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I’ve never been able to figure out if this is normal or if I was just sexually precocious but I’ve been fascinated with women since a very early age. I don’t mean that I was a 6-year old getting boners but that specific girls and ladies would captivate me. I'd get feelings about them that were different than those I had towards my mom or sister or for most female friends. My enthrallment wasn’t even age specific, I could be attracted to girls my own age, to teenagers or even to ladies my mom’s age. Not knowing what these feelings were I internalized them as being “in love”. At the age of 9 I fell “in love” with Aunt Jenny. My name is George and I want to point out that Aunt Jenny was not an actual relative but an old friend of my mom’s. Calling her “aunt” was done as a sign of respect and indicated a closer bond between our families than with other friends and neighbors.

Aunt Jenny and her family lived in Loganburg, Pennsylvania, which was my Mom’s hometown. I was two when we moved away from PA and began living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. As a young child, I only knew Aunt Jenny as a voice on the phone and as the sender of gifts at Christmas and birthday time. That changed in 1965 when she, Uncle Don and her boys Ken and Fred drove down to spend a vacation with us. On a hot June day their Ford pulled into our driveway to great excitement. Aunt Jenny got out of the car wearing light blue shorts, a white blouse and sandals. Her hair was brown and shoulder length. Even into my adult life I’ve never been a big fan of make up, but of anybody I’ve ever seen, she pulled it off the best. Particularly the way her lipstick accented her warm, engaging smile. She came over, picked me up, said hello and gave me a big kiss. Her perfume smelled like flowers. My captivation was immediate.

That visit was great. During the course of their visit, my summer was an atypical one. We went to the beach, the movies, the wax museum, an alligator farm and other attractions. I really liked Ken and Fred, but since they were older they were more interested in hanging out with my sister Doreen and her friends. Since her boys were more content in being in Doreen’s circle, Jenny focused a lot of attention towards me. She had a sweet mellifluous voice that both relaxed me and made the back of my neck tingle. I was happy in her presence. When they left for home I thought my heart would break.

For the next few years our families would visit one another, alternating locales. These visits were always the highlight of the summer, if not the entire year. Loganburg was so very different from Lauderdale. The houses were multi-storied and had varied architecture, instead of the ranch styled houses of Lauderdale. Aunt Jenny's house was particularly impressive to me. It was a large brick home that was the corner lot of Elm Ave & 25th street. It had two porches, an enclosed one on Elm ave and an open one on the street side. They had beds on the enclosed one and that is where us boys slept. The outside porch had the neatest swing and was additionally shaded by 3 large chestnut trees along the street. The streets of Loganburg were very narrow compared to home and I noticed that the people seemed friendlier. I’m sure Ken and Fred would have thought me crazy but I considered Loganburg very exotic. But of course my biggest thrill was being with Aunt Jenny.

By the time 1969 rolled around my being “in love” evolved into being “in lust”. I turned 13 that summer and had discovered jacking off. My buddy Jeff had acquired a stash of skin books from his college-bound brother and he let me have one of them. The coolest part of the deal was that one of the models bore a striking resemblance to Aunt Jenny. Combined with pictures I had of her in a bathing suit my right arm was working overtime. Their visit that year took on an all-new dimension and I feverishly hatched plans to fuel my erotic yearnings. First was a plan to peek at her in the bathroom. I pondered drilling a hole between my room and the bathroom, but I figured that was too dangerous. I also considered placing a small mirror on the awning of our bathroom window, but again that was just a pipe dream.Despite of all my imagination and enthusiasm I was not able to conceive of a workable plan to view her naked. However a plan that did work was almost as audacious those voyeuristic plans. After Aunt Jenny showered, I was able to temporarily “liberate” a pair of her dirty panties from the hamper. They were sexy and soft, with a little pink floral pattern. The smell of her cunt lingered on the crotch and I almost came just from sniffing them.

After they returned home to Loganburg, a situation arose that inspired in me another piece of perverse genius. My pal Jeff was getting paranoid that his folks might find his “library” so he told me that I could have all his magazines. It wasn’t easy but I smuggled 39 porn mags into my room. The next step of my plan was to find and borrow every photo negative we had that contained Aunt Jenny in it. I bicycled outside my neighborhood to a drugstore where I had 3 reprints made of each photo. That summer Mom, Dad and Doreen all worked so my mornings were unsupervised. I combed my magazines for just the right size pictures and I cut Jenny’s head out of the photos and glued them to the nude photos. These revised pics were then pasted into an old LOOK magazine, which served as my special gallery. Ahh, life was good.

1971 turned into a rough year for me. In April mom told me that there would be no visit this year. Her explanation was vague, but allegedly Jenny’s family had too many other things going on to make the trip. I was devastated. It wasn’t too much longer that I discovered the real reason; Jenny and Don were getting a divorce. He’d fallen for another, younger woman and was moving away to California. I felt terrible, mostly because I loved Aunt Jenny and hated for her to be in pain. But part of it was guilt over my sexual feelings for her. That day I destroyed my “Aunt Jenny Gallery”.

1971 was also the year that I started High School. Like every other kid I found the transition awkward and I suffered from the typical adolescent problems of self-doubt, low self-esteem and feeling outcast. Although I would have argued with you at the time, I was a good-looking kid. But my folks sabotaged me with a very strict attitude about long hair, as in NO WAY. Plus I had a poor sense of fashion. As a result I was always uncomfortable with how I looked and felt un-cool. Compound this with my shyness and you have a guy that did not date.

In the spring of 1972 I learned of even more drastic changes. Doreen, who was away at college, informed us that she had an opportunity to spend the summer traveling in Europe and was going to do so. The most upsetting change was that dad had been asked to temporarily head up his company's office in Seattle through the end of August. I had to choose between moving there with he and mom or to stay at my grandparents in Ft. Lauderdale. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with either choice. But incredibly a third option arose. Mom had been talking with Aunt Jenny and Jenny had suggested that they let me stay with her in Loganburg for the entire summer. Mom had sensed my disappointment last year and thought that maybe my going there might pick up Jenny's spirits too. This was the best news I could have received!

My folks left me in the care of my grandparents until June 10th, when I boarded a flight to Pittsburgh. Aunt Jenny and her sons met me and after stopping for lunch, made the hour-long trip to Loganburg.

Although I thought Don was a real prick for dumping Jenny, at least he was generous with the divorce settlement. Not only did she keep the house but her alimony was enough to keep her from having to work. Still that big ‘ol house did demand upkeep and I was happy to help carry any of the load that I was able to. Ken & Fred did anything that involved carpentry, so I focused on yardwork and with helping Jenny clean. It’s funny because I used to bitch at home about doing chores. Yet somehow when you do them for somebody else, the endeavors become more palatable.

Both brothers attended the local college campus during the fall & spring. Their summertime was kept pretty active between jobs and an active social calendar. They did make an effort to try and include me sometimes but it was pretty clear that most of my time would be spent with Jenny.
On Friday night Aunt Jenny and I were spending the evening alone. Ken was on a date and Fred was working at the pizza shop. We settled into to living room to watch some TV. I was more interested it watching Jenny. She had her hair back in a ponytail was sporting a yellow print top and white shorts. We were both sitting on the sofa when I heard her going "ouch, ouch". Her hands were at her left foot trying to work out a cramp. I offered to rub her foot and she accepted. She laid down, put her foot on my lap and I began to massage them. Her nails were polished pink just as they’d been in 65. I should have thought ahead but in my haste to touch her, I hadn't adjusted my crotch. Now as my cock hardened. it was sloped down at a bad angle and my erection became very noticeable. I had mixed feelings at that moment but lust one out and I just continued working. I looked to see her reaction and she gazed back at me looking as sexy as I’d ever seen her. Staring at me she licked her sensuous lips. It was unspoken but I knew that she wanted my kiss. I stopped the massage and crawled on top of her, her mouth open and ready for mine. We embraced and I felt her soft warm tongue enter my mouth. I’d wondered what french kissing was like and I was not disappointed. My own tongue explored the texture of hers, as well as her lips and teeth. The experience was exquisite. I grew bold and put my hand inside her blouse. Her breasts were of medium size, like a grapefuit. I could feel her nipples hardening and straining against the fabric of her bra. But suddenly we heard the kitchen door open and Jenny sprang up to see who was there. Her exit gave me time to adjust my hard-on. It was Fred at the door. He was coming back from a delivery and stopped to get a cassette tape. I took the opportunity to call out and say I was going to bed. Making sure that I had some kleenex handy, I stripped, got into bed and started to masturbate. Soon I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Jenny stuck her head in the door and said “George wait a minute”. I heard her walk into the bathroom and she returned to my room with a towel, a damp washrag and some hand lotion. Quietly Aunt Jenny directed me to pull down the bed sheet and raise my butt. I did as she said and she spread the towel underneath me. She put some lotion on her hand and wrapped it around my hard, hard cock. Slowly she began stroking it. She positioned her thumb and forefinger so that it offered a little resistance and so that my cock head would sort of pop through on the downstroke. She whispered to me with her lovely soft voice “ Oh George what a big beautiful cock you have. MMmm it’s so nice and hard” I could only imagine that this must be what her cunt felt like. With her other hand she gently massaged my balls. I’d jacked off hundreds of times but it never felt as good as this! This reality was much more erotic than any scenario I’d ever dreamed up. It felt so wonderful but I really needed to cum. I ceased being passive and I began fucking Jenny’s hand. Sensing my urgency she increased her speed and I felt my balls contract. My load shot off like a cannon and actually hit my face. There was a river of sperm all over my chest and stomach. She cleaned me off with the washrag the said “That’s as far as we dare go tonight George.” She kissed me goodnight and bade me to sleep well.

The next morning was Saturday and I awakened early. My mind was racing. Was the previous night simply an anomaly? I went downstairs and found Jenny in the kitchen. My anxiety disappeared as she flashed me a mischievous smile and in a smart-alecty tone asked me “how do you feel this morning?” She came over and gave me a long, intense French kiss. We stopped after hearing footsteps on the stairs and she whispered to me “we have a date tonight”. The sound was coming from both her sons and we all sat down to have breakfast together. During the morning conversation all our evenings were planned out. Fred was working and Ken had plans to go over to his buddy Steve’s house. Jenny mentioned that she and I were going to go shopping. Little did I know her real game plan.

The day was filled with household chores. Normally this work would have made the day breeze by, but I was so filled with anticipation it seemed like the afternoon took forever. Finally 6:30 arrived and Jenny and I headed out. We did go to a department store, just as she had said at breakfast, but she made sure that we were out by 7:30.

It was just getting dusk and she drove to Phillips Park. This was a small wooded park in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood. Technically it closed at dusk but there were no gates or security to keep people away. She took me by the hand and we made our way to a stand of maple trees. It was away from the path and in the darkness it provided excellent privacy. She had brought a blanket with her which she laid on the ground. Then we lay down on it, embraced and started kissing. Jenny was wearing a scent that smelled like vanilla and to this day that fragrance can arouse me. The night was beautiful clear and warm. I put my hand under her shirt and began to fondle her breasts. She stopped me for a moment, but only so she could remove her bra. Her nipples were hard and were surprisingly long. I gently pinched and rolled them as we kissed. These actions appeared to please her as she gently moaned. My cock seemed harder than it had ever felt before. She undid my belt and the top of my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. Then she completely removed her shorts and panties, spread her thighs open and told me to enter her. She guided my cock into her warm, wet cunt and I made my first plunge. Wow….is there anything more intense than the first time you feel your cock surrounded by pussy? The feeling was wonderful, yet actually a little different than I imagined that it would be. I started out slowly, thrusting it inside her as deep as I could and then withdrawing until only my head was in. This felt great but it was easy to go too far and pop out completely. After my third withdrawal I began using shorter strokes. Jenny was bucking along like an animal: it must have been a long while since she’d been fucked. Surprisingly it was Jenny that came first. You’d have thought that since it was my first time, that I’d have gone off in an instant. I realized later on in life that this was mostly because Jenny’s cunt had been stretched from giving birth. Had she have been tighter then I’d have popped like a champagne cork. After a little while I did find a move that provided me with release. I scooted up so that most of the friction occurred on the top of my penis and not the more sensitive underside. It was a unique sensation that I’d never felt by masturbating. Shortly after discovering the move I released what felt like gallons of cum. It was during this first fuck that I discovered a useful quirk of my own physiology; my penis stays hard long after I cum. So I was able to continue to fuck Jenny. Between her moisture and all my semen this was some seriously sloppy fucking, but she managed two more orgasms. We gathered our selves together and then drove home. Neither Fred or Ken there when we arrived. so we settled in on the couch and made out. It was hard to say which of us wanted the other more. At 11:00 we kissed goodnight and I went to bed cherishing the afterglow of loss of virginity. My initial experience had gone a hell of lot better than a lot of other guys.

Fate intervened for us in the form of a lucky coincidence. Jenny’s niece Dianne was going on vacation and she had asked Jenny if she would go over to her apartment twice a day to feed her cat. Dianne lived in an apartment about 2 blocks away and doing Dianne this favor provided us with a comfortable and private sanctuary for our trysts. It afforded us a plausible terrific excuse to get away and we exploited these opportunities to the maximum.

Our first encounter in the apartment was one of the most memorable events of my life. After taking care of Button’s breakfast, we decided that Dianne’s living room floor would make a wonderful setting for our love making. Bathed in the morning light Jenny seductively unbuttoned her blouse end removed her bra. She then kicked off her sandals, peeled off her jeans and removed her panties. She lay down on the thick shag carpet; legs spread open and offered an inviting look. After years of fantasizing it, I was finally seeing Jenny totally nude. I quickly removed all my clothes, got on the floor and crawled to her. I kissed her soft lips and then began kissing her all over. I wanted to see all of her wonderful body up close. It was exactly what you’d have expected for a 42 year old woman: a slight paunch, a bit hippy and a few stretch marks. I guess this would have turned off a lot of guys, but these features delighted me. They belonged to my Aunt Jenny and thus were completely erotic to my sensibilities. I gently rubbed and stroked her using both my hands and tongue; exploring the taste and textures of her smooth, soft skin. I made my may to her feet. Those sexy, painted toes that had captured my attention when I was nine, became the target of my attention. Instinctively I placed the middle three toes of her right foot into my mouth and began sucking on them. This elicited an exquisite moan from her. After a few minutes of attention there, I turned around and made my way between her legs. I was about to achieve another personal goal in tasting a woman’s cunt .Aunt Jenny’s pussy was quite hairy. I brushed the hair aside and parted her outer lips to reveal her inner sex. The fragrance was intoxicating. My foreplay had resulted in a glistening , moist vagina. I inserted my tongue deeply inside her. She provided me with instructions on where and how she liked to be orally caressed. She really enjoyed having me rapidly flick my tongue to the right side of her clit. Direct contact was just a little to intense for her and my tongue was just barely grazing it’s side. She coaxed me to go faster. I looked up with out stopping and was treated to the sight of her twisting her own nipples. “Don’t stop , don’t stop” she bade me. I felt her legs tense up and she began lo loudly groan. Her whole body shuddered in an explosive climax. She commanded me to enter her and I started to fuck her. The preceding activity was almost too much for me and this time her lack of tightness did not hinder me. I came after about ten strokes. I crawled up and we cuddled for a little bit as we caught our breath. She had taken my virginity the night before, but after this session I really did feel like a man.

Over the balance of that week Jenny and I repeated these sessions with a few variations. We fucked in every room of Dianne’s apartment; on the floors, in Dianne’s bed and even on the kitchen table. I wondered if Dianne ever made use of the furniture like we did?

After Dianne returned our opportunities were reduced. But the floodgates of desire had been released and we scouted for any chances that we could. The most reliable venue was the basement laundry room. Jenny kept an old, thick blanket down there which provided a modicum of comfort. Since the boys liked to sleep in, we were able to have a “good-morning” fuck on many occasions. But it was not an ideal situation.

We got a real break in July. Fred and Steve had tickets to see a concert in Pittsburgh. They had cousins in the ‘burgh and it was arranged that the guys we stay the entire weekend with them. This of course gave Jenny and I free reign to the entire house. The show was on Friday night but the guys went up on Thursday night and they were not coming back until Sunday evening. We went to her bed immediately after dinner and during the next 60 hours we had a marathon of sex It was during this weekend that Jenny gave me the only disappointment of our affair. I asked her if she would suck me off, but for whatever reason this was an act that she was uncomfortable with. I had the good sense not to press the issue. Later in life I discoved that blowjobs were my favorite sex act. It’s pity that she distained them because I’m sure she would have made a glorious cocksucker. Instead of a bj she offered me another novelty; a tit fuck. She started by applying lotion to my penis an hand fucking me as she’d done before. When she sensed that I was close, she sandwiched my cock between her breasts and I used them as a makeshift cunt. When I came, I came hard and my semen splashed her face. I stared at her beautiful face, dripping with my seed and she had an incredible wanton look. Wow did this turn me on! She went to wipe her face but I begged her to stop. Instead I laid with my back on the bed and had her mount me from above. Her breasts hung down, swinging as I fucked her fast and hard. All the while I gazed at her cum-painted face. This image was so erotic to me, I stayed hard for almost a hour. It resulted in 3 orgasms for Jenny

On another occaision we got dangerously daring. It was a particularly warm evening so we spend our time on the front porch. Ken was working but Fred was with us. He and Jenny were on the swing and I sat on a chair, my feet propped up on the banister. Fred and I were dressed identically; simply in gym shorts. Jenny had on a black terrycloth outfit consisting of shorts and a matching top. About 9 o’clock Fred got a call from his friend Bill, who wanted him to go to the movies. He invited me along but I passed. Bill picked him up at 9:30 and they went off to the 10:00 show. Jenny asked me to turn off the middle room light and to sit beside her. Once that light was off, the porch was incredibly dark. I sat next to her and we began to kiss I adored the way she used her tongue and the taste of her mouth. She slid her hand into my shorts, under the legband and rubbed my cock and balls. "Mr Happy" was rock hard. She then told me to go, take off my undies, put the shorts back on and meet her on the swing again. When I returned she charged me to sit down and slip my cock out from the legband. She slid her legband as well, having me enter her from behind as she sat on my lap. As we swung back and forth, she controlled the fucking with her hip thrusts. The feeling was exquisite. As we fucked I could hear cars pass by and some folks walking down the street. Jenny was really getting off by the risk of it all. Before long I felt her muscles contract and hear her grunt with an orgasm. I wanted to get my nut off too! So I had her climb off and bend forward over the banister. I reentered her and pumped her violently. My cum was soon running out of her pussy and down her legs

As summer grew to a close the realization that our affair had to end loomed large in our minds. I tried to prepare myself emotionally but when I did go home it was very difficult. Ultimately though, the summer worked out for us. Aunt Jenny’s life took an upturn. She met and fell in love with a guy named Darren, who she married in 1976. I was genuinely happy for her. The pair of them came for a visit that year and it was wonderful to watch her enjoying life again. I had no expectations of any repeat encounters.

Over the years I’ve tried to work out why that summer happened the way that it did. Years later I found out that she had dated my father for a time and wondered of my resemblance to my dad had an influence in her attraction. We were both at our peak sexual years and the whole May-December thing held a lot of erotic appeal. I’m thankful that she gave me the tender education that she did and I have never felt guilty about it.

For myself, that magic summers provided me with many treasures. I gained an inner confidence that I’d lacked before. I used this to get over my shyness and soon started dating. When the time came for intimacy with those young ladies, my “training” paid off. I made damn sure that the gals went away happy. By the time I went to college I had experienced several different partners. I wound up meeting my wife during my sophomore year and she turned out to be my perfect match. Our sex life remains great after 25 years and we remain each other’s best friend.

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