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I was lead in the tiny 4th floor bathroom that consisted of 2 sinks, a big countertop, a toilet and a shower. In front of the countertop, there were 4 chairs.

Renee said, "Anna, the second card you got was a masturbation show card. Please take off the robe, sit on the countertop and masturbate with only your hand until you cum."

I stood there stunned. I didn't know if I was going to cry, shit, piss, throw up or cum right on the spot. The 4 girls took their seats in their fold up metal chairs. It was like they were waiting for a play to begin!

I felt like a zombie but I couldn't back out. I took off the pink robe and hung it on the hook behind the door. Megan double checked to make sure the door was locked, then got on her walkie talkie and said, "Anna STAGE 2 901 PM."

I sat on the countertop. It felt cold on my ass. I felt so awkward. I needed to be turned on a little first, not petrified!

I awkwardly started rubbing the top of my pussy, like where the pubes grow until finally Renee started to huff, got up and walked over to me.

"I will make your pussy a little wet to get you started," she said, a little annoyed.

She leaned over and started to suck on my left nipple. I looked down and watched her tongue move all over my erect nip. I felt my pussy start to get wet. She took her left hand and started to pinch the right nipple. I felt a rush of warmth come over me. I didn't want her to stop. She acted as if it was a chore.

"Open your fucking legs," Angela said. I had kept my legs locked on the knee while she sucked on my big titties.

I opened my legs. "She's wet already, Nay," Angela said to Renee.

Renee huffed again and took her seat. "Now," she said in a harsh tone.

I began to play with my clit with my right hand and pinch my nipple with my left hand.

"Open it up with your fingers and let us see your hole," that horny slut Angela said.

I took my fingers and opened my lips for them. All 4 of them started to look turned on.

"Spread it," Angela said again.

I then went back to rubbing my clit and pinching my nipple which always get me off in a time crunch since I just wanted it to be over. I started to pant a little.

"Finger that pussy," Renee said. I inserted my index finger into my cunt and started pumping it. It felt so good. I started to hook my finger and massage my G-spot. My eyes were closed now. I could hear the girls start to mutter things like, "oh yea" and "play with that little pussy". I was so wet that I started to slip all over the counter.

"Two fingers," Megan said.

I inserted another a finger and started to finger fuck myself a little harder now.

"Fuck yea," I heard Angela say.

I opened my eyes for a moment and realized all four girls had their hands in their pants massaging their pussies. I felt awesome! I had 4 girls getting off to me getting off. Angela had actually taken off her shirt and bra and was massaging her nipples as well. They were perfect, dark pink, erect nipples. I started to watch her for a few minutes. "Wanna see my pussy?" she asked.

"Yes," I said as I took my fingers out of my hole and started rubbing my clit.

The other 3 girls turned towards her. She had a mini denim skirt. She stood up, took off her blue panties then sat back down, legs open wide. She opened her lips and showed it to me. Renee started to moan. I secretly wanted to eat it even though I had never done that before.

Then she started to spank it. At this point, Megan who was sitting next to Dominique, started to suck Dominique's tits. I was more turned on then ever now. Renee's face was bright red and I could tell she was close to cumming. I watched Megan roughly suck and bite on Dominique's tits as Dominique repeated over and over, "you like that slut? you like those titties?" as she continued to rub her pussy in her jeans.

I saw Renee start to jerk and she let out a little scream as she came. She then got up, walked into the stall where the toilet was to clean herself.

Angela had 3 fingers in her pussy now. As soon as she caught me staring, she removed her fingers and rubbed her juices all over her mouth. I followed in suit by licking my own fingers.

"Finger your asshole, slut," Angela said.
"Anything you want," I said.

I inserted my index finger back in my pussy to get it nice and wet then wet down to my ass and started to pump that finger in and out and in and out. I was going to cum soon.

I heard Dominique say to Megan, "cum on my face" to which Megan stood up on the chair and started to furiously finger herself less then an inch away from Dominique's face. All I could see was her ass when she screamed and said "open your mouth, cunt!" to which Megan came all over Dominique's face. I wish I had had a better angle.

"Im about to cum," I whispered. Renee emerged from the stall to see my orgasm. I gave that clit the one final rub I needed to put me over and edge and let out a "FUCKKKKKKKKKKK." I rubbed my clit as I came all over the countertop.

"Good girl!," Renee said.

I sat back exhausted. Renee then instructed Dominique and Angela to stop masturbating (since they were the only 2 that hadnt cum yet). Megan reached down under the counter in the cabinet and took out some baby wipes. We all wiped ourselves down to prepare for the final stage of my initiation. I was about to have my first real lesbian experience...

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2012-05-31 09:54:14
Wheres the rest of the story left me wanting the next part

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2011-07-16 20:28:31
ok little's a story, wether or not it's true who cares lol. If Its true, the writer had a hell of a time, if not there it's really sexy and hot. Great story, please continue lol.

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i find this story to be completely absurd. you really have a misguided belief of soriety life 123man

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