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She falls out of love with him and he falls in love with her daughter
Chapter 1 A Meeting Of Minds
“Warren, you have been fucking our daughter. I want a divorce.” Audra Blake turned back to the stove and turned the eggs.
He looked at her fat ass outlined by the tight drawn robe. He stared at her bloated, fish white body and wondered for the hundredth, perhaps the thousandth time, What’s going to kill her first, her insanity or all that fat? I don’t have time for all this shit.
“In the first place I have not fucked Leila. The most we have ever done is fool around a little. She likes it when I kiss her for Christ sake. And a kiss and a squeeze do not constitute fucking.
“Besides that, why do you give a shit all at once?” He looked at her body stretching the ratty old bath rob to the extreme. “You said two years ago you did not care whether I knocked her up or not and now you all of a sudden try to accuse me of what you already said was alright.”
“I got to remembering what my daddy and grandpa did to me and sometimes some of our other kin.”
She shoved his plate of food in front of him. “You also said you loved every bit of it except when your brother almost choked you to death.”
“Well I want it to stop. I don’t want you to get my little baby pregnant and that’s that.” She turned around to face him and said, “Bobby Lee, Just because I won’t let you have none doesn’t mean I want you fucking my innocent baby daughter.” She took a deep breath and the robe covering her 300 plus pound body broke.
The front of the robe flew open and Bobby Lee was treated to a very ugly sight. His appetite suddenly gone, he averted his eyes and pushed away from the table. “I’m going to work.”
He slammed the door behind him, jumped on his old Honda and rode away as soon as the engine warmed up. Two hours later he was called into the front office and was informed his wife had been walking down the street naked. The police stopped her and she demanded to be let alone. He stood still and looked at his foreman, too dumbfounded to speak.
“Look, take the rest of the day off, Bobby. I’ll see you Monday morning. Bobby nodded his thanks and left.
He drove straight to his favorite watering hole and ordered a double shot and beer. Frank the bar tender asked him,“Two Questions, Bobby. One, what are you doing in here in the middle of the day? Also, what are you grinning about?”
“The boss gave me the day off and Audra flipped out and will be carted off to the nut house. That means I do not have to put up with her shit any more.” He downed his drink and slid off the barstool. “Leila is in a soccer game and I want to watch her play.” He waved and left.
He stood to one side of the field and watched his daughter play. Even to his uncritical eye it was obvious she would never be on the first team. He did not care if she played or not. When the game was over he called to her before she could rush off to the bus stop. “Leila!” he called, “Over here!”
She pivoted at the sound of his voice and rushed to him. “Daddy!” she squealed. “Did you see me play?”
“I sure did,” he answered.
“Pretty bad, huh?” She grinned her impish grin at him.
“It was awful. You really care?” He laughed and threw his arm around her waist. They walked side by side to where he parked his car. “Why aren’t you at work?”
“Well, that’s what I came to tell you. Your mother wigged out and they took her to the nut ward at the hospital. We can go over in the morning and see how bad it is.” As he drove them home he told her the rest.
“Daddy, is it wrong to say I don’t love her? Because I don’t.”
As he pulled up in the driveway he said, “No, because it would be telling the truth.” As they entered the house he asked, “Want to shower with me?”
“You bet,” she told him and undressed in the living room.
Bobby Lee looked at his naked daughter Leila Lee and sucked in his breath. She was an average looking chubby eleven year old with the beginnings of a nice set of tits. However, in his heart she was more beautiful than any other woman alive.
He undressed and led her into the shower. They lovingly soaped each other and kissed deeply. She soaped his cock, rinsed it and popped it into her mouth. “I’m about to cum,” he told her and she stopped. She had other plans for that load. “Come in and lay down on my bed. I want the first time I have real sex with you I want it to be just right.
She plopped down on the bed and he buried his face in her sweet tasting pussy. He licked and stroked and ran his tongue up into her ass hole a little. “I want you to fuck me there,” She whispered shyly.
Okay,” he told her, “but the first load is for your pussy. I have been dreaming of this moment ever since you crawled up in my lap last Christmas and French kissed me.”
“Do it,” she whispered as she wiggled around on the bed and opened her legs wider.
He reached down and separated her pussy lips a little and pressed his cock against he, burrowing the head in just a little. It was tight, damned tight. He tried to ease a little bit more in, just the head for starters. “Don’t!” she begged. “It hurts. I’m too little. Please stop, Daddy.”
It felt like he might have gotten barely an inch inside his daughter before she asked him to stop. Bobby withdrew that little bit and told her. “What’s the matter, honey?” He had taken his eleven-year-old niece to bed once and though it was tight as hell, he was able to strike bottom without her doing any more than just grunt.
He rolled over off his daughter and hugged her tight against him. He cradled her on one arm and caressed her naked back and butt with the other. She shivered and hugged herself closer. “Daddy, it hurt real bad when you stuck it in me and pushed hard. You’re just too big.” She paused and thought for a moment, then added, “Is it okay if I just suck it this time?”
“Okay, honey, that would be real nice. I do need some relief.” Bobby looked down at his daughter and smiled a soft loving smile at her. “Go ahead.”
She eased down in bed and took him in her mouth and began to give her very first complete blowjob. Instinctively she sucked him like she would a lollipop. She also worked him in and out of her mouth as her head slowly went up and down. He felt the familiar thrills that started somewhere near his ass hole and flowed out through his balls and up through his cock. He cum three fast squirts and relaxed. “Swallow it, Baby, swallow it,” he told her. She made the effort and gulped once.
“Ugh!” was her only comment.
“Leila, every girl should learn to swallow cum; it is something that turns a man on big time. That was one of the things wrong with your mother. She hated a cock in her mouth except her daddy’s. In fact she really did not like sex at all. She just liked all the attention she got when she let all her kin fuck her.”
“Well I am not like Mama. I love to suck your cock and I love it when you played with my pussy before today and I really loved it when you ate me out. But Daddy, your cock is too big. I’ll never get it in me.”
“Honey, I am just about average. I’m seven inches long and about average in size. Let’s make an appointment at the clinic for you to get an examination. I’m concerned.”
She scooted back up in bed and rubbed her just beginning to fill out breasts against his chest. “We can try my butt,” she begged. My friend at school, Gwen, says it’s great and she doesn’t have to worry about babies.”
“Gwen?” he asked, “Who is she?”
“Oh she just moved into our school. Her daddy is a truck driver and he takes her on short hauls with him almost every weekend. She got to drive his rig on the freeway and everything.” Leila snuggled closer.
“Is he having sex with her?” Bobby asked in a neutral voice.
“Oh, I can’t tell you. I promised and I like to keep things secret when I promise,” she told him earnestly. She though a bit and added, “Oops, I think I just broke my promise. You won’t tell anyone will you, Daddy?”
“No, honey. I’ll keep it a secret better than some people I know.” He laughed and lay back on the bed. Leila had been playing with his cock and it was hard and ready again.
“Daddy, Can I try to sit on it?” she asked hopefully.
Before he could answer the phone sounded in the front room. Leila bounced off the bed and ran to answer it. “Hello?” she said.
Bobby strained to hear her side of the conversation. Finally she said, “I’ll ask.”
She carried the cordless phone into the bedroom and handed it to her father. “Hello?” he said and waited.
“Just a minute, you talk to my dad.” The phone was silent for a moment.
“Hello?” a man’s voice said.
“This is Bobby Lee, how can I help you?” He looked over at Leila.
“This is Sam Wilson, Gwen’s dad. I realize this is sort of unusual, but I am in a bind. My wife is out of town and I have to make an emergency long haul from here to Denver, on to Chicago and then to LA and finally back here to Salt Lake. My wife is in Mexico on a business trip and I can’t reach her. Our regular baby sitter is ill and I wondered if we could meet and if it is okay with you, Gwen could stay with you over the week-end and maybe a couple of days next week.” He waited for Bobby to answer and added, “I’ll pay you for your trouble.”
“Why don’t you bring Gwen over right now and you can look us over? That sound like a plan?
“I’ll… we’ll be over in five minutes.” He hung up.
“We better get dressed, sweetheart. We have company coming and we don’t want to give them the idea we were involved in sex or something, would we?”
Leila laughed and rushed to her room to get dressed. “I love you Daddy, she called over her shoulder.
“I love you too, sweetheart,” he whispered after her. “I love you more than words can ever tell. Christ how I love you.”
Seven minutes later Sam Wilson drove up in a late model pickup truck. He got out his side and a beautiful young girl about Leila’s age bounded out the other side. She had no underwear on. Bobby decided she was either ready for action or she got dressed in a hurry. “You must be Sam and I take it this is Gwen,” Bobby greeted them at the door.
Sam Wilson shook Bobby’s hand. “Man, you don’t know how I appreciate this. I was at my wit’s end.”
“Won’t you come in?” Bobby asked politely.
“Gwen honey, go get your flight bag.” He turned back to Bobby, I wish I could but with the way things are right now I’m running late. This is a very important run for me. If they take me on I’ll be contracting to a company who pays all fuel costs. With diesel prices like they are that contract is the difference between making a living and going on welfare. I’ll make this up to you somehow when I get back.
He turned and went back down the front steps, pausing only long enough to kiss his daughter goodbye. He ran for his pickup and peeled out fast as he could. “Come on into the house, Gwen and let’s get acquainted. He remembered that Gwen had no panties on and started to get hard again. He wondered if Leila would get jealous if he suggested a threesome. One way to find out was to ask. But he never got the chance.
“We got an above ground pool,” Leila announced. “Let’s go swimming.”
“I did not bring a swim suit. I just grabbed a couple of changes and hurried over here with my father.” Gwen looked up at Bobby to see his reaction.
“Well, we’ll go in nekkid!” Leila exclaimed.
Gwen looked up at Bobby. “Won’t your father mind?” she asked Leila.
“Nah, you kids go have fun. I might join you later.” Bobby smiled as he thought of the prospects.
“Well you can’t wear a swim suit if we don’t have one on,” Leila told him.
“Sounds like a winner to me,” he answered.
Gwen slipped off her skirt and blouse and stood naked for his inspection. She was perfection. Her long graceful legs were in perfect proportion to the rest of her body. Her raven black hair hung in a loose ponytail to her waist. Her small budding breasts were slightly larger than Leila’s. “Hoo boy,” he exclaimed to himself.
Bobby let his clothes drop in a heap. Leila followed suit and the three went into the back yard. Bobby sat in a recliner and watched the pair dive and swim in the eighteen feet across pool. He did not realize he had a hard on until Leila grabbed it and said, “Do it.”
Gwen hesitated a beat, took a deep breath and went down on his cock while his daughter held it. “Son of a bitch!” Bobby exclaimed as new thrills shot through him. This is good!” Minutes later he exclaimed, “I’m ready to cum.” She picked up the tempo and he let fly three surges one more time, just like when Leila sucked him off.
“Kiss me,” Leila told her friend.
Gwen placed her cum covered tongue in Leila’s mouth and they kissed long and deep. Bobby felt himself becoming excited again as he watched the two girls rub their bodies against each other and kiss some more. Bobby’s cock stood hard again as he watched them.
Suddenly Gwen dropped to her knees and told Leila, “I saw my mother do this at last New Year’s Party. I never wanted to try it before. But I do now.” She grabbed Leila and buried her face in her cunt and started licking.
Leila said, “Wait. I want to do it too.” The girls rearranged themselves on the redwood deck that went around the pool. They started to go sixty-nine. Bobby watched in amazement. “Son of a bitch!” he exclaimed to himself. “Son of a bitch!” He watched in awe as the two girls ate each other out for twenty minutes. Then as if by unspoken agreement they parted.
After she got her breath Mist said, “Daddy, I like pussy too.” She smirked and grabbed his cock. I want to sit on it right now.”
“Let go,” Bobby ordered. As she stepped back he got out of the lounge chair and lay on his back on a pad on the deck.
“Wait,” Gwen said and ran back into the house. She came back out minutes later with a tube of jelly in her hand. “Never butt fuck dry,” she said in a grown up voice.
She applied some to the head of Bobby’s shaft and worked a little more into Leila’s ass. “Ooh!” Leila cooed like a pigeon. As soon as Gwen stopped her ministrations Leila squatted over her dad’s cock and slowly sank down on it, just a little at a time. Finally she stopped when she had three inches inside her tight little ass. She leaned forward until she was lying on Bobby’s chest. She squirmed around, working his cock in and out until he cum.
“Oh Jesus that was good,” Bobby told her. “I hope your mama never comes back.” He stretched and told her, “You wore me out. Get off so I can get up and go into the house. I need a beer.”
The girls followed him in and asked for a beer also. “You can split one,” he told them They sat in the living room. The girls each had one half of a sixteen ounce can of beer. Bobby drank his and got dressed again. The girls watched TV and sipped their drinks slowly to make them last.
“Who wants to go out for pizza?” Bobby asked.
“We do!” both girls yelled.
“Get dressed and let’s go,” Bobby told them, then added, “Gwen, put some panties on. I don’t want to get my ass jacked around by the cops. It is better not to take chances.” They nodded and went to Leila’s room to get dressed. A half hour later they were parked in front of Pizza Dude’s Pizzeria.
Each girl eagerly grabbed one of his hands and tugged him toward the entrance. It seemed half the customers were adult males with one or two young girls or boys. The other half was made up of complete family groups. “Gwen stated knowledgably. This is where dads with weekend visitation bring their kids.”
“May I take your order, please?” a friendly young man asked as soon as they were seated at a table.
The girls wanted to share a pizza and Bobby ordered a calzone. As the waiter hurried off Leila slipped off her chair, hurried around and kissed Bobby on the lips. She used her tongue a little. She skipped back to her seat and Gwen hurried around to the head of the table, rested her hand on his cock and gave him a serious tonguing. She squeezed once and returned to her chair.
A the next table a man with two young girls about seven and eight looked over at Bobby with a half smile on his face. “Your daughters?” The knowing expression scared Bobby. He was afraid the guy was a cop or something.
“The blond one is my daughter, the other is her friend,” Bobby answered quietly.
“These are my two monsters, Meg and Lynn. I’m Roy Slade. He held out his hand to be shook. “I noticed how close you are to both the girls.” He smiled knowingly again.
“The dark haired one is visiting for a few days. Her dad was called out of town on business. The girls go to school together.” Bobby knew he was over explaining, just plain babbling, but he couldn’t help it. If this guy was a cop he, Bobby would be in a world of hurt. He was plain scared and showed it.
“Relax,” Roy reassured him, “My girls and I are very close also.” A look of bitterness passed over his face. “I only get to see them once a month when I have them flown in from Denver. That damned ex of mine moved out of state and won’t let me see them except when she wants to get away from them.”
“My wife just flipped out today and I hope she won’t be coming home.” Bobby confided. “Leila and I just started to get to know each other this afternoon.”
“In the biblical sense, I presume?” Roy made the sentence a question.
“Ah yeah,” Bobby hung his head in embarrassment.
“Hey, chill out, man,” Roy told him. “We just started getting close last month and it is great.” He smiled at Bobby.
On inspiration Bobby asked, “You got any plans for the evening?”
“Well, we were going to get a motel room and go to a movie later on. Then tomorrow we were going to go for a ride up Parley’s Canyon and…” He smiled and left the sentence unspoken.
Bobby looked over at where the four girls were sharing pizza and getting messy as only kids and pizza can get. “They are all getting along great, you are welcome to spend the evening with us. I have an above ground pool and a couple of cases of beer in the beer cooler. You are more than welcome.”
Surprised, Roy hesitated and then asked his two, “You want to go home with your new friends? They have a swimming pool.” All four girls screamed and shouted yes. They all left their chairs and tugged at the two men to leave now.
Bobby called over to their waiter, “Box our orders, we’re leaving.” He slipped the waiter a ten dollar bill and in a minute they were in line to pay and leave.
“We’re parked right here,” Bobby pointed to his car. “We’ll wait for you right here.”
“The Astro Van over there is mine. Why don’t you pull out onto the street and I’ll meet you there and follow you home.”
Bobby nodded and herded the girls into his car. “We want to ride together!” The two younger girls yelled to their father. He nodded and hurried to his van.
Bobby waited on the street until the white van was behind him. He drove to his house on the edge of town and got out. Four naked girls followed him. They yelled and ran around the house and into the back yard.
“What the hell?” Roy exclaimed.
“Damned if I know. I think they want to go skinny dipping.” Bobby led the way into the house. “We might as well join them.”
“You’re taking this all calmly,” Roy told him.
“Well, at first I thought you were a cop. Then when you opened up a little, I figured what the hell? You see it would be nice to have another dad to be open around and not have to sneak. Gwen’s dad doesn’t know it yet but he is about to become one of us too.”
Bobby started to undress. Roy shrugged and did the same. The two naked dads went out the back door and up onto the deck. As they sat and watched Bobby saw Roy’s cock getting hard. “Can you get in either one of them yet?” he asked Roy.
“Just my finger and my tongue. They both swallow though so I don’t have any complaints.”
“Lay back. I’ll call the two older girls over.” Bobby said. Then he saw Leila approach them. “I want to sit on Roy’s cock, Daddy, okay?” Gwen came up with her tube of lubricant and applied it to Leila’s ass. Leila straddled Roy and slowly lowered her tight ass on his hard cock. Slowly she took a little more than she did with her father.
Roy’s eldest daughter began to play with herself as she watched Leila and Roy. Gwen had the youngest lay on her back and began to lick her little pussy. Bobby smiled and watched. Finally he went into the house and brought out a cooler filled with bottles of beer. He settled back down and watched and drank beer. He decided life just did not get any better.
After Roy came inside Leila’s ass she rolled off and went in the house to wash her ass and crotch. Bobby handed Roy a beer. He took a long swallow and let both his girls have a drink. Bobby offered Leila and Gwen each their own beers. They grinned and accepted.
Roy’s oldest daughter came over to Bobby and took his hand and placed it on her pussy. He smiled and slipped his finger inside her. He was surprised it went in so easy. “She is almost ready to take a grown man,” he told Roy.
“No hurry, especially now.” He grinned as Leila came hurrying out of the house with some handi wipes and wiped his cock clean. Gwen took him in her mouth and began to suck. Roy had her wait and switched ends so they could go sixty-nine.
“Daddy, why don’t you try again to get in my pussy? Just a little more than before. I want you to fuck me deep. But it will have to be a little at a time. I want you in all three holes.” He kissed her and they tried. He got another half inch in her before she could not take any more. “I love you so much, Daddy.” She eased over on her back and had the two younger girls take turns licking her clit.
Later on when it was time for bed everyone was a little drunk. Roy took his daughters into one bedroom, Bobby took the two older girls to bed with him and slipped his cock into Gwen’s pussy while Leila watched. As soon as he rolled off Gwen sucked his cock clean while Leila licked Gwen’s cunt clean. They slept
The weekend passed quickly. Roy finally got to fuck his oldest daughter’s cunt just a little. He got a whole inch and a half in before he came. Bobby finally buried his cock all the way in Leila’s pussy and cum deep inside her. Roy thanked Bobby for the best weekend he ever had and left with the promise to return next month with his pair.
“Look, Roy,” Bobby told his new friend. Come on back next week end and meet Gwen’s dad. And have a little fun. Leila loves to have sex with you and I like to watch.” Roy thanked him and left.
Sam returned Wednesday afternoon to pick up Gwen. “Man, you don’t know how much I appreciate this. I got the contract.” He stopped to collect his thoughts. “Look, I haven’t told Gwen yet, but her mother is not coming back. She moved in with her boss and his wife. I may need to dump Gwen on you again from time to time if you don’t mind.” He looked at Bobby hopefully.
“Let me get you a beer and let’s go on back out to the pool. The girls got in as soon as they got home from school.” He brought Sam a beer and started to undress. “Might as well get naked if you want to get in the water.”
“Huh?” Sam exclaimed. He looked around nervously.
“Let’s cut the bullshit and get right to the bottom line. You been fucking Gwen since she was barely nine. She loves all three holes packed and you taught her well. You wanted to fuck Leila when the emergency came up. We have been having almost nonstop sex since you left. I’m all fucked out. Get your ass naked and get out there and satisfy those two nymphs.”
Sam grinned sheepishly. “Well you sure laid it out on the line.” He looked all embarrassed. “What do I do?”
“Get naked and get your ass in gear. They are waiting.” The two naked men walked outside and were greeted by two wild eleven year olds,
Gwen turned to Leila and said, “I get to fuck Daddy first. Then you can join in.”
An hour later Sam called a halt. “Man, this is like a dream come true. I may never want to leave home again.”
Bobby laughed, “Well you will have to if you want to make a living. So just for the hell of it why don’t you take Leila along with you and Gwen sometimes?”
Bobby grinned and added, “By the way, you will meet Roy this weekend. He has two cute little daughters. I bet you’ll like them. I think we just might have something going here. Maybe we can find one or two other dads who think like we do. We will have to be very careful who we invite.”
“I like it,” Sam answered.
And The Salt Lake CityFather’s Club Was Started…

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