because this was one long story, Part two continues straight on from where Part One ended...
[b]Daddy's Tease - Part Two[/b]

I showered again, washing away the strong-smelling aroma of my daddy's cum off my body. A thin trickle of blood wormed its way down my inner thighs and I found myself crying again, silent tears of a sadness I could not fathom at that time. My pussy felt sore and abused, my clitty too tender to touch. I dried myself off, wrapped my fluffy pink bathrobe around my naked body and walked tiredly to my bedroom. I lay down slowly and closed my eyes, hoping that sleep would take away the images that were playing on the inside of my eyelids, like a cinema screen. I was not to be so lucky.

I heard daddy use the bathroom and willed him to keep away from me. I could not handle seeing him again so soon, feeling as I did. I was angry, not at him, but at myself. I had lost control of things: of the situation. I was the one who was supposed to be strong; to be the tease, but with just a few strokes of his fingers on my greedy pussy, he had wrested all of that away from me. And he’d taken much more than my self-control. he’d taken my most precious possession.: my virginity. Okay, so he hadn’t actually had sex with me, but my hymen was no longer intact and that fact, more than anything else, made me at first sad, then angry. I fell asleep with yet more tears slipping from my eyes.

The following morning I ignored daddy. In fact, I ignored everybody. Carla was in her usual irrepressible bubbly good mood, which almost never failed to make me laugh, but not that morning. I couldn’t even feel guilty when she got upset with me and ran to mummy, whining. I heard mummy tell her that it might be my ‘time of the month’ (Carla had already started her periods, and she wasn’t yet twelve. I’d only started mine about six months before!), which seemed to placate her. Daddy, wisely, said as little as possible to me and I exhaled a silent sigh of relief when he finally left for work. I did happen to notice, though, that he hugged Carla more tightly than I thought he usually did, and his hand lingered on her tiny ass longer than was necessary. I dismissed it as my tired and overwrought mind imagining things...

It took me several days to come to grips with not being a virgin in the biological sense of the term. Around my daddy I was polite but not too loving, if you know what I mean. For his part, he cast longing loving looks at me that I just blanked. I could see the hurt I was causing him and I felt myself regaining the upper hand. I refused to allow him to touch or even kiss me when the opportunity arose, and I made sure, too, that those opportunities were as few and as far between as possible.

About a week later daddy had to go out one evening and asked me if I would like to go along with him for the ride. it was far from an unusual request, but this time I declined. it was mummy who insisted that I go, citing the fact that I’d barely been out of the house for over a week except to go to school, which was perfectly true. I tried to talk my way out of it but to no avail, so I reluctantly pulled on my trainers and followed my daddy out to his car. I slammed the passenger door closed harder than was required to demonstrate my annoyance!

As soon as we were out of sight of our house daddy asked me the question that must have been bugging him for days.

“Okay, Princess” he said, trying to sound casual but not fully able to hide the tension in his voice, “what’s the problem?”. I sat in the car’s passenger seat, looking down at my feet, wanting to answer him, yet not wanting to.

“Come on, honey, something’s obviously wrong” daddy urged.

Unbidden tears slipped from my eyes.

“You took my virginity!” I cried. “You took my virginity!” I was sobbing. “Why did you do that?!”

The car swerved dangerously as my shocked daddy took in the words I spat at him accusingly. He stared straight ahead then I heard the tickticktick of the indicator as he turned into a side road that led onto a small industrial estate. He drove deep into the collection of factories before he slowed the car, pulled over and parked. The engine ticked quietly in the heavy silence that filled the enclosed space.

“Oh my god, Alicia!” he said after what felt like an age, “I am SO sorry”. His voice, usually so strong and confident sounded weak and unsure. I looked at him, my tears staining my face.

“You shouldn’t have done that” I said accusingly. I hadn’t realised how upset I actually was about it until I’d blurted the words out. Now, though, all of the hurt and anger came out in a rush. “You just did it, shoved your fingers into me and took what wasn’t yours to take!” You... you... BASTARD!”

I had never sworn in front of my daddy, let alone at him. I expected him to shout at me, get angry with me or something. Instead he just looked at me with an expression of such abject sorrow and regret that I felt my anger dissipating as quickly as it had surfaced.

Daddy laid his arms on my shoulders and tried to draw me towards him, but I resisted. “Please honey” he said softly and I relented.

My daddy laid his head on top of mine and said that he was sorry for doing what he did and that he had not realised that it would upset me so much. He went on to say that he had got ‘carried away’ with what we had done that night because he loved me so much and wanted to make me feel as good as he had done, hadn’t he, he asked. I nodded my head in agreement. As he talked, his voice regained its usual tone, becoming stronger and more confident the longer he spoke. I felt myself becoming mesmerised by him, his gentle tone so soothing and reassuring.

“I would never ask you to do anything you wouldn’t want to do, darling” he said, lifting his head off me and using his hand to turn my face to look at his. “I love you with all my heart, Alicia” he said earnestly “and I would never hurt you”. When he moved his face to mine I did not try to avoid his kiss. As soon as I felt my daddy’s lips on mine something inside me melted. The rush of unexpected sexual arousal that coursed through me made me wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me. Our kisses became frantic and hungry in the confines of his car. I felt daddy’s hand fumbling for my small breasts and I sighed when I felt his fingers stroking my hardening nipples. I dropped one hand into his lap and felt for the hardness I knew I’d find there. daddy’s body tensed when he felt my fingers pressing against his stiff cock.

“Oh, god, Alicia” he groaned in frustration, “what are you trying to do to me?!” I pressed my fingers more firmly against his swollen cock and felt his hands roughly squeezing my boobs. “I want you baby” daddy told me, “I want you like you would not believe!” He was tugging at my top, freeing it from my jeans. I sat slightly forward so that he could draw it up to my shoulders and I felt his fingers deftly unfasten the clasp of my bra. Moments later my small boobs were being stroked by daddy’s strong fingers, their tips flicking over my erect nipples. I made small noises of pleasure as my daddy once again caused feelings in my young body that I couldn’t get enough of.

My fingers worked at the zip of his trousers. I smoothly inserted my hand into his underpants and grasped his swollen cock. I drew it out and immediately began to pump my hand up and down on it. Daddy cried out in pleasure as I masturbated him. daddy pushed me back against my seat then leaned over me. I felt a new thrill of excitement when I felt his moist warm mouth close over one of my boobs. I felt his tongue flick over my hard sensitive nipple. It was incredible. I pumped his cock harder as my daddy did things to my firm little boobs that had never been done to them before. He alternately kissed, licked and sucked them, gently and very lightly biting my hard nipples, which caused me to squirm in my seat in pleasure. I felt my pussy become flooded with juices as my daddy introduced me to more sexually exciting things.

I was pounding his thick stiff cock as hard and fast as I could as I became more sexually aroused. “Oh god, Alicia!!” daddy cried suddenly, “I want you so badly it hurts!” he moaned as the smooth head of his cock became slick with pre-cum. “Oh, baby, I’m gonna cum!” I moved my arm up and down in a smooth regular rhythm, feeling his cock swell between my fingers as it filled. “OH DARLING!!!” my daddy cried loudly as a thick spurt of creamy white cum shot into the air and landed on my hand on in daddy’s lap. “Don’t stop, honey” he gasped as a second stream followed the first, and several more followed that before his cock softened in my hand and I released it. Daddy immediately grabbed me and kissed me, his mouth hungrily seeking mine. For long minutes the only sounds in the car were our heaving breathing and the noises we made kissing one another.

Daddy eventually sat back in his own seat.

“That was wonderful, darling” he sighed appreciatively. “Now, I wonder what I’m going to do about this mess” he said, flipping on the car’s interior light and pointing at the splotches of cum all over his smart trousers. He laughed at my worried expression.

“Do you really think I would have let you make me cum if I didn’t have a back-up plan?” he asked, laughing lightly. “Look” he added as he reached across to the back seat and produced an almost identical pair of trousers to those he was wearing. “Pure coincidence” he said and winked at me. He stepped out of the car and removed his cum-stained trousers and slipped the clean pair on. I refastened my bra and tidied myself up again. As he got back into the car he asked me how long we’d been gone from home.

“About thirty minutes, I think” I answered, puzzled.

“Hmmm, about time to make our way back home I guess” he said as he started the car.

“Don’t you have to go somewhere?” I asked.

“I’ve already been there, darling” he told me, turning and smiling at me. “I needed an excuse to get out of the house for a short time, alone with you” he explained. “I could not allow things to go on the way they were for much longer” he added.

I wasn’t even annoyed with him. I should have been for he had manipulated me... and mummy, but as it was for a good cause, it didn’t seem so bad. Besides, my boobs were still tingling from the feel of his mouth on them, and my pussy needed some attention too. We drove back home in a companionable silence, stealing a dangerous kiss in the dark outside our home before going indoors.

I had always been daddy's favourite, I knew that. I didn't 'play' on it, although I certainly could have given what had transpired between us over the course of the past few months. So why, then, this sudden interest in Carla? He barely acknowledged her most of the time, not in a nasty way, he wasn't like that, but more in a cursory manner as opposed to the obvious displays of affection he showered on me. Now, though, he was cuddling her, chatting to her and generally showing far more interest in her than he had done for most of the previous twelve years of her life. It was odd, but nothing I worried about greatly.

As the level of our father/daughter relationship had escalated to levels far beyond the norm, daddy was even more attentive and solicitous towards me than ever before. Sometimes I saw mummy looking at him in a disdainful way, but daddy seemed oblivious to her apparent scorn. I broached the subject with him one day after he had brought me to yet another earth-shattering climax in my bedroom.

"Oh, don't worry your pretty head about me and your mum" he said dismissively as his fingers played with my boobs. "She doesn't suspect anything 'untoward', if that's what you're worried about" he told me. We kissed - like experienced lovers now - and each time our lips met I felt that same thrill run through my whole body as happened the very first time.

"But we need to be careful" I suggested. Daddy laughed, patted my pussy affectionately and said that all I had to worry about was keeping it - my pussy - safe and in good health. That, it appeared, was the end of the subject and I never mentioned it again.

I'd heard about blowjobs, of course I had, but I didn't really know what they entailed. One morning I walked into the bathroom, assuming it was free, only to find my daddy in there, shaving. I needed to pee. I was so used to my daddy seeing my pussy by that stage that I didn't feel at all shy in hitching up my nightie and sitting my ass on the toilet. I noticed that daddy was watching my pussy intently as my bladder emptied. I couldn't fail to notice the way his cock swelled in his pyjamas, either. Daddy wiped his face and dried it. I'd finished what I had to do but sat watching him.

For a man in his early forties, he looked good still. Not especially handsome, my daddy was more good looking, getting by with his courteous good manners and natural charm. With his neatly cut greying brown hair, twinkling grey eyes, six feet, two inches height, and slim build he was still in good shape. I knew that one or two of my girlfriends at school thought he was 'hot'!

Daddy stood in front of me, the head of his swollen cock poking through the slit in his pyjama bottoms. he leaned forward and took my face in his hands and kissed me lightly on my lips. I felt the first stirrings of sexual arousal in my exposed pussy as daddy kissed me again, pushing his tongue between my teeth. I could taste the mintiness of his toothpaste as I sucked his probing tongue into my mouth. After giving me one more kiss, he stood upright and suddenly pushed he bottoms to the floor.

His thick cock stood proudly upright in front of him. I made to reach for it, assuming he wanted me to wank him (he used that word all the time instead of masturbate. He said that 'masturbate' was too much of a mouthful!) but he stopped me.

"Would you like to do something very special for your daddy, darling?" he asked softly. He was looking right into my eyes and I could see the desire for me in them. My pussy was getting wetter by the moment and I was having trouble resisting the urge to rub myself to relieve the arousal I was feeling.

"If it would make you happy, daddy, of course I would" I told him, dropping my voice to the same conspiratorial level as his. Unbelievably, mummy and Carla were just downstairs, watching breakfast TV!.

Daddy asked me to open my mouth, which I did. He took a small step forward and took hold of his cock. He laid the head of it on my lips and asked me to kiss it. I did so... and felt my pussy become electrified. Although I had touched my daddy's cock many times, I had never really appreciated how soft and tender it was. My lips were more sensitive to the smoothness of the shiny purple head and when they met it, I was amazed at just how nice it was to kiss. Without being urged to, I kissed it again.

"That's good darling. Wonderful" daddy sighed. "Now, why don't you lick it?" he suggested. I didn't need a second invitation and thrust my tongue out. I licked all of the smooth head, tasting my daddy in my mouth. I knew he'd showered already but there was a deeper, stronger, musky-like taste there too, which I didn't find at all unpleasant. I licked him again and again, feeling his cock growing harder as I did so.

Daddy was breathing faster as my tongue and lips pleasured his cock.

"Now, Princess, take me in your mouth. Suck me honey" he gasped. I opened my mouth and daddy eased his hips forward. His cock head disappeared into the warm moistness of my mouth and I closed my jaws so that I could suck him properly. Daddy groaned, rather too loudly for my liking, as he felt his little girl's inexperienced mouth wrap itself around his swollen cock and start to vigorously suck it.

"Oh, baby, that's very good!" he sighed. He placed his hand on the top of my head and began to gently move his hips backwards and forwards.

It must have felt nice for him because he was making all sorts of appreciative sounds. I liked it as well, although I was a little bit afraid in case he went too far and made me gag. Daddy must have sensed my unease as he told me that he would be very careful with me.

I was now so horny myself that I had to do something to relieve my own arousal. While I sucked my daddy's cock I dropped a hand between my legs and started to finger my aching pussy. I rubbed my tender clitty vigorously as daddy slipped his cock in and out of my tiring mouth. I became a little alarmed when he started to move himself faster in my mouth, holding onto my head so tightly that it became uncomfortable for me. I spat his cock out and told him that my mouth was tired. He smiled at me, told me that I had done very well for my first time, then wrapped his strong fingers around his cock. His eyes watched me and his hand pumped his cock as I masturbated myself. It wasn't too long before I was suppressing the urge to cry out (something I'd learnt to do while masturbating in bed at night!) as I brought myself to a satisfying orgasm.

I had barely had time to catch my breath before daddy gasped that he was going to cum. He told me to get off the toilet quickly. I jumped up and stood to one side and watched as daddy’s hand pumped his cock faster and faster. I saw his body stiffen and he let out a low groan of release when he shot his load of cum right into the toilet bowl. He continued to pump himself until there was nothing coming out of his cock and it went soft again. Daddy tore off some toilet tissue, wiped his cock and deposited the soiled tissue into the bowl. He tucked his now flaccid cock back into his pyjama bottoms and drew me into his arms.

“That was wonderful darling” he whispered, “You made me extremely horny” he added before kissing my lips and patting my ass. “I love you with all my heart” he told me before kissing my forehead then turning and walking out of the bathroom.

I had a shower, dressed and joined my family downstairs some fifteen minutes later. Carla was sitting close to our daddy on the sofa, I noticed, so I sat in an armchair. I’d chosen to wear a particularly short skirt, tiny white panties and a tight top and no bra. Daddy barely gave me a second glance.

A few days later, me and Carla were at home on our own (mummy had given me my own key to the house on my birthday because I arrived home from school before my sister. Mummy had also taken a part-time job, which meant she didn't get home until hours after me and Carla did). We were doing our homework, something daddy insisted that we did before we went out with our friends or whatever. Unusually, daddy arrived home from his work much earlier than his normal time. I made him a cup of tea and he thanked me with a long, slow kiss. For various reasons we had not been alone together since we had been in the bathroom. I hadn't even masturbated! Consequently, the feel of my daddy's arms around me, his hands on my ass, and his lips against mine immediately made me horny. It was only when we heard Carla coming downstairs from her bedroom that we parted.

"Daddy, can I go round to Kayleigh's, please?" she asked as she came into the kitchen.

"Of course you can, honey" daddy said brightly, "but only after you've given your daddy a hug" he added, smiling. I'd stepped out of the kitchen into the lounge. I was standing out of sight of the pair of them, but I could still see them both. Daddy wrapped his arms around his youngest daughter and pulled her close to him, his hands immediately falling to her tiny, jeans-clad ass and stroking her cheeks. Carla giggled, kissed daddy's cheek and wriggled out of his embrace. I quickly strode to the other side of the lounge and made out that I was engrossed in a TV magazine when Carla breezed by, on her way out. She said 'see ya later' to me before disappearing. A minute or so later, the street door slammed shut.

Daddy was grinning broadly as he emerged from the kitchen, a bulge already apparent at the crotch of his trousers.

"Just you and me, then, Princess?" he said as he walked up behind me and pulled me into his arms, my back against his chest. Immediately his hands cupped my small boobs and began to squeeze them gently.

"Your breasts are so wonderfully sexy, darling" he whispered huskily into my ear. "I can barely keep my hands off them" he added as he slid his hands under my top and deftly slipped my bra up so that his fingers could feel my bare flesh. I felt my knees weaken a little when daddy's thumbs brushed over my hardening nipples. Daddy chuckled with amusement as he felt me slump against him as he recognised the signs that I was getting turned-on. My pussy was already flooded with my juices!

Daddy held me against him with one strong arm as he lowered his other hand. He laid it flat against my stomach and slowly eased it downwards. I was wearing a pair of loose-fitting track-suit bottoms (my favourite clothing for when I'm 'slobbing' around at home). Daddy didn't hesitate to slide his hand into my bottoms and I gasped when I felt his fingers stroke the bulge of my pussy.

The fingers feeling my boobs squeezed me harder when my daddy's other hand slid between my thighs and one of his fingers drew along the gusset of my panties.

"You horny little bitch!" daddy exclaimed when he felt how wet I was down there. He was still laughing when his finger slid into the crotch of my panties and right into my body.

I was helpless to stop him, even if I had wanted to. Oh, sure, I was supposed to be in control of things, but when I felt my daddy's finger lightly brushing over the sensitive bud of my clitty, there was no longer any doubt as to who was in charge.

In what felt like a matter of seconds I felt the first stirrings of orgasm building inside me. Almost as soon as I recognised what was happening to me, my daddy’s fingers tipped me over the edge into a heavenly climax that made me swoon on my feet. Had daddy not been holding me securely, I would have collapsed like a rag doll at his feet. Even so, I sank to me knees as my body convulsed and spasmed. Daddy led me to the sofa where he sat me down. He sat himself beside me, his arm around my shoulders. He reached for my face and turned it to his.

“I love you, my Princess” he said softly before leaning forward to kiss me. Instead of the hunger and urgency of previous kisses we had shared, the lips my daddy pressed against mine were so soft and gentle and tender that it took me by surprise for a moment.

“You are so precious, Alicia” he whispered, his voice thick with emotion. I looked into his eyes and saw in them all the love he had for me. It was there for me to see and to acknowledge.

“I love you, too, daddy” I said softly, feeling unexpected tears pricking my eyes. Daddy kissed my eyelids then I felt his arms reaching under me and lifting me. With me in his arms daddy rose to his feet. He carried me as though I weighed nothing at all. We exited the lounge and daddy carried me upstairs to the bedroom he and mummy shared.

He sat me on the edge of the bed and asked me to raise my arms in the air. Moments later my top was on the floor. Daddy then asked me to lay down so that he could remove my bottoms. His fingers eased the garment down my legs but daddy left my panties in place. I watched as daddy unhurriedly removed his clothes down to his underpants before joining me on his bed. He immediately reached over to my chest and began to stroke my boobs, gently squeezing and tweaking my nipples.

I leaned my face forward and found my daddy's lips. He kissed me so softly and with such tenderness and love that I felt like it was the most wonderful and natural thing in the world for me to be doing. I reached my hand towards the bulge in his underpants and lightly stroked the length of his swollen cock. Daddy murmured in appreciation as my fingers teased him. I applied gentle pressure to the smooth head and he groaned in my ear. His fingers gripped my small boobs tightly as he felt my fingers reaching into his pants.

I felt my daddy slide his hand down my body towards my hot aching pussy. He ran his fingers over my bulge several times before slipping his hand between my thighs and very slowly drawing a single finger along the damp gusset of my panties. I freed his cock from the restrictive confines of his underpants and began to gently masturbate him. I heard his breathing become faster as I stimulated his swollen stiff cock.

I felt strong fingers sliding over the swell of my pussy as daddy brought his hand up to the elastic waistband of my panties. I held my breath as I felt his fingers stroke my smooth shaved pussy before slipping between the moist folds of my sex. I let out a small gasp when his finger brushed over my sensitive clitty before travelling further down and seeking the moist entrance to my sex.

I must have groaned aloud when I felt my pussy become full of my daddy's gently probing fingers for he chuckled good humouredly. He slid them in and out of me slowly at the same time as his thumb felt for and found my clitty. With small, slow circular motions he rubbed my hard bud which drove me crazy with arousal. I was gripping his stiff cock tightly, pumping my hand up and down on it as my young body responded to what my daddy's fingers was doing to it. I had never felt anything so incredible in my life!

I felt a momentary sense of disappointment when daddy withdrew his hand from my panties. I felt his hands tugging at them and I raised my ass off the bed to allow him to draw them down my legs. He casually tossed them aside and immediately returned his hand to my pussy, sliding his fingers back inside me and finding my clitty with his thumb. In a matter of moments my body was responding to him again.

Usually, I can feel an orgasm approaching. It begins as a pleasant tingle deep in my pussy that builds in intensity until it reaches a certain point. When it explodes it is incredible. This time, though, I had no such warning. One moment I was I was fully aware of every minuscule movement of my daddy's fingers in my pussy, and the next my mind seemed to explode. I screamed aloud as my body was transported to another sexual dimension. Everything that I knew or thought became as nothing as wave after sensational wave assailed my body. My world was made up of the most wonderful colours and feelings as I experienced a lifetime of orgasms in just a few short moments. I remember being able to think that I would happily remain in that place for the rest of my life if only the sensations emanating from my pussy would continue with that same intensity the entire time.

Coming down was both exhilarating and disappointing. I had been to heaven, I was certain, but it had been an all-too-brief visit. I wanted to go back - to be taken back - there. However, seeing the look of sheer delight on the face of the man who had given me that brief glimpse was worth coming back again. I felt an unexpected surge of unidentifiable emotion surge through me and I burst into tears.

Daddy gathered me into his arms and just held me until I regained control of myself. When my tears had dried and I had stopped sobbing on his shoulder he took several tissues from mummy’s box on her bedside cabinet and wiped my face. He smiled lovingly at me, then kissed each of my eyes before lightly brushing his lips over mine. Neither of us said a word, our actions and reactions saying enough for both of us.

My daddy laid himself alongside me again. His cock, I saw, had softened slightly. I felt I wanted to repay him for making me feel so wonderful. I sat up and pushed against his chest. A quizzical look crossed his face as I pressed my hands against him again. Smiling indulgently at me he lay on his back.

I repositioned myself with my ass towards his head and leaned over his waist. I reached over to his cock and wrapped my fingers around it and started to rub it up and down. In a few moments it was fully erect again. I leaned further forward and, after pulling the soft foreskin back to expose the shiny purple head, opened my mouth and took my daddy’s cock into my moist warmth.

I heard daddy exhale as he felt my lips and tongue working on his swollen cock. It was so big that it filled my mouth and I could barely get the head into my face, but it felt and tasted wonderful. I licked the sensitive head over and over, running my tongue around the rim, over the top and slipping the tip into the small slit. I heard my daddy making encouraging noises as my mouth did everything it knew how to make him feel good.

Instinctively, I closed my mouth more tightly around his cock and started to move my head up and down. I felt my daddy’s body tense as I sucked his cock as hard as I was able. I felt him lay a hand on my small ass and stroke it. It felt nice. I sucked as hard as I could, which caused daddy to move his hips up and down. At the same time I felt him sliding his fingers between my ass cheeks. I almost bit down on daddy’s cock when one of his fingers brushed over my asshole. I gasped around his cock when he touched me again and left his finger there. I started to frantically bob my head up and down when I felt slight pressure against my tight hole, which felt wonderful.

After a couple of minutes just touching my ass, Daddy removed his finger. I felt him fingering my pussy then, moments later he pressed his wet finger against my asshole more firmly. I felt his fingertip slip a short way into me. I groaned again as daddy pushed the full length of his finger into my ass, at the same time pushing two fingers into my pussy.

Daddy's cock swelled in my mouth and I tasted the first drops of salty cum on my tongue. My head began to swim because I was bobbing my head up and down so fast . Also, the feel of his fingers in my ass and pussy was making me feel delirious with arousal. Daddy began to hump his thick stiff cock into my face harder as more cum dribbled from his cock. He was panting loudly, shoving his fingers deep into my body, driving me crazy as my mouth drew him ever closer to climax.

“Aaaaaah....SHIT!” he suddenly cried “I’m gonna come darling!” he yelped. I only just managed to get my face out of the way before his cock spouted a thick creamy stream of cum high into the air. Daddy frantically shoved his fingers into my ass and pussy as his cock spurted more cum from its small hole. Another long stream of cum burst from his cock, quickly followed by several smaller spurts. Daddy’s fingers stopped pounding my body and he allowed them to slip out of me as he lay there, panting heavily. I turned around to face him. He immediately grabbed me and hugged me tightly to his chest, telling me how wonderful it had been for him and kissing me passionately.

We had less than twenty minutes to get dressed before mummy was due home. Then the telephone rang. Daddy answered. I stood quietly as he greeted mummy affectionately. His only contribution to the short conversation was to say “okay, that’s fine” and “see you later, then” before he hung up.

“Depending how you look at it, Princess” he said, turning to me, “that was good news”.

I must have looked confused as daddy smiled at me and reached for me. As his arms wrapped themselves around me he explained that mummy was going to work late because one of the other staff where she worked had called in sick and they needed someone to cover her shift.

“What it means, darling” daddy said, “is that we do not have to rush now”. He looked at me, a smile on his face, his hands on my boobs.

“But what about Carla? She’ll be home soon” I said.

“It’s only half-past six, Alicia. Carla won’t be home until nine o’clock and your mum won’t be home until later than that”. He kissed me softly and held me tightly before adding “we have plenty of time to enjoy ourselves, if that’s what you’d like”

I was still very horny. Without really having to think about it, I kissed my daddy and took one of his hands and he allowed me to lead him to his bed. I clambered onto it and he joined me. We lay together kissing and touching one another. My small hands stroked my daddy’s chest while his fingers stroked my breasts and played with my hard nipples. I slid my hand down to his soft flaccid cock. Daddy’s mouth found mine and he kissed me urgently as my fingers wrapped around his stiffening cock. I felt his tongue probing my mouth as he slid two fingers into my pussy and began to move them slowly in and out of me. In moments his cock was fully stiff again.

After exchanging several more long kisses, daddy broke away from my lips. He kissed my face all over before kissing my neck and shoulders. he lightly trailed the tip of his tongue over my chest down to my breasts. I felt his mouth close over each small mound in turn, his tongue circling each nipple, his teeth very gently biting on them. I had to release my hold on his cock as he moved his face further down my body, kissing my stomach as he neared the swell of my pussy. Daddy placed small light kisses all over my smooth mound, the tip of his tongue tracing very inch of me there.

I felt myself slip into a dream-like state of arousal as my daddy’s lips and tongue stimulated my sex in a way it had never been aroused before. All I could do was lay there helplessly as my pussy became wetter and wetter and increasingly aroused.

I felt my daddy’s fingers gently part the folds of my pussy. I felt his warm breath on my sex before feeling an electric tingle travel through the length on my young body when the tip of his tongue lightly licked my pink moist slit.

I gasped in pleasure and surprise as my daddy’s tongue licked my pussy, lapping up all of the juices my body was producing. The combination of his warm breath, gently probing tongue and firm fingers on my body was making me feel hornier than I had ever felt before. Then his tongue found my hyper-sensitive clitty.

The feeling of the slight roughness of daddy’s tongue against my sensitive bud was the most fantastic sensation I had ever felt. I was used to my own fingers and my daddy’s fingers touching me there, but the feel of his tongue alternately licking me then flicking over my clitty was almost indescribable. Every single nerve in my body seemed to be more alive than at any other time in my life, magnifying every single slow, gentle and deliberate touch of my daddy’s tongue.

Daddy slid one of his hands under my ass and in moments one of his fingers was pressing against my asshole. I felt it slip inside me and my body was assaulted by another wave of incredibly sexy and erotic sensations. While his tongue teased my clitty, daddy’s finger slowly moved in and out of my ass. I began to moan and writhe on the bed as my daddy brought me to a level of arousal I could not ever have imagined.

I could barely think. I was in a daze of feelings that were all centred around my pussy. My daddy’s tongue continued to slowly lick my pussy, it’s tip slowly circling my hard clitty. I raised my hips off the bed and pressed my sex harder against daddy’s face, urging him to release me from the prison of sexual arousal he had trapped me in. It did me no good.

Daddy patiently continued to tease my sex, his finger in my ass adding to my beautiful agony. I could feel the first heat of orgasm building deep within my body. I felt hot and sweat broke out all over me as the heat intensified. I gripped the duvet I was laying on tightly as the sensations built in intensity, causing me to cry out in frustration. And still daddy teased me with his tongue, never altering the pace of his movements on my pussy.

The heat inside me became almost unbearable and I was crying out to daddy to make me cum. I felt his lips curl into a smile as he teased my sex mercilessly. Then, just when I felt I could stand it for not a moment longer, the dam burst.

The orgasm I’d had earlier had been intense, but paled into nothing compared to the one I experienced from what my daddy did to me with his tongue. I felt as though I was no longer actually in my body, but had been transformed onto a mass of pure sexual energy. My small body stiffened and I clamped my legs around my daddy. I was thrashing on the bed as he continued to lick me, sending wave after delicious wave of sensation through me. I felt as though I was floating, separate from my body but still able to experience and enjoy the physical reality of orgasming.

It felt like an age passed before I finally felt myself coming down from the high my daddy had taken me to. Even then, the effects lingered, my body and mind not rejoining for several minutes, it seemed. I only became aware of my surroundings again when I felt my daddy’s strong arms holding me tightly and his lips kissing me feverishly. I could smell and taste myself on him, which in my aroused state, I found quite erotic.

I didn't feel able to form a coherent sentence, so I lay in my daddy's loving arms and exchanged sweet sensual kisses with him. I felt more alive than I ever had and my mind, though tired, felt intensely alert. The feel of my daddy's lean naked body laying alongside mine made me feel safe and secure. His strong fingers lightly stroked my hard nipples and his lips nuzzled my neck. He was whispering words of love in my ear and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my thigh.

"My darling, Alicia" he said, raising himself up and leaning on one elbow. His eyes gazed intently into mine. "I want you darling" he told me. "I want to make love with more than anything in the whole world". He leaned his face forward and kissed my lips lightly, at the same time parting my thighs and moving himself between them.

I had been so caught up in the romance of what me and daddy had been doing together that I'd not really given any thought to where we were. My body cried out for my daddy but it was my voice that suddenly cried out.

"NO!" I said sharply. "No, this isn't right!" I said, my voice much stronger than I'd expected it to be. I had not meant to sound so panicked. Daddy's face, only moments ago filled with love, now looked at me with a mixture of concern, fear and frustration.

"What's the matter, darling?" he asked calmly. "I thought...." His voice tailed off and I realised that he misunderstood me.

"I do... I mean, yes, it is what I want" I assured him softly.

It was all wrong. As daddy's was positioning himself between my thighs, I felt a sudden coldness - a bone deep chill - course through me. I had suddenly realised not only what we were doing, but where we were doing it.

"I, I can't..." I mumbled, "not here" I said. I looked at my daddy and saw comprehension down in his eyes.

"Oh, darling! " he said, reaching for me, "I'm sorry. I never thought..." His voice trailed off. he held me in his embrace, rocking me, making me feel like a little girl again.

What we were doing, as beautiful as it was, was bad enough. That we were doing it in the same bedroom, on the same bed daddy shared with mummy, was too much. I just could not do it. I would not have been able to enjoy it.

"I'm sorry, daddy" I said. He kissed me, slowly and lovingly and I felt some of the coldness seep from me. "My bedroom" I whispered. Daddy released me from his embrace and stood up. I stood beside him and allowed him to lead me by the hand to my bedroom. He laid down on my bed, looking very big and out-of-place amongst my 'girly' things. He moved across my bed to make room for me to lay beside him.

We kissed for many long minutes. My daddy's hands gently stroked my body, his fingers teasing my small breasts, gently teasing my nipples to hardness again. I felt myself becoming aroused once more, the chill that had overcome me completely disappearing within minutes.

I felt my daddy's harness grow against my thigh. I wrapped my fingers around him and he groaned. His fingers found my wet pussy and probed my moistness. I felt my breath catch in my throat when his fingertip lightly brushed over the hard sensitive bud of my clitty. Expertly, my daddy brought me to the point that we'd been at before my attack of conscience in his and mummy's bedroom. With two of his fingers deep in my pussy, daddy rose up and looked deeply into my eyes. His expression asked the question only I could answer. I nodded 'yes'.

Daddy lightly kissed my lips and carefully manoeuvred himself between my open legs. As he leaned over me and grasped his swollen cock I felt a moment of fear grip me. This was the moment I had always subconsciously known would eventually arrive. From the very first time daddy had kissed me with more affection than a daddy should kiss his own daughter, to the feel of his hands on my budding breasts to the increased intimacy, it was all leading up to this moment.. Now that it had arrived I was both thrilled and terrified.

My anxiety only increased when I felt the head of daddy’s cock nudge against the tender lips of my pussy. I felt like I wanted him inside me, but my body seemed to be saying exactly the opposite each time daddy’s cock tried to enter me. he tried several times but was unable to get very far at all.

I thought he would get frustrated and angry with me. I felt myself beginning to get upset as for the umpteenth time my pussy would not allow him entry. Daddy sighed, brushed away the tears that began to leak from the corners of my eyes and kissed me tenderly.

“It’s alright, darling” he told me tenderly. “It doesn’t have to be right now” he said as he lay beside me. Instead of reassuring me, I felt awful, like I had let him down: like I’d failed or something. I burst into tears.

Daddy didn’t say a word as he held me. I kept apologising to him, telling him that I loved him and that I did want him to make love to me. He just kissed me and stroked my shivering body. His fingers felt so light and gentle on my that I began to feel slightly silly for crying. I willed my tears to stop and took several deep breaths to calm myself.

Daddy’s hand rested on the swell of my pussy. His fingers slid along the moist slit of my sex and slipped into me. I was so tight down there that it actually felt slightly uncomfortable. He gently eased his fingers back and forth, causing my pussy to become wet again. I became so relaxed that I didn’t even notice when he slipped a second finger into me. Leaving his fingers deep in my sex, my daddy positioned himself between my thighs again. He slowly withdrew his fingers and placed the head of his still-stiff cock where his fingers had just been.

To my eyes, it looked impossibly huge. I was used to seeing it; I’d held him many times and had him in my mouth, but it did not seem possible that it could fit into my tight small hole. The most my pussy had been filled was with several of my own fingers and just two of my daddy’s. I willed myself to relax as daddy pushed his hips forward.

This time my pussy accepted his smooth cock head straight away. I heard daddy groan in appreciation as he slowly and carefully slid more of his length into my virgin sex. I laid there on my back and watched him as he pushed himself into my body. I felt a sense of awe, fear and incredible love for him as I felt the walls of my pussy being stretched wider than they had ever been before. When he was fully in me he laid on top of me, his lips seeking mine.

He kissed me; urgently, hungrily even. My tight pussy felt as though it would surely split apart if he moved a single millimetre. I could feel daddy’s cock throbbing and pulsing inside me as his mouth clamped over mine and his tongue darted frantically inside my mouth. He was breathing heavily through his nose, almost snorting and I could feel the tension in his body thrumming through me. Still laying on top of me, he raised his ass slightly, slowly drawing back his cock.

Slipping into my pussy, my daddy's cock had felt wonderful: as he drew it back until it was almost out of me it felt even more wonderful! My pussy seemed to feel even more sensitive than usual and with daddy's swollen cock filling me every slight movement caused me to experience the most incredible feelings. He slowly slipped himself into me again, then almost immediately drew his cock back again. I could feel my pussy begin to become wetter as my dear daddy made love with me.

He kissed me tenderly as he moved himself slowly, gently and lovingly in my pussy. He laid his hands on my small breasts and tweaked my nipples to stiffness, his fingers rubbing my hard buds, sending even more amazing sensations rippling through my body. I raised my arms, wrapped them around his shoulders and held him tightly and kissed him. My inexperienced body was responding to him in a way that I had never dreamt it would or could and I felt myself loving him more and more with each stroke of his stiff cock in my sex. Daddy looked into my eyes and smiled the sexiest smile I had ever seen on his handsome face. My heart melted.

My tight pussy gripped my daddy's cock tightly and I could feel every single millimetre of his length as it moved along the walls of my sex. My pussy walls were slick with the juices it was producing and he moved smoothly in me, his hips rising and falling in a slow gentle rhythm. He moved his face to my breasts and began to kiss and suck them, drawing each small mound deep into his mouth, his tongue flicking over my hard nipples. I felt as though I had been taken to heaven as wave after wave of new and amazing sexual feelings coursed through my immature and inexperienced body.

In the back of my mind was the realisation that the cock that was making me feel so wonderful was the very same cock that had helped create me. I knew, of course, that it was morally wrong of me to be having those feelings: that my own daddy should not be making me feel so incredibly aroused like that, but it was the very wrongness of what we were doing that was raising my level enjoyment. As my daddy’s cock made sweet incestuous love to me, I would not have wished it to be any other way for my ’first time’. My own daddy was my ideal and perfect lover.

I felt him slide his hands under my ass cheeks. One of his fingers lightly touched my tight asshole. I gasped as he pressed it against my tight ring, pushing it firmly until it slipped into me. In moments my ass clamped around his probing digit and I experienced another wave of new and exciting feelings take over my body. With each forward thrust of his cock in my pussy his weight pushed his finger deeper into my ass. When my daddy slipped a second finger into me, then a third a few minutes later, my ass felt as full as my pussy. My head swam as my body became overwhelmed with sexual arousal.

Daddy slowly increased the pace of his cock in my sex. He slightly shifted his position so that is rubbed the hard sensitive bud of my clitty. I uttered a small whimper as I felt my sex being stimulated to a level that was almost unbearable. Again, my beautiful daddy smiled at me as his sexually experienced body educated mine and I felt myself being transported to a part of his sensual world. I was a more than willing passenger, travelling with him along a path that was teaching me more about my own body than I could ever have taught myself in the darkness of my bed at night, using just my imagination and my fingers.

I felt the warmth of another orgasm begin to build deep within my pussy. With every stroke of daddy’s swollen cock against my hyper-sensitive clitty that warmth began to deepen and spread throughout my whole body. I gripped my daddy more tightly, trying to draw his stiff length as deep into my sex as possible, thrusting my hips upwards to meet his cock as it slid into me. I began to shudder and writhe under him as he relentlessly slid himself in and out of my body, his fingers also slipping in and out of my ass.

My whole body felt as though an electrical charge was coursing through it, every single one of my nerve endings felt more alive, more sensitive than they ever had. Sweat broke out all over me as the heat inside me grew and spread. I heard myself panting and groaning, whipping my head from side to side and raising my ass off the bed and thrusting my pussy as hard as I could against my daddy’s wonderful, exciting, stimulating cock. For several long, breathless moments my body teetered on the brink of release, my mind completely blank as the amazing sensations I was experiencing deepened. I held my breath and closed my eyes, my small body rigid with tension. Still daddy slowly slipped his cock in and out of me with the same regular rhythm, his fingers in my ass sliding in and out of me with smooth slow strokes. I was gasping for breath, whimpering like a whipped puppy as I willed myself to cum.

Suddenly my world exploded into a billion pieces as the heat in my body swelled to an unbearable level and my pussy seemed to erupt with the force of my orgasm. I cried out loudly, my whole body thrashing uncontrollably; wildly as my daddy’s cock took me from being his little girl into the world of a sexually aware young woman. My body tingled from the tips of my toes to the ends of every strand of hair: I did not feel in control of my own body as I thrashed around under my daddy, his cock driving me higher and higher to a sensual place that I had never before been. Tears trickled from my eyes as my orgasm peaked. The overwhelming heat inside me began to slowly diminish to be replaced by a chill on my skin and as I came down from the high I’d been to, I felt a coldness envelop me, even though I was still damp with sweat. And still daddy’s swollen cock slipped easily in and out of my soaking-wet pussy.

My body slumped back down onto my bed, all tension gone. I grabbed daddy tightly and kissed him all over his handsome face. His lips met mine with equal passion. As we kissed I felt him slowly increase the pace of his cock as it slipped into my sex. He withdrew his fingers from my ass and propped himself up on his hands. He stared at me as he slipped himself in and out of my wet pussy, a look of intense concentration and deep love etched on his face.

He was pushing himself harder and faster into my young body, his stiff cock pounding my sex as though his very life depended upon filling me as fully as he was able. His cock seemed to reach the very depth of my soul as it made sweet illicit love to my body. I watched my daddy’s face as he made love to me. I wondered how it felt for him, making love to his fourteen year old daughter? Was it all he expected, or less? Did it feel as wonderful for him as it did for me? From the expression on his handsome face and the brightness of his eyes I guessed that his enjoyment was at least equal to mine and I loved him all the more for it.

My daddy began to make small grunting noises as he thrust his cock even harder and deeper into my sex. I felt his cock swell thicker still, becoming tighter in me. He groaned deep in his chest, a growl really, and he managed to cry ’I’m gonna cum, baby!’ moments before I felt a warm wetness flood my pussy. With each frantic thrust of his cock in me, more wetness filled me, leaking from my sex and trickling down between my ass cheeks And still daddy pounded in my body, his cock harder and stiffer than ever, stretching the walls of my pussy further still. His eyes were closed and his faced screwed-up in what looked like agony but which I knew was pure pleasure for him.

By gentle degrees he slowed the thrust of his hips. I felt his cock begin to lose it’s stiffness before it softened markedly. Daddy laid himself on top of me, his lips hungrily seeking mine as his cock slipped out of my body. For long minutes, neither of us spoke a word, our mouths and hands speaking for us as we touched and stroked one another. After maybe ten minutes my daddy slipped off me and laid beside me, holding my hand.

“Thank you so much, Alicia” he said, his voice unusually thick with emotion. “That was wonderful; incredible” he added, turning to face me. I suddenly felt myself wanting to cry, not with shame or anger or anything like that. I was overcome with love for my daddy, a love that had been elevated to this new, intimate level. It was suddenly all too much for me and I clung tightly to my daddy’s naked body, not wanting him to leave me.

Unfortunately, time had slipped past quicker than either of us had noticed. We had less than fifteen minutes to tidy ourselves before Carla arrived home. With a final small kiss on my lips my daddy rose from my bed and left me laying there. I heard him go into his and mummy’s bedroom. I rose from my bed on legs that felt slightly unsteady.

I looked at my small naked body in my full-length mirror, trying to see if what had just occurred in my bed showed on my body. I felt different but much the same. Apart from an all-over flush on my skin and an unusual brightness to my eyes, I looked exactly the same schoolgirl I had been when I awoke that morning. I touched the tenderness between my thighs and felt my daddy’s sticky wetness leaking from me and smiled. In spite of appearances, I was not the same girl I had been, and I never would be again. It made me intensely happy.

My daddy and I made love many more times after that first time, as often as we could find the time to be alone together. Always my daddy was incredibly gentle and tender with me. He declared his love for me with each soft touch on my bare skin, each sweet kiss on my lips , my breasts and especially my smooth soft pussy. Each time his swollen cock filled my mouth or my sex - and later my ass - my love for him deepened and grew. My daddy was my perfect lover, and I would not have wished it any other way.

Although I had started out teasing him and arousing him, I conceded that my own physical want for him had cost me the control I'd thought I had. It was ’battle’ I was more than happy to have lost.

Carla and daddy seemed to be growing increasingly close. I saw in his behaviour towards her similarities to the way he had been with me. At almost thirteen years old, my little sister was already a beautiful girl. Her boobs were already bigger than mine and she had a figure to die for. Her pretty face shone with youthful vitality and her outgoing, bubbly personality drew admirers of all ages, not least of whom was our own daddy.

One day I arrived home from school earlier than usual. Daddy’s car was parked outside our house but when I went indoors there was no sign of him. I was about to call out to say that I was home when I heard a familiar giggle coming from upstairs. As quietly as I could I crept up the carpeted steps. I heard my daddy’s unmistakeable deep rumble of a laugh coming from the direction of Carla’s bedroom. Noiselessly I made my way along the landing and peered around the half-open door.

They were sitting on the edge of Carla’s bed. My sister was topless, her ample breasts bare and daddy’s hand was fondling them. She had the fingers of one of her hands wrapped around his stiff cock... I backed away and made my way back downstairs. I went into the lounge and slumped onto the sofa, my mind thinking furiously. I was neither angry or upset. A part of me had realised that what I had just witnessed was inevitable from the time I had caught my daddy and Carla kissing in the kitchen that time. There had been other clues, but I had pushed them to the back of my mind, but now I had to face it full on. Daddy and Carla...

I waited some ten minutes before returning to the street door, opening it as noisily as I could, then slamming it closed. I called out that I was home and heard daddy call out ’hello, darling’. Carla said nothing. I went to the kitchen and made a pot of tea. A few minutes later daddy came into the kitchen behind me. He wrapped his arms around me, his hands immediately cupping my boobs as his lips lightly kissed the back of my neck. In spite of what I’d seen just a few minutes before (or, maybe, because of?) I felt my body responding to him. My nipples hardened and I felt dampness in my panties. I turned around to face him and our lips met in a tender lovers kiss.

“Carla’s upstairs” he said, stepping away from me, “so we’d better ‘behave’ ourselves”. He winked at me, kissed my nose and walked into the lounge. Carla breezed into the room a moment or two later, trailing the fresh scent of shower gel and her youthfulness. Her hair shone in the late afternoon sunlight and her pretty face beamed with such happiness that I almost envied her. Although I was barely two years older than her, I felt much older and more worldly, courtesy of our daddy’s attentions. I would have hated for my sweet little sister to lose that side of her personality. I had to have a sisterly talk with her.

Later that evening I asked Carla to join me in my bedroom on the pretext of showing her ’something’. She peeled herself away from daddy’s side and walked with me upstairs. I closed my bedroom door and we sat side-by-side on my bed.

“I saw you and daddy earlier” I began without preamble”. Her pretty face blanched white and she cast her eyes to the floor. “But it’s okay” I added quickly. “You see, I have something to tell you”. I took her hands in mine and looked into her eyes. “About me and daddy...”

The End..?

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Just fucking WOW!

This is awesomely brilliant writing. I don't normally LIKE incest stories but this one is so unlike the usual drivel I read on here. Lollylover, if you are still around, for fuck sake write part three because you have a fanbase here that is dying to go with you where ever you take this brilliant story - and I am happy to include myself in that number!

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Great story, It keeped me glued to it till the end,Ilike the slow build up as it went on. IT got me so worked up i have stated to work on my fourteen year old daughter and have got her play with my cock while i suck her tittie's we have not fucked yet but there is plenty of time. By the way you must write part three and have a threesome with them.

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You have managed to keep up the amazing standard of the first part. Fantastic.

Seriosly, Lollylover, you should think about taking up writing professionally. You will make your fortune in no time!

Congratulations on producing probably the best story I have EVER read on XnXX.

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Nikked I will take care of ur pussy

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