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my need for a housekeeper
I'm a businessman that works very long hours and can always need help around the house.
I called a service and they sent over a woman named Tessa. Tessa was a woman from from Ecuador who needed a job. She was not most attractive woman that I had ever seen as she was about 5'7, black hair. She had small breasts. I guess that I was not hiring her for her looks but rather to clean the house.
About six months later, I came home early from work. I was very horny that day so I put on a porno movie. I began to pleasure myself and I realized that Tessa was in the other room. She watched me playing with myself. I continued to pound away as I saw her hand reach down to her private area. The thought of pleasuring herself while I did the same excited me to no I came all over the bed. I called into the bedroom and told her clean the sheets.. Tessa said you bastard in broken English. She took the sheets and put them into the wash. She said "you are a pig and someone will teach you a lesson".
She worked for my for another six months. All we did was argue as she stated that all Idid was treat her lousy. I would talk down to her.
I had a large party one Saturday, I need help to clean on Sunday. I called Tessa and asked her to come over. She came over and she had a large bag with her. What do you need that for? She laughed, just somethings that I may need. She started cleaning when I called to her, bitch get in here, I need my drink. I took a sip of my wine and that was the last thing that I remember. When I woke up, I was flat on my back completely naked. My hands were in handcuffs ,over my head and were tied with rope to the bedpost. She had me in the spread eagle position. She had rope around my angles. One angle was tied up to the dresser and the other lounge chair. I could not move an inch. You are mine, you bastard. I'm going to ware you down until you are mine, as she laughed
She climbed onto the bed between my legs. She took tongue and began licking my balls. Her right hand took my cock and slowly went up and down. She soon began kissing my cock as I was at her mercy. She then placed my cock into her mouth and used her hands to play with my balls. I could not take very much as I started to cum. She placed my cock in a way so that all my juices came all over my chest.
You proved your point, now untie me. She said, "you don't get it", your mine.
I tried to get away but I could not move an inch. The harder I tried, the more she laughed.
I must have continued to get free for twenty minutes as I became more fustrated. She said, you have to stop as you are turning me on. Of course I did not try to stop and she went back between my legs. She gave soft kiss on my cock and my cock became erect. She then put my cock back into her mouth. I felt those lips on my cock as I could see her head going up and down. I could not take anymore. She took the cock out of her mouth and postioned again so that I came all over my chest.
For the next half hour, i continued to try to get away. I was started to loose my strength and she could sense it
I decided to give one last try but was unable to make a dent. Tessa said, you are turning me on again. You are exciting me and I know that you want to be inside of me. She went back to my cock and placing her hand around it. No. I yelled, not again. Your mouth says no but your cock says yes as it had become erect again. She pounded my cock with her right hand and squeezed my balls with her left. She laughed, you want to cum again and she didn't get the words out of her mouth, when I came again. This was the biggest load that I shot off. I was exhausted and did not have the energy to move an inch.
Well, I think we are ready now. Ready for what? I asked She took over her top and walked away to the bathroom. She came back out and with a bigger cock than mine. It had to be atleast 8 inches and thick. She said my name is Julio and I need the job. Now Julio said, I need my cock sucked off. He undid the chain and pushed me on the floor and pulled my neck up so that my mouth was equal to his cock. He said, if you try anything funny, I will squeeze those balls so hard that I may kill you. Now open wide, you bastard, he took my head and pushed it towards him placing his cock inside my mouth. I was very scared at this point, I placed my lips on his cock as it went in and out. He gave out a moan, YESS!! and his cum went into my mouth. He made my swallow the whole thing. Oh well!! He pulled me into the living room stopping at his bag.. He took out a paddle.
He got a DVD out of his bag and he dragged me over to the television. I just collapsed on the floor in front of the TV. He then proceeded with hit my ass for atleast thirty times until it was a bright red. He said, we are going to watch some TV as he placed the DVD into the player. I need to relax, he said, "I have had a hard day". What begins to play but a gay film? The first scene is a postman making a delivery. He makes the delivery alright, he shoves his cock inside the customers ass. The next scene was two guys at the gym in the sauna, and of course, they sucking each other. Julio is getting turned on by this. He must have a 10 incher. I turned around and he was fully erect. The guy with 10 incher is getting ready to mount the other guy.
I got my head jerked by the chain and he pulled me into the bedroom. He then pulled me back on the bed. He tied the chain back up to the bed post. He went underneath my body and grabbed my balls, up you go. My ass is now up in the air. I feel this cock entering my ass. It would not go in as my hole was to tight. Julio says "we have to do something about that ". He goes back to that damn bag and gets some lube. He places the lube on my hole, putting his finger up my ass. Now we are ready, he shoves that cock inside of me. I yelled at the top of my lungs. He told me to shut up and take it like a man. The thrusted that cock in and out of my hole and I that he would never cum. He have a large moan and shot his cum all over my back. Oh yess, he yelled.
Now he said, we are even as he cleaned up and walked out the door


2008-10-14 00:37:16
oh ok i just read the story a second time i get it now good story still please make second part.


2008-10-14 00:35:48
ok good story but one thing even for what? please wright second part

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