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It all started about a year ago. Wendy (my wife) had been pestering me for months to let her get a dog. Since her hours had been cut at work, she had become increasingly lonely at home, on her own during the days. I knew if I relented, that it after the novelty had worn off, it would be left to me to take the dog for walks, feed it, clean it and so on. This had made me reluctant. But Wendy being Wendy, she could be very persuasive. So in the end I gave in and we decided to take a trip to the local rescue shelter to pick a dog.

When we arrived Wendy was like a kid in a candy store, moving from cage to cage hardly able to decide which dog she liked most. In the end the dog picked it'self. A big sign on the cage door with the name Ben scrawled in chalk. He was a three year old Rottweiler. A big big dog but he looked friendly enough, trying to lick Wendy's hand through the cage. "This is the one" she said with a huge smile on her face. "See he likes me". She seemed genuinely excited.

After completing the necessary paperwork and the obligatory home visit by a worker from the shelter, two weeks later saw the arrival of Ben in our home. Wendy made a huge fuss over him, constantly playing games and stroking him. I would come in from work and have to sit on a separate chair as Ben was usually laying on the sofa next to Wendy. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting a little jealous.

A couple of months passed and Wendy was still the model dog owner. Not what I'd expected at all. She was still taking him for twice daily walks and looked after his every need. The only thing that had changed was that our sex life had declined a little. We had always been pretty active, but it had gone from the usual 5 or 6 times a week to 2 at best. I just put that down to how tired Wendy was from all the extra exercise she was getting by walking Ben. How wrong could I have been!!

It was a Monday and normally I wouldnt be home til after 6 but Id been able to finish a little earlier as an appointment had cancelled. I decided to buy some flowers for Wendy on my way home and surprise her. I pulled into the drive and quietly let myself into the house. I could hear Wendy's voice comng from the living room and it sounded like she was playing with Ben. "Thats it, good boy" I could hear her say. What I heard next stopped me in my tracks. "Oh yes thats it Ben, good boy, fuck me, harder". Could it be that Wendy had found someone else? I edged closer to the living room door which was slightly open. I peered through the gap and couldnt believe my eyes. There she was on her hands and knees, skirt hitched up and panties round her knees with Ben on her back humping like he would a bitch. I was transfixed. I didnt know whether to be horrified or excited. Here was my darling wife being fucked by a dog. And whats more, she was loving it. From my position at the door I could see Bens bright red cock ramming its way in and out of Wendy and at the base there was a huge swelling, almost tennisball sized. Each time Ben thrust in the ball seemed to stop him going as deep as he wanted. Then with one huge thrust the ball disappeared up inside Wendy. "Oh Fuck" she cried as Bens thrusts became slower "Thats it boy, cum in your bitch" she went on. I'd never heard Wendy talk like that, she was normally quiet during sex but it seemed like Ben had brought out another darker side in her.

Bens thrusting had stopped and he lay on her back for what seemed like an age. Then with a squelching sound the ball popped out of wendy's soaking wet pussy, followed by the rest of Bens hard cock, and a stream of doggy cum ran out of Wendy's gaping hole. I couldnt believe the size of Bens' cock. It had to be fully 8 inches including the ball and much fatter than mine. Wendy quickly span round and took hold of the swollen shaft and began to gently suck the end. I could see that there was still cum dripping from the end as Wendy sucked and licked.

I decided to quietly make my way back out to the car and come back in making a bit more noise on the way to alert them and make out that I hadn't seen a thing. I decided to approach the subject when the time felt right. The only problem was that I had forgotten about the flowers in my hand and as I turned they knocked one of Wendy's ornaments from a shelf onto the floor with a crash. "Chris? Chris is that you?" I heard Wendy calling from the living room. I didnt say anything but just walked into the living room. Wendy was stood now and was straightening her skirt, Ben was on his bed licking his cock clean. "youre home early" Wendy said to me, her voice seemed kurt, almost annoyed. "I almost wish I had stayed later" I replied. "Me too" she snapped. I cant actually remember how the conversation went but I do remember ending up sitting on the sofa while Wendy laid it out for me. She didnt enjoy having sex with me so much since she had started fucking Ben and that there was no way she was prepared to put an end to it. Ben was her lover now and I would either have to accept that or leave. I would have to ask for permission to have sex with her but Ben could have it whenever he decided. I dont know why but I just accepted it. Maybe I was hoping that it was a phase she was going through or that she really couldnt be serious or that this wasn't really happening and I was dreaming. Either way, and without realising I had just accepted that my wife was now our dog's bitch.

Over the next few days Wendy and I didnt really speak. I couldnt think of anything to say. She didnt hide the fact that Ben was fucking her on an almost daily basis. He was allowed to sleep in our bed with her and I was moved into the spare room. I lay in the single bed at night and could hear their lovemaking next door. After a couple of weeks Wendy considered me even less. We would be sitting watching TV together and Ben would decide he wanted to fuck, without a word, I was shoved off the sofa onto another chair as Wendy got into position to give Ben what he wanted. Despite the resentment I was feeling, the sight of that huge fat red dog cock pile driving into my wifes tight pussy stirred something inside me and made me feel horny. As I was no longer allowed to fuck Wendy I had to get a release somehow so I began wanking as she got dog fucked. It was clear to see why she enjoyed the feel of Bens cock so much, I only have around 5 inches and not the thickest cock in the world. Ben was much bigger in every way. Wendy was very vocal when Ben fucked her, often saying things to humiliate me, things like "oh thats it, fuck me with a real cock, youre so much bigger and better than Chris". Surprisingly this turned me on even more. I would cum like never before as I wanked watching Ben force that huge knot into Wendy's soaking wet pussy and hearing her say those things.

This went on for about 6 months, then things moved to the next level. As I was sitting watching the TV, wendy looked at me and said "Im want Ben to fuck me, and I want you to get him hard for me" I didnt know what to say, I just looked at her blankly. "what do you mean"? I asked. "I mean exactly what I said. I want Ben to fuck me and I want you to get him hard for me. Youve been enjoying watching him fuck me for the last 6 months, wanking while he does it, well now you have to earn that. I want you to suck him til he's hard enough to fuck me". I was about to protest but the look on her face told me that it would do no good.

Reluctantly I got onto the floor and moved over to where Ben lay. I slowly stroked the sheath that covered his cock, back and forth. It wasn't long before the tip of his cock was showing. I continued to stroke and his bright red dog cock grew more and more became exposed. I hesitated, then heard Wendy command "Go on then you useless cunt, suck his cock". I leaned forward and licked the end of the shaft, then slowly opened my mouth and took the first few inches inside. It was really hot and the taste was strange but not unpleasant. I sucked a little more, tasting the pre-cum that leaked from the tip. I could feel Ben's cock growing more and more, forcing me to open my mouth ever wider. As I sucked, Wendy was talking non-stop. "You like that dont you?" "You like sucking cock". I dont know why but I just nodded as I sucked deeper and faster. She was actually right I was starting to enjoy the feeling of this huge slab of dog dick in my mouth. I could feel my own cock hard in my pants as I took Ben deeper into my throat.

"Right, thats it" I heard Wendy say, as she grabbed my tshirt and pulled me away from Ben. The truth was I wanted to keep sucking. I wanted to know what it felt like to have him cum in my mouth, but Wendy was in charge and I did what she said. I took up my usual seat and Wendy got onto all fours. Ben jumped up from his bed, his enormous cock swinging below his stomach and he mounted Wendy. He gave his usual little jumps with his back legs until he found her hole. Then he seemed to grip harder with his front paws around her waist as he forced his cock deeper with each thrust into her sopping pussy. He pounded away, stretching her so wide, his knot slamming against her labia, trying to find its way inside. Wendy gripped the sofa, moaning loudly as her orgasm built inside her. Then she opened her legs a little wider and pushed back onto Bens cock and Ben forced forwards at the same time. His knot straining at the entrance to Wendy's shaven snatch. Then all of a sudden it disappeared inside her. Wendy let out a scream as her orgasm ripped through her body. "Oh fuck, oh fuck yes" she moaned repeatedly as Ben started with his short little thrusts and i knew he was pumping her womb full with his seed. When Ben stopped thrusting, Wendy lay he head on her hands on the floor, her ass in the air, Ben still knotted with her his hot cum still pumping into her. After about 4 or 5 minutes in that position, Ben began to pull away, and with a loud slopping noise his knot popped out and a load of his doggy cum flooded out of Wendy's well used pussy.

Without moving at all Wendy then ordered me to clean her. I slowly moved over behind her and as Ben lay on his bed cleaning his softening cock, I began to lick his cum from Wendy's thighs and pussy. It was a strong taste. Ben's and Wendy's cum mixed together. I licked until she was completely clean, even forcing my tongue inside her to try and scoop some cum from in there. As Wendy and I sat together recovering from the intense session, Wendy calmly told me that next time she wanted to see Ben make me his bitch too. She wanted to see him fuck my ass and knot with me. But at the very least, my job was not to suck him hard and clean up afterwards from now on.

And to be honest I wasn'g complaining....

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I caught my 58 year mum with our bull dog fucking her arse after a lot of tears she agreed to let me fuck her cunt while dog in arse same time it was fantastic and still is

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