July fourth, I lost my independance
I guess to give you more of insight to my first two stories, I should give you more of my back ground of my sex life and life in general.

When I was 14, We lived in Chicago on the north side. My parents moved into my grandfathers 2 flat after he died. My parents are both professional , and so we really didn’t hurt for much. They remodeled the 2 flat to be one complete home. The building on both sides of us were real close. A 6 flat on one side and a 3 flat on the other, With some windows lining up, you had to keep the blinds closed for privacy. The bed rooms were upstairs, and you could go from the bedrooms, all the way down to the basement from the backstairs.

Like I said, I was 14 when we moved there. My breasts were pretty developed then, Boys teased me, and older boys and men stared. My dad put a pool in for me and my younger brother, in the postage stamp back yard we had. We have lots of fun with family and friends at the pool, cook outs and pool parties. We had a large wooden fence around the back yard, but from a few buildings around us you could watch what ever was goin on. We had just moved in during the early spring. I went to a new school and rally didn’t have and friends. Not enough time to make friends before school was out.

So I spent my time, listening to music in my room, and going shopping within walking distance to our house. My brother was 10 and attended summer school. I was left home alone. I would be home alone till 3:30pm when my brother got home from school. We had a house keeper that would make dinner for us . My parents would get home between 7pm and 9pm. So it was real boring for me, with not a lot to do.

I would stay up late and watch tv, read teen magazines, try on clothes, dance and sing. I would pretend I was a famous singer and perform for all my adoring fans.

Back then I wore panties, (I don’t now) I would have some of the nicest panties, my mother bought me all the latest fashions for the most exclusive stores. I guess because she wasn’t around much, and tried to make up for it. I had drawer after drawer full of thongs, and bras. So many I would run across some that still had the tags on them. All colors, a lot of lace, and mesh. I think my mother was trying to relive her youth thru me. “Honey, I found these cute thongs, and thought how much you’d like them!” I’d just throw them in a drawer.

I would dance in front of my mirror, and try doing all the latest dance moves, a lot of humping the air, grinding my hips, pretty sexy stuff I thought. Most of the time it was in my bra and panties. I would pretend that there was this real cute guy in the front row of my concert, and I would dance just for him, grinding all the way down and then back up again. I’d get pretty turned on by this and would wind up in bed masturbating. Thinking he can back stage with me to my room and started kissing me and touching me breasts and nipples. So I would stick my tongue out in the air like I was kissing him and feel my tits like he was, and my fingers were busy on my pussy.

My room during these performances, was lit with my stage lights,( small clear Christmas tree lights at the top of the walls) I could make them stay on or slowly go marquee style, or ultra fast. They light up the room pretty good, but like a glow in the room.

I danced almost ever night, until I got bored with it, and then found something else to do or went to bed.

One night while I was dancing to Britney Spears….”Baby one more time” I thought I saw someone in the window across the way from my window. I looked, nothing, so I contained , the next song I also loved was “Genie in a bottle”, from Christine Aguilera. I had my back to the window cuz I faced the mirror on my wall. I saw a flash, then after a bit a small ember. Someone was watching me in the building next door and just lit a cigarette!...From my window to the window across from mine was only about 14 feet or so, very close. I knew that that was their dining room. I never saw anyone in it ever. They never used it. I turned off the lights and sat in the dark waiting to see if I could find out who it was. After an hour , a light came on in their kitchen. And was left on. I saw a guy walk thru the dining room into their front room from the light from the kitchen. I was the landlord of the building, who lived there. He was a Hispanic man in his fifties, married, no children lived with them. His wife was a police woman, I seen her come and go in a police car that would pick her up. As far as I know he did not work. So I watched for a while, he shut off the kitchen light and a light went on in the living room, and I could see the flicker from a tv.. I crawled in bed and lay there kinda scared and kinda excited.

So after that I did not dance in my room with the curtains open. I pulled my shades. This went on for the rest of the week. One night I even masturbated thinking of me dancing naked for him and masturbating and letting him watch. I got tingly all over thinking about it.

I was so used to men raping me with their eyes, I thought, maybe it’s time to let men really drool!
So I would put my plan into effect this Saturday night. My parents were going to a award dinner downtown. My brother, would be spending the night at a friends house. PERFECT!

Saturday night, 8pm, my parents left for the dinner. I went to my room and dug through my closet and drawers, I was looking for something sexy to wear for my little show for my neighbor. It was still light out so I had a lot of time. I wanted to find something like Christina Aguilera wears in her videos. I found a sheer black bra, it looked like a black nylon stocking covering each breast. I decided on a low cut top that was long, but if worn without a skirt or pants was a micro mini dress. I went to my mothers room and found a black lace garter belt, and some black pot hole stockings. And in my room found a sheer black thong, and 4inch ankle boots in black. I had my stage outfit. Now make-up, I had tons of it, but what to do? Finally I would use a real light base, all most white, that would make my eyes stand out more and my lips. I went back to my mothers bedroom, and got a pair of her black thick false eyelashes. I thought a punk look would be what I would go for. So looking through magazines I got a few more ideas.
I took a shower and trimmed my pubic hair, started to comb my hair to get that full head of hair look, used hair gel and spray. Got it looking almost like those vampire chicks (tho blonde) Sat down at my make-up table and applied the base, then applied the false eyelashes. I then went and put on some fuchsia eye shadow, applied several times so it was very bright. Lined my eyes with jet black eye liner, thick lines, Put on some blush on my cheeks, then applied goth blood red lip stick, and clear gloss. My lips were so shiny, that I could see the light on the walls reflecting in them. I sat in the bed and pulled up the black thongs, then stood up and hooked the black garter belt around me. Sat back down and pulled the stockings together and put a foot in one. I slid it up along my ankle, up my calf, over my knee and up my thighs. The stockings were big, my mother is taller than me, it went all the way to my crotch. I slid up the other stocking. I went to hook up the garters, didn’t know how, never wore then before. But after a while, I figured it out. I stood up and noticed that the garters were limp, I adjusted then but still pretty limp. So I did what I do to a skirt that was too long, I rolled it up till they were tight. Next I put on the front hook black sheer bra, I never wore it but wow! You could see my whole tit in it. The top was bright red with these diagonal glitter gold piping on it. Low cut with spaghetti straps.. Sat down and slipped my black ankle boots on. I stood up and went to the mirror, I could not believe it!! I was looking at someone else not me! I did not even recognize myself! And the outfit was as slutty as you can get I thought!

It was now about 9:45 or so. I walked over to the mirror and looked, my bra showed out of the top, which was so short, but it didn’t show my nylon tops cause the stockings were so long on me. The rear view showed a small bit of ass cheek, more it I swayed my hips and bent over even the slightest. It was dark now, and I shut off the lights and went to my window and peeked around to look out. I saw his living room light on and tv. I knew from earlier his wife was leaving for work soon, Her shift was at 11:pm and she left about 10:10. I would go to my parents bed room and watch out the window when she left. It was about 10:05 pm when her ride arrived and she left. So I walked back to my room and loaded my cd player with 6 disc’s , I did not know how long I would be doing this, but wanted enough music so I would not have to stop. I went downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge, I would use it as a microphone, then thought, what the hell, I popped the cap off and took a waterfall swig, (pouring it in my mouth from a few inches away, as not to smear my lip stick on it). It was cold and tasted bad, how could people drink this stuff? So I grabbed another to use and headed back to my bed room. I sat in the dark trying to figure how to get him to watch. It was pretty warm, the beer was cold, I just drank and held my nose. Next thing I knew I was finished with the beer. And I felt kinda funny. I belched a few times, geez nasty. I thought, about how I could get his attention. I opened the other beer and took a drink, this time not holding my nose, and shuddered it down. After a few swigs, I decided to move my cd player on my desk witch was near the window, I would turn it up and he could hear it. Saturday night in the city, you could hear music up and down all the streets, so it would not be a bid deal, besides, my room was a long way from the street.

I moved the player, made sure the batteries were ok, and swallowed the last of the beer. I was getting drunk, I have had a glass of wine before and felt the same way. I was getting giddy.

I went to the window and opened it all the way, and pulled the shade down to about my stomach, that way it wouldn’t look too oblivious . But still give him total view of all of me when I was across the room near the mirror and my bed.

I pressed play on the cd player. And felt kinda stupid to start dancing , so I walked back and forth in my room to get his attention. It felt funny walking in heels, plus being a bit drunk, I wobbled a bit here and there and stumbled a few times. Every couple of passes I would glance out and see if I could see anything. I noticed his tv and living room light were now off. So I hit my light switch on and strolled over and faced the mirror, I brought the beer bottle to my mouth and sand with the song. Gyrating to the beat, arching my back, and tilting my head to the side, reaching down and running one hand up my nylon covered leg from ankle to thigh, bending deep, I felt the bottom of my top go up to the top of my ass, exposing my ass with a black string in the crack and those sexy stockings and garter belt. I turned sideways and looked in the mirror and held my “mic” in my left hand and ran my right hand down the side of my hair to my neck and across my right breast., still singing. I started to grind and move like the pop stars I’ve seen, then I put my leg up on the bed and leaned over far, like I was singing to someone down in the front row. I then turned to my left, and glanced at the window, I saw nothing. The beer was working on me hard now, I got a bad attitude and thought, “Fuck it!” I was going to just have fun anyhow. He must have went to bed or left. On of my favorite songs came on, “Yeah!!!, I yelled real loud, I went into dirty dance after dirty dance, and was feeling no pain. I dropped the bottle on the floor, and took both hands and pulled my top off, and danced staring at myself in the mirror. “God who is this chick?” I asked myself. I continued to dance in my bra, thong, garter belt and stocking and boots. My head was spinning and so was the room, I could see the sweat on my stomach, making it shine. My neck shining as I rolled my head in circles, making the spinning worse. I thought I looked like a stripper I saw in one of my dads private movies. The beat was pounding in my head along with my heart. I could feel my crotch getting moist with sweat, and from excitement. My large tits bounced with every step I took and the air stiffened my nipples. “Gee now I know why girls strip, it’s such a turn on!”, I thought. I unhooked the clasp in front of my bra and shook my shoulders to let it fall off. I gazed at them in the mirror, and turned from side to side, still moving like a wave. I shimmied and watched them shake, and laughed out loud. I squeezed them both and ran my thumb and fore finger to my nipples and tweaked then, That intensified the burning in my crotch. I went to pull off my thong, I bent over at the hips and pulled at the string waist band, got it unstuck from my ass and pulled it down my thighs. But, it got stuck, it hit my garters, I would have normally sat down and unhooked all the garters and pulled my thong off. Being drunk, you don’t think right, I stood there and unhooked my left leg garters, and pulled the thong off the leg, stretching the thong till it almost ripped, so there I stood with the thong still at crotch high on my right leg. I didn’t give a shit, I started dancing again, this time I concentrated on looking at my crotch. Gyrating and humping the air moving like I was wanted by every man in the world! I never before looked at my body in this way, never thought about being sexy, well at least not this sexy.
I was getting pretty tired, so I sat down on the corner of the bed, and just sat there. I was feeling good, but I wanted to feel “better”. I got up and kinda tripped, was it the beer or the heels? Oh well, I opened my door and went to the back stairs, almost fell at the top, but I made my way to the kitchen and got a couple of beers. I cracked on open and took a few drinks, and headed back upstairs. I was still sweating pretty good, so when I got back to my room, I stood in front of my dresser and turned on the small fan that was there. The air feel so good, I took my hands and fluffed my hair to get some cool air to my head, and shook my head, leaning with my elbow on the top of the dresser. I wiped the hair out of my eyes and looked in the mirror on my dresser, I still was in disbelief at who I was looking at, I took another drink of beer, and looked down and saw the thong hanging on my right leg. So I unhooked the garters and the hooks of the garter belt itself, and let them fall to the floor, and kicked the thong off my ankle. Looking back in the mirror, I thought about those girls in mens magazines. I looked as good as they do, so I walked in front of my full length mirror and tried posing like they do. I know a few poses were ok, but most of them sucked. Those girls must lean those poses I guess. I took a few more drinks and the buzz was still going and I was still kinda horny. I got on the bed and started to pose, on my knees kissing the air, laying on my side, The stockings made my legs look longer, I thought, I got on my knees and faced the mirror, then laid back and put both legs in the air and crossed my ankles. I leaned up and looked in the mirror and saw my pussy exposed , and those black pot hole stockings going all the way to my pussy, and my boot buckle catching the light. I was getting pretty hot about that time, I let my legs down and pulled my knees up and spread them apart, got up on my elbows, and looked. Yeah!! That would be a super sexy picture! I then cupped my tits and rubbing the nipples I squealed it felt so good, I went down to my pussy and ran a finger up and down the lips, went it was wet I dipped it into me, oh so sweet, I watched myself finger my wet cunt and rub my swollen clit, I saw on the floor the beer bottle, empty just laying there. I got up and got it, and returned to the position I was in. My right hand went for my wet pussy, the juice was running down the crack of my ass, My left hand took the bottle and I began licking the neck like it was a cock. I pretended it was a nice hard cock, I kissed it and finally put the end in my mouth and sucked on it. I had never seen a cock for real, less along sucked or fucked one. But I did what I thought was a good blow job. I moved the bottle down to my pussy and rubbed it over the lips and all over my clit. I was ready to cum, I would arch my back off the bed and hump the air like I was being fucked. I wanted so badly to put the bottle in me, but was too afraid. I would get it right in the opening and use short jabs, it felt like heaven. I lifted my head to look at it in the mirror, yes that was so hot, seeing those stockings, the bottle looking like it was in me, and a flicker! Flicker? Yes he was there!! I paused for a second……..yes there’s the glow from him taking a drag on his cigarette! Well, this just was enough to bring me to full climax!! I came in several waves, moaning, shaking, quivering, gasping for breath. I laid there for a while, still feeling the beers, but now wanting to go to bed. I got up and walked right to the window, stood there for a second, and then pulled the shade all the way down. Went and closed my door and locked it, shut off the lights and crawled into bed, satisfied and drunk I fell asleep.

I did this at least once a week for the month of June. I knew he was there at least 2 times. I thought to myself. “If he likes watching…..I like showing!” I even went as bold as to have my pussy face him as I fingered myself into bliss. Leading to that each time I got bolder and bolder.

The fourth of July, my parents always took the boat up to Milwaukee to watch the fireworks, sleep on the boat and return the next day. I didn’t want to got, it was too much sun, too many of my dads corporate friends looking at me and grinning, and a few bold enough to brush against my tits and grab my ass. My dad was upset that I didn’t want to go, I told mom that outside of it being boring, fire works didn’t do anything for me. And the deal breaker!!! The men get drunk and make passes at me. “Don’t worry, I’ll smooth it over with your father, will you be alright here alone?” “Yes mom. I’m not a baby!”. “I know, you sure you don’t want to come?” I blurted out a firm, “I’ll be fine”. “Call you later!”, she said as she went downstairs to break the news to my father. It was still early when they left, like too early, 5am. I went back to bed and fell asleep.

I awoke at 10 and went down and had a bowl of cereal, watched tv and returned to my room. Around noon I thought I would get some tanning in, and cool off in the pool. I got into my bathing suit, which really covered only a half of each boob. Grabbed my cd player, lotion and two towels and headed out to the pool. I hit the door and dropped my sun glasses off my head and on my nose. The air was full of outdoor cooking smells. Not a cloud in the sky, and it was super hot. We had these thick padded sunning chairs, I laid a towel out on one. Moved it. The reason I moved it, is, we have an above ground pool and it is near one side of the fence, I put my chair between the pool and the fence……..because there I am blocked from all the neighbors windows, so I’m not watched all the time. I just can’t be seen there, and a few times I’d sunbathed. So I oiled up, turned on the cd player and laid down in the hot summer sun. I would listen to six or seven songs and then flip over. I did that a few times and went in and got a tall glass of lemonade full of ice and went back. A breeze came off Lake Michigan and keep me cooler, even as the sun blazed on me.

I fell asleep at some point, and was dreaming of this handsome guy kissing me passionately and sucking my nipples, and plunging his cock deep in me and fucking me slow and deep. I half awoke, and was so aroused that I slipped my hand into the bottoms of my swim suit. I was rubbing my clit and becoming more aroused, and all of a sudden it was like a cloud covered the sun, I opened my eyes and someone was standing near me and cutting off the sun. I pulled my hand from my pussy and sat up. “Hello” a voice said. I put my hand up to block the sun more to see who it was. It was the Latino land lord from next store. “Hi” I said, what are you doing here?” He paused for a moment and looked around, “ I see your parents, did they leave?” I sat up further and said, “Yes. They’re not home”. After what seemed like forever he said. “You know. I do not think, you you parents would like to know that you make naked and play with yourself to me in your window, or play outside no?” I was shocked, panic hit me like a bomb. I didn’t know what to say. “I was goin to tell then today, but they no home, so I go call police!” I stood up, “ No No please! Please! Don’t call the police, don’t tell my parents, PLEASE PLEASE, I’ll do anything anything you want, I’ll clean your apartment. Anything PLEASE!!!” “I don’t know,” he replied. “PLEASE PLEASE”, I begged.
He stood there with his hands in his pockets, and watched the tears flow down my cheeks, I started to cry uncontrollable, finally he said maybe we can work it out. “Anything please! Don’t call the cops!” He looked at me and said, “You like peeturs?” I was not sure of what he said I said, “Sure I guess” with that he turned and started walking, he motioned for me to follow, “Come come,” he said. I watched him walk he was about five six and at least 250 with a big beer belly, grey hair, grey handle bar mustache, and the rest of his face was unshaved for a couple of days. His face was weathered with deep lines and a broad nose with thick cracked lips.
I followed him to his flat, and we went into the dining room and stopped. “See this is were I watch you play with your pussy, sit down please!” I sat down and he left the room, and came back with a stack of porno magazines. “Look, look at the peetures!” he said handing me several. “You like?” I looked at one flipping through the pages, some girl sucking a guy and fucking him. “They’re ok I guess” not knowing what he really meant . “I take peetures of you ok? In underwear and stockings ok?” I thought for a moment, what choice did I have and hell. Big deal! I’m in lee clothes now. “Ok”, I told him and he grinned.
“You go get clothes from when you last play in window, ok?” “Sure”. I replied almost laughing. “You no come back in ten minutes I call police! Understand?” Yes” I said, “Hurry go come back here door will be open go!, just bring clothes no change!” I got up and left, all the way to my room I thought what the fuck did I get myself into, wish I never did it! I gathered the clothes and returned to his flat. “Good good, go in there change ok?” “Ok I will”, I said reluctantly . I slipped out of my bathing suit and started to get dressed.

I put on the top which was a neon pink fishnet long sleeve top, and neon pink fence net tights and a black miniskirt that was velvet. And a white sheer blouse, and I tied it at my waist in a knot. Slipped on white pumps, shot heels. I went to the door way and peeked out. He saw me and said. “Good good come here!” As I walked toward him he started taking pictures, It made a funny zip zip noise and was a big camera. I got to him and he told me to turn around and he continued to take pictures, “Bend over like you do in room!”. I bent over at the waist and the flashed started. “Oh yes bay yes!” he muttered all the time. He crawled between my legs and told me to spread, I did and the flashed started again. “Take off top slow!” I faced him and started to untie my blouse and the flashed started and the almost blinded me. I took the top off and my nipple were hard and poking between the fishnet. He moved closer and at different angles and flashed away I must admit, I was getting turned on, thinking about being a real porn model and all the attention. He stopped and went to reload the camera. He came back and said, “Now the skirt take off!”. I did and as I did he circled me taking pictures until the skirt hit the floor. I stepped out of the skirt and he had me bend over and spread, he got behind me and got so close I could feel the heat from the flash on my pussy. Got me aroused . Then he told me to get on the couch, I posed in every position you could imagine. Leg on back of the couch, slumped sitting with legs spread. He did a very close up on my pussy in that position. And saw I was wet. “You like this yes?” I really did not know what to say so I said yes. “You getting wet pussy, rub pussy through stocking ok?” I did and he said and was getting hotter and hotter. All the time he was grunting and saying thing s like, “Yes baby,yes Oh that good mmmmm,” He told me to lick the air like in my room and squeeze my tits. I now was masturbating in front of a stranger and having my pictures taken. “You come for me ok?” I closed my eyes and said “Yes”. I opened my eyes a slit just before the first wave of climax hit me, He had his cock out of his khakis, it was short and was un-cut, the head had a drip on pre-cum falling from it. It was about as big around as a polish sausage I started to cum and moan out loud, he walked closer to me and said, “Suck it baby. Suck it good!”. I never sucked a cock before, but passion opened my mouth and I raised my head and took it in my mouth, I sucked on it, and continued fingering my pussy as the waves of orgasm came harder. He started to pump his cock back and forth, I took all of his cock in my mouth. “OH Yeah baby, you come you come for me and I come for you!” When he said that I went into a sucking frenzy, and my hand on my clit went super fast. Just the thought of a mans cum turned me on so much I started cumming and could not stop! “Ahhh yes yes baby yes Awwww,” he screamed! I felt his cock go deep in my mouth and he pushed hard in my fast and kept it there, and an explosion of cum shot into my mouth, hot thick cum. I swallowed it and was still shaking with orgasm after orgasm. He let out moan after moan and said stuff in Spanish. He pulled out and went and fell in a chair trying to catch his breath. I too was looking for air. “That was sooo good my little baby, mmmm good,” I sat up and got my skirt and pulled it up and got my blouse on. “You can go but come back at ten o’clock tonight, you not here I call police! Understand?”. “Yes I’ll be here” I walked out and went home, I was excited, I sucked my first cock and had it cum in my mouth, that was good, even if it was covered with gray hair.

I went an showered and fell asleep. I got up and went downstairs and made a sandwich and grabbed a pop. Returned to my room and clicked on the tv. I watched a movie and around nine pm I heard his voice from outside my window. I went to the window and he was in his dining room window. “When you come put make-up on and wear short skirt and stockings, blouse no bra, no panties and high heels ok?” I nodded my head ok, and my heart started pounding. I started to look for an outfit like he asked, when he returned to the window, “What shoe size you are?”, I answered, “5”. “ Ok see you soon. Was his response. I was wondering what was going to happen tonight, I was scared but also excited. I picked out all sheer black pantyhose, a red tube top, and red miniskirt, and red 3 inch heels. I got dressed and went to my make-up table, and made myself up, with red eye shadow, my mothers false eyelashes , and a dark blue lipstick, Brushed my hair and took some perfume and sprayed my legs, and crotch, and the rest of my exposed body.

I knocked on his door, I was worried his wife was home, but she wasn’t. He led me to the dining room and another Latino man was there, he was also older much older. “This is my friend, he brought you something,’ handing me a box. I opened the box and pulled out a pair of patent red leather knee boots, with a 6 inch heel! “They are yours for letting my friend watch me take you peetures.” he said. The boots were so sexy, and scary. I never walked in heels over 4 inches and those were hard to walk in!. “Put them on, you look, so hot tonight baby!” he said as I slipped off my heels and put on the boots. Just sitting there in them was different, I was on my toes in them, I stood up and wobbled and held on to the dining room table. “Mmmm they look good on you, yours to keep ok?” I nodded my head. He grabbed his camera and headed into the living room. “Come on honey! I started to walk towards the living room, my right ankle gave out and I almost fell. “Ok baby, just stand there!” The flashed started going off, and he circled my a few times, got on his knees, and I knew what he wanted so I opened my legs as far as my skirt would allow me. He took about 4 rear shots and 10 front shots and 5 between my legs. “Oh honey your pussy looks so good in those!” I looked in the mirror on the wall and saw the difference the shoes made on my legs, and my ass jetted out and my back was arched so my tits stuck way out! Wow what a difference these shoes make. I started to unzip my skirt , slowly pulled it down inch by inch. I glanced at the older man sitting in the dining room. He gave me a big smile. The skirt fell to the floor and the flashed started again. I leaded over so he could get a good shot of my ass covered in black sheer nylon, run my hands over the cheeks and he squealed with delight,”Yes baby, that’s it more!” I rubbed my ass more and then down the outside of my hips, and across the top of my thighs, and then both between my legs. The older man got up and came into the room with us and sat down in a chair.”Sit on the couch, sit straight up and you hands on your knees!” I did as he requested. “Now do rub your legs like before!” Not sure what he meant, I rubbed the insides of my thighs with both hands, one on each leg. The camera was busy as I was getting more excited. The nylon felt so good on my legs and ass, and it was slightly moving on my pussy. “Take top off ok?”. I pulled down the red tube top and saw my hard nipples. The older man said something in Spanish, and they both talked for a moment. “Damn, puta! Those are the finest tits we have ever seen, play with them!” I pulled the tube top down to my waist in a roll. I cupped my breasts and squeezed them for several minutes and rolled the nipples with my fingers. I was getting wet and started to squirm in my seat. As the flashed and their discussion continued . “Play with yourself like today!’ he muttered. I slumped farther down and spread my legs wide, I slide my right hand from my tit and let it trail down, all the way to my pussy, I cupped it and ground my hand down on to it. He stopped taking pictures and went to reload, I was in the zone, I didn’t stop, I started moaning, and moving my ass in circles. My eyes were closed tight and I knew the older guy was watching me. That alone made me moan again. “I go get more film,” he said when he entered the room. He said something to the older man, and came over close to me and leaned down and said, “You let him touch your tits, these shoes he gave you cost 80 dollars, let him touch you while I go get film ok?” I just nodded, I was close to cumming, I closed my eyes and continued to rub my clit to get to climax. I felt the older man come over and sit next to me. He said, “I touch you breast?” I again just nodded. Here again I was, dressed like a slut, masturbating while old men watched, and now touched. The more disgusting I felt, the more excited I got.

He grabbed my tit and squeezed kinda hard, and then I felt his hot breath on it. I opened my eyes and saw him lower his lips to the nipple. He licked at it and it set shock waves through me. I had never had this done to me. He kissed the nipple, then slipped it in his hot mouth, and sucked on it. OMG the feeling was tremendous! It was like it was connected to my pussy, it made me wetter and my first climax started when he did it. I started to tremble, I closed my eyes tight I was moaning now almost constantly. I opened my eyes to watch his loose skinned face with age spots suck my tits, when I did it gave me another orgasm. So I kept my eyes open as he sucked my tit like a hunger baby. He opened his eyes and looked out of the corner of his eye and saw me watching him. He popped the nipple out of his mouth and moved his face to mine, and our lips met. He kissed me, and I was very reluctant and keep my mouth closed. He pressed hard on my lips, and slowly the passion over came me, I opened my mouth and let his tongue in, and then I savagely kissed him back, and the orgasms came one after another, the harder I came the harder I crushed and mashed my mouth on his. He finally broke our embrace and stood up, I was still cumming, he unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled out his cock. It was un-cut and small in size. He held it and motioned with his other hand to come here. I sat up and leaned forward and took it in my mouth and he let out a gasp. He said stuff in Spanish, as I moved my head back and forth on his hard cock. I still was rubbing my pussy. I bobbed on his cock about 20 times and he came in my mouth, I felt his cum shoot in thick globs in the back of my mouth. I swallowed it and let go of his cock with my lips. He still had his head back looking at the ceiling and then looked down and put his cock back in his pants. “Thank you!” he said. “No problem”. I replied, “Thank you for the boots!”. He just nodded. I sat up and leaned over to pull up my tube top. And got up to get my skirt in the middle of the room. I could not believe how hard I came, I couldn’t believe this was even happening .

He got back from the store, and the older guy was talking to him, gee I wish I learned Spanish I thought. The older man came up to me and said.”Good night” I dittoed it, and he left. “Now a few more peetures, and you must go”. “Please take off hose and boots and sit on couch”. I went to the couch and pulled off the boots and pantyhose. He came over and I pulled down the tube top, and spread my legs so he could get some shots. He took a few pictures and said, “Stay like that!”. He put the camera down and came over and got on his knees. His rough hands slide up and down my thighs. “You want to fuck me?” he asked looking me in the eyes. “I never fucked anyone before, I’m still a virgin!, I told him. “Really?, you never have cock?” I just shook my head no. “Ok no problem”, “You suck me again?” “Yes”, I said. He pulled his cock out of his pants, “But first I eat you pussy”. He spread my legs and put his head in between them. And put his hands under my ass which raised me up. He kissed my pussy, and with each kiss I jumped a little. “It will be ok it will feel real good”. The I felt his tongue on the outer lips, it felt like a hot flame licking at me. With each lick it went deeper into my lips, and darted in the hole, and then he pressed harder and his tongue was fucking my pussy. The room spun, and the flames spread through my body, I opened my legs farther as he lapped at my cunt. With out thinking I grabbed his head and held it while he found my clit and flicked it with the tip of his tongue, and wrapped his lips around it and sucked. I came several times and was about to come real hard when he stood up and jacked his cock a few times and shot his cum all over my thighs, I twitched and shook and let out a moan, and out his cock back in his pants. I was still finishing an orgasm when he said, “Go home, wife be home soon”. I sat up and started to get dressed, “You are my puta now, and you will everyday look in my window, if you see a red work rag in it, you will come over, I know when your parents are home so don’t try to make fool of me! Or daddy will see you peetures, and I will tell him how you suck cock!!, you understand?” I told him I did and left, The cum was running down my leg all the way home. I was still excited, and still extremely scared. The loud noise of fire works was in the air. I got home and wiped the cum off my thighs and legs. This was a Fourth of July I would never forget.

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2009-11-24 04:16:32
A fine story, but you could improve it by shortening some of the more ungainly paragraphs.


2009-09-19 10:46:21
HOT....EXCITING FUCKING STORY BABY ! ! You started out sucking cock's really young and you clearly loved it ! Now, your a 100% cock loving, cock sucking, cum eating slut and you clearly love it...And so do we !!!

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i kinda cant read anything... good story but you need to space it alittle better!

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OMG! That was sooo dirty. Please write part 2.

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