This is a fantasy story I was commissioned to write. It concerns a teenage girl becoming aware that her father is taking more than a fatherly interest in her developing body...

I can't say for definite when I first became aware that daddy was looking at me 'funnily' but it was around the same time as my body began to develop, when I turned twelve years old. I was a skinny, flat-chested little girl one moment, it seemed, then I began to grow boobs and my body began to fill out and I got a more 'womanly' shape. Me and daddy had always been close and loving (I knew I was his favourite, even though he denied it to mummy many times when she accused him of paying me more attention than my sister, Carla) and I loved sitting on his lap and having him cuddle me.

I had noticed the way he kept looking at me; the way his eyes seemed to linger just a little bit too long on my small breasts and follow my ass as I walked around. Never when mum or my little sister were around, he was too careful like that. But I knew though... and I had a pretty good idea of what was going through his mind, even though he was my daddy

When my boobs began to grow I felt his hands stroking my chest and he had this weird expression on his face sometimes. I didn't really understand why to begin with, but I liked the feel of his long, strong fingers touching me and making my tiny nipples go hard. When my boobs grew to the stage where I had to wear a bra, it didn't feel the same when daddy stroked my chest so, before I sat on his lap, I used to take it off in my bedroom first, then sit with him. The first time I did that daddy didn't say anything, but the second time he looked at me, and winked, like he was saying 'thank you' or something.

Mummy moaned at me that I was becoming too big to sit on my daddy's lap so I had to stop doing it when she was around. When she was out, though, I was with daddy as soon as she was out of sight. I reckon she was jealous! I loved to kiss my daddy's face, too, and she told me off for that as well, but daddy liked it and he kissed my face back. It was nice and made me feel very special.

One day I came home from school earlier than usual. It was a hot day I remember and I was dying to strip off and get into the shower and cool off. I was surprised to find that daddy was home, but pleased as well. Daddy said that mummy had taken my sister to a birthday party at a neighbours house a few streets away and they would be out for a couple of hours. He had a funny tone in his voice when he said that, like he was really pleased about it or something. I could feel the way his eyes were staring at my small boobs as he spoke to me and I realised that my shirt was clinging stickily to my chest. Then I noticed that there was a large bulge in his shorts at his crotch. I wasn't stupid and I knew that my daddy had a hard-on: that he was sexually aroused. For some reason I found it kind of funny, and kind of sweet, too. All of a sudden, though, I wasn't quite so eager to have the shower I had so desperately wanted...

Daddy asked me to sit with him so I dumped my schoolbag on the floor and sat myself on his lap. Daddy wrapped his arms around me and hugged my tightly. Then he did something he'd never done before. He kissed me on my lips. Not a daddy-like kiss, but a proper grown up kiss, like the way a couple of boys at school had kissed me. I tried to pull away from him, but he held me so tightly that I couldn't move very far. His lips were warm and soft and very gentle. I felt him trying to push his tongue into my mouth but I wouldn't let him. I felt a little bit scared, to be honest. One of his hands was inside my shirt and feeling my small boob, squeezing it hard. Suddenly, it didn't feel as nice as it usually did. When I felt him trying to push my bra up I told him 'no' and managed to pull away from him. I was angry and scared and tried to get off his lap but he held me tightly. He asked me to stay where I was and apologised to me, saying that he was really, really sorry and that he wouldn't do anything else but hug me. I looked at him, feeling a bit confused and still a little bit scared and angry. I loved my daddy, though, and the look on his face made me feel bad for him. His eyes were so full of love that I couldn't be angry with him any more. I kissed his cheek and told him that it was okay and he smiled at me. I leaned against his chest and felt his lips kissing the top of my head.

I didn't notice at first that he had laid one of his hands in my lap because I was telling him about the new project I had to do at school. I didn't even notice that his hand was on my thigh and slowly sliding under my skirt until he tried to get me to open my legs. I didn't say anything, but I did clamp my legs more tightly together, and he quickly removed his hand. I finished telling him about the project then said that I had to have a shower. I felt his arms drop away from me and I stood up. The bulge in his shorts was even more noticeable when I looked. I felt daddy looking at me but I didn't want him to let him know that I had seen his arousal. Instead I just turned around and walked out of the lounge, knowing full well that daddy's eyes were staring at my cute ass.

I undressed in my bedroom and, with a towel wrapped around me, walked to the bathroom. While I waited for the shower to reach the right temperature I stood naked looking at my developing body. I felt my dark nipples stiffen as I felt my small round breasts. They were not very big yet - my hands easily covered them up completely - and I wondered why my daddy found them so fascinating. My pussy had a thin covering of soft dark hair by then. I'd seen other girls in the showers at school who had lots of hair down there and I thought it looked horrible. Mine wasn't dark and curly like theirs yet, but I guessed it would grow like that eventually. I'd heard that some girls shaved it all off, and thought that I might do that as well. I stepped into the shower and as the lukewarm water cascaded over me I thought about what had happened with daddy.

I remembered the feel of my daddy's lips kissing me, the way he had tried to push his tongue into my mouth. I knew, of course, that daddy's didn't normally kiss their little girls like that and that it was naughty of my daddy to do that to me. Even so, I had liked it really. I felt my nipples stiffening as the memory flooded my mind. I felt my little pussy tingling and I slid my lather-filled hand between my legs. I had learnt about masturbation from my best friend at school and, as my finger slid softly over my delicate clitty, I imagined that it was my daddy's finger rubbing me. I came in no time at all, the best orgasm I had ever given myself. Afterwards, when I'd dressed - in shorts and a baggy top this time - I went back downstairs. I noticed that daddy's bulge had disappeared and wondered if he had done what I had done in the shower...

When mummy and my sister got home about an hour later, mummy was not in a good mood. She and daddy argued about something, so I went to my bedroom and did my homework. Daddy came to my room and sat on my bed with me. The look on his face was a mixture of pain and unhappiness and I felt quite sorry for him. He wanted me to sit with him but I lied and told him I had lots of homework to do. He stared at me, the look in his eyes unlike anything I'd ever seen before. He rose to his feet, patted me affectionately on my head and walked out of my room without another word.

From that afternoon, daddy was even more attentive to me that he ever had been before, although he was as casual as he could be when mummy was around. Every time we were alone, even for a couple of minutes, he would try to kiss me, feel my boobs and, if I was wearing a skirt, put his hands between my legs. I stopped him every time, and I could tell that he was getting frustrated with me. The look on his face sometimes was like the looks the boys at school gave me when I would let them kiss me but not do anything else! It was fun to tease them... and it was just as much fun teasing my daddy. In fact, it was even better teasing daddy because he shouldn't have been doing those things to me anyway. Not that I was complaining, though. At least he knew what he was doing, even if it was wrong. And, anyway, it made me feel all nice and special when I went to bed and imagined his hands on my small naked body. I gave myself some wonderful orgasms imagining my daddy making love to me.

The school summer holidays finally rolled around. that summer was very hot and I spent many days wearing short skirts and tee shirt-like tops or shorts and a top. As often as I could, I didn't wear a bra if I could help it. Daddy could hardly keep his eyes off me! I'm sure mummy saw him looking at me a couple of times but she didn't say anything. One morning - it must have been a Saturday cos mummy had taken Carla shopping with her - I was sitting cross-legged on the floor in the lounge playing a game. I was wearing a skirt I remember, and my favourite pale pink top which was too tight for me by then since my boobs had begun to grow. Daddy was sitting in his armchair reading a newspaper. As I was playing I felt that daddy was looking at me and I looked up at him. before he could look away I noticed that he was looking not at me, but between my legs and I realised that, from where he was sitting, he could see right up my skirt and I was giving him a good view of the crotch of my pink panties! I actually blushed when I realised what I had in all honesty accidentally done, although I did enjoy the guilty look that crossed daddy's face when he realised that I had seen him looking at me.

Later, when he wanted to kiss me, I let him. He held me very tightly, pressing my little body hard against his as his lips pressed against mine. I could feel his hardness pressing into my stomach as he held me. I didn't even mind when his hands laid on my bum and stroked me, although I did pull away when he tried to lift my skirt up. Again, his face wore that pained and frustrated expression and, as I turned away from him, I smiled to myself. It was so much fun teasing my daddy, knowing that he wanted to do more things to me that daddy's aren't allowed to do. I felt really grown up, being able to control my own daddy with my still-developing body. It made me feel really good.

Daddy never wasted an opportunity to touch me, to hold me and kiss me whenever mummy wasn't around. For the next eighteen months or so, I teased daddy as often as I could. I flashed my panties at him and started to walk around the house in just my bra and panties when we were in the house together. I even 'accidentally' walked in on him in the bathroom once when he was peeing. Instead of saying anything he just looked at me and smiled. On another occasion, I told him I was going to have a shower. I deliberately left the bathroom door unlocked and, about five minutes after I stepped under the shower spray I heard the bathroom door open. It could only have been daddy. He couldn't see anything as the shower cubicle was made of frosted glass and I had my back to him, anyway. He stood there for maybe a minute before leaving again and closing the door softly behind him. That really turned me on doing that to him and my hand slipped between my legs and I brought myself to a lovely orgasm as I imagined my poor frustrated daddy masturbating himself!

My fourteenth birthday was just a couple of weeks away and daddy seemed to be more excited about the event than I was. "You'll be a real young woman, Alicia" he kept saying to me, "all grown up". I hadn't a clue as to why he thought that was significant seeing as I was still two years away from legally being able to have sex, smoke if I chose to, leave school and the like. Still, it seemed to make him very happy for some reason so I just agreed with him.

By that time daddy was no longer being as careful about feeling my body. Every time we could be alone, his hands were feeling my still-small boobs (I thought I'd end up being built like mummy in that department. She wasn't very big 'up top' and daddy said that it was one of the things that first attracted her to him). He told me that feeling my small boobs was like feeling mummy's when he first met her because they were so firm. I didn't find it at all embarrassing or anything like that. I liked it that my daddy liked my little boobs so much. Even so, although he asked me many times if he could feel them without any clothes covering them, I always said no. I knew that it frustrated him - maybe even annoyed him a little bit -, but I enjoyed being able to control what he did to me. It was fun to see him get all worked up: to see his cock (I'd learned that word from a boy at school who had called me a "cock-teaser" one day after I had refused to go out with him) making a bulge in his trousers! Virtually every time after he'd stopped groping me, daddy disappeared into the bathroom and his bulge was gone when he came back out a few minutes later. I knew that he went in there to masturbate, and that always made me feel kind-of funny inside.

Sometimes, I laid in bed at night and wondered what daddy's cock felt like. I wondered what it would feel like to touch and to have inside me. I slipped a finger into myself and thought that it would probably be too big to go in me as the most fingers I ever managed to get into my pussy was two, and that hurt a bit! Even so, I did enjoy thinking about it. It made me wet as I imagined my daddy wanting to make love to me so badly but not being able to cos it wasn't allowed. I knew it made him sad but I couldn't help that. It was the law after all and I didn't want my daddy to get into trouble and be sent to prison.

The week before my birthday mummy told me that the family celebration we had planned would have to wait until the weekend as something had come up for the Thursday evening of my actual birthday, something to do with work she said. Then my little sister Carla, asked if she could sleep over at her friend's house that night and mum immediately said yes, without even asking me! I got really upset and ran to my bedroom in tears. I heard daddy's voice angrily telling mummy off and she just accused him of favouring me over Carla and they argued loudly, which just upset me even more. After about ten minutes of them yelling at one another I heard mummy say something nasty to daddy. He swore at her, a rude word, and she screamed something back at him. About a minute later I heard the street door slam shut. I cried loudly into my pillow and wondered if my mummy and daddy would get a divorce now. I thought it was all my fault.

A few minutes later I heard a soft knock on my bedroom door and before I could say anything daddy slipped into my bedroom and sat on my bed beside me. He put his arms round me and I snuggled into his arms and he held me tightly as I cried myself out. He reached behind me for some tissues and helped me wipe my face and I blew my nose. Then, without saying a word he held my face in his hands and kissed me. It was such a soft and tender kiss that I felt myself kissing him back, my arms around my daddy's neck. This time, when he wanted to push his tongue into my mouth, I let him and he kissed me harder and held me tighter.

My body felt funny in a nice way as my daddy kissed me 'properly'; like a grown-up. I felt my little pussy become wet as daddy's lips and tongue made me feel like I had never felt before. So, when daddy's hand cupped my small boobs and my nipples got hard under his touch and he asked me to take my top off so that he could see my boobs, I agreed. He asked me to raise my arms in the air as he pulled my tight top off. He reached around my back and expertly undid my bra, which he let fall into my lap.

I felt funny, excited and like a little girl as my daddy started at my boobs. "Oh, darling, they are beautiful!" he sighed as his hands cupped each of them tenderly, as though they were the most precious things in the world to him. My body shivered a little as he ran his thumbs over my tiny hard dark nipples, which made them feel harder and stiffer than they ever had. I had touched my boobs many, many times, but my fingers had never made me feel the way my daddy's hands did. I sighed with pleasure and daddy smiled at me, a warm tender loving smile that made me feel really sexy and special.

"Will you do something for me, baby?" he asked in a funny-sounding voice. I said I would. Hell, I was feeling so good with his hands on my little boobs that I would have done just about anything just so that my daddy would continue to make my body feel so good! He dropped one hand from one of my boobs and took hold of my hand and guided it to his lap. He placed it on the bulge that was there. "Just stroke me a little, darling" he whispered as he took hold of my boob again. I had never done anything like that before, although daddy had tried to get me to many times. That day, at that moment, it didn't seem such a bad thing.

In truth, I couldn't really feel much because daddy was wearing trousers, but he said that it felt nice and that I was his special princess as he kissed me again and again in that grown-up way. Daddy's hands had not left my boobs since he had taken my bra off, but after a while I felt his hand slipping down to my lap. I wasn't worried when I felt his hand on my thigh, but when I felt him sliding it under my skirt I laid my hand on his hand to stop him. "No" I said softly and he did, but a few minutes later he tried again. "Don't, daddy!" I told him and pulled away from him a little bit. He tried to grab me, to hug me, but I told him that I needed to go to the loo. I knew he knew I was lying, but I didn't care. I quickly got to my feet and, after grabbing my top, almost ran into the bathroom. As soon as I had locked the bathroom door behind me I found that I did need to pee after all. I pulled down my panties and was shocked at how wet my pussy was. I could also smell myself, a pungent musky smell, which was something that had never happened to me before. I had to use lots of toilet tissue to wipe myself after I had peed! I washed my hands, re-clasped my bra and put my top back on before I returned to my bedroom. I wasn't at all surprised to see that daddy wasn't there.

That night when I was in bed and was thinking about what had happened with my daddy just a few hours before, I knew that something had changed between me and daddy. I wasn’t sure that allowing him to feel my naked boobs had been such a good idea, nor allowing him to kiss me like that. I reasoned that he had taken advantage of me because I was so upset about his argument with mummy and my birthday next week. I blamed him for making me feel his cock, too, although I knew I didn’t have to. As I fell asleep I was determined that I had given too much away to him and that I was going to take control again!

So, when he tried to grope me the following morning, I told him ‘no’. He laughed at me and tried to feel my boobs again so when I told him no again, I said it a little louder. That sure scared him! The look on his face was priceless as he wondered if mummy or Carla had heard anything. He left me alone without a word and for five days I would not let him lay a hand on me in any way that he liked to do. I could see his confusion and frustration and his fear, too. It made me feel horribly bitchy but also very strong and grown-up. I could almost guess the thoughts that were going through his head: was I going to tell on him? Would I not let him touch me ever again? Had he pushed things too far that night he rowed with mummy? He was dying to ask those questions, I was certain, but was afraid of the answers, too. so he just treated me even nicer than he usually did.

I almost felt sorry for him, but I had to keep reminding myself that he was my daddy and should not have been having those sorts of thoughts about me in the first place, let alone doing those sorts of things to me, however much I liked them. It was all his own fault, I decided, and he deserved what I was doing to him. I liked it that he was worried... and I liked it that he was trying so hard to be nice to me even though he probably wanted to scream and shout at me or something, I guessed.

I won't ever forget my fourteenth birthday, for two very different reasons. Firstly, the atmosphere at home was awful: mum and dad kept giving one another filthy looks all day long and barely spoke to each other unless they really had to. By the time mum and Carla went out it was so horrible that I retreated to my bedroom. I must confess that I cried a little bit, I was so unhappy. It was my birthday and, apart from my greetings cards, that seemed to be about as much as anybody was interested. Mummy didn't even call out 'bye-bye' when she went out with Carla!

I threw myself onto my bed, sulking like I had never sulked before in my whole life. I picked up the Judy Blume book I'd started reading a couple of days before but couldn't really get into it. I was about to put it down and join daddy downstairs when I heard a knock on my bedroom door. before I could say 'come in' daddy opened the door and peered round it at me.

"Get yourself dressed in something pretty, Princess" he said, smiling at me, "it's your birthday and we're going out to celebrate" he added. I didn't have a chance to say anything before daddy's head disappeared and the door closed behind him. "You've got five minutes!" I heard him call out as he walked away.

I sat on my bed, stunned, for several moments. Get Dressed? Something nice? Going out to celebrate? What on earth did he mean? I realised that at least a minute had already gone by and I was still sitting there, stupidly trying to figure out what my daddy was up to. It was only when I heard his heavy footsteps pass by my bedroom door on the way to the bathroom that I jumped to my feet and opened my wardrobe. Luckily, I had already showered and tidied my hair, so I didn't have to worry about that. All I really had to do was to find something to wear and put it on.

I rejected a skirt and top, as I wore that sort of thing for school. I had a couple of really nice dresses, pretty summery ones. It was a warm evening in mid-August so I chose the plain, pale-lemon one with thin straps. It was quite short, the hem falling to mid-way down my thighs and, I discovered, quite tight now that my boobs filled out the top! I had to go without a bra, but my small boobs were still very firm and, I thought, looked quite sexy with the thin cotton of the dress clinging to them. I brushed out my shoulder-length auburn hair and tied it into a single ponytail with pretty bow that my auntie had bought me last Christmas. I had bought myself a pair of 'proper' black strappy shoes with low heels, which made me appear to be a little taller than my true height of five feet, three inches. I applied some subtle-smelling perfume and after giving myself a quick 'once-over' in the full length wall mirror, opened my bedroom door and went downstairs.

Daddy was waiting for me in the lounge. he let out a low whistle of appreciation when he saw me, his eyes drinking in the sight of me. I knew I looked good, and I felt it, too.

"Wow, where's my daughter gone?" he asked, smiling broadly at me as he held his arms open for me. "You look absolutely gorgeous, darling" he said as his strong arms held me in his embrace. I looked up at him and smiled sweetly. Daddy pressed his lips against mine and we kissed, softly and tenderly. I could feel my daddy's hardness pressing into my belly as he held me and his tongue probed my mouth. It was the first time we had been that close since the night of the row, and his want for me was very evident. I allowed daddy to kiss me once more before easing myself out of his embrace. The look in his eyes was momentarily replaced by that by-now familiar look of frustration as he gathered up his car keys, wallet and house keys, and we left the house.

Daddy drove fast, but carefully, to a pretty country pub with an old thatched roof, low beams and candles for lighting. I guess you'd have to call it a romantic setting. For sure, there were a few couples there already, of all ages, not all of the younger couples staring deeply into one another's eyes across the table. There was one older couple, I guessed they were well into their sixties, holding hands while the man talked. The lady, who I assumed was his wife, smiled sweetly at him, the love she still had for him showing in her shining eyes. It made me smile and made me hope that when I got married I would still look at my husband in the same way after many years of marriage.

Daddy had reserved a discreet corner table near an unlit open fire. He helped me into my seat then sat himself beside me, our thighs touching. Our backs were to the rest of the restaurant diners except for those seated at tables to our left and right. They, though, were a reasonable distance away so that daddy and I had almost complete privacy.

A handsome young waiter, not many years older than me, approached and daddy ordered a bottle of red wine and asked for a little time to study the menu. He whispered in my ear that, as far as tonight was concerned, I was old enough to be drinking and lightly kissed my cheek. When the waiter returned a few minutes later bearing a bottle wrapped in a cloth and two delicate-looking wine glasses, daddy declined the offer to taste the wine and asked the boy to just set the bottle on the table, which he did. I felt a light blush suffuse my face and chest when, with his back to daddy, he smiled sweetly at me and winked.

Daddy ordered our meals - I had no idea of what to order so left it to his choice - and the young waiter walked smartly away, casting me an over-the-shoulder wink before he disappeared from sight. Daddy poured us both a glass of the wine and with trembling fingers I reached for my first real alcoholic drink and sipped delicately. At first a tasted nothing but a rich sweetness, but as the wine slipped down my throat of felt a mild warming sensation and what felt like a dozen different flavours fill my mouth. It was the most wonderful sensation, and I took a second, larger sip. Daddy chuckled affectionately and warned me to slow down other wise I'd become intoxicated too quickly.

Just then our meals arrived. I kept my face turned to the table top, mumbling a shy "thank you" to the waiter as he placed my plate in front of me. I could feel his eyes bring into me, almost imploring me to look at him again, but I was resolute that I wouldn't. It was only when I heard him bid us to enjoy our meals did I look up again, only to see my daddy grinning at me.

"Looks like you've won yourself an admirer there, honey" he said, the amusement in his voice causing me to smile in spite of my embarrassment.

"Oh really?" I answered, feigning an innocence and nonchalance that only a fourteen year old could. Daddy laughed at me, leaned over and kissed my cheek again and said that he would have to beat the boys away from our street door before much longer. I snorted but felt secretly pleased, too. It was, in its own a way, a lovely compliment.

We chatted about all sorts of 'nothing' topics while we ate our meals, which were delicious. The Dover sole daddy had ordered for me was wonderful; beautifully cooked and light to eat. I was not known for having a particularly big appetite, but I ate everything on my plate. For dessert daddy suggested a knickerbocker glory. I had no idea what one was but when I saw the tall glass arrive, filled with ice cream and other delights, my eyes lit up and I devoured it with relish.

I had been sipping the wine daddy had poured for me and hadn't noticed him refilling my glass. Whilst daddy had coffee I sat and drank the remainder of the drink in my glass. I had a pleasant buzzing in my head. At the time I didn't know it was related to the amount of alcohol I'd consumed. I felt so relaxed and happy that it didn't really register in my head that daddy had his hand on my thigh. Even when he began to move his hand under the hem of my dress, I still felt at ease. Daddy's fingers could have been lightly stroking the swell of my pussy for minutes or hours for all I knew by the time I realised what he was doing. I should have got angry or upset or something, but I was feeling so woozy and light-headed by that point that it felt like too much effort to make him stop. I felt him looking at me and he mouthed 'happy birthday, darling' to me at the same time as I felt my pussy being gently squeezed before daddy's hand appeared on the table again.

After paying the bill, daddy put his arm around my shoulders to steady me as we walked out of the pub. I was hoping that the handsome young waiter couldn't see us as I felt a little embarrassed at my condition. Luckily, he was busy with another couple and had his back to me and daddy as we left. I almost fell into the passenger seat of daddy's car and daddy had to fasten my seat belt for me as I couldn't do it myself for some reason. I noticed that his hands managed to brush over my boobs a couple of times before he finally managed to get the clip secured properly. My nipples must have been super-sensitive or something as they quickly swelled to two small hard bumps. Also, my pussy felt very damp all of a sudden.

We drove home in comfortable silence, the radio turned down low, some awful classical music slowing sending me into a doze-like state. I eyed my daddy, admiring his quite handsome profile. My pussy ached and I was so tempted to reach under my dress and relieve my need to masturbate, but In suspected that daddy's driving would go haywire!

Daddy held the door open for me as I extricated myself from the seat belt and stood unsteadily, leaning against the car as daddy made sure it was secure. He placed his arm around my shoulders again and helped me walk towards the street door. The key slipped into the latch smoothly and seconds later daddy was closing the door behind us.. Almost immediately I felt myself swept into my daddy's strong embrace, his lips seeking mine. I willing allowed my lips to meet his, opening my mouth slightly so that daddy could slip his tongue inside. I licked his tongue with mine and heard him utter a small groan of pleasure. His arms tightened around me and I could feel the stiffness of his cock pressing into my belly.

"Oh, God!" daddy gasped after our second or third deep lingering kiss, "you're so beautiful, darling. I love you so much. I felt his hands slip to my ass, his fingers kneading the firmness of my cheeks. I felt my pussy become wetter still as daddy drew up the hem of my dress, his hands slipping gently over the silkiness of my panties. His lips kissed me hungrily: greedily, his tongue thrusting deep into my mouth as his hands slowly slid my panties off my ass. I felt a new thrill of excitement course through me as I felt my daddy feeling my naked ass cheeks, his gentle fingers stroking their curves.

My head had cleared and I was more aware of everything that was happening, and of the new and exciting pleasures that I was experiencing. But, it was too much, too soon. I suddenly broke away from my daddy's embrace, reaching behind myself to yank my panties back up. daddy's face wore a pained expression, his want and hunger for me written in his eyes. He held his arms out to me, to invite me back into his embrace, but I shook my head 'no' and walked past him and made my way upstairs to my bedroom. I was surprised to note when I looked at my bedside clock that it wasn't yet ten o'clock. Mummy and Carla wouldn't be home for at least another hour, maybe more. Just then, I heard daddy's heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. they paused outside my closed bedroom door, then I heard him knock.

"Princess?" he called through the door, "I need to talk to you" he said. His voice was more strained than it normally was; gentle-sounding, like he spoke to me when we were kissing and cuddling. I thought for a few moments, debating with myself whether to let him into my room. In the end, my curiosity getting the better of my minor reservations. I opened the door and stepped backwards, sitting myself on the edge of my bed. Daddy stood in front of me, his face a picture of misery, want and, I thought, shame.

"I love you, darling" he said softly, "I love you far more than I ought to" he added, looking down at his feet. "But I cannot help how I feel about you, even though you are my precious child".

"I love you too, daddy" I said, meeting his eyes as he raised his head to look at me.
"I know you do, Princess, but what I feel for you is much, much more than fatherly love" he said. "Just look at what you do to me" he said, pointing to the bulge in his trousers.
I looked with more interest than I should have done, I guess, for daddy seemed to take it as an indication that it was okay for him to do what he did next.
I watched as my daddy lowered the zip of his trousers, his fingers deftly releasing the catch at his waist before he hurriedly pushed them down. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his underpants and pushed them down his hips and allowed them to fall to the floor, freeing his big stiff cock.

I gasped out loud, not at the size of my daddy's cock, but at the fact that he was standing there in front of me with it standing stiff in front of him. I was left speechless, my eyes wide in shock. I watched in stunned amazement as daddy wrapped his fingers around his stiff length and began to move his hand backwards and forwards.

"Oh my darling!" he groaned softly, "You make me so horny that all I can think about when I get stiff is your sexy young body" he told me. He was looking at me - staring at me - as he masturbated in front of me. "I want you so badly!" he cried as his hand began to move faster and faster.

Now, I was shocked that my daddy was doing something so private in front of me, but at the same time I was fascinated. I had masturbated myself, imagining daddy getting himself off in frustration at not being bale to get his hands on my little body. Also, as I've said, I was as horny as hell anyway, and seeing a guy masturbating, albeit my own daddy, was doing thing to me that I would never have imagined. I could feel my little pussy burning with a need unlike I had never felt before. Unconsciously, I began to rub myself as I watched my daddy.

"That's it darling!" he exclaimed, "that's beautiful!" I didn't immediately grasp what he was talking about until realised what I was doing. I immediately drew my hand away from my pussy and blushed furiously. I could feel my face burning uncomfortably.

"No, it's okay, darling" daddy said gently, "it's all perfectly natural" he told me matter-of-factly, as though it was the most normal thing in the world for the father of a fourteen year old girl to be masturbating in front of her, and to also want to watch her masturbating as well! "Please, Princess, you carry on" he urged as his hand continued to rub his thick cock.

I could not deny that I was as horny as I had ever felt in my life. The alcohol, the way that waiter in the restaurant had looked at me, daddy's kisses downstairs when we had arrived home had all awakened something in me that I had not felt before. Without another word I slid my hand under my dress and began to slowly rub myself. I could not help the small groan of pleasure that escaped from my throat as I felt my own fingers touching the damp crotch of my panties.

"Alicia, sweetie" daddy gasped in a strange-sounding voice, "please let me watch you".

That was taking things too far, I thought. Anyway, I had only ever relieved myself in private. It would have been weird enough if another boy had asked to watch me, but my own daddy? I told daddy 'no'.

The look that passed across his face almost made me change my mind, it really did. He looked like a little boy who had been told he couldn't go and play with his friends or something. Daddy was so surprised that refused to let him see my pussy that he actually stopped rubbing himself for a few moments. However, when he saw me lift the hem of my dress to expose my panties he immediately grasped his stiff cock again. His eyes were fixed on my pussy as I slowly slid my fingers into my panties and fingered my hot wet sex. He was gasping and panting like an over exerted dog as he watched me slowly finger my clitty. I closed my eyes as the delicious sensations rippled through my body. In a matter of moments I was lost as my fingers gently rubbed my virgin sex. I was largely oblivious to my daddy, although I could still hear his small moans of delight as he masturbated himself furiously.

I could feel the orgasm I knew was not too far away building deep in my womb as my fingers worked their magic on my clit. I began to breath more heavily and my body began to writhe as I eased two fingers as deep into my sex as I dared, moving them in and out of my wet passage as far as I was able with the limited room I had whilst still wearing my panties.

"OH ALICIA!!!" daddy suddenly cried, "I'm gonna cum!" he yelled. Although I was close to orgasm myself, I stopped fingering my clitty to watch my daddy. His had was a blur as he pumped his cock. I saw a milky-white fluid wet the smooth purple head moments before daddy's cock swelled in his hand. His entire body went rigid and he screwed-up his reddening face as though in agony then let out a deep, loud groan of pent up breath as his cock spurted a long, thick stream of creamy-white cum into the air, quickly followed by a second, then a third smaller one. Daddy was still rubbing himself furiously as more thinner dribbles of cum spurted from his cock.

My hand was rubbing my pussy with renewed vigour as I watched my daddy climax and in a matter of a few moments I brought myself to the brink of orgasm. My daddy kneeled down in front of me, his eyes riveted on my crotch as I tipped myself over the edge and fell into an oblivion of sexual release. I know that I cried out loudly as my mind and body became centred around the amazing feelings emanating from my pussy. My fingers continued to rub my clitty until my orgasm peaked and I could no longer bear touching my hyper-sensitive sex. I slowly with drew my hand from my panties and collapsed backwards onto my bed, drawing in deep breaths.

Before I knew it my daddy, with his trousers still around his ankles, had joined me on my bed and I felt myself swept into his embrace. His mouth was all over my face, kissing me and he was saying over and over again that he loved me and that watching his little girl having an orgasm was the most incredible sight he had ever seen.

Now that I had achieved the sexual release I had been craving, I felt a little embarrassed at laying in my semi-naked daddy's arms, on my own bed! I allowed him to kiss me a few more times before extricating myself from his arms and sitting up. I told him that mummy and Carla would be home soon and that he had better tidy himself up. His face looked really annoyed that I had again reminded him that he was my daddy and not my lover. With a final chaste kiss on my cheek he wordlessly rose off my bed, pulled up his underpants and trousers and left without looking back at me. I closed my bedroom door behind him and flopped back onto my bed, my mind a confusion of images and emotions.

I knew that a line had been crossed and I wondered how far I bore responsibility for allowing it to happen? Sure, daddy had pushed things much further than I expected him to, but I could have easily stopped things going as far as they had.... couldn't I? Even as I debated with myself I felt my excitement rising again. I recalled the various looks on daddy's face as he'd watched me. God, if he was like that already, how would he be if he ever got to see me naked? I found the thought incredibly arousing and quickly removed my panties. I sat on my bed and spread my legs wide. I could smell my own arousal and as I slipped a couple of my fingers into my pussy I pictured my daddy's cock and wondered what it would feel like to have it in me. I soon brought myself to a second shuddering orgasm.

The following few days were strange. Daddy seemed more distant from me than he had ever been. I even flirted with him more obviously than I usually did but it seemed as though he was either not seeing or was deliberately ignoring me. When I sat next to him he kept his hands to himself and on those occasions we were alone he barely made any effort to kiss or grope me like he usually did. Even mummy picked up daddy’s odd behaviour, asking me if me and daddy had had a falling-out or something. I told her no, nothing was wrong, but she looked sceptically at me and just walked away. After five days of it, I was becoming quite worried as it had to have something to do with the night of my birthday.

On Friday evening, mummy was taking Carla to visit the daughter of a friend of hers (even though Carla didn’t want to go. At almost twelve years of age, she was already loath to spend time with kids just a couple of years younger than herself!), which meant that me and daddy would be home together - just the two of us - for the first time since my birthday. I made up my mind to get to the bottom of what was bothering him, one way or another.

I waited impatiently for mummy and Carla to leave. Carla was taking as much time as she possibly could in getting herself ready in a vain effort to delay the inevitable, which irritated mummy so much that she shouted at her and Carla burst into tears. That brought about yet another delay. By the time the pair of them left - almost an hour later than mummy had said they were going - even I was getting pissed at Carla, and loved her to bits usually. Up in my bedroom I sighed in relief when I heard the street door close firmly behind them. I waited five minutes before making my way downstairs to the lounge where daddy was.

The reason I’d remained in my bedroom was so that mummy didn’t see how I was dressed. She did not suspect anything untoward was going on between my daddy and me, but even her dull senses would have been alerted if she’d seen me walking downstairs wearing the sexy new pyjamas I’d bought myself a few days earlier. They were made of a loose fitting pale pink silky fabric and decorated with an oriental pattern. I thought they were beautiful and had spent most of the money gifts I had received for my birthday to buy them. daddy was sure to notice me wearing them!

Oh yes, I wasn’t wearing anything under them, either.

Daddy didn’t look away from the TV when I walked into the room. It was only when I sat down on the sofa opposite him that he finally acknowledged me by swivelling his eyes round to me. He looked away, then back at me again as his brain registered what his eyes were telling him. I saw them widen in surprise and I grinned cheekily at him, but didn’t speak. I watched as my daddy reached for the TV remote and turn the set off. He rose to his feet and walked over to me. He reached his arms out to me and I rose and stepped into his embrace.

Daddy buried his face in my hair and kissed the top of my head. I felt his hands grasp my ass cheeks and my pussy began to tingle. He was already hard, his swollen cock pressing into my belly as he held me tightly. Daddy moved his face from my hair and I turned my face to his. Our lips met in the most gentle and tender of kisses; it was a true lover’s kiss. I could feel my young body responding to my daddy’s lips and I felt my pussy becoming wetter and wetter as we kissed with mounting arousal.

“My God, Alicia!” daddy gasped after three or four kisses, “I have not been able to get you out of my head after the other night” he said, looking into my eyes. “I love you, Princess. God forgive me, but I love you more than a father should!” His voice caught in his throat, as though he was on the verge of tears.

“And I love you daddy!” I said, holding him more tightly and seeking his mouth with mine. He thrust his tongue deeply into my mouth as his hands mashed my ass cheeks together.

“You look good enough to eat” he said after several moments. “I take it your present attire is for my benefit?” he asked.

I just smiled at him before stepping out of his embrace. I did a little pirouette, thrusting my chest forward as I twirled round and round, giggling. One of daddy’s hands strayed to the bulge at his crotch and I saw him casually stroking himself as he watched me. I collapsed onto the sofa, panting and slightly dizzy. Daddy sat beside me, laughing at me as I laid on my back, my head in his lap, willing the room to stop spinning. I felt daddy lay one of his hands on my shoulder before sliding onto my chest. I stopped giggling and looked up at him. His face wore such a tender expression that I felt my heart miss a single beat.

Daddy’s fingers slid under the fabric of my pyjamas top and found the firm swell of my small breast. His fingers lightly stroked over the hard bud of my erect nipple, which made me shiver with pleasure. he moved his hand across my chest to my other breasts and I shivered again when he lightly tweaked my hard nipple. I could feel the stiffness of his cock under my head. It seemed to me that it was getting thicker and harder as he played with my small boobs. daddy brought his other hand up and began to stroke my hair. It was a very gentle and loving gesture which made me feel very safe and incredibly happy. Even when I felt daddy undoing the buttons of my top I was not in the least worried. My daddy sighed in pleasure as he feasted his eyes again on the sight of my immature, underdeveloped breasts.

“You have the most perfect boobs, Princess!” he said appreciatively as he fondled them in turn. “They are so small, so sexy, so perfect” he declared, a smile in his voice. He looked down at me and I managed a smile for him, too. it was the least I could do.

The longer daddy played with my boobs, the more conscious I became of the hardness of his cock. I had not really been able to get the sight of it out of my mind since the night of my birthday. I had masturbated every night since, imagining all sorts of things about it, not least of which was what it felt like to touch and hold. On the spur of the moment I decided that I needed to find out.

I turned myself onto my front, which made daddy complain. I ‘shushed’ him as I reached my fingers for the zip of his trousers. Quickly figuring out what I was trying to do, daddy slid his ass slightly forward to make it easier for me to unzip his trousers and also to unfasten his belt. He raised his ass off the sofa and helped me to ease his trousers off his ass, leaving him sitting there with them round his ankles, the bulge in his underpants looking very large.

I kissed my daddy’s lips as I slowly rubbed my hand over his swollen cock, which caused him to groan in pleasure. He almost bit my tongue off when I grabbed his thick length through the fabric of his underpants. His hands groped at my boobs as I rubbed him over and over, our mouths locked together in passionate kisses.

I slowly eased my hand up to the waistband of his underpants. I felt daddy holding his breath as I eased my fingers under the elastic and felt for his swollen cock. He exhaled loudly as he felt my fingers lightly touch the soft warmth of his stiffness. I just laid my fingers against him, trying to memorise my very first feel of a mans’ cock. I kissed my daddy again before removing my hand. I quickly took hold of the waistband of his underpants and began to slip them off his hips. Daddy raised his ass off the sofa to enable me to fully free his stiffness. I felt him kick away his clothes as my eyes gazed with wonder and new delight at my first real, unobstructed sight of an erect male cock.

It was, I thought, utterly beautiful: daddy's cock was maybe five inches long, quite thick and with a large shiny purple head that was glistening with some sort of wetness. He had a thick thatch of dark curly hair and his ball sac hung down to his ass cheeks. I wrapped my fingers around it and felt daddy tense as I held his stiffness. His cock was surprisingly warm and 'knobbly' to feel. I could feel it pulsing in my hand as I held it. Daddy was staring at me, a look of wonder and desire in his eyes. I knew what he wanted so I began to slowly move my arm up and down, masturbating him.

I felt my daddy lay one of his hands on my ass, stroking me as my small fingers held his swollen cock tightly and moved up and down its length. I heard his breathing become ragged as my hand rubbed his cock inexpertly. He wasn't complaining though. I felt his hand gently tug at the soft fabric of my pyjama bottoms, sliding them off the curve of my round ass cheeks. his cock seemed to stiffen harder still when he had fully exposed my ass. I felt his fingers tentatively stroke my warm bare skin, which felt lovely to me.

Daddy slid a finger down between my ass cheeks and I felt an incredible sensation shoot through my young body when it brushed over my asshole. I had no idea that my ass could produce such an amazingly sexy reaction in me. It caused me to grip daddy's cock tighter and to pump him a little faster. Daddy was obviously aware of my physical reaction to his finger touching me in such an intimate place for his face wore a broad smile and he more deliberately touched me there again. I couldn't help it: I moaned aloud as my inexperienced body sent another wave of new sensations through me. My pussy, already damp, became wetter still as my daddy's finger pressed against my asshole. My hand pumped on his cock harder and faster and even he made noises of pleasure.

I felt my head begin to swim with sensual delirium and I hung it over daddy's cock. I felt him take a sharp intake of breath, as though he was waiting for me to do something. I heard him release it slowly, when I raised my face to his and kissed him. At the same time I realised that his hand had moved between my thighs and was gradually getting closer to my naked pussy. I instinctively clamped my thighs tightly together, trapping my daddy's hand. I heard him let out a small moan of frustration when he realised that I was not going to allow him to go any further. I just wasn't ready for that yet. Besides, it was more fun to tease him with the possibility he might get his hands on his little girl's body like that!

I concentrated on masturbating him by way of distracting him from my pussy. He managed to pull his hand out from between my thighs and I soon found his finger playing with my asshole again. Every touch made my pussy wetter and wetter and I had to fight the urge to finger my sex and relieve the need I had to masturbate myself. My hand pumped daddy's stiff thick cock as hard and as fast as I was able to. Daddy was encouraging me, telling me how good it felt, what a good girl I was and how much he loved me. His hand was all over my ass, reaching between my legs again. I still had enough presence of mind to clamp my thighs together to stop him reaching my wet pussy though.

The shiny purple head of his cock was dribbling a thin stream of cum and I felt his cock swell in my hand. "Oh, baby, don't stop!" daddy cried in a funny-sounding voice. My hand moved up and down his shaft as fast as I could go and daddy's body went rigid. I saw his face and neck blush deep red and his hand gripped my ass cheeks painfully as he let out a loud groan like he had in my bedroom. I watched with fascination as a thick stream of cum erupted from the tiny hole in the head of daddy's cock and arced into the air before splashing down warmly over my hand and his belly. A second thick stream almost immediately followed it, then another smaller thinner one. I was still pumping my daddy's cock, drawing drops of watery cum from his balls, when daddy laid his hand on my wrist, stopping my hand from moving. I felt his cock soften and I released it from my tight grip.

"Fucking hell, Princess!" he exclaimed, grinning broadly, "that was awesome. Fucking amazing!" he said, hugging me tightly. His cum had cooled on my hand and felt horribly sticky. I had nowhere to wipe it, so I just laid my hand on daddy's thigh and tried to get as much of it off my hand as I could. He was kissing my face and telling me how wonderful it had been for him to have his little girl 'wank' him as he called it. He told me that it had been a dream come true for him, that he had fantasised about just that sort of thing and now I had made it come true for him.

I actually felt a little bit embarrassed as he went on and on, hugging and kissing me in between his declarations of pleasure and love for me. His hands were on my small boobs again, making my nipples hard. My pussy still ached and I also needed release from my own arousal. I had a struggle a little to free myself from daddy's arms, but he finally let me go. I stood up, turned my back to my daddy and kicked away my pyjama bottoms before turning around, stark naked now. I watched daddy's face as his eyes got their first look at my naked body since I was maybe five years old.

His eyes widened as far as they could, flicking from my boobs, to my smooth pussy (I decided when I started getting hairs down there that I didn't like the feel of them and shaved them off. I'd been doing so ever since and, as luck would have it, I'd shaved myself earlier that day. I was as smooth as I'd been as a little girl) and back to my boobs again.

"My god, Alicia, you are beautiful!" daddy exclaimed, the admiration in his voice perfectly genuine. "I didn't realise just how beautiful my little girl was until just now". He sat there, his limp cock nestled in the thatch of dark curly hair, a dribble of cum oozing from its head, mouth slightly open, just gawping at me. I smiled sweetly, but said nothing at all as I sat down on the floor directly in front of him and spread my thighs as wide as I could.

My daddy's eyes became riveted on my pink moist slit. I slowly slipped a single finger along my soft sensitive folds, making myself shiver in pleasure at the feelings just touching myself caused. I slid it along my slit, from top to bottom, then slowly up again until I found the sensitive bud of my clitty. I moaned aloud as I began to slowly circle my hard little bud with the tip of my finger. My body was vibrating with the waves of sensual delight I was causing myself. I arched myself backwards, pushing my pussy further forwards as I fingered my wet pussy entrance with my other fingers. I felt my own virginal tightness around my probing fingers as they slid into my body, the finger on my clitty moving faster and faster. I was getting wetter and wetter with each passing moment, my arousal rising to ever higher levels.

I saw my daddy take hold of his limp cock. With slow movements of his hand he began to rub himself, his eyes never for a moments looking away from the sight of my own fingers buried as deep into my sex as I dared push them. In moments, his beautiful cock was back to full stiffness and he began to masturbate himself as he watched his fourteen year old daughter masturbating herself.

Seeing my daddy getting turned on by watching me made me feel even hornier than I already was. I rubbed my clitty frantically, pushing my fingers ever deeper into my pussy as I felt my orgasm building deep inside me. I was panting as I rubbed my sex faster still, feeling my mind become consumed with the need to tip myself over the edge into the warmth of sexual release. Daddy was groaning and panting as well as his strong fingers gripped his stiff cock and pumped it hard and fast. I felt my pussy suddenly become flooded with wetness and my mind went blank for several seconds.

All I was conscious of was the most incredible sensations emanating from my pussy, and the feel of my finger's light touch on my swollen hard clitty as I experienced the most intense orgasm of my young life. I know that I cried out as my body writhed and convulsed as a second even more intense wave of pure sexual sensation washed through every pore of my being. I flopped like a rag doll onto my back as my mind shut down and I gave myself up to the sheer unadulterated joy and delight of bringing myself to the peak of sexual enjoyment.

It seemed to be ages before I felt myself coming down from the most incredible sensual high I'd had no idea was possible. I didn't realise that I'd closed my eyes until my mind cleared and I opened them to see that my daddy was standing over me, his hand still wrapped around his stiff cock, pumping it furiously. He was straddling my hips, his face staring with intense concentration at my small boobs and my hairless pussy.

"Oh, God, Alicia!" he moaned, "I want you darling. Oh God, I want you!" His voice sounded strange, like he was in pain or something. "My beautiful little girl!!" he cried suddenly. I felt warm droplets drip onto my chest as daddy continued to pump his cock.

"Arrrrrgh! FUCK!" he yelped loudly and his cock rained creamy cum down onto me. There was a lot of it, and still daddy pounded his cock, his eyes wide and wild-looking as he stared at my naked body at his feet. More cum dripped from his cock, making a small puddle of creamy wetness on my flat belly. Daddy's hand slowed and eventually stopped as his cock softened. He fell to his knees and I saw tears glistening in his eyes.

"I love you, Princess" he said, his voice thick with emotion. He laid down beside me, our faces close together. As our lips met I felt daddy lay his arm across my chest, his fingers closing around each of my breasts in turn. I felt his fingers tweak my nipples to stiffness as he kissed me hungrily. I felt a rush of love for my daddy then, unlike anything I'd felt before. My pussy was still tingling from my orgasm and with daddy's fingers playing with my boobs, it was making feel horny again. When I felt his hand start to slip down my body I debated with myself whether I should stop him from going as far as he wanted to.

I brought my arms up and wrapped them around daddy's neck, entwining my fingers in his soft hair. He moaned in pleasure against my lips as I pulled him closer to me. I felt his fingers brush over the smooth swell of my pussy and I could feel myself trembling in anticipation of feeling his fingers touching me. I parted my legs slightly, sending him an obvious invitation to explore further.

Daddy broke our kiss, moved his head back and looked deeply into my eyes. I saw nothing but love - real love - in his look and I smiled at him to assure him that everything was okay as far as I was concerned. He kissed my forehead, the tip of my button nose, then lightly brushed my lips then whispered 'I love you' to me. His hand slipped between my open thighs and fingers other than my own felt my sex for the very first time.

I felt my whole body become electrified as my daddy's expert gentle fingers parted the folds of my pussy and slid inside my moist fanny. Oh dear god, but it felt incredible.! Daddy's fingers were much longer and thicker than mine and for the first time in my life I felt my pussy stretched to accommodate the two fingers he slipped into me. I was still getting used to feel of them in me when his thumb slid along my slit and found my clitty. I cried out in delight as my daddy did things to my little body that I could never have dreamt of. With long slow motions of his thumb on my clitty and gentle thrusts of his fingers deep in my fanny, my daddy took me to a sexual heaven I never knew existed. The feelings going through my body left me feeling weak and helpless, they were so incredibly wonderful. I found myself thrusting my pussy into my daddy's fingers, wanting to feel more and more of whatever it was his fingers were doing to my sex.

I was mewling like a new-born kitten as daddy held me close to him, his mouth kissing my face all over. He was whispering that he wanted me: that he wanted to make his little princess always feel as good as she did right at that moment. I had no idea of what I was saying to him, but it seemed to excite him as he began to thrust his fingers harder into my pussy and rub my hard clitty faster. I suddenly felt a sharp pain deep in my womb and cried out in pain and fear. Instead of stopping what he was doing, my daddy shoved his fingers even deeper into my pussy, which felt even more incredible that it had just moments before. The pain didn't last long. It was soon forgotten as I felt myself being rapidly tipped over the sensual edge into another amazing orgasm.

Daddy had to hold me tightly as I writhed and bucked on the floor, every nerve ending in my body alive to the most amazing orgasm I had ever experienced. The high I'd had when I'd masturbated in front of my daddy just a short time ago was special, but having my own daddy bring me to orgasm was something else altogether. For long, sensual moments all I could feel were his fingers deep in my pussy and wave after oh-so-amazing wave of the most spectacular sexual sensations reducing me to a writhing mass of teenage girlhood as the feelings reached a peak before gradually subsiding. I was panting when I finally regained my normal senses. I looked at my daddy. He smiled at me and gave me a tender lover's kiss. Then I burst into tears.

They were tears of the utmost joy I assured my daddy when he worriedly asked me what the matter was. I could only sob that I was fine and that everything was okay, really it was. It was purely a reaction to everything I had experienced over the course of the past hour or so - all the emotional highs and sexual highs - and the sudden realisation that the pain I had felt was daddy's fingers taking my virginity. I wasn't upset about it, not right then, but it was not how I had ever imagined I would give my 'cherry' away.

Daddy released me from his embrace after we had shared several long, lingering kisses.

"We'd better get ourselves tidied up, Princess" he said flatly. "I wouldn't want to have to try and explain to your mum and sister why you're laying buck-naked on the floor and why I'm laying with you with my trousers and pants around my ankles!" He tried to make it sound humorous, but the reality of what we had done hit home and cooled the atmosphere between us as effectively as someone pouring ice cold water over us. I rose unsteadily to my feet, gathered up my pyjamas and without a word to my daddy or looking back at him, left him sitting there, staring after me.

End of Part One....

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A real pleasure to read in every way; a pleasure to read such beautiful writing, and a distinct erotic pleasure as well. Thanks for your active imagination and the skill to bring that imagination to life. I am a writer on this site myself, so it is always a pleasure to see one who rises out of the muck to write a thing of beauty.

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