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A teenage boy experiments sexually with his sister and her girlfriend.
Fbailey story number 276

The Pissing Contest

Around Thanksgiving Dad’s parents were killed in an automobile accident. Dad inherited their big house on the outskirts of town and several insurance policies as well as a big settlement from the accident itself. A tractor-trailer driver ran a red light and broadsided them.

Anyway about seven months later when school had ended we moved into their house. It was wonderful. There was a big four-car garage with a big work area attached. Grandpa built furniture and Dad used to help him occasionally. There was a full-size basketball court right behind the garage. Then there was the huge enclosed in-ground swimming pool. Dad told us that it was an Olympic Swimming Pool that he had used every day when he was younger. Dad was an Olympic hopeful but never quite made it.

I am a fifteen-year-old boy and I have a pretty cute little sister. Cindy is fourteen years old and all of my friends back home wanted to fuck her but I’m sure that she is still a virgin like me.

At our new house we had just one neighbor that had kids. Alex was fifteen like me and Cynthia was fourteen like Cindy. It couldn’t have worked out any better. It was going to be a very good summer after all.

Dad quite his job so that we could move and he and Mom decided to start up the Furniture Business, not that he needed the money but because he needed something to do.

I was assigned the job of cleaning the pool every day, checking the filters, and checking the chemical levels. Plus I had to mow the huge lawn but at least I got to use the riding lawnmower. Sometimes Alex would help me and we would take turns riding on the lawnmower. Cindy got stuck with doing the laundry and helping Mom with the dishes at night.

Cynthia had gone to a two-week summer camp for gifted children even though Alex said that she wasn’t all that gifted so we didn’t meet her for a while. Alex and I got to know one another real well though. We did the choirs together and then we swam. Later we generally played basketball. One day Alex challenged me to a pissing contest. He stood with his toes on a line painted on the basketball court, took out his cock, and let it fly. I laughed at the short distance so he told me to do better. I pulled out my cock and only beat him by a couple of inches. I told him that I could do better the next time. He grabbed a piece of chalk off the scoreboard and marked both of our distances on the pavement.

When we turned around Cindy was laughing at us. She said that we were pitiful examples of the human race and that even she could do better than we had. I had seen her squat down to pee when we were on vacation the previous summer so of course I told her to prove it. Surprisingly Cindy lifted her miniskirt up to her waist showing Alex and I her pretty white lacy panties. She sat on the line that we had used, lifted her legs up into the air and then she spread them wide. Next Cindy pulled her panties off to one side, opened up her pussy lips with both hands, and then let it fly. Oh my God, could that girl pee. She beat us both by a good foot or more. However the last of her pee got all over her panties and soaked them pretty good. Cindy stood up, said shit, and pulled them off. Then she took the chalk from Alex’s hand and made her mark on the pavement. She was right; she was good at pissing a stream better than we were. Immediately Alex challenged her to a rematch the next day.

The next morning Alex and I drank a ton of water to get our bladders full. Apparently Cindy had too because after we both beat our records and hers she removed her shorts and her panties then got in position. When she let go it was like watching a big fountain in a city park. Her stream of piss shot up into the air and arched beautifully as it landed, again a good foot past either of our wet spots. Once again we marked the distances. Cindy was pleased that she could put her dry panties and her shorts back on. Alex and I were more interested in looking at her nice fuzzy pussy. Cindy told us that it wasn’t exactly fair that she was half-naked and that we just pulled our cocks out through our openings. When she suggested that we boys go bottomless too, Alex reminded her that we were already topless and that we would be naked. Cindy just smiled and asked us if we wanted to see her naked too. You bet we did. She just smiled and started to walk away from us. Then she turned and said, “Maybe tomorrow. We’ll see. But it’ll cost you.”

We couldn’t wait until the next day to see my sister naked. We liked her pussy but it was her tits that we really wanted to see. I had checked her drawer and found out that Cindy wore size 32-B bras.

The next day when Cindy came to find us she asked us if we still wanted to see her naked, we said yes. She told us that we could see her naked as long as we were naked too. We quickly agreed. Cindy said that she wasn’t done yet and gave us her second demand, that we jerk off afterwards and let her watch us shoot our load as she called it. Okay we still agreed. Hell we would have agreed to getting our nuts cut off if it had meant seeing her tits.

We walked behind the garage to where our marks were and undressed. Seeing my sister’s tits was the best thing to happen to me since seeing her pussy the day before. God, they were nice and her nipples were great looking and oh so hard. Her areolas were a nice light pink in color like her nipples. She was wonderful. When I reached for my cock it was harder than it had ever been before. I could hardly pee. I bent it down and I leaned forward and I still had a hard time getting it out. I looked over at Alex and he wasn’t doing any better than I was. Finally I relaxed just enough to start pissing a steam that even I couldn’t believe. I out did my previous records but only tied Cindy’s from the day before. Alex finally got himself under control too and matched me. We were feeling terrific when Cindy got down, spread her pussy lips wide, and shot a stream another foot past us. I could not believe that she kept beating us by the same foot every time. She was just playing with us!

Then she demanded that we jerk off in front of her. As we pulled on our cocks Cindy put a finger in her pussy and masturbated right along with us. She must have cum three times to our one. Alex and I each shot our first volley the furthest and then shorter and shorter until we were dribbling all over our hands. Cindy took our hands and started to lick them clean. Apparently she liked the taste and licked them even cleaner. Then she sucked our cocks clean too. Although it felt really good the head of my cock was almost too sensitive to let her continue. My cock got hard, I got that wonderful feeling inside my stomach, and I cum right in her mouth. Cindy swallowed it all. Then she sucked on Alex’s cock and gave him his first blowjob too.

We thanked Cindy but she wanted us to eat her pussy in return. Alex was not going to do that, saying that it was too gross.

I on the other hand did not want my nude pissing partner, incredible cock sucker, and fantastic sister to stop playing with me. So I got right down there and did everything that she wanted me to do without any hesitation what so ever. She told me what she liked the most and I gave her more of that but I relished in her womanhood. She tasted very good to me and I knew that I would forevermore give oral sex to all of my girlfriends even if I did not get the same in return. I bit her outer pussy lips gentle pulling at them, I shoved my tongue as far into her vagina as it would go, and I attacked her clit too. Cindy was moaning and groaning as her orgasms hit her the strongest. I felt her hands on the back of my head at those times. I heard her beg me to stop but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t stop doing the best thing that I had ever experienced. I pushed her legs up toward her tits and rolled her hip up so that I could tongue her little puckered asshole too. Then at the height of both of our arousals Cindy pissed all over my face. It was a gusher too. She hit me square in the forehead. As I backed up she hit my nose and then my open mouth. It was salty and it was disgusting but it was also very erotic too. I swallowed some of her pee and then sat up to look at my naked sister lying before me. She smiled and tried to apologize but I wouldn’t let her. I had enjoyed it immensely.

Then I just inched forward slightly to kiss her on her lips. My cock had a mind of its own and kissed her lips too, before crawling up inside her. Cindy felt it first and told me that we shouldn’t be doing it. I was slightly confused. After all I was excited beyond words and my entire front was wet and warm. Then she wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me further into her. All of a sudden I felt our pubic bones smash together and finally knew where my cock was. Neither one of us had planned it but once it happened we were not about to stop it either. Alex could scarcely believe what we had done let alone what we were doing. We never said a word as we fucked each other. She thrusted up at me as much as I thrusted down into her. At that moment I was very pleased that my sister had given me a blowjob just a few minutes before. Else wise I would have cum way to prematurely to suit myself. As it was I cum too quickly for my first time. Cindy and I lost our virginities together there on the basketball court. Besides we both gave and received oral sex to each other too for the first time on the basketball court. It would be something that we would never forget.

Cindy looked up at Alex and said, “Maybe next time you’ll eat my pussy when I tell you too.”

He just had a blank stare on his face as he said, “She pissed all over you.”

I said, “Yes she did and she can do it again any time that she wants too.”

Once again Alex said, “But she pissed all over you.”

With that said he got dressed and went home. Cindy and I grabbed our dry clothes and ran naked to the swimming pool. We did laps, like Dad had taught us. We must have lost track of time because Mom came looking for us. She stood at the end of the pool as we came up to rest. She knew that we were naked so there was no reason to hide it. I pulled myself up on the edge turning myself around as I did to sit. Then I just lay back on the tile floor and let Mom look at my soft limp dick if she wanted too. Cindy got out and stood up facing Mom.

Mom looked from one to the other of us and then smiled and she asked, “So how long have you two been skinny-dipping like this?”

Cindy replied, “About a half-hour I think.”

Mom said, “Then maybe you two would like to join your father and I sometime. We have a hard time trying to do when you two won’t catch us. This way we can swim nude anytime that we want too.”

Cindy being the smart-ass of the family said, “So when do I get to see Dad’s cock?”

Mom smiled and said, “When your brother gets to see my pussy and my tits. How about after dinner?”

Once again Cindy and I just picked up our dry clothes and followed Mom into the house. The expression on Dad’s face was priceless as he saw Cindy’s bare tits. Mom told him about us skinny-dipping and that they were going to join us after dinner. Dad just smiled.

For the next week we hardly saw anything of Alex. It was as if he were avoiding us or something. We spent a lot more time in the water with our parents nude though.

Then Cynthia came home from camp. The next day she rushed right over to meet Cindy and I. She could hardly wait to get us alone in Cindy’s bedroom to tell us what she had heard. He brother had filled her head with all sorts of perverted things like a pissing contest, blowjobs, pussy eating, me fucking my sister, and her pissing all over my face. We confirmed everything that Alex had told her. She called him a prude and asked us if she could watch and maybe even join in. Sure! Why not!

So we took Cynthia out to the basketball court and showed her the marks on the pavement. She let out a little scream and asked us if we needed to pee. I smiled and Cindy told her that the rule was total nudity so that she didn’t look like she had pissed her pants afterwards. So the three of us got naked and they watched me pee first. It wasn’t my best but I was pleased with it. Cynthia loved watching me pee and said that she had caught her father peeing in the garden a couple of times and that it had intrigued her. Cindy got down and showed her how to do it. Then Cynthia got down on her back, opened her pussy lips up wide showing me her pink insides, and then she let a stream go that passed even Cindy’s record.

Cynthia asked me if I wanted a blowjob first or to eat her pussy out first. I told her that if she gave me a blowjob first that I could fuck her longer after I ate her pussy. She giggled and said that was what she had been hoping to hear. The blowjob sure didn’t take very long. As I ate Cynthia’s pussy she told Cindy and I all about her two weeks at came. She stopped often to breathe heavily, moan, or just pant for a while as her orgasms hit. Camp had been good but not good enough for Cynthia, She had been hoping to loose her virginity and do all of the things that girls have told her that went on there. They had told her about skinny-dipping, panty raids, and getting fucked by the boys. Well none of it ever happened. The closest she got to any of that was when one girl lost her top in the lake and another girl said that she had been kissed. The counselors had kept a very close eye on the boys and made sure that there was not a repeat of the year before. Apparently all the stories that Cynthia had heard were true but not this year. Damn!

When Cynthia had enough she begged me to fuck her and to take her virginity right on the same spot where I had taken my sister’s virginity. She was so willing that I was not sure who was fucking whom. My cock slipped in easily and Cynthia said that she had stolen one of her mother’s vibrators and had been using it a lot lately. She sure needed sex even more than I did. Finally I rammed my cock into her a few more times deeply and flooded her pussy with my cum. She shuddered with yet another orgasm.

We simply picked up our dry clothes and walked naked to the swimming pool. Mom saw us heading that way and decided to join us. She told Dad where she was going and asked him to join her but he had something to finish first. His loss!

Mom was naked when she stood at the end of the pool waiting for us to come to her. We all looked up and smiled at her magnificent body. Then she jumped in and swam with us for a few more laps. Mom suggested that we get out and rest for awhile so that we could talk. Mom was concerned that we had brought Cynthia into our little group. Cynthia explained that as soon as she got home her brother Alex had filled her head with sexual fantasies and that she had just wanted to find out for herself. Mom was shocked to say the least. She had no idea about the pissing contest and that Cindy and I were lovers. All she knew was that we skinny-dipped together and as a family.

Cynthia apologized for spilling the beans about us but it was best that it was out in the open. That was the same reasoning that Mom used about the nude swimming. Once it was out in the open it was much nicer. So we told Mom everything that she wanted to know and some stuff that she didn’t. Mom was not into Water Sports as much as Cindy and I were. Cynthia couldn’t wait to join us either. Mom said that it was okay with her as long as no one got pregnant or in trouble and that we didn’t force ourselves on one another. Okay!

I thought that Cindy was a smart-ass until Cynthia got into a sixty-nine with me right in front of my mother. She grabbed my legs, thrust her mouth over the head of my cock, and peed right in my face. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and ate her out for a good ten minutes before she begged me to stop and Mom hit me. We jumped into the pool while Mom mopped up the tile floor.

Dad finally arrived and took a few laps in the pool. Mom smiled at me and straddled Dad. She leaned forward taking his cock in her mouth and peed in his face. Wow. He loved it as much as I did to her delight. The rest of the afternoon was spent swimming and performing oral sex. Mom made it perfectly clear that the adults and the kids were to stay clear of one another. We were all under sixteen and they could get in serious trouble.

That night Cynthia was invited to spend the night with us. Alex was too but he declined. The two girls joined me in my bed and we sucked and fucked until almost dawn. We might have gotten all of about three hours sleep before Mom came in and rousted us for breakfast. We just got out of bed and followed her to the kitchen. We didn’t bother to get dressed because Mom wasn’t.

After breakfast Dad got a hard-on. Mom smiled and asked him if he wanted sex up in their bed or a blowjob right there in the kitchen in front of us. He chose the blowjob and the girls watched a pro give one. Mom licked his head, slipped it in her mouth, and then licked his shaft. She swallowed him inch by inch until it hit her gag reflexes and then she took the head of his cock into her throat. It was a sight to behold. The girls were very curious but Mom couldn’t talk with her mouth full, it just wouldn’t be polite. Afterwards Mom told the girls to stick the fat end of a carrot in their mouth and push it back until they gagged. Then they were to keep doing it until they overcame the urge to throw up.

They practiced all morning on the carrots and on me. At lunchtime both girls demonstrated their new talent on my cock. Mom and Dad congratulated them. Mom got a smile on her face, sucked Dad hard as if that took much to do, and then Mom got on her back on the kitchen table, and let Dad butt fuck her. She told the girls that they should try small dildos and butt plugs first. Then she told them that she could get just as good an orgasm from Dad’s cock in her ass as she does with him in her pussy. Talk about kinky sex, the girls loved the idea. Mom loved having Dad’s cock in her butt. On her back like that she could open up her pussy to prove to us exactly which hole Dad was really in and she could play with herself too.

Then in violation of her own rule Mom had the two girls suck on her nipples and play with her clit while Dad fucked her asshole. Anal sex was one of Mom’s favorites but not one of Dads. He just did it to please his wife. However, as Dad looked down on the sight before him he picked up speed and I was sure that he was enjoying it. I really didn’t want to be left out so I got up on the table and offered Mom my cock to suck. She took it without question and sucked me better than the two girls had. My cock slipped down her throat and I cum right into her tummy as Dad cum in her ass. While the two girls had been working on Mom’s nipples and pussy she had been fingering the two girls too and they joined us in a five-way climax to beat all climaxes.

The End
The Pissing Contest
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