True story of the night I was initiated into my sorority in college...I never would've imagined this went on behind closed doors...
In my junior year of college at a private University in Connecticut, I decided it was time to pledge a sorority and my roommate, Kayla and I decided to do it together.

Since were both very attractive, petite girls, we decided to pledge the sorority of the prettiest girls on campus - every sorority was like a clique, the "nerdy" girls, the cheerleaders, the chubby girls, the slobs, the sluts and then there was the sorority me and my roommate decided on. There were all very pretty, stylish, and smart young women. Even the bigger girls were gorgeous.

Kayle and I pledged for about 6 weeks. It was pretty stupid stuff (crawling around in the woods in the dark, eating "cat food", drawing on our bodies with markers) but I could've never dreamt of what was going to happen on initiation night.

Earlier on initiation night, our pledge mother, Renee, called my cellphone. I answered her with her greeting (if you ever pledged, you know what I mean) and she said, "Be at the the house at exactly 830 PM tonight. Come alone. Stand outside the front door and someone will come to get you. Do not bring any belongings besides your keys - no purses, food, NOTHING. Do not come a moment late or a moment early or we will disregard your bid," and hung up abruptly.

When I was getting ready around 7PM back in my dorm room, Kayla mentioned to me that her time was 815PM. I realized that they wanted us initiated at the same time, but separately, because didn't want us to come back to the room and discuss what happened before the other person had gone through it.

At exactly 830PM, I arrived to the sorority house that was about 5 minutes away from the school. It was in a townhouse complex. I parked and walked slowly to the door since it was only 827PM. I arrived in front of the door at 829PM and anxiously awaited to be escorted in. At 832PM, the door swung open and one of the sisters was standing in the doorway. Her name was Mylee, she was cute but not nearly as pretty as some of the other sisters. Without a word, she grabbed my arm and yanked me in the house.

Right after you pass through the door, you are in the living room/dining room area. I see my roommate sitting on the couch with a blindfold on. There was one other pledge sister there (besides my roommate, Kayla), sitting on the opposite couch, blindfold on also. In the corner, another sorority sister stood looking stern, watching over the 3 to make sure there was no talking.

Mylee snatched my keys out of my hand and pulled out a black blindfold out of her back pocket and put it on me. She then led me to the couch and sat me down.

I was nervous but I'm a pretty tough cookie and these girls were all the bitchy type but not anything I couldn't handle. They were the girls who seemed like their bark was louder then their bite so I wasn't too worried.

It was almost completely dead silent in that living room. The house was 4 floors and I started to realize that whatever was going on, was going on on the 3rd and 4th floors (I guess the 2nd floor was too close to the ground floor and they didn't want us to hear anything). I heard very faintly a girl yelping a few times. I told myself it was just in my head. After a few minutes, I felt them grab one of the girls and lead them up the stairs. A few more minutes after that, I hear them grab Kayla. I could tell because I could smell the DKNY scent of her perfume leave me and trail towards the steps. I could hear them walk all the way up; they walked Kayla to the third floor and I heard Mylee come back down to open the door for the next victim.

Finally, I felt Mylee's arms grab me and pull me up.

"Walk", she said when we reached the bottom of the stairs. She walked me all the way up to the 4th floor then she turned around and walked back down, leaving me at the top for someone else to get me.

"Take off your blindfold," I heard a familiar voice say. It was Renee. Renee was beyond gorgeous. She was 5'7", short choppy brown hair, bright blue eyes, nice ass, big rack. She had on white velour sweatpants and a cropped white tshirt. Now, I was worried. Renee was the 1st pledge mother, pretty much the one running the show so you needed to impress her more than anyone else.

She smiled. "We're ready for you," as she motioned toward one of the bedrooms on the 4th floor. I turned the knob and walked in, with her right behind me.

I saw 3 of the other sisters crowded around one of the desks' on the computer, speaking very softly.

Renee spoke first. "Here is what is going to happen. There are 3 stages to the intiation. Stage 1 which every girl has to do. Then, you will pick 2 cards to determine Stages 2 or 3. IF at any time, you want us to stop, you will say 'Dentist' and we will stop. We will ONLY stop if you say the safe word. BUT you will be immediately escorted out and we will have no contact with you ever again. Do you understand this?"


I couldn't believe what happened next...

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