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An eighteen-year-old boy is seduced by a fourteen-year-old girl.
Fbailey story number 277

Very Willing

A couple of weeks into my senior year of high school this freshman girls puts the make on me. I was not only flattered but also knocked off my feet at the same time. She was absolutely beautiful with a gorgeous face, a very nice body, and she had long thick straight brown hair down to her waist. I just love long hair. Her face had no blemishes what so ever unlike most teenage girls. She was wearing a white blouse and I could see her red bra right through it. She had on a tight black miniskirt made out of that stretchy material so that it clung to her, showing off her ass rather nicely.

Anyhow she said, “I want to be your girlfriend and I’m willing to do anything you want.”

I looked her over and repeated, “Anything?”

She said, “Yes, I am willing to do anything that you want, or more to the point I am willing to let you do anything that you want to do to me. I just want to be your girlfriend at any cost.”

I was not sure what to do. But I figured that I had absolutely nothing to loose so I said, “I have a very high sex drive.”

She replied, “So do I. God I masturbate in almost every one of my classes. I’m still a virgin but you can fuck me day and night if you want to. I’m willing. I’m very willing.”

So I said, “Okay but what’s your name?”

She blushed and replied, “Oh God! I’m sorry. My name is Samantha Smith, I’m fourteen years old, I’m a freshman, and I have been in love with you ever since I first laid eyes on you.”

I replied, “Well hello Samantha. My name is Fran, I’m eighteen years old, a senior this year, and I really like you too even though it has just been a couple of minutes now.”

Samantha said, “If you like we can get better acquainted right now. Schools out and I don’t have to be home until dinner.”

I said, “Okay, my car is right over here.”

So I drove Samantha to my house. My father wouldn’t be out of work for a while and my kid sister was at her girlfriend’s house as always. I gave Samantha the tour of the house ending in my bedroom.

We cuddled on my bed as we talked. Honestly, we did talk. We kissed, I fondled her breasts, and yes I fingered her pussy. I gave her several orgasms with my finger. Then she stood up and undressed for me. She had a sweet body. Her breasts looked just as good out of that bra as they had in it. In fact her breasts looked better out of her bra because I could see that the ends were mushroom shaped and quite puffy. Her nipples were perfect for sucking and that’s exactly what I did. As I sucked on her nipples I rubbed my hands all over her tight ass cheeks, up her bare back, and down her long legs.

While I undressed, Samantha got on my bed and spread-eagled for me. Her legs almost formed a straight line, with her moist pussy lips open to show me some pink inside. Her fingers were working on her nipples, twisting and pinching then to full excitement. Her one finger went right to her clit. She said that she masturbates a lot and me being there didn’t stop her either.

Samantha just stared at my cock even though it was quite average. As I got closer I just stared at her pussy, I knelt down, and I kissed her running my tongue up her slit. When I got to her clit she let out a little moan of pleasure and held my head against her pussy. She was not the best tasting girl I had ever eaten but I also knew that she hadn’t washed it all day either. I never said a word about it and I wouldn’t have anyway, after all she was giving herself to me and I was no fool. I accepted her kind offer graciously. I also made sure that she enjoyed herself. That way, I could enjoy myself soon. I worked on her nipples again on my way to her mouth.

Just before I stuck my cock into her virgin pussy I asked her if she was ready for me. Samantha replied that she had been ready for months and that I didn’t have to worry about hurting her because she had been using her mother’s dildo every night for months. She confessed that she even slept with it in her most nights.

So with that out of the way I just slipped my cock right into her moist hole with ease. Samantha let out a soft coo and told me that I felt much better than her mother’s silicone dildo. I thanked her for the compliment. I hadn’t jerked off that day so I was pretty excited and I cum way too quickly. Samantha didn’t seem to mind in the least. She had gotten exactly what she had wanted…me. She knew that once I had fucked her and cum inside her that I could never give her up again. She was right. I had had sex with a few other girls before but none were like Samantha and none felt that good.

She may have fallen in love with me at first sight but I fell in love with her at first fuck.

With that sexy girl in bed with me I recovered quickly and fucked her again. It lasted longer and it was a lot better for both of us. Samantha even told me that sex just kept getting better and better. I had to agree with her. After that second time Samantha sucked my cock until it got hard again. She offered to keep sucking on it if I wanted her too and she promised to swallow every drop too. I believed her but I wanted to cum in her wonderful pussy again. However, I wanted to see what she would do on top.

Samantha just smiled at my suggestion and let me get on my back. Then she straddled my hips, positioned my cock, and sat down on it. There was no question as to her being wet enough. In that position I got to play with her breasts and especially her sensitive nipples as she fucked herself on my cock. When I came in her for the third time I knew that I was done but she certainly tried to get me hard one more time but she didn’t succeed.

We couldn’t take a shower together because she couldn’t get her hair wet. That would be a dead giveaway to her mother that something was wrong. So we washed each other up with a washcloth and I sure enjoyed myself. We got dressed and then I drove Samantha home.

She invited me in to meet her mother and surprisingly she introduced me as her boyfriend. Her mother looked me over, asked my age, and then she smiled at me. Obviously her mother approved. That was not at all what I had expected, seeing as how young Samantha was. I got a tour of her house that ended in her bedroom. We kissed a little and I grabbed her breasts and her crotch. Then Samantha took her panties off and stuffed them in my pocket. I watched as she dug out another pair to slip on.

When we went back downstairs I was invited to stay for dinner and we were told that Samantha’s father was working late again. I got the impression that he really wasn’t working and that he might be fooling around with another woman.

Right in the middle of dinner Samantha said, “Mom you can have your dildo back if you need it. I don’t think that I’ll be needing it for quite a while now. I lost my virginity today.”

I choked at her openness.

Her mother quickly responded with, “Oh Samantha how wonderful. Did you enjoy it?”

Samantha answered, “I sure did. His cock feels a lot better than that dildo did.”

Her mother said, “Yes how I know, but I had to get a couple of bigger dildos for myself. Your father isn’t taking care of business at home anymore. His girlfriend is getting more than her share…she’s getting my share too.”

The rest of the meal was pretty much eaten in silence. Afterwards Samantha offered to do the dishes with me.

Her mother told us, “No, I’ll do them. Why don’t you two go up to your room and make love? At least someone in this house can have sex.”

Samantha looked at me, smiled, and said, “Oh thank you. I was hoping that you would understand.”

She replied, “What’s to understand? I masturbate several times a day just like you do. Only I don’t have a boyfriend to fuck.”

It was my turn to smile and ask, “Do you want one?”

She looked at me as if I had slapped her right across her face.

I said, “My father is single and he’s a really nice guy too.”

She stammered, “But I’m married.”

I replied, “Oh! I could have sworn that a moment ago you said that you didn’t have a boyfriend to fuck and that your husband was only fucking his girlfriend. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander or vice versa in this case.”

She smiled as she thought about the possibilities.

I said, “You girls could tell your husband that you joined a social club, a book club, or even some religious group and then come over a couple of times a week to visit your boyfriends.”

Samantha shouted, “Oh could we Mom?”

Her mother said, “We certainly could and I don’t even have to lie about it to my husband. Fuck him. He knows that I know about his girlfriend so he can sure as hell know about my boyfriend. Is your father home now?”

I smiled, looked at my wristwatch, and said, “Yes! Should I call him first?”

Samantha’s mother said, “You can if you want too or just give me a few minutes to get ready and we can just surprise him.”

Samantha followed her mother up to her bedroom. About twenty minutes later they came back down the stairs. Samantha was dressed the same but her mother looked fantastic. She almost looked like a hooker but I knew that my Dad would like her anyway. I had called Dad to let him know what was up and to send my little sister off somewhere for the night.

Samantha’s mother left a note for her husband and we were off. When my car pulled into the driveway Dad came flying out of the house to open the door for Samantha’s mother. I was sure that he got an eyeful as she got out because I had when I held the door to let her in.

She stood and said, “Hi. I’m Julia and I’m horny.”

Dad smiled and said, “Hello! I’m Fred and I’m horny too. I have a cold bottle of Champaign in my bedroom if you care for a glass.”

Julia replied, “A glass? Have you ever licked Champaign out of someone’s belly button as she pours it down between her breasts?”

Dad said, “No!”

Julia said, “Then obviously you have never had a mouthful of Champaign slipped over the head of your cock during a blowjob or drank it from a freshly fucked pussy either. Let me introduce to a Champaign douche. After you fuck me though.”

Dad just took her in his arms and kissed her right out in public. Then he said, “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

She thrust her pelvis into his crotch and answered, “I do now!”

We spent the next several hours together, separately. Samantha and I were in my bedroom while Dad and Julia were in his bedroom. Luckily we have our own bathrooms because Samantha and I took a nice long hot bubble bath together. She couldn’t believe that I liked bubble baths and that I kept a bottle of dish detergent in my bathroom just for that purpose. Actually I did but I also found out that Dawn was the best stuff for cleaning my hands with after I’ve played around with my car.

After our bath I was able to get hard again and we made love as if we were married without a care in the world. It was terrific having our parents in the room down the hall and not caring what we were up too. I was certainly in no hurry for it to end and when I tasted her pussy that time it was absolutely the best tasting pussy that I had ever eaten. Samantha truly was the girl of my dreams and I was proud to call her my girlfriend. After sex we cleaned up again and then realized that we were hungry.

Samantha just slipped on her panties, pulled her hair forward to cover her breasts, and then we went downstairs to the kitchen.

I started heating up a couple of cans of mushroom soup while Samantha made some ham and cheese sandwiches. We were going to serve our parents a late dinner in bed but before we could get everything organized then had come downstairs. They were starving too. Julia told Samantha that my father was the best lover that she had ever had and that she would be proud to call him her boyfriend. That phrase was really getting around. Julia had just put on one of Dad’s T-shirts and she looked pretty good in it too. As I checked out Julia I noticed that Dad was checking out Samantha too. We sat and talked as we ate. It was just like a real family.

Samantha and I dished up some ice cream while Julia talked about leaving her husband. Wow! Surprisingly Samantha was all for it.

Dad kissed her on the lips and said, “Whatever you want to do is fine with me, after all you are my girlfriend.”

Julia said, “And as you know I’m very willing.”

Now there was another phrase that I’d heard before. Then I thought to myself like mother, like daughter.

Within a week both Julia and Samantha had moved in completely to her husband’s delight. He moved his girlfriend right in too and filed for a divorce. My little sister was pleased to have a big sister but she couldn’t understand why she wanted to sleep in my room.

The End
Very Willing
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