit of cum on her lips, and chin with her fingers. Sucking the cum off of her fingers. That was amazing Jodi. Matt said to her. Yeah it was actually the hottest sex I have ever had with anyone Matt. She said to him. I hope I made you feel better, after what your asshole husband did earlier. He said to her in a caring voice. Well I’m a lot better now, she said as she put her clothes back on. She walked up to him, while he was putting his pants on, and gave her cousin a nice passionate kiss of her own this time. Let’s head back home she said to him staring into his eyes. Alright baby, lets head back. He said to her. They walked out of the trail, and back down the gravel road back to Jodi’s house, holding hands, into the sunset.

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