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The two most amazing women ever...
There will be many more parts…this is a true long erotic story of incest
My ladies:
Renee: A 46 year old mother of three children. She didn’t give birth to them, they were “ test tube children.” Her oldest son Andy is one of my closest friends and he is 15 years old. Her other two sons are 9, and 7. The 9 year old is Robbie and The 7 year old is Brandon. Renee cannot get pregnant. She lives 6 condos down from me on my street of my development. She has dark brown hair. She is about 5’9, D cup breasts, a nice sized ass, and muscular tan thighs. She is jewish as well. Her husband’s name is Joeseph, and he is a lawyer.
Jill: My stepmom. She is 48 years old and has been with my father for 2 years and lives with my dad a couple of towns away from me. She has blondish/brunette hair. She is about 6 feet, large breasts, not sure of size, a nice firm ass, and has white/tan skin. She has long muscular legs. She is a great cook, and a very voluptuous, attractive woman.
How It all began with Jill:
I was at my dad’s house for the week before school started. It was Monday, the day after I had gotten there. The night before, after staying up on the computer all night, I went to my bed, in my room at my dad’s house and got naked. I locked the door and turned off the lights. I’m a 14 year old kid, dark brown hair, about 155 pounds. My weight doesn’t really show, because I am about 5’11 and have a slim figure. I am a fully matured kid as well, in my last stages of puberty.
Anyways, I laid back, and closed my eyes. I then placed my hand on my 6 and a half inch cock and began to stroke. I was jerking off to none other then my stepmom. Her body and face and everything always struck me as stunning. I started to picture her slowly stripping out of a red dress. She is moaning my name as she takes one strap off. She then says “ I cant wait to fuck you, dave, my teenage stepson.” She then takes the next strap off and reveals that she is wearing nothing. I now feel my dick getting ready to spurt out cum and I let it squirt all up on my stomach. I was on the bed, just smiling imagining how good it would be to fuck my stepmom Jill.
Back to Present: It was Monday, about 12 oclock, I was showered and sitting on the computer chair, instant messaging people. I was wearing jeans and a nice designer shirt. I then opened up my door to get some air, and then I heard Ohh, Ohh, Ohh. These soft coos were coming from the living room couch. I was on the floor above the living room and there is an area on my floor that looks down on the living room. I crept out of my room silently, and peered over and saw my stepmom Jill on the couch, laying down naked, with 2 fingers inside her pussy. I got an instant boner and was memorized that my stepmom would be playing with herself in the open.
My dad works on Mondays from 8-6, and my stepmom stays at home. She must think I was sleeping still, to be fingering herself in the open. Her eyes were focused on the TV yet there was no volume, so there was no way it could be porn. I decided not to put my hand in my jeans and start stroking my dick, and decided that even it is considered illegal and wrong, I have to make a move on Jill. I will never get a chance like this in my life, to live out my fantasy. I nervously walked down the stairs quietly, and once I got to the bottom step it creaked. She then looked over and saw me and covered herself up with the pillows on the couch. I then said” Im so sorry Jill, I was just coming down to grab a drink from the kitchen, I didn’t mean to…” Jill then looked at me and said “no, Im so sorry you had to find my like this.” I walked over to the couch and saw my room on the tv and then said “ What are you watching?” She then took the remote and turned the TV off and said” Oh nothing really at all.” I then said “ do you mind if I see what’s on TV?.She then said I better go get dressed, but I told her to wait. So she sat back down with pillows still covering her 2 areas.
I then flicked on the TV as she buried her head in her hands as if she just got ultimately embarrassed. I pressed play on the remote for what looked like footage of my room. I then saw me on the bed naked, jerking off. She was fingering herself to me!!! I initially was to flabbergasted to speak, but I then saw Jill still with her head in her hands and came over two her and lifted her head up, as she looked at me with tears in her eyes, I dove in and gave her a 5 second kiss on the lips. I then released, and saw the sexiest smile ever on her face. She said “ I am your stepmother, I am married to your father, but ever since you’ve matured I have not been able to take my eyes off you. Once you started school last year, I placed a miniature video camera in your bedroom. Im not trying to come off like the weirdest person ever, but I was and am still in a trance. Every weekend you are here, you jerk off in your bed late at night. That has been keeping me aroused in happy, since me and your father have stopped having any sexual relations. I need to know, and judging by that kiss, will you be in a relationship with me? Im sorry that im coming off so strong but I have been deeply in love with you for such a long time, that I want you to be with me.”
Wow, what a shitload of information, so quickly. I then told her” Well everytime I jerk off in my bed, its to you, whenever you and dad aren’t home, I sniff and go through your underwear, I have imagined you and me making love to many times to pass up this opportunity, so hows that for coming off strong.” I then removed the pillows from her chest area and from her vagina area, and then removed my clothes as she sat there speechless. We stared at each other for about 5 minutes, naked.
Jill then moved her face towards mine slowly, as did I, then we locked lips in a passionate kiss. I then stuck my tongue in her mouth, as she did in mine, and began frenching her. She then moved her body on top of mine and laid me back on the couch. She continued making out with me and embracing me, until she finally spoke. She then said while her naked body was on top of mine “ Dave, you and me, are going to make love and fuck each other every second of this week, I am going to tell your father about our love and we will be an accepted couple in this house, mark my words. I love you.” She then told me to sit up on the couch as she got on her knees. She then got her beautiful 48 year old face in between my legs and began to take my whole dick in her mouth. She just slowly took it in every 30 seconds, just to embrace and show her love for me. After about 30 seconds, she had my 6 and a half inches down her throat. She looked up at me with the eyes of a lover. I was truly agreeing with what she said before, we must be an accepted couple, because what we do this week, is monumental. She then said “ Prepare to get the greatest blow job you could ever get my teenage lover.” She then began to quickly suck my dick. She was cupping and caressing my balls as she ferociously sucked my dick. She then spit all over my dick, and began to suck harder. My dick was so wet and felt amazing, since this was my first blowjob ever. She then took her mouth off and said “ whenever your gonna cum, make sure its in stepmommy’s mouth. She got me so aroused by saying that, that I shot loads and loads of my cum into her mouth. As I was shooting down her throat, she took my dick in further, and literally gagged herself on my dick. When she let my dick out of her throat. She coughed and spit up, my white sticky cum. She then said “ Dave I love you so much and licked my dick up and down and then took my balls in her mouth and sucked on them. I was in so much pleasure, that I needed to make her feel the same way. I then told her, I need her body.
She got off her knees and laid on the couch. I then got on top of her and moved my tongue around her mouth, as she did to me as well, in another passionate kiss. I then lowered my head to her beautiful, big sized breasts and sucked on her left tit, while caressing the right one. I loved sucking on her boobs, they were amazing. I then removed my head from her chest and began licking down her stomach until I reached her pussy. Jill’s pussy was light pink, had a big hole and had a blonde pubic patch above it. I gave her a tease lick on her clit. She moaned. I then stuck three of my fingers inside of her mouth. She sucked them hard, and got them very wet. I then stuck those 3 fingers as deep as I could in her pussy. She was moaning so loud, my dick was getting so hard, that I decided I needed to fuck her.
I then told her “ baby, I don’t think I can go on if we don’t fuck now” She then said “ me to baby” as she layed below me grabbing my ass cheeks. She then said “ Lets go to your bed baby” I then stood up, as did she. I then grabbed her hips and held her passionately, as we walked up the stairs. We got to the open door of my room, and I let go of her. She then faced me, grabbed my ass cheeks, and pulled me in for a long kiss. I continued this kiss as I pushed her into the room and onto the bed.
We continued to make out, until she went to the bureau next to my bed and opened the drawer and took out a condom. She then placed it on my dick. I was starting to get nervous. This would be my first sex ever. A 14 year old losing his virginity to his step mom, I thought in my head. I then realized, this is what I have been dreaming of, so with this inspiration I laid on top of Jill as she laid on my bed with her head on the pillow. My hard on gave me another inch, so I began to move 1inch into her pussy, and then slowly another one. She moaned and then said “ You don’t need to go slow, stick it all in me. “
I did as she said and rushed my 7 and a half inch throbbing dick into her wide pussy as she screamed in pleasure. I then began to fuck her slowly. Moving my dick in and out. My penis has never felt this good in my life. I then began to fuck her faster, moving my dick quicker inside that juicy pussy of hers. I then continued this as she screamed “ OH MY GOD YES YES YES YES, STICK IT IN ME, FUCK ME BABY” I then felt cum building up inside of me, then I told her as she told me that we were about to come. I pushed as far as I could inside her and then came and came. As I pulled my dick out, It had been covered in mine and her cum. I saw the condom below her clit. It must have fell off as I began to go faster on her I thought. Whatever, that was the best moment of my life
As I layed sideways after getting off of my Jill, I locked my legs with her and kissed her slowly. It was 1:30, and 5 and a half hours until my dad came home from work.
(Many more parts left in this, this isn’t even the end of part 1)
(If I should continue with this long true story of my love for two amazing women, Please Comment Below)

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First of all, test tube babies are still given birth to.

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