Drunk and horny.....he was on his way
My parents were building a new house in a new subdivision. They lived almost 2 hours from where the house was being built. Both of them were busy with their careers, and not a lot of time. A lot of things needed to be overseen at the new house, which would be almost impossible for them to manage. So I was asked to oversee as much as I could. I would stop by the site were the house was being built and instruct the work by phone to my dad. I was about 6 weeks of doing this before there was much of a house built.
As I have explained in my other story. I bartend, so my days are pretty much free…except for sleep. So after a couple of months the house was finished enough for me to stay there. I lived about an hour from there, and only about 15 minutes from where I worked. I moved in clothes and stuff just to get by for a while. The house was done enough to live there. Plumbing, electric, painting, carpeting, all done. Just need the deck built, landscaping, new furniture, cable and phone. During this time I had to let the painters in the electricians, inspectors. So on and so forth. My sleep was always interrupted.

One morning the doorbell rang, I was fast asleep on the couch, it was in the downstairs family room so I could here the doorbell. Now the house was being built in the center of a cul de sac . The only house around for 2 blocks but workers always stopped for directions. No street markings or nothing out there at the time.

I stumbled off the couch and almost ran into the hallway wall to get to the door. Rubbing my eyes and yawning I answered the door. It was the phone guy to install the phones. “Follow me’” I squeaked out. “Miss miss, I’m just here to set an appointment to do this.” he explained. “Oh, ok’” dribbled out of my mouth. “You look pretty tired,’ he said. “I don’t sleep much with all this work go’ in on plus I work nights.” He pulled out a clip board and asked, “What day would be good for you?”, “Sunday my only day off.” I told him. “Sorry miss, we don’t work on Sunday.” I got a little pissy with him and blurted out, “Am I every going to get any sleep!” I turned towards him and said,” Sorry it’s not your fault, I’m just so tired.” After a pause, I asked him what days do you have open. “Well. I could come by here Sunday morning early, before I take the wife and kids to church?” “Really? I said. “Sure I know how it goes building a new house.” “You serious?” I asked as my mouth fell open. “Yeah I can do that for you, how about 7am?”
“Great!! I don’t get here till about 5am or so, that would work!”. He wrote on his clipboard and said,” Sunday 7am, see you then!” and turned around and headed for his van. I went back to the couch and flopped on it hard, and soon fell fast asleep.

The rest of the week was as normal, pourin drinks for the masses. Nothin too different, except for the kidding I was taking form a few of the girls at work. “Are you goin to get some of that big black cock?” Tina would tease me. See I made the mistake of telling them that what a nice guy he was to do this for me and he was black. “You gonna be one of his ho’s?” “Once you had black, you’ll never go back.” and a lot more of that stuff. That shit went on the rest of the week. I’d never been with a black man before, though about it a few times but that’s about it.

Saturday night at closing time, the girls wanted me to go to an after hours bar, the next county served till 4am we served till 1am. As I said before I swore off dating, and “Guy friends’ too much hassle for too little. We left and got to the bar and right away the drinks started flowing and shaking our asses on the dance floor, buzzing off all the guys that came by. I drink brandy double shots on ice. So after about 3 drinks I’m pretty well flying. We were having a great time. Tina asked me if I had to go to the little girls room, I followed her. After doing our business, we met at the mirror to freshin up. Tina said, “ You going to bang the black phone guy?”. I looked at her with my mouth open. “What?”. I said. “Well, I would!” Tina said. “Your full of shit”, I slurred at her. “Listen don’t tell anyone, best fuck I ever had was a black dude!” she whispered . “The taboo of it, the contrast of skin color, the way he used me for sex, treated me like a whore, it was too exciting even for words!” I could see the look in her eyes, as almost re-living her encounter. “I don’t think so’” I told her. She just smiled and said, “Why not? No one will know, you don’t really live there, he won’t find you!” I turned and went for the bathroom door, Tina followed. The room was spinning as I got back to the booth. I few more drinks and we decided to call it a night. Staggering across the parking lot in 6 inch platforms must of looked pretty funny. I reached my car and headed out. I had to drive with one eye, seeing double was not a good sign. I pulled into the garage and made my way to the couch. Threw my purse down and dropped into the couch. Sitting there I took off my platforms, and untied my wrap, slipped it off and unhooked the front of my bra, the underwires were killing me. Now only in sheer to the waist brown pantyhose, I crossed my legs, and put my head back, and the room spun faster. I uncrossed my legs and got the sexy feeling of the nylon as my thighs rubbed together. It started a flame inside, a small flame that I decided to build up. I squeezed my thighs together hard then released, forcing the nylon on my pussy. I never wear panties, only pantyhose or tights, or garter belt and stockings commando, no panties. I continued to squeeze until the flame got higher and felt my pussy moisten. I reached up with both hands and fondled my breasts, and stuck a finger in my mouth and wet it and ran it over my nipples until they were very hard and erect. With my left hand I pinched my left nipple and slide my right hand down over my stomach across the waist band of my pantyhose, to my mound, and across to my right thigh, the light made my red sparkle finger nail polish twinkle on my long nails, I rubbed it up and down several time, then the slow long trip to my pussy. I could feel the heat on my fingers when they approached my pussy, I rubbed the crotch of my pantyhose the thick juice was being strained out. I got some on a finger, and put it straight to my mouth, I licked it with the tip on my tongue, and then sucked it like a cock. Damn I was so fuckin horny, been along time since I had a cock in me. I took my left hand and opened the waistband of the pantyhose and slid my right down inside of them till I reached my clit. Oh yes!!!! I was feeling the full effects of the brandy now. I put my finger right next to my clit and rubbed in circles, touching my clit is too sensitive, but this is how I masturbate, and the fire was now 5 alarm!
My heart pounding and breathing fast and heavy, I was on the brink, I picked up the pace on my clit, and pulled my pantyhose down to my knees. Oh yes! Oh yeah!!! My arm was getting tired of this my fingers almost cramping, I kept up, faster and faster!1 Finally….I stopped! I could not get off, too much booze, but I needed a cock, a man to kiss, to suck, to feel. The l.e.d. clock on the table read 6:14am. My head bobbed. “I’m going to fuck that phone guy!” I said out loud.. But what am I going to do. I could dress like a slut, god knows I have more than enough slutty clothes I have bought and guys have for me. Meet him in lingerie? NO to obvious . I thought for a while, hell, make it look like you did not think he was coming and just wear a towel like you just got out of the shower!!!1 I got up and walked down the hallway to the front door turned and went up the stairs. At the top of the stairs was the second bathroom.. I wrapped towel after towel around me till I found one that was real short. I then jumped in the shower, and shaved again to make sure my pussy and legs were smooth as silk. I got out and rubbed vasoline all over my body and rubbed it in. keeps my skin soft as a baby’s butt. (learned that from a stripper friend of mine) Stood in front of the sink and applied make-up. Went with a dark brown eye shadow, black thick eye liner, and mascara. Dark red lipstick, with a white gloss on top. I ran a brush through my hair and noticed something out of the corner of my eye. You can see right into this bathroom from the front door, now he can see me when he reaches the door. I went into the upstairs bedroom and looked out. I could see the road about ¼ mile all the way to in front of the house. My plans was going to work just fine. I went downstairs and turned off all the lights. I left the porch lights on and went back upstairs. Went into the bedroom and looked at the clock it was 6:52am. My heart pounded hard, I kept looking out the window and up the road from my dark bedroom. I sprayed perfume all down my legs, arms, breasts and neck. Then went to the bathroom and made sure the light was on. I returned to my bedroom, now it was 6:56am no headlights, probable will not come. At 7:12 am I saw something coming down the road, a van, a white van. As it got closer I wanted to see it turn down here into the culdesac . It did and as it did, I saw the phone company logo on the side. I could hardly catch my breath. My heart pounding, my mind racing and all the booze making me spin. I thought now’s the time to back out!! Just put on a robe!, but the wetness of my pussy and that small fire in me, said fuck it….go for it!! I looked in the mirror, the towel was just covering the bottom part of my ass and at the angle he would see me, my pussy will be well exposed for him to see.

I watched the van pull up and park in front of the house. He got out and went to the back of the truck and opened the doors and was there for what seemed like an hour. Then he closed the doors and started to walk across the lawn, towards the front door. I turned and ran into the bathroom and grabbed my hair brush and started to brush my hair. All the time looking towards the mirror, but really looking at the door out of the corner of my eye. What seemed like forever, finally I saw something at the door. I kept brushing my hair, but I did not hear the doorbell ring. So I glanced at the door and saw him there…looking in. My head was spinning, I thought, he’s watchin, give him a show. So I opened the towel and let it fall on the floor, turned my back to him, to let him get a good look at my ass, then turned towards the mirror and ran my hands over my breasts. Then turned to the right, to let him gaze at my hairless pussy. Then back to the left and I bent over from the hips to pick up the towel, but I did it very slowly. I put the towel over my head and walked out of the bathroom and turned toward the hall and went out of his sight. Now the doorbell rings. I wrapped the towel around me again, and headed towards the stairs. I turned to go down the stairs, and knowing my pussy could be seen for at least the first 5 stairs, I took my time going down them, flipping my hair to get the air under it. As I was going down, I could see him standing there with a big grin on his face, his white teeth standing out from his black face, he was a very dark man. I got to the door and opened it. “Gee I didn’t think you were coming! I thought you were kidding!, Come on in!” “ I told you I’d be here,” he remarked. He had 3 or 4 small boxes in his hands. “How many phones go upstairs?” I had to think my heart was beating like hell from the show I gave him. “Ahh one I think.” “I’ll show you”. I turned around and started up the stairs, he stayed back, and I know what for. He was going up awful slow, I didn’t mind it was getting me wetter than hell. I led him to the master bedroom, my parents room. It was furnished with a California king bed with redwood posts. My parents still need to furnish the living room and dining room and 2 other bedrooms. The family room I was masturbating in was finished.

The master bedroom was really nice, thick rich carpet, dimmer switches for the lights, and both walk-in closets had folding door that were mirrored, So mirrors on the complete right side of the bed and mirrors at the foot of the bed, even those were farther away you could see the whole bed and then some.

I walked over to the left side of the bed by a night stand, “It goes here”, I said. “Fine no problem,” as he put down the boxes and started opening one of them. I just stood there wondering if he could see up the towel from down there. “So…..Did you go out and party last night?” he said . “Can you tell? I giggled.
“Yeah, I can still smell the booze on you!”. Shit I was embarrassed , I forgot to brush my teeth and use mouth wash.. “Oh sorry” I whined. “I’ll be right back,” I left the room and went to the bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth and used some mouth wash. I went back down the hall thinking when will hw make his move? I’m coming back in a towel, what more would tell him? I could have and should have thrown on some clothes in the meantime.

I walked back into the bedroom and went right back to where I was standing. He glanced at me for a second, and turned back to his work. Fuck, looks like I’m goin to have to do or say something! I could feel my juices running out of my lips, my nipples being aroused more by the towel. I went over and sat on the bed. He turned and looked and then went to some stuff he had laying on the floor. He opened a few small boxes and said, “Damn!, I need something!”. Corny as it sounds he did!!! So now was my chance,”So do I,” I said, even though it came out from a shaky voice. My heart beat so hard I knew he could hear it. “So what do you need?” as he stood up and looked at me. I gazed at the large bulge in is work pants. “A hard cock like that!” as I nodded towards him. “You sure? Your not going to say I raped you or anything?”he asked. “Not at all!” I relied, my mouth now getting very dry. “You been with black men before huh?”as he was taking off his work belt. “No never” I told him as I watched his pants fall to his ankles. “Really?”and I replied, “Really,” He took off his shirt and under shirt, and his cock was straining to get released from his boxers. He slipped them off and I watched his massive cock bounce as he moved. His cock was about 9 inched long, but was very thick. He walked over to me and said, “Take off the towel baby!”. I did and he said, “Damn those are the sweetest tits I’ve ever seen, are the real?, there fake right? “No real, people always say that they are fake, but look. As I pulled them both up, “No scars from surgery .” Now he was right in front of me, his cock throbbing with every beat of his heart. “Suck it, baby, suck all the pussy juice off it from my old lady this morning, and my cum, better get all of it too!” He held it up and I opened my mouth and grabbed it, It was un-cut and some pre-cum was leaking out of the tip. I flicked the tip of my tongue over it, and caught the cum on my tongue and pulled my tongue in my mouth to get a taste of it. As I did that a string of juice followed it and slapped and drizzled down my chin. I pulled back the skin to revel the head, it was all shiny with pre-cum. I love pre-cum a lot. I started lapping at his cockhead like a lollipop and then swirled my tongue around the head several times, he let out a loud moan. As I sucked the head I tried to get more in my mouth It was so thick as thick as a tennis ball around. He even made mention of it, said no one every as got very far past the head. “Hey! Don’t forget about my balls and hair around my cock lots of cum there!.” I could smell the musty smell of his wife and taste the salty cum. I kept licking his balls and then went to all around his cock, the shaft, and all around the base. “Lick it all ya white cunt!” he barked. “Now lay back on the bed…I wanna taste this little white girls pussy!” I laid back and he cupped my pussy with his hand and the took a finger and rubbed around my lips, then dipped it into my wet hole, I was shaking with pleasure and wanting more. Then he spread my lips and started to dog lap my cunt, one lick, then a pause then another, then another pause, Jesus it was driving me mad. Then he stood up! I thought what the hell!!! “Turn over bitch! Get doggie!.” I got on the bed on my knees and turned my ass towards him. He grabbed my hips and I could feel his cock at the entrance of my pussy, the head slowly went in, then the pain!! I screamed,”Oh Oh My God its too big take it out!” “Shut up cunt, you wanted a big black cock, your gonna take every bit if it!” He pushed harder and harder, nothing even close to this size has ever been in me. As tears ran down my face, he pushed slowly sinking his cock in me. I felt searing pain, just like the one when I lost my cherry, but worse. Finally he stopped, but the pain didn’t. “Now slut! You’ve got a black cock in ya!” “Now I’m going to fuck your little pussy, and tear it up!, no white guys is going to wanna have you after this!” He began to pull out and I could feel the pressure starting to be relieved. As soon as the head was about to be out, he put it back in but slow. This time it was not so bad, but I still had pain on the outside. His rhythm picked up and now it was getting to be more of a pleasure than a pain. He grunted and his balls slapped against me. I was now riding him also. The waves of passion now where overcoming me. I could feel my passion swelling and a climax started, one after another, each one stronger then the last . I was moaning out loud and grunting like a pig with each thrust of his black dagger. “You like that, don’t you .” he said. “Well !! Bitch!.” “Yes, I like it!” I said as I was biting my lower lip. I came several more times before he pulled out. I fell on my stomach, out of breath and my pussy aching. He got on the bed and laid on his back, holding his cock in the air, “Get on this now bitch!” I crawled over by him and started to throw my leg over him,”No cunt!! Turn around the other way!!” So I did as I was told, he wanted me to have my back to him. I mounted his cock slowly slipping it inside of me. Once I was as far down as I could get he said to me, Now look in the mirror, watch that black cock fuck your white cunt!” I watched my pussy encircle his large cock, seeing the contrast of his cock and my white body, made me quiver. I watched his cock coated with my juice slide in and out, and I came hard. “What would your daddy said if he knew you where fucking a ni**er?” “I outta shoot my black seed in you and make you have my black baby!” With that….I came again, just the thought of both those remarks were so taboo that it made me come again. He stopped and pushed me up and off of him.. “Come here slut!” I went up to him and he laid me on my back, his fingers down into my pussy, and his mouth went to my nipples. Oh god I’m in heaven this was all like a dream, was it the booze? I didn’t care the lust that was in me was coming out and it felt damn good! “Damn I love those titties baby!” Use them all up baby!” I said. He startled my chest and told me he was gonna tit fuck me. I squeeze my tits together and let him pump his cock back and forth between them. I would flick my tongue at the head each time it came to me. Then he rose up on one leg, “ Go under there and lick my balls bitch!” he demanded!” I scooted down and started licked his balls and sucking them. “Lick my asshole too bitch!” I reached my head up and flicked at his ass, he moaned, “More do more, stick you tongue in my ass!” I swirled my tongue around his asshole and darted it in and out. He reached back and pulled a cheek back. “Deeper cunt!”. I shoved my tongue in as far as I could, and fucked his ass with my tongue. He started to jack himself off slowly, I watched his big black balls swing in the air below my chin. He flung his leg around and got off the bed. “Go brush your teeth and use mouth wash and get back in here…hurry up cunt!” I sprang off the bed and went into the bathroom down the hall, juice was now all the way to my knees. I brushed and gargled as fast as I could and ran back to the bed room, “Now, you didn’t think I was going to go and not let you be soul kissed, now did you?” I just shook my head no. He stood up and picked me up and laid me on the bed and started sucking my tits, as I held his head in my hands. Then he moved closer to my face, I lifted my face and went right for his mouth, It was electric, my nipples ached my pussy twitched, as our tongues swirled in each others mouths. This was the hottest thing I had ever done in my life. The kissing got to fever pitch he was giving me razor burn on my chin from so much movement. We kissed so long and hard that he wanted me then and now’ He spread my legs with his and I opened my as far as I could. I snaked my hand down between us and grabbed his thick cock, and pulled it towards my aching pussy. He entered me and I threw my knees wide apart, and let him have full access to my waiting cunt. He fucked me hard and fast, I came several times and he still rode me till I came again 2 more times hard very hard. I have never come so many times and as hard as I did today. He started going real fast and hard I knew he was going to cum. He stopped and got off me, I thought I was going to get a cum tummy. But he got off the bed and went around to the other side and said, “Over here just like you are, and hang your head over the edge of the bed; I went over there and let him fuck my mouth as I was upside down. I could see his veins under his black meat. I sucked and he pumped his cock in my mouth. Then he with drew his cock and jacked it off, his hot load of cum squirted over my chin and on my chest, the next all over my face as he guided it there, he kept stroking it and I licked at the head. “ No bitch it’s too sensitive!” I stopped and rolled over and climbed off the bed. I got to finish off this here and down stairs I gotta get going. He started to get dressed, and I went and put on a robe, I asked him if he wanted some coffee or something he told m no. He finished up stairs and then went down stairs and installed 2 phones down there. “Well all finished up! Time to get going!” I walked him to the door and said,”Thanks….for everything!”, I smiled. He came to me and opened up my robe, and let it fall off my shoulders to the ground. He then took out some black tape, wrapped it around my wrists and then to the post at the end of the stairs. MMMM I thought, he wants more, and kinda kinky. He pulled at the tape. “Not too tight is it?” “No” I replied. “Good, I’m going to teach you a lesson little girl, if I was any other kind of black man you might be beaten up or dead by now, you had your first black cock now, be careful of the next. But I see you like to live dangerously , so I’m going to leave you here naked by the front door, so your daddy can see you or anyone else can come in and fuck you, other workers or whoever. “NO no no ,” I cried begging him to please untie me. “I made it loose so you can get out, but it might take sometime, see ya bitch!!” With that he walked out the door and left.

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My wife always wanted to try a black man. I was opposed.
Then, I got shipped out to Afgahnistan, and never came back home....for 14 months. She was pregnant. I just found out it was from a black guy....she said no one had ever fucked her that deep before. I left, and am now living alone.

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ever heard uv parageaphs

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I went to Bermuda with my husband. I got drunk one nite, and my husband too, he fell asleep. I went down to the bar again and met a black guy. He took me out back to his car and fucked me with his huge long black cock. My god, did I cum..on it. I never had a cock so deep in my cunt before...It was awesome.

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Wow, ya...I remember when I was 17 or so, I met a black guy at at a baseball game. We talked, and we went to his car. He took out his long hard black cock so I could just see it. Shit is was long. I ended up putting both my hands around it, and I jerked him off, haha, did he shoot, ohhh at least ten spurts of hot cream. I let him finger me until I came..then I left.

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Make these stories real life shared experiences............I still haven't read any that are completely's like most adult videos.........start showing two people engorged completely in one-another ( and not looking at the camera,) in what should be a wholly ecstatic moment......

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