Not as nasty as my other stories, but still hardcore. Shelley & Cherry are a couple of smoking hot "you-name-it, they'll-do-it" sluts who go to work to be filthy whores, offering all the other employees stress relief and a damn good incentive to turn up. Also contains some spit and cum/bukkake fetish.
Shelley & Cherry are sluts. They both work in a large food store and Cherry is Shelley’s boss in the HR department. Cherry is 38, petite at 5’0 with a tight, youthful looking little body that could belong to a 16-year-old. Her tits are small and sag-less, sitting proudly above her flat stomach. Her face is naturally stunning and she has never worn much make-up and her hair is a short mixture of dark red and black. Looking in her eyes you could see that the slut is a sly little cunt.

Cherry is married with two small children, a boy and a girl aged 2 and 5 respectively. Her husband is a prick who works at the same place as his wife but on a different department. He is either very fucking stupid or secretly happy with everybody he works with fucking his wife ragged all day, every day. Constantly he's being left on his own as his co-workers keep disappearing to complete admin work upstairs, or going on breaks or going to the warehouse, when really, of course, they're going to stick their dicks in his cock whore wife.

Cherry is a little bit jealous of Shelley, despite the fact that when Cherry was her age, 24, she was just as much of a filthy, free and single cum pig as Shelley is now. Cherry still gets just as much cock, cum and pussy as her younger counterpart does. Cherry is mainly jealous of Shelley’s body. Whereas Cherry is a gorgeous, tight petite, Shelley is built for fucking. She's 6’0 in her 4-inch heeled shoes she wears for work. Her very tight, black, calf length skirt stays on for a very short amount of time per day, but when it is on it shows off the curves of her juicy thighs and ass beautifully. Her tummy is flat and ever so slightly shows the toned muscles beneath. Her tits are what really makes Cherry jealous; two perky bags of delicious, creamy white tit flesh that are just ever so slightly smaller than her head. Shelley has a beautiful face, reminding people of Snow White, with her fair skin and ruby red lips.

The brunettes hair is long and hangs down to the curve of her gorgeous ass when she lets it just hang free or if it is in a ponytail, but she regularly puts it up into all kinds of different styles, plaiting it et al. By the end of each day it is usually loose or in a ponytail again and usually with at least several loads of cum in it. Shelley is a glamour puss and looks like a porn star, and makes sure her nails, eyelashes and pussy hair are always looking their best. Shelley is single, as she just has too many guys and girls fucking her to have a boyfriend.

Both Cherry & Shelley have their cunts shaved bare and both girls have gotten their nipples pierced and wear small golden rings through them. Shelley has also gotten some small tattoos done – a wrap-around on her upper left thigh that says “Cum Lovin’ Fuck Slut”, and one just above her juicy bum that reads “Fuck My Whore Ass”.

This is a typical day in the work life of these two fuck-crazed cumbags.

Tuesday 23rd September, 2003.

08:00 – Cherry arrives at work with her husband and immediately walks away from him. As usual she hasn’t spoken to him at all this morning. She finds the man a bore, and has lost all respect for him knowing that he either knows about her being a slut, and is too much of a pussy to confront her, or he is too dumb to realise that she’s fucked and sucked every cock and pussy that works with them. The only reason Cherry doesn’t leave him and take up being a full time slut is because of their kids.

Cherry goes upstairs and clocks in before going into her office. As soon as she opens the door and turns on the light in the windowless room her boss, John, walks up behind her and grabs her ass with both hands. “Good morning, whore” he says to her. “Morning, boss” Cherry replies with a girlish giggle, “Would you like your usual start to the day?”. “Yes, you little cunt, but make it quick, I’ve got a meeting in ten minutes” John says. Moving quickly, John moves into the room and Cherry takes off her jacket and undoes her uniform blouse - with such perfect small, perky tits she doesn’t wear a bra and being such a whore she doesn’t wear panties.

John sits in Cherry’s chair at her desk and, hungry for her first cum load of the day, she falls to her knees and pulls out her boss’s 7-inch-cock. After a couple of minutes of stroking and sucking his dick Cherry feels John starting to push her head up and down on his spit-covered throat fucker. John stands up as Cherry continues moving her mouth up and down his cock whilst removing her skirt. Cherry braces herself as she knows John is about to skull-fuck her as hard as he can. John grabs her hair tight and pulls her head towards his cock as he plunges forward, repeatedly stretching her throat and making her cough and gag. Drool flows from her mouth, covering her tits and kneeling legs. “I don’t want you and Shelley putting any clothes back on today, and don’t fucking wipe anything off your slutty bodies – I want to see just how much cum, spit and cunt juice, and whatever else you may get on you, you’ve been covered in before you leave tonight” John grunts at her whilst she continues to choke on his pounding dick.

Tears stream from her eyes leaving lovely trails down the flawless skin of her cheeks as she retches again and again on his cock. Her chin, chest, tits and thighs are already covered in drool. John pushes his cock as far down her pretty little throat as possible and Cherry screws her teary eyes shut as John slaps her face three times. “Gonna get everyone to fuck you cunts up good today” he tells her as he feels her throat spasm wildly around his cock. Feeling the whores’ throat rub his cock so good makes him cum in torrents. Cherry is a little upset that he held her head tight as she didn’t get to taste the delicious jizz. As John finishes cumming he lets Cherry’s head go, and despite all the cock snot being blown straight down into her hungry tummy, having the cock in her throat for so long has produced a lot of throat slime, which she deliberately coughs up onto her chest and starts rubbing around her tits.

With thick drool still hanging from her lips and chin, John wipes his cock clean in her hair, slaps her face again, puts his cock away and leaves for his meeting. “I’ll be back later to check on you two sluts’ progress” he says as he walks out, leaving Cherry alone. She gets up off of her knees and wipes the drool from her chin and rubs it all over her already soaking wet cunt. She perches her ass on the edge of her desk facing the door and fingers herself, playing with the drool and spitting on herself as she waits for Shelley to arrive.

08:30 – Shelley walks through the main door, tits stuck out proudly in front of her in her blouse, nipple rings pushing the fabric out making it obvious that they’re there. Today her hair is in a simple ponytail which is just reaching the small of her back. One of the bagboys, a 17-year-old newbie, immediately walks over to her and, making sure no early morning customers see, squeezes her fine ass and quietly says to her “John told me I get to fuck you today and do whatever I want to you and Cherry”. “Mmm, I can’t wait, hun, be sure to come up and fuck our slutty holes soon. I’ll eat your cum off of the dirty floor like the cum pig I am, if you want” she replies with a look of pure whore on her face, not lusting after the inexperienced young man, just lusting after another cock. The young man nearly cums right there hearing the stunning brunette say such things to him. Having turned to jelly he just stands there as Shelley squeezes his cock through his pants as he tries desperately not to cum. With a little smile she lets go, turns and walks off towards the stairs, not wanting to waste a fresh load of his cum in his underwear.

Shelley walks behind the checkouts, through the door and up the stairs to the HR office. When she opens the door and sees Cherry lent back against the desk, her body covered in spit, she smiles. “Good morning, you slimy cunt!” says Shelley as she walks in. Cherry spits in Shelley’s face and automatically Shelley opens her mouth to try and catch it, but it lands across her nose and right cheek. “Have some fucking respect for your boss, you big-titted cunt” says Cherry as she continues to rub the slime around her body and cunt. Shelley gobs back at Cherry, hitting her in the forehead and hair as she starts unbuttoning her blouse. As Shelley’s perfectly large, perky tits become visible they both spit on them, Cherry reaching out to spread the drool all over her now shining breasts. As Cherry slides her hands from Shelley’s udders she takes her nipples rings between her thumb and forefinger and pulls just enough to make Shelley throw her head back and groan in lust. Cherry lets go and Shelley brings her head back down, again spitting hard into Cherry’s face. The sluts continue to spit into each other’s faces and mouths as Shelley eases her skirt over her hips and wiggles it to the floor, now wearing only her black 4” heels. With spit running down both of their naked bodies, coating their faces and hanging from their chins, they press their slimy bodies together and kiss, their tongues invading each others mouths as the spit on their tits and stomachs rub together, forming thick strings between their bodies as they move apart. Cherry breaks the kiss and starts to lick and suck the spit from her employees’ cheeks, forehead and chin. When she has filled her mouth with the second-hand spit she kisses Shelley again, passing the mouthful over. Shelley washes the wad around her mouth before pushing down on Cherry’s shoulders, forcing the smaller woman to her knees.
Cherry starts licking and kissing Shelley’s wet stomach, working her way down, licking over the “Cum Lovin’ Fuck Slut” tattoo on the top of her juicy left thigh whilst using her fingers to rub her clit and open her constantly wet snatch. Shelley purses her lips and drools the large amount of thick, frothy white saliva onto the top of her boss’s head, drenching the petite whores’ hair, followed by a couple of thick spits. Shelley moves her hands from Cherry’s shoulders and uses her fingers to run the spit through her short hair, drenching it all.

“We’re not to put any clothes on all day, or wipe anything off our bodies. John wants to see us before we leave tonight and see how much cum and spit we’ve got on us” Cherry coos from between her younger counterparts thighs as the door to the office opens. Tom and Roger walk in and grab both sluts by their hair, Roger not realising that Cherry’s hair was coated with spit until after pulling her to her feet. “Been playing with gob have you, cunts?” Roger snarled, before adding his own saliva to Cherry’s face with an angry, hateful spit. “Fuckin’ cunts” says Tom as he pulls Shelley out of the office and into the corridor, quickly followed by Roger pulling Cherry. Cherry and Shelley, both bent at the waist as they’re yanked along, get wetter by the second as they’re manhandled and degraded. As they’re pulled into the Admin office, a larger office for around 8 people but currently holding 10 men as well as the 2 whores, they’re thrown to the floor. “The pieces of meat have been spitting on each other. Let’s give ‘em some more” says Roger. With that the sexy fucktoys spread out on the floor and open their mouths as the 10 men shower them with spit, covering their faces, tits, stomach, cunts and thighs with a fresh layer.

After several minutes, and both women having gotten their mouths filled up, the men stop spitting. The whores get to their knees before Cherry stands over Shelley and drools her mouthful into Shelley’s long, dark hair. As she starts to run it through her hair with her fingers, Cherry kneels back down and Shelley drools her mouthful slowly into Cherry’s facecunt as all the men watch, cocks out and stroking. The occasional spit from the men hits the sluts’ bodies as they perform. When Shelley’s mouth is empty and Cherry’s is full, Cherry stands again and this time just opens her mouth. The saliva is frothy and white as it falls quickly from Cherry’s mouth. The spit drenched whore makes eye contact with every male in the office as the remnants of the mouthful she just dropped on Shelley’s head hangs thickly from her trembling bottom lip as she massages the spit through Shelley’s hair. Shelley, fingering Cherry’s cunt as she’s drooled on, makes her have a small cum. One of the guys finds it too sexy and moves forward, grabbing Cherry by the spit covered hair and forcing his cock into her mouth, cumming immediately into her sucking hole. Happy at finally getting her first cum of the day, Cherry savours it before swallowing, giving Shelley no chance of stealing it from her.

09:20 – Tom, Roger and a couple of other guys move in on the girls and push them both onto their hands and knees, side by side. As more male employees enter the room, four male employees enter the whores’ cunts and mouths, fucking them hard and rough as they run their hands over the sluts’ curvy, wet bodies, pinching, squeezing and slapping their nipples, tits and asses. Both of the guys fucking Cherry and Shelley’s faces are drilling deep and both girls are giving them sloppy throatjobs, with the spit continuing to flow and run down their chins and stringing onto the floor. One of the guy ploughing Shelley’s wet cunt pulls out and empties his first sizeable cumload of the morning over the “Fuck My Whore Ass” tattoo just above her ass. Immediately another guy eases into her snatch and grabs her hips, slamming in and out of the easy tramp. After a couple of minutes he swings around to lay underneath her and across so he can suck on Cherry’s tits and pull her nipple rings as he fucks Shelley. Seeing the free hole another guy moves behind Shelley and slides his dick up the sexy fox’s loose asshole. The triple stuffed slut groans in pleasure as she gets fucked hard and deep in all three holes as drool hangs from her fine body. The guy using Cherry’s cunt can’t take any more and empties his cum into the whores’ gash. The next guy lays down under her and sucks on her free tit and nipple ring as another guy with a wrist-thick fuckstick moves in to make sure that both of the women are air tight with cocks. Both men in the girls’ throats pull out at nearly the same time as the guy drilling Shelley’s ass, and all 3 move to Shelley’s face, coating her in thick, creamy white cum. As she’s flipped on to her back another two guys cum on her tits and stomach. The guy in her cunt fills her snatch up with fuckjuice, before another three guys fill her holes. Cherry, meanwhile, is still on her hands and knees and being fucked full of cock after cock. Each guy is filling her cunt and ass with cum and the dicks in her mouth are pulling out and cumming in her face.

By the time this 23-strong group of men have finished with the dirty cocksockets they’ve received 48 loads of cum. Their asses and pussies are drooling cum, Shelley’s tits and stomach are thick with it and both cunts’ faces are creamy white with fucksnot. Shelley crawls over to Cherry, puts her on her back and squats over her, letting the cum run from her slack holes all over the tits and stomach of her boss. When Shelley has stopped leaking Cherry sucks her cunt and asshole until no more cum will drain out and then spit the goo out onto her own sexy, slimy body. The girls repeat the procedure, with Cherry squatting over Shelley, and Shelley spitting the remnants from Cherry’s cunt all over her drenched tits. After a minute of the girls rubbing the slimy goo all over themselves, Cherry lowers her body onto Shelley’s and the rub their cum and spit covered tits, stomachs and faces together, feeling them slip and slide over each other as they kiss passionately, tongues swirling in each other’s cum-tasting mouths. After several minutes they break the kiss and pull their bodies apart, dozens of thick white strings of cum hanging between each part of their delicious bodies and faces – thigh-to-thigh, cunt-to-cunt, tummy-to-tummy, tit-to-tit, lip-to-lip, nose-to-nose, forehead-to-forehead - before thinning out and finally breaking, swinging back onto their skin. “Mmmm, what now?” Shelley asks Cherry as the slags lay back down on the floor as a couple of guys, including the 17-year-old bagboy who Shelley talked to earlier, empty their second loads onto their bodies before returning to their work. “Well it’s 10 o’clock so, I don’t know about you, but I fancy some cock and cum” replies Cherry. “Sounds good to me!” says Shelley, who giggles as she playfully spits some cum that has run into her mouth into Cherry’s face.

End of Part 1

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