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Stalked or is it just the voices in your head.... or both
I'd be careful of who you speak,

You never know in shadow,

They may creep.

Quiet, silence,

A noise you hear behind,

Turn and noone is there.

They're always there,

They follow you,

You can hear them,

When you turn,

Can only see the shadows move.

Can't be sure,

Of what you hear,

Can't be sure,

Of what you see,

Silent in the shadows,

Do they creep.

You turn to run,

Yet they're always there,

One step behind,

Always following,

Never seen.

Can't be sure,

Yet you say they're there,

In shadows,

You say they creep.

Always hearing them,

You scream in terror,

Seeing the shadows move,

You yell into the darkness,

"Leave me alone."

But they never hear,

Do they,

Always there,

Always following,

Never seen,

Still there you say.

They're there,

But they're not,

They're here,

But they're not.

Always there,

Always following,

You scream into the night,

"Stop following me."

They don't go,

Do they,

Always there,

In shadows,

Do the creep.

Always behind you,

One step away,

To the grave,

They will follow you.

Hidden in shadows,

Their voices can be heard,

Only to you,

Do they call.

To the grave,

You, They will follow,

In shadows do they creep,

At night do they speak.

anonymous readerReport

2012-11-22 15:21:33
Someone I work with checks your site out quite often and paessd it along to me. The writing style is solid and the content is relevant. Thank you for the insight you offer the subscribers!

anonymous readerReport

2012-10-18 03:04:54
damn shapeshifters


2008-10-23 13:36:25
Again-- I'm very impressed with ability to compose your thoughts and ideas... So glad to know you as well..


2008-10-06 17:01:10
when did u get into my head? did u uncover all my shadows..

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