A mild mannered Doctor seeks his Destiny
A Strange Case...

30 July 2008: It began several years ago. I just hope it's not too late to make amends. I will attempt to write down all that happened; the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I'll brgin with my journal entries leading up to the events in question. May God have mercy on my soul....

10 July 2005: My genealogy search implies that perhaps Dr. Henry Jekyll of storied fame may indeed have been a real person, and an ancestor of mine. If such is the case, then a trip to London is in order. If not, then I'll go to London anyway. I could use a trip to Europe to help me relax.

26 July: Arrivred in Londay two days ago. Further research verifies the existence of one Doctor H. J. who made the news many years ago. He apparently died and left his estate to one Mr. E. H., to be kept in Mr. H's family in perpituity.

28 July: Mr. E. H.'s family line appears to have ended some 50 years ago, with the last surviving member bequeathing the remainder of the Dr. H. J. estate to Dr. J's family.

29 July: Met with several of Dr. J's descendents. They wish to divest themselves of the estate. Together, we delve into family records and discover that I am a long lost relative. They turn over the keys of the manor to me, along with many notebooks.

02 August: I have hired an assistant, Miss Julia O'Kelley, to help me catalog all the notebooks and paraphernalia in the manor. It will take several to sort through it all.

09 August: Miss O'Ke;lley is very efficient. What would have taken anyone else three months to do, she has done in only one. Such a work ethic goes well with me. It doesn't hurt that she is very well proportioned (at least 38C), tall (5' 9"), and slender, with long, flowing red hair and deep green eyes. She makes me wish I had the nerve to ask her on a date.

12 August: While looking through some of the notebooks, I begin to see that these are the notes of one Dr. Henry Jekyll. He makes many references to a Mr. Edward Hyde, and also references to a type of potion that Dr. J. had concocted. Obviously, the story was true, and Dr. J. WAS Mr. Hyde. If the formula exists in these books, it must be destroyed!!!

13 August: I found a hidden lab. There are many chemicals here, all labeled after the manner of the story. There are also some hastily scrawled notes here. They seem to be in reference to several of the notebooks....

16 August: Miss O'Kelley finishes packing all the "stuff," for lack of a better word. I will miss her, especially her pert behind and her ample front.

17 August: Miss O'Kelley accompanies me to Heathrow, to help me load all this stuff onto the airplane. She is wearing a very tight skirt that barely covers her butt, 3" heels that really flatter her exceptional legs, fishnet stockings, a blouse that looks to be at least two sizes too small, and a very nice sweater. Her hair is tied back in a tight bun. I give her a quick peck on the lips in good-bye; she returns it with a longing that can only be described as tender and passionate. Looking deep into her eyes, I do the only thing I can; I offer to extend her employment with me, but she will have to come to the States. She gets her bag (she had already packed) and boards the plane with me.

17 August (cont): The flight is uneventful; however, I cannot get over the fact that there is an absolutely beautiful woman sitting next to me. It would be highly unethical for me to attempt anything on this flight. That doesn't stop me from WANTING to kiss her full, luscious lips and fondle her ample breasts. Perhaps later....

10 September: Having arrived safely in New York, I realize that my interests would be best served moving to a relatively remote location. Researching the West Coast brings the possibility of a little city called Eureka, California. Close to two colleges; rather remote; decent weather. Miss o'Kelley and I arrive in Eureka this date. We take up residence in a largeish Victorian on the edge of town.

25 September: Miss O'Kelley seems distraught. She has worked very well for me, leaving me time to find Dr. J's formula in his notebooks. However, her manner of dress seems to become more revealing as the days go by....

31 October: EUREKA (no pun intended)!!!! I have found his formula!! I have begun trying to duplicate the formula for testing.

15 November: His notes were very clear, and I have duplicated his formula perfectly. I do not see how the formula could possibly work the way it did. Obviously, testing is required.

25 November: Test on lab rats show that the formula does indeed make the male more aggressive, stronger, and more appealing to the female.

30 November: Continued testing indicates the very strong possibility of psychological AND physical addiction. Also, the male rats tend to get more and more aggressive, if not outright violent, the more the formula is used.

10 December: Three of the males try to kill each other over the females....

12 December (5:00 pm): I have isolated the addicting factors of the formula and believe I have removed them. Thank God for modern laboratory equipment. I have prepared a full dose of the formula. I shall test the formula on myself....

13 December (7:00 pm): I had a wonderful night! I shall try to write down the details....


I felt totally transformed! Looking in a mirror, I noticed that I was a bit taller, thinner, and more muscular than before. I figured my clothes might not fit, so I went out and bought a new wardrobe for last night.

I went to a local nightclub known for being a singles place. I had never seen so many people gathered in one place, looking to make a connection with a member of the opposite gender. There were many women there, most barely dressed. I took a seat at a table away from the dance floor to observe the goings-on. After about a half-hour, a very attractive woman walked over and asked, "Why haven't you asked me to dance?"

"I'm not a very good dancer," I lamely replied.

"A handsome guy like you?" she said, her eyes wide open. "I don't believe it!!!"

"It's true," I said. "Two left feet and all...."

"Here's a slow song," she said. "EVERYONE can dance to a slow song." She took my hand and led me to the dance floor. She had on a skin-tight black dress that barely came below her well-formed tush. The low-cut bodice did little to hide her very ample breasts. In fact, I think if she bent over too far, those beautiful breasts (must be 38DD) would probably fall out. One could hope...

We danced close together for several songs. My hands roamed a little... OK, a LOT! She responded very favorably when I felt her butt. She kissed me full on the lips, pressing her tongue into my mouth. From her tender ministrations there on the dance floor, I was beginning to get aroused. I tried to respond likewise, but her lips and tongue were just too active. By the fourth consecutive slow dance, she was almost --AHEM-- fucking me on the dance floor. She whispered, very sexily, "Take me home. There's too many people here...."

I drove her to her home in downtown Eureka. She invited me in. After the door closed behind me, she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She again kissed me very passionately. She said, "I've wanted you from the moment you walked in the club. I don't know what it is about you, but I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard, fast, and repeatedly."

I have NEVER had a woman talk to me like that (I'm still a vitgin, even though I'm in my mid-30's), and that made me start to really get long and hard. She noticed the large bulge in my pants and said, "I guess you ARE happy that I'm here!!!" She then proceded to unzip my fly and take out my penis. Now, before the formula, I was only about 4" long and maybe 1" thick fully erect; another reason (apart from my not-too-good looks) that women usually don't show me anything. However, now I was a massive 11" long and 3" thick!!! I couldn't believe my eyes; neither could she!!!

"WOW!" she exclaimed. "I'm really going to enjoy this!!" She put the head of my monster penis at her lips, licked her full lips very provocatively, then began sucking it into her mouth. I didn't think it possible that any woman would be sucking on my penis, let alone doing it right there in her living room. I thought she wouldn't be able to get the full lwngth into her mouth, but she managed. She slowly sucked me, up and down my shaft; gently toungeing the tip of my head as I came out of her mouth; licking all over my -- dick; sucking my -- balls -- into her mouth....

After a minute or two, I'm afraid I ejaculated into her mouth. It felt like I had shot a gallon into her mouth, but she swallowed each and every drop that came out. "I'm sorry!" I said, in abject horror. "Don't worry about it. I'm good, but not THAT good! By chance," she asked, "are you still a virgin?"

"" I stammered.

"I'll take that as a yes. We're just getting's your name again?"

"Bill," I said. "Bill Peck."

"We're just getting started, Bill Peck. I'm sure you'll be fine in a few minutes," she said, with a wicked smile on her face. "now, maybe we should adjourn to a room a little bit more comfortable???" she inquired, walking slowly towards her bedroom, kicking off her shoes.

When we arrived in her bedroom, she helped me to remove my shirt and my T-shirt. I removed what passed for a bra (I thought she hadn't had one one under her dress). We sat on her bed, and I took off my shoes, socks, pants (crumpled around my ankles), and my shorts. I was totally naked; all she had on was a very skimpy, black, lacy panty that hid nothing. I leaned in toward her; she met me with a very sexy kiss. This time, I responded by gently thrusting my tongue into her mouth. She moaned a little. I gently fondled one of her breasts; she moaned louoder. Seeing her almost nude, I realized she was even bigger up top than I thought. I began teasing one of her nipples. She moaned even more' then broke the kiss. "I like that," she said. "Keep it up, and I bet it'll get up!"

She was right; I was rising to the occasion. I began kissing her neck; she really liked that. I continued down to her shoulders, and then followed her natural neckline around her colar bone down to her left breast. While I began to make a mini-meal of that 40EE wonder, I teased the nipple on her right breast. "Oh, God...." she said, breathing heavily, "that feels SOOOOO good....."

I pinched her right nipple as I gently bit her left one. "OOOHHHH!!!!! THAT"S GREAT" she exclaimed. "Don't stop...."

I began nibbling on her right breast now. I was also gently squeezing her left, staying away from her engorged nipple. Her right nipple was getting just as hard as her left, and she was begging me to bite it. "Not now," I said. "Shortly...."

Then I began slowly licking and kissing my way down her exquisite body to the top of her soaking panties. "I like it when a man licks me there," she said. "I really like it...."

I began kissing down the inside of her left leg, slowly teasing her skin as I went down that well-shaped leg. When I reached her ankle, I pulled off her left shoe, then her right. I kissed and licked around her ankle, then made my way up the outside of her left leg. She was moaning loudly, especially when I got to her thigh and began going acros sher belly to the right side. I then came down, gripped the hem of her panties, and kissed down the outside of her right leg, slowly pulling down that fabric patch that hid nothing. When I reached her ankle, I removed the panties, all soaked in her juices. I kissed around her ankle, then began slowly, tantalizingly, teasingly, up the inside of her right leg.

"OH GOD, PLEASE LICK ME!!!!" she was moaning as I neared her shaved vaginal lips. I had never seen such a pretty -- pussy -- as she had. She smelled musky; her nether lips were glistening with her juices. As I gently licked and sucked on her -- pussy --, she began screaming and thrashing on her bed. When I gently touched her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, she screamed, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!! GOD I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and her nether region slammed itself into my face!!!

She wiggled, writhed, and pushed her vagina against my tongue and lips for what seemed like hours, as she had an enormous orgasm rip through her body. When she stopped and fell on the bed, she smiled at me and said, "Are you SURE you're a virgin? No man has ever made me cum like that" She then got up, leaned down and kissed me fully on the lips, getting the taste of her own juices. "Mmmmm....," she said. "I'll bet we taste great together...."

She saw that I had arisen to the occasion and said, "I told you that you'd be ready. Get up here." She helped me get on the bed, had me lie down on my back, and purred, "Just relax, honey. This is going to feel great!!" She then straddled my waist, reached down, took hold of my manhood, and slowly impaled herself on me. "Oooohhh," she purred, "you're huge!!! This may take a little while...." She leaned over me and put those mammoth mammaries in my face. "Help me by sucking my tits," she said. Geatefully, I complied with her request. I began licking and sucking and nibbling on her nipples, making them grow long and hard (about 1 1/2 inches long). She began lubricating herself again, and she slowly lowered more of herself onto me, taking my penis deep into her womanhood. She slowly lifted herself until only my -- dick's -- head was in her -- pussy --, then dropped her hips, forcing more of me into her. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH........ so big..... don't know... if I can... take all of you... in me....." she was saying. I was sure I would tear her open, but I didn't care. All I wanted was to be in her as far as was humanly possible. I began feeling more and more sexually powerful with each stroke she was making. I began thrusting up to meet each of her downstrokes, filling her pussy to its capacity. Soon, we were fucking in a great rhythm, my enormous cock pistoning in and out of her as she went up and down on me.

"OH GOD.... I'M GETTING CLOSE!!!!" she wailed as I pushed her off my dick. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" she screamed. "NOT WHEN I'M SO FUCKING CLOSE!!"

I pulled her up on her knees and slammed my cock into her from behind. "Here's where you get the fucking of your life, slut!!!" I said, and began slamming my cock in and out of her cunt like a runaway express train. "OOOOHHHHHH GGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!" she wailed...

After a few minutes, she screamed, "I"M GONNA CUMMMMMMMMM!" Then, an explosion happened around my cock. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!! GGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!!!!! SSSSSHHHHHIIIITTTT!!!!!!!" She began cumming so hard, she squirted female juices out from her cunt. Then, it happened for me, I exploded into her quim. "I"M CCCCCCUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!" I screamed, releasing what seemed like gallons of boiling hot cum into her wet, sore, hot pussy.

"WAIT!!!" she yelled, desparately pulling herself off my still-hard and cumming cock. "I want that on my tits and face!!!" She turned around as I pinched my cock to stop the flow, positioned herself in front of me, and opened her mouth wide. I released my cock and spurted more cum into her mouth than she could stand; the rest went on her face and tits.

She swallowed all of it in her mouth; she rubbed the rest into her face and tits, saying, "I really like a cum facial...." She winked at me and gave me her phone number. "Call me when you recover," she said. "Virgins usually recover quite quickly...."


13 December (cont): She introduced me to a world I only dreamed about. I would like to do that again, perhaps with more than one woman....

END Part 1

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2013-04-27 11:31:50
My GOD!!!!!! I got so fucking horny from this!!!! I just love a man who can seem so innocent and yet is dominant, one that likes a nice hard 'n fast pace, who also has a gigantic cock. Keep writing stories like this one!! PLEASE!!!

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2008-12-25 11:28:27
you should make him progessively become addicted to the serum, getting more and more agressive et direct, he will build confidence and get to a point of no return


2008-10-14 14:08:33
Part 2 should be posted in a few days. I just finished writing it and put it in for validation. I hope you enjoy it.

Any suggestions for the Good Doctor's name? I keep drawing a blank. And, please, no derivations of Jekyll, thank you.


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I'm working on Part 2. Let me know if you want to see more....


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