A true life account of the time I stopped in at the doctor's office and got something I wasn't expecting.
This story takes place about 3 years ago when I was about 21 years old...

I work in a medical office (a physical therapy office to be exact) and next door there was a Pediatrician's office. Whenever I was feeling under the weather, I'd go in on my lunch break just to get some medication or whatever I needed since the receptionist always fit me in since we were friendly from working next door from eachother. The Pediatrician next door was a super bitch, about 45 years old, Jewish woman but very pretty. She was tall and skinny, with glasses and had curly dark hair. I couldn't stand her but since she was next door, I would use her if I needed out of sheer convenience.

I have a history of Urinary Tract Infections. I had already been in her office about 3 times in the past 6 months to get antibiotics to treat them. I would usually just pop in, give a urine sample, and then she'd write me a prescription.

One day I felt another urinary tract infection coming on. I walked over next door on my lunch break and the receptionist said the office was empty and they were just about to go to lunch. Just as she said that, Dr. Cunt (as I will call her) came up to the front desk and saw me standing there. The receptionist asked if she could see me quickly before she went to lunch to which Dr. Cunt rolled her eyes and waved me into the back where the exam rooms were. She then told the receptionist she could go to lunch since I'd only be a moment.

She motioned for me to go in the exam room while she grabbed my chart. I opened the door and hopped onto the table, the paper crinkling under my ass. A moment later, she appeared, stern and agitated as always flipping through the chart. She sat down on the chair across the room and asked me what the problem was. I told her I thought I had another UTI. She handed me a plastic cup and told me to urinate in it and bring it back to her.

A few minutes later, I brought the cup back to her and she disappeared in the nurses' station to check the urine while I waited in the room. She came back in the room and responded with, "Yup, you have ANOTHER UTI". Then, she sighed loudly and said, "I need to examine you since you are getting these too frequently".

At first, I didn't understand what she meant. I kind of stared blankly at her. After all, she WAS a Pediatrician. She walked over to the other side of the room and handed me a gown. I muttered an, "Uhhhhh...." to which she responded with, "I need to look at your privates".

Now I was annoyed. I just wanted my prescription and I wanted to go. I also felt pretty uncomfortable that she said "Privates" considering I was 21 years old.

She exited the room, scribbling notes in my chart as she walked. I took off my pants and underwear and placed them on the chair she had been sitting in and sat back on the table. No one really likes getting an invasive exam, right? I had been to the gyno before and always had a ball in the pit of my stomach. But after this day, I don't look at the doctor's office the same way.

She came back in about 2 minutes later. She opened the draw and took out a pair of white latex doctor's gloves. Then, she sternly said, "Lay down and put your knees up".

And I did. And I guess since I was a little uncomfortable because I didn't really have my legs spread.

"Spread your legs", she said firmly.

And I did.

I took a deep breath in and looked down. It wasn't like at the gyno's office where you have a gown on but then they put that blanket on your knees. When I spread my legs for Dr. Cunt, the gown opened (I still had on my top) and I was completely naked from the waist down.

"I'm just going to take a look", she said.

At first, she didn't touch me. She just looked intently at my pussy. I felt first.

I guess slowly I had started to close my legs up a little to which she sighed loudly, again, almost annoyed and opened my legs back up a little forcefully with her hands. Remember, there was no nurse in the room; everyone was at lunch.

Then, she took her gloves fingers and opened my pussy lips. I stared at the ceiling and counted down the seconds for it to be over. I felt so exposed! It was far from over.

She spread my pussy lips as far apart as they could go. She made all kind of "hmmmm's" as she looked around. She started up by my clit then moved down to my pussy hole. I feel my pussy hole gape. Then I felt her take her hand off of me to which I instinctively closed my legs back up and looked down at her.

She reached into the pocket of her white coat and took out, what I thought was a pen. Then she clicked the top of it and I realized it was a light. "You gotta be kidding me", I thought to myself.

"Open your legs", she ordered me.

And I did.

She spread my lips open again with her fingers, only this time, I sat up a little to see what she was doing. She shined the little light all over my pussy, spreading it and concentrating on it. She couldn't take her eyes off of it.

"It looks pretty healthy, very pink but I need to do some more tests".

Inside I was screaming.

She turned off the light and placed it back in her pocket.

Then she said, "I am going to give you a pelvic exam".

I didn't realize it until later but she didn't even put lube on her gloved fingers, she just slid them right in. It must have been because I was so wet from all the humiliation and didn't even realize.

She inserted her index and middle finger into my wet slit. She pumped them a few times, "checking for any abnormalities". I was moritifed and very turned on at the same time.

She then removed her fingers and VERY lightly, almost to the point where I wouldn't have felt it if I hadn't been watching, grazed my clit. I felt the blood rush down to my pussy and my nipples get hard inside my bra, inside my shirt.

"Put your legs up", she said sternly, in her authoritative voice.
"What?", I mumbled.
"Just put your legs up a little so I can check your anus".

And I did. With both her hands, she spread my cheeks apart. I could feel my juices flowing out of my hole right onto my asshole. I was so embarrassed. She took her index finger and inserted into my asshole once again, "checking for abnormalities". She traced her finger around the hole as well, almost like she was massaging it. It only lasted a few seconds, a much shorter time then she took to "examine" my pussy.

"You can put your legs down now".

And I did.

"Since you're in here, I need to give you a breast exam as well". I still had my shirt on! Without even waiting for a response from me, she lifted my shirt. I felt totally violated. Then she took the straps of my bra and pulled them down so she could pull down the cups of my sizeC bra.

It started off as a normal breast exam, just like they do at the gyno and then I started to realize she started to get closer and closer to my nipples.

"Do you have any nipple pain?", she asked.
"No", I said firmly.
She took her pen light out of her breast pocket again and literally pinched my left nipple and shined the light on it. There is nothing that makes me hornier then when my nipples are pinched. I felt like I was gonna explode. I had to hold my breath from moaning. She then did it to the right nipple.

After that, she took off her gloves and said the exam was over and I seemed fine (NO KIDDING!). She said she'd write me a prescription for antibiotics to treat my UTI but that I should come back for a follow up within a month or so. I knew what she meant.

This was only the beginning.

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this story sucked put real fucking sex next time

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i thought you were a boy too but gr8 story.

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Your story sucked fuck, there was no sex. Just a stupid pelvic exam. If I were a lesbian, I'd slap your dick so hard that you would bleed out all seven of your shemale tits. You should go die in a hole you fuck faced bitch. So email me if you wanna go out some time. =^D

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