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Helen and I met at a conference
Stunning! She wore bright red high heels. Her muscular, tanned legs were bare all the way up to a tiny pair of matching red shorts which barely covered her bum cheeks. Somehow they clung to her at the widest part of her hips. Above here shorts her waist narrowed to almost nothing. Her waist and lower body were bare. Her tummy was flat and tanned. Her tits were pleasing. They were covered by a white singlet, the thin material revealing the points of her nipples; I concluded that she was not wearing a bra. When finally I dragged my gaze up to her face I realised that she was looking straight at me with a grin on her lips and a twinkle in her eyes.

“Well? What do you think?” she asked me. “Stunning! I just wish that I was at least 20 years younger, then I might have a chance with you. Can I at least buy you a drink?” I was standing at the bar in the hotel where I was staying while attending a conference. “Thanks. I would love a glass of champagne.”

I finished my scotch, then turned to the barman and asked for a bottle of champagne and two glasses, which I had him charge to my room. We took our champagne over to a small table. I told her that my name was Fred and a bit about my being in town for an engineering conference. She told me that her name was Helen and she was a uni student, studying engineering and planning to specialise in the same area that I worked in. She was attending the same conference. We chatted away until the bottle was empty, then she asked, “Is there anything to drink in your room?” “Sure! I have a full bottle of scotch, and there is the usual mini-bar. Shall we go?” We both stood and headed for the lift.

Once in the lift, she pressed her body against mine. I responded by putting my arm around her bare midriff, which she seemed to like. Then I slid my hand up under her singlet and cupped her bare breast, which she also appeared to enjoy. Before we got to my floor the lift stopped and a couple got in. They were wrapped in large towels and could have been naked underneath. The girl giggled when she saw my hand on Helen's boob and said, “We are going for a swim in the pool upstairs. Would you like to join us?” “I'm sorry, but neither of us has a swimming costume.” “Neither have we!” and she opened her towel to show us that she was indeed naked under the towel. “Fred! Let's do it!” “If that is what you want, OK.”

We rode with them to the second top floor, entered the pool area, which was deserted, stripped off and jumped into the water. We splashed about a bit in the shallow end, while we chatted. The girl was Andrea, her boyfriend was Dick. After about 15 minutes Helen suggested, “We were on our way to Fred's room for a drink and a fuck. Would you two join us?” “I was hoping that you would suggest something like that.” came from Andrea. Dick just nodded his head. So we climbed out of the pool. Andrea and Dick lent us their towels to dry ourselves. I pulled on my jeans, and carried the rest of my clothes. Helen just picked up her clothes and stayed naked. Dick wrapped his towel around his waist, but Andrea followed Helen's lead and stayed naked.

We got back to my room without incident. Once inside Helen threw her clothes down near the door then turned to me, undid my jeans, pulled them down, and encouraged me to step out of them. Andrea threw her towel against the wall then pulled Dick's towel off and threw it on top of hers. I told Helen, Andrea and Dick what the choice of drinks was. Helen and Andrea wanted white wine. Dick wanted a beer. I found two wine glasses and two small tumblers in the mini-bar. I poured wine for the girls, Dick said that he would drink his beer from the bottle, I poured a generous scotch for myself with cold water from the mini-bar fridge. Helen and I ended up sitting close together on the bed, Andrea and Dick, also close, on the sofa.

Andrea looked over at us. I was squeezing Helen's left nipple, while she gently stroked my cock, which was already at full alert. “You know! I have always dreamed of a double penetration. Have you ever tried it, Helen?” “No! I have never even tried anal. I am afraid that it would hurt too much.” “Dick is very gentle with me when we do anal. I like it as much as I like it in my cunt. Why don't you let Dick fuck you in the arsehole while Fred fucks your cunt? I bet you'll love it.” “But what about you?” “I'll wait for my turn.”

Helen and I stood up while I pulled the covers off the bed, then I lay on my back, and pulled Helen on top of me. She was so wet that I concluded that she was as excited about what we were doing as I was. I slid straight into her, beautifully lubricated. Andrea came behind Helen and spat on her arsehole a couple of times, then poked her finger in and moved it about. I could feel her finger through the wall that separated Helen's rectum from her cunt. Then Andrea knelt in front of Dick and sucked his prick to hardness, slobbering on it at the same time. Then Dick pressed steadily against Helen's anus, and slipped easily inside. Again I could feel his prick pressing against mine, inside Helen. Dick and I struggled to find a rhythm at first, this was my first double penetration too, but eventually settled on a rhythm where I pushed in as he pulled out and vice versa. This meant that his cock was sliding over mine, which led to me cuming far sooner than I would have liked. However I did not lose my erection, so I then lay still with my erection filling Helen's cunt while Dick continued to pump in and out of her arsehole. At this point Andrea pushed her hand between Helen and me and started playing with Helen's clit. The next thing I knew, Helen's cunt was clamping down on my cock, and she was groaning very loudly, as she experienced a massive orgasm. Helen's orgasm triggered Dick's, who spurted his cum deep inside her.

We all just held still for a few minutes, then Dick pulled out, Helen lifted off me and we all lay on the bed in a jumble of arms and legs, Andrea next to me then Helen then Dick. Andrea pulled my hand towards her pussy, so I started fucking her with two fingers and playing with her clit with my thumb. After only a few minutes Andrea had her own, very exciting organism. When she came down from her orgasm, she explained that the very erotic scene that she had just witnessed, plus the anticipation of being double fucked herself, had so aroused her that she needed very little to trigger her off.

Meanwhile, Helen was stroking my cock with her right hand and Dick's with her left, but so far we were both quite limp. Andrea swiveled around and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. Helen did the same with Dick. Both Andrea's and Helen's bums were stuck up in the air, within easy reach, so I reached across and caressed there bum cheeks. They both pushed back against my hand, encouraging me to slide my fingers into their bum creases. I manoeuvered two fingers into Andrea's cunt and my thumb into her arsehole. She moaned on my dick in her mouth, which helped with the process of restoring my erection. I did the same to Helen and heard her moan on Dick's dick. I hoped it had the same restorative effect for him as for me.

Because I am older than the others, my cock was slower than Dick's to regain an erection, but Andrea kept working on it until it stood up proudly again. Then Andrea straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock, which slid easily into her very wet pussy. Helen had already applied liberal amounts of saliva to Dick's cock. She spat a couple of times on Andrea's arsehole, then pushed some saliva inside Andrea with one, then two, fingers. Then she stood back to make room for Dick who again pushed easily into Andrea's bowels. We quickly found our rhythm. Again the feeling of our two cocks sliding over each other inside Andrea was incredible. Nevertheless, this time, I lasted longer than Dick, really reveling in the sensations. When Dick started to shoot his load of cum inside Andrea, she was pushed over the brink into a huge orgasm. The contractions of her cunt in turn pushed me over the brink “Fucking awesome!” was Helen's comment as we all lay in a heap remembering the feelings.

Soon after, Dick and Andrea decided to call it a night, wrapped their towels around their naked bodies and headed back to their room, although not before we had all agreed to meet up again, in the swimming pool at 10pm the following evening. Helen and I collapsed into bed together and I put out the light. Then Helen confessed, “You must think that I am a terrible slut. I could not afford a room in the conference hotel, so I dressed up in my fuck-me clothes, walked into the bar and looked for the man who took most notice of me. You took the bait, and I got a place to sleep for the night.” “You are a most beautiful slut and I am quite delighted to share my bed with you. I want you to be my beautiful slut and sleep with me for the week of the conference. I hope you are up for lots more fucking?”

In reply she just rolled over so that our naked bodies pressed against each other and kissed me passionately. Soon after I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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i don't know what you all are talking about ^ ^ ^ ^ i thought the story was absolutly amazing


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You carry a nice story line doz. Enjoy your Ellie series, very intricate and sexy. I would love to visit on party night. I enjoy a good orgy, haven't had one lately. Keep it cumming.


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Rather Stupid eh

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I have a spelling checker which came with my PC
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