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Hey guys, its my first creation. never tried one story before this. please give good rating. this a work of fiction. no reality in this story at all. the idea just came into my mind. so lets see how horny do you get.
One fine Sunday morning after coming back from a long bicycle ride I was thinking what to make for breakfast today as my parents were gone to New York for some business work. In the way I stopped at the morning store to buy some canned beans and a loaf of bread for breakfast. “5 bucks for all that sir.” the shopkeeper told me. I gave him the money and came out of the store. While going for my bike I didn’t notice the trash bin in front of me and bumped into it. The dust bin fell and whole of the trash came out of it. In the trash I saw a magazine with heading ‘Incest feelings’ my 15 year old penis hardening up in my track pants. The shopkeeper came to help me. I quickly took the magazine and hid it under my jacket. ” Are you fine boy” he asked me. I replied him yes and started to walk away from there.
The whole way I was thinking about the book and was excited to explore the book after reaching home. I forgot about the breakfast and ridded the bike as fast as I could.
After reaching home I quietly parked my bike in garage and tried to open the door as if I was a thief entering a house. I was thinking about my 12 year old sister Jade. When I left the house she was sleeping but now she must have been up from the bed and watching her morning TV shows.
I sneaked in and saw her sitting in the living room. As I crossed the room door she started to shout on me “where were you James. It’s ten in the morning. Mother gave you only one responsibility of making breakfast and you couldn’t even take care of that”. I got angry and shouted “I had gone to get some bread and beans from the market. Wait for some time I will take a bath and then come down to make some breakfast for you.” Then she came out of the room and saw me holding my jacket as if I was hiding something.

“What is that brother?” She asked

“Nothing jade it’s just that I am feeling cold” I replied

“No it’s not that, you are hiding something from me and if you’ll not tell I will tell it to mom that you buy unwanted things and spend money unnecessarily.”

“No jade it’s not that. I just don’t want to show it to you. You are too small for it.”

“No bro that’s not fair! I will be turning 13 next month please………. Show me what it is.”

“Sis no, I am going up and please don’t disturb me any more”

Then she got away and started to cry. I loved my sister so I couldn’t see her cry. I went near her and tried to get her quiet.

“Bro please if you want me to get happy please show me the thing you have brought from the store. I swear I won’t tell it to mom or dad”

After hearing all this I was really scared and was not able to think any more.
I then reluctantly opened my jacket and showed her the magazine

“Incest feeling”- she read.

“James is this porn magazine?”

“Yes”- I replied

She didn’t know the meaning of incest but by seeing the porno image she could have made it out.

“Jade big boys have their own private life and know I have shown you this magazine so please let me go.”

“No brother “

I was surprised to hear this “no” from her mouth

“I mean I just want to see the magazine if you don’t mind can I see this with you. My friends tell me that they had seen porn on the net. But you don’t even let me touch the PC.”

My penis was charged right now and I couldn’t take it any more. I opened the magazine and we saw the first page

The magazine described sex play of two young brother sisters Anna (13) and Andrew (14)

After viewing the magazine I couldn’t resist any more and wanted to go up to jerk off my penis.

My sister was just astonished and was constantly seeing the page where the brother’s penis was inside the girl’s pussy.

“These kids must be lucky. I can’t believe that they are siblings. I have heard and that couples do have sex but not ever heard about this thing.” My sister said

“Ah……… jade “

“Yes James.” She replied

“Nothing I am going to my room to get fresh and then we will make breakfast.”

At this time I just wanted to go and take out all the stuff inside my hard penis.
I picked up the book and started to walk to wards the staircase.

“Ah. James I wanted to ask you something.” My sister called from behind.

“Don’t you think these kids are very lucky? At just 13 they are experiencing the things that adults do.”
“Yeah” I replied.

“James if you don’t mind. Can we also try it out?”

A cold wave ran in my whole body as I heard this from Jade’s mouth. I couldn’t believe that my sister was asking me for sex. I was completely out of my mind and I replied her yes.

I said her “OK if you say so we will try it out as hey have shown in this book.”

We both forgot the breakfast and turned to the first page of my book.

1st page

On that page the boy was standing nude in front of his sis

So I also removed my clothes and sat on the sofa
“That’s huge” jade said

“Brother your penis is really large.”
She had seen many baby penis but she was surprised to see a 51/2 inches long cock.

2nd page

The girl opened her top and removed her skirt showing her bra and panties and then in the second column she was shown nude.

Jade also followed that and undressed her self

“Wow” I said
“I didn’t know you were that beautiful lil sis.”

Jade was really a preteen beauty. She had medium sized boobs. And her clit was really looking soft

3rd page

Then we saw the boy putting his hand in his sisters vagina.

So I also did that .

“How it’s feeling jade”

“Its pretty good bro.”

Then she holded my hand and continued to move it faster
After then I turned the page

4th page

On this one the sister had his brother whole cock in her mouth

“Would you be able to do this?” I asked jade

“I think so”

Then reluctantly she first kneeled down and then stared at my cock. Then she opened her mouth to first kiss the head of my cock. Then suddenly pre cum oozed out of my penis.

“Uh… what’s that James.”
“Nothing sis its just pre cum. It’s a tasteless liquid which comes out of a men’s penis when he is on.”

Then she finally took the penis into her mouth and slided her tongue over the head .

It felt like being in heaven at that time.

“Sis. Just take my penis into your mouth deeper it feels so good”

And then she started to slide the penis. As she did I came near climax and was know willing to burst out. But I thought I couldn’t take out this stuff in my sis mouth so I warned her. But she didn’t got away.

“let it come bro I am thisrty for you”

I seemed that she was horny at this time.

“uh.. uh uha. Hmmm.. “
Cum blasred from my cock
“ sis I am sorry for that I squirted into your mouth.”

I was shocked to see that she drank all the cum that came into her mouth and rest I ejacuated on the carpet.

I thought that this would be the end of our first encounter with each other but no my penis didn’t even sat down 1 inch it was still erect after the ejacuation. I was so surprised to see that because his had not happened with me before .

Then I turned the page

5th page .(the final one)

This seemed to be the last page of the book and on this one was the most difficult task.

The boy was this time FUCKING her sister hard.

After seeing that page I asked my sis the most personal questions.

“Hey jade tell me do you have had periods”

“No bro but mom told me that I will be soon having one in next few months”

“Ok then”

“but why did you asked this?”

“coz if you started having those we would not be able to do the next step of this book”

Then she didn’t asked any thing else and went in the position to get fucked by her brother.

I first licked her clit to make it wet as I knew she hadn’t started to produce juices right know.

Then I went close to her.

“ok Jade if you want to stop at any time just tell me”

“ok bro”

Then I inserted my penis inside her clit. It was bit tricky as her clit was vey small at this time.

“can you get the feeling sis”

She stated to moan at this time

“are you ok jade”

“yes james it feels so good. Why don’t you try as I moved your penis in my mouth.”

I wanted to fulfill her wish also so I did as she said.

“Is it good?’

“Yeah bro it feels so good I wish we could do it for long”

“Then I started to move faster and was feeling that I was coming near climax again”

“faster james harer deeper I could feel you inside me bro keep on showing your magic”

“I also felt her pussy grasping me cock”

Then suddenly I started to kiss her like a boyfriend. I forgot that she was my sister.

“Oh jade I love you so much you are the best sis in the world”

I cummed into her again.

“Oh brother I wish you had been my boyfriend then we must have being doing this all the time”

“If we are not we could be one” I replied.

Then I closed the book. We kept staring each other for some time and then I got up to go to my room get clean and make the break fast.

My mother called up and told us that they were coming 2 days late from their scheduled time.

Then after this I kept this book in our room and we did this again for couple of times.

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2013-12-08 20:03:45
Ehh, I'll give it a five out of ten. Good start though.

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2013-10-20 16:59:09
Da fuck? I wish that could happen to me lol.

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2013-07-12 17:47:27
Whose fuck their sister before.

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2011-10-08 07:35:11
It sounds like its translated from japanese who say ni-chan or nee-chan when talking to older siblings and generally translates to older brother/sister not something commonly said in english

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2011-04-19 23:11:35
Don't listen to those dicks, they are just sorry because they can't make a start worth jack-shit themselves. You should keep writing, it's a great first start. Its a little different reading the story like a book with "page 1, page 2" but it's still good and getting a spell check would help, if I could rate I would give it a 5 or 6 given the fact it's a first try. Good work.

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