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The Mystery Machine rolled down the dusty road before entering Cairo.



“Look at that.”

“Shopping is going to be wonderful.”

“I bet they have some tasty treats here too.”

“Ree Roo.”

Fred parked the Mystery Machine in front of a motel.

“Aaaaaaaahhhh!” screamed someone as they ran by the gang.

“What’s wrong?” asked Fred as he grabbed the back of their shirt.

“Yreah, wrat’s rong?” reapeated Scooby.

“There’s a mummy,” said the man in a panic.

“Oh of course there is,” said Shaggy.

“Where did you see it?” asked Daphne.

“Well, I was working in the pyramids trying to find something, see I’m a scientist, and when I entered this chamber a mummy pushed out of one of the tombs,” said the man.

“Well gang we better get on this case,” said Fred.

“Well you guys go along me and Scoob have a little catching up to do,” said Shaggy as he rubbed his stomach.

“Yreah creatching rup troo droo,” said Scooby.

“Will you come for a Scooby snack?” asked Velma.

“Yreah,” said Scooby.

“Wait Scoob, we will go if we both get two Scooby Snacks,” bargained Shaggy.

“Fine,” said Velma as she threw up two pairs of Scooby Snacks.

They got in the Mystery Machine and started to drive into the sandy desert. They neared one of the pyramids and they saw big construction going on.

“Did you guys know that the Great Pyramid is about 50 stories high,” said Velma giving out pointless trivia.

They reached the pyramids and they all exited the car. Fred started walking over to a group of guys.

“Hey you guys my gang here are detectives and we heard about a mummy incident,” said Fred.

“Well you guys can go in there, but don’t blame it on us if you get captured,” said one of the guys.

“See they don’t want to get blamed that means something bad is going to happen,” said Shaggy starting to walk back to the van.

“Get back here Shaggy let’s go,” said Fred as they walked towards the giant pyramid.

They walked into the hole in the side of the pyramid made to enter it. They grabbed torches from off the wall and light them by a match.

“Okay I’m going to go this way with Daphne and Scoob, Shag and Velma you go the other way,” said Fred.

Fred and Daphne started to walk away as the rest walked the other way.

“Fucking Fred and Daphne, probably going to fuck,” said Velma to herself, “They never help solve anything I wouldn’t be surprised to catch them fucking in one of these chambers.

Fred and Daphne were walking away when Fred grabbed Daphne’s ass.

“Wait Fred let’s find a chamber first,” said Daphne.

Velma couldn’t hold it back. She hated how Fred didn’t notice her and only had eyes for Daphne. Velma fell back against a wall crying.

“Are you okay Velma?” asked Shaggy.
“Yeah just leave me alone for a little,” said Velma continuing to sob.

Daphne stripped Fred’s clothes before pulling out a large cloth.

“I want this to be really sexy,” said Daphne as she tied the blindfold around Fred’s head before removing her own clothes.

“Hang on, Fred,” said Daphne leaving Fred on the floor before walking around with the torch lighting the other one’s in the chamber.

Daphne place her hand on the wall while lighting one of the torches and suddenly the wall revolved and she was standing naked in front of Shaggy and Scooby

Velma noticed the movement and looked up from her sobbing. She looked through her tear-filled eyes and saw the blurry outline of Fred.

“Daphne I need your lips on my cock now,” said Fred.

Velma walked over and noticed her luck. There was the man of her dreams naked and blindfolded. She removed her clothes before slowly taking the cock into her mouth.

“Oh yeah Daphne suck my cock,” moaned Fred.

Velma sucked the cock of her dreams. The cock was only around 7 inches Velma estimated, but the girth was outstanding. Her mouth was being stretched as she took all of it in her mouth. She started going faster and faster wanting to please Fred.

“Uh oh my Daphne this is better than usual,” said Fred, “Stop you don’t want me to cum before I fuck you, do you?”

Velma stopped sucking the cock as he gave her more commands.

“Ride my cock Daphne,” said Fred.

Velma squatted over the cock and slowly pushed against it. The head started to slip into her tight pussy. She slowly got half of his cock in her pussy.

“Uh this is so much tighter than usual Daphne,” said Fred.

He reached up and grabbed one of her tits.

“Woah Daphne your boobs are so much bigger too,” said Fred.
She pushed the rest of the penis deep inside her. Fred felt a large bush of hair rub up against his smooth pubic area.

“And you have a bush,” said Fred.

Confused by all of this Fred pulled off the blindfold and looked up at Velma’s massive globes jiggle as she rode his cock...

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2016-05-28 14:18:16
I love it and want a part 2 and think Daphne should be with Shaggy and Velma with Fred

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2012-10-29 16:08:58
Awesome fucking story write more cause I want to tuck myself while reading or with someone.

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2012-10-21 21:05:34
hi i am going to shut this program down it is bad for kids like you.

anonymous readerReport

2012-10-21 21:03:28
i think it was good i did not read it.

anonymous readerReport

2012-04-28 10:11:22
Good story just really short

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