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My Son's Girlfriend Continued. (Might want to read the first story with the same name first. This is quite a long story but I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. This story is dedicated to Heather, Larry,Likker69 and all the other readers who liked the first part and wanted more
The next few weeks were an exciting time for me. Frustrating as hell but very exciting, having a beautiful teenage girl flirting with you and making it obvious she wants you. Danni loved to tease me and she seemed to have a knack for choosing just the right moment and never getting caught. If my wife was looking for something in her handbag then Danni would lick her lips suggestively, if Iain was sitting on the sofa she would give him a goodnight kiss and while smothering him in little kisses, all the while she was bent over her ass would be inches from my face. Her showy display of affection for Iain seemed very convincing and it took all my strength not to stare at her ass or reach out and slip my fingers into her wet pussy. I knew it was wet because I thought I could almost smell how excited she was. If we were all watching the telly and my wife went to the toilet, Danni would suggest to Iain he make a cup of tea. As soon as he had gone Danni would flip the skirt up she was wearing and pulling her thong to one side start fingering her pussy and clit. I was transfixed; sometimes she would slip a finger inside and take it to her mouth where she would lick and suck it clean. I desperately wanted to dive in between her legs and stick my tongue in where her finger had been. Danni flipped her skirt down just as my wife came back into the room and Iain returned with tea for everyone. Me I was left trying to hide a huge hard on and not act all flustered.

Danni was getting more brazen, one day I was having a piss when I felt Danni press up behind me and wrap her small hand around my cock "Let me do that for you" She said seductively and gently aimed my piss into the toilet bowl. When I stopped peeing she then shook my cock before slowly stroking it up and down until it was positively throbbing. I soon became rock hard and wanted Danni to finish me off but as soon as the first drops of pre-cum formed on the tip of my penis Danni just used her finger to spread it over the head before letting go of my cock I spun round to see Danni give me a wicked smile then lick her finger before leaving. I quickly flushed and struggled to put my still hard cock back into my jeans I was determined to shoot my load and was going to Danni's room so that she could finish what she had started. As I made my way there I met my wife coming up the stairs. "Why so serious" Sue asked innocently

"Oh nothing I didn't realise I was frowning" I gave Sue a kiss and said "All the better for seeing you though" Sue giggled as she felt my hard cock press into her "Save that for later big boy"

And that's exactly what I did, if Danni was going to tease me then the only way to get my own back was to fuck my wife good and hard. I pulled out all the stops to make Sue cum hard, often and loudly. I would pound Sue's wet pussy for ages to make Sue scream as her orgasm washed through her body. I even took to slapping her arse a few times just to get a more vocal response from Sue. Okay I might have been thinking about Danni while I ground my hips against Sue's wet pussy but as I unloaded my spunk deep into my wife I would shout "Oh fuck yes, that was great.... You're so beautiful" knowing Danni was listening in the other room I hoped she would be fingering herself furiously and craving my cock even more. Sue benefited from Danni's teasing even if she didn't realise why, I would fuck Sue twice at night and even started some early morning fucks while Sue was still half asleep. I reasoned that if I filled my wife with cum in the morning then it didn't matter how much Danni teased. This is why, I think, Sue didn't notice or mind that Danni was flirting with me as I was still having regular and good sex with her. Not the usual behaviour for someone who is cheating

I desperately wanted to fuck Danni again but I couldn't do it at home as the risk of getting caught was too high. I had swapped mobile numbers with Danni. In my phone I had put her number against my name so it would not arouse any suspicion with my wife if she saw I had been texting someone called Pete. I made sure I deleted all messages but could easily say there were about football or something. Danni had done something similar with my number putting it against a girl's name. I would get the occasional photo from her; a hard nipple or panty covered crotch. She was careful not to have her face in the photo, and then she would text me telling me what she wanted me to do to her. I'd text her back telling her exactly what I wanted to do with whatever body part she had just photographed and sent me.

Danni was looking particularly foxy one day. She had her blonde hair in pigtails and she was wearing a plaid mini skirt, white knee high socks, a white t-shirt was stretched tightly across her breasts and you could clearly see the outline of her lacy bra underneath. She looked every inch the teen temptress and was driving me to distraction. I just couldn't take my eyes off her and had a permanent lump in my jeans. I decided to hide in my shed for a while pretending the lawnmower needed something doing to it, before I lost complete control and jumped on Danni right in front of my wife or at the very least cum in my boxer shorts. About 20 min later the door opened and Danni walked in. She had thoughtfully brought me a cup of tea while I was working out in my cold shed; at least that is what Sue and Iain would think that she was doing her good deed for the day. Seeing Danni standing before me with her rock hard nipple poking through her bra and t-shirt was just too much. Within seconds we were kissing passionately. I slipped my hand up Danni's thigh and under her skirt. My fingers searching for the soft folds of her moist pussy. I met no resistance and eased her thong to one side while rubbing my fingers along her teenage slit. Feeling the sticky wetness before pushing my fingers deeper into her and using my thumb on her hard clit. Danni gasped and I knew she would soon be close to cumming. Her hand rubbed my stiff cock through my jeans while her other hand squeezed her breast. I kissed along Danni's neck and nibbled her ear. It was enough to take her over the edge as her body shock with pleasure and her knees went weak. As she slipped to the ground my finger came out of her dripping pussy and I offered my fingers to her mouth which she eagerly sucked clean. Her hand was still on my cock when I said "Danni I gotta cum, you have to help me"

Tugging at my jeans I pulled them down enough so Danni could see my stiff cock straining against my boxers. She reached in and gently rubbed it up and down. "Suck me" I growled wanting to shoot my load in Danni's warm mouth. She rubbed my cock around her face but still wouldn't put in her mouth. In frustration I grabbed a pigtail. Danni gasped in shock and I rubbed my cock over her lips before sticking it into her mouth. I was close to cumming and could feel the cream churning and rising in my balls but Danni still wouldn't suck me as I wanted her to, so keeping a hold on Danni's hair I jerked my own cock as hard as I wanted and within seconds grunted as I shot steams of hot spunk into Danni's mouth and over her face. As I drained the last bit of spunk from cock Danni muttered "Bastard"

"Suck it clean" I responded still angry and holding her hair so she could not stand up. She glared at me hard for a few seconds before opening her mouth and licking my cock clean. I let go of her hair and scooped up some of the thick creamy spunk from her face and fed it into her mouth. Taking my handkerchief from my pocket I gently wiped the rest of the spunk from Danni's face. I now felt very guilty and mumbled a half hearted apology but I was still angry from her refusal to suck me in the first place so in fact I wasn't sorry at all as I tucked my satisfied cock away again.

"We should talk later" Said Danni as she turned and left the shed.

I did say sorry again this time with more feeling but I think she was too far away to hear me I hadn't meant to be so rough and was worried that Danni would call our affair off. Perhaps she would tell Iain or worse my wife, God no, I really hoped she wouldn't do that.

Back in the house for dinner I wondered nervously if Danni had said anything, everything seemed normal. Danni came down and she had changed again. She was now wearing a Juicy pink velour tracksuit. It could look unflattering on some girls but on Danni, with her blonde hair it just looked hot. The zip at the front was down far enough to see the curve of her breasts. She must have been wearing some sort of Wonder bra because her breasts looked bigger almost as if they could pop out at any moment. When she turned round the velour material clung to her bum like a second skin and I wondered if she was wearing any knickers. Danni looked relaxed and smiled sweetly at me. I smiled back, relieved and gave her a wink just as Iain came down and Sue called everyone into the dinning room. Dinner passed without any of the awkward atmosphere I had expected although it was difficult not to look down Danni's top each time she lent forward.

The next morning I was downstairs early having my usual cigarette in the kitchen when Danni appeared in just a long t-shirt. She looked serious and said in a low voice "I'm sorry about yesterday" I apologised again as well but Danni agreed she had teased me more than usual but that hearing my wife's moans had made her feel extra horny all day. She also explained that she knew wasn't very good at giving blow jobs because an ex-boyfriend had demanded it when he was drunk and while she was trying to get him hard, sucking his tiny cock with all her might, he had just pissed in her mouth without warning. Although she knew I wouldn't do that to her she now had a problem giving blow jobs. She wanted to know if I would help her and of course I agreed. We both knew we had to meet up away from my house and Danni said she thought she could use friends flat. She said she was going to sort something out in the next couple of days and to make sure I kept my evenings free. It would be something she was sure I would enjoy; in fact we would both enjoy.

I readily agreed. Danni got up and before she left she grasped the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it up to her shoulders revealing her naked body underneath. My cock thickened as she idly played with her left nipple. I got up with my cock pointing out from my boxers and started to suck her other nipple. My hand travelled down her body and caressed her pert arse before sliding a finger between her cheeks. She spread her legs to give me better access and I rubbed my finger along her moist teenage mound before working my way back up to her puckered hole and gently massaging my finger around. "Stop that you're making me horny. Danni pushed me away as she said "I've got to get back before Iain finishes his shower..... And put that thing away (pointing to my rock hard cock and covering her gorgeous body with her t-shirt again) before Sue wants it"

I walked over to the fridge and opened the door hoping the cool air would shrink my hard on, I idly wondered what Danni could sort out so we could have a few hours alone. The next two days passed very slowly. Danni was back at her parents house so I didn't have to endure her in your face flirting but I did still get some very naughty pictures and texts from Danni. My favourite picture had to be the black thong pooled around her ankles. It looked so sexy imagining Danni sitting on the toilet thong around her ankles and rubbing her hard clit like a woman possessed, sometimes less is more. I also sent her a picture of my hard cock straining against my boxers and telling her how it was going to make her cum so hard before filling her with my spunk.

So two nights later I was sitting on the sofa with Sue, Iain was out with some of his mates and the phone went about half past seven. I jumped but Sue was first to get up. I really thought I should have answered the phone but as it was, it worked out well. Sue looked concerned as she said "Calm down Danni and tell me where you have broken down, of course Pete won't mind. I glad you called us" Sue put the phone down. "Get your tools love, Danni is out with her friend tonight and her car has broken down. Danni rung us as her friend doesn't have any breakdown cover"

"But we were going to spend a quiet evening in on our own" I protested

"Just go, you can't leave the poor girls stranded. And anyway the sooner you go the sooner you get back to me" She smiled.

I smiled back and went to get my jacket and tools "Here you'll need this, Danni was in a bit of state but I've written down the road they are in"

With the bit of paper in hand I went to my car, spending the evening fixing some else's car wasn't quite the quality time with Danni I had expected. I was disappointed because she was with her friend so there was no way I could get any action tonight.

I soon pulled up at the address on the paper; I expected to see a car with the hazard lights on with its bonnet up but no nothing. Where were they? I became worried perhaps something had happened to them. I checked the paper but the address was correct. Perhaps it had started and they had continued on their way? Surely they would have called me first? Just then my phone rang; the name on the screen was 'Pete'

"Danni where are you?" I asked concerned

"Don't sound so worried I'm fine just get in your car take the next right and pull up next to the silver Audi? Then come to Flat 4, I'll be waiting for you" with that Danni rang off.

I could see the right turn about fifty yards ahead I could even see the silver Audi parked in front of the house. I jumped in the car and soon I was standing outside ringing the bell for Flat 4. The buzzer went and I quickly ran up the flight of stairs to where Flat 4 was. The door was open so I gently pushed it open and called out "Danni ...Danni ....Where are you" I noticed the flat was very expensively decorated as I walked through into the living room.

I heard some giggling and followed the sound to where it was coming from. Opening this door I was confronted by what can only be described as a pink boudoir, the carpet was a deep pink shag pile, the walls were pink, and the lighting was soft and only added to the warm feeling of the room. In the middle of the room was a huge bed covered with a pink satin bedspread. On top of that was a naked Danni embracing another naked girl. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn't dreaming. The girl who I didn't know, was a stunner, Long dark hair, large firm breasts (fake ones as noticeable from the small scars underneath but I wasn't going to quibble), long, long dancer's legs, a fabulous tight ass and an all over golden tan. My jaw just dropped open as I couldn't believe the sight before me.

Danni spread her legs showing me her now shaved pussy with just a little strip of pubes above it. "Do you like it?" She asked "Anna did it for me" With that Anna opened her legs and showing her completely bald pussy as she smiled at me.

"This is Anna" Danni formally introduced her "She's a lap dancer and she has been teaching me some very sexy dance moves" Getting up off the bed, Danni said "Don't stand there with your mouth open.... You look like you're catching flies. Here swallow this" popping a little blue pill into my mouth "You're going to need it" And then kissed me.

I swallowed the pill without even asking what it was as Danni started to tug at my clothes. "Come on get naked, Anna needs some of your special attention"

As I removed my clothes I was still in a daze but Danni explained that Anna had never had an orgasm from oral sex with a man only with a woman and that if I made Anna cum then she would teach Danni how to suck a cock properly, give a hummer and deep throat. The broken down car was all forgotten about as it had just been a ruse to get me here. I was soon naked and climbed onto the bed between Anna's spread legs. My cock was already hard but I had a job to do before I could satisfy his needs.

Danni and Anna began to kiss again. It really is the most erotic sight watching two women kiss, so sensual, soft and sexy. I could hardly take my eyes off them as I began my long slow strokes along Anna's tanned legs caressing every millimetre of them with my fingertips while Danni turned her attention the firm proud titties of Anna. Her dark nipples were already rock hard as Danni took one of them between her pink lips and began to suck on it then flicking the hard tip with her tongue. I continued my slow caresses but now edging closer and closer to her pussy. Anna was moaning in pleasure with the dual attention. Her pussy was quite different to Danni's there appeared to be no visible lips just a smooth slit with some moisture around it. I really wanted to spread that slit apart and see just how pink the inside was and taste her sweet juice. I started the gentle circles on the inside of her thighs as Danni continued to work her magic on Anna's large breasts.

I started to lick up the inside of Anna's thighs, blowing on the area and licking again. Anna moaned loudly and Danni giggled "I told you he was good ....and he hasn't even touched your pussy yet" That seemed to excite Anna more as she moaned even louder. I was now close to Anna's pussy and could see the sticky moisture along the slit. I still didn't touch it but just breathed my warm breath around her mound. Anna arched her hips upwards seeking my mouth while I continued my fingertip caresses around her mound. I used my thumbs to spread Anna open and she was every bit as pink and wet I had thought she would be. I lapped and traced small circles on each pink inner lip with my tongue before venturing further in side her. While Anna was moaning I was looking for her clit before finally seeing it. It was tiny, hiding away at the top of her pussy. But it was definitely there small, hard and now very dark pink. No wonder Anna didn't usually orgasm with men as I doubt they would have taken the time to find her clit before wanting to stick their cocks in her and getting themselves off while leaving Anna unsatisfied. Danni moved down so she was face to face with me above Anna's pussy. We kissed. A passionate long kiss just inches above Anna's steaming pussy. "Oh God, please suck my pussy" Anna cried

"I just love to taste Anna" Said Danni as she broke our kiss "Now I think someone needs you"

I looked down as Anna jerked her hips up almost begging me to feast on her pussy.

I was now completely focussed on my goal. I wouldn't be able to suck on Anna clit like Danni's but I could flick the tip of my tongue over it. Releasing my thumbs I used one to pull back on the top of Anna's pussy. I knew her pleasure pearl was just inside so I begun to gently lick my tongue over it in little circles. With my other hand I slipped a finger slowly into her pussy. Anna arched her back as I twisted my finger inside of her. The tight wetness of Anna's pussy gripped my finger and I slipped another one inside as I got to work on her g-spot while flicking my tongue over and around her clit. Anna bucked her hips as her pleasure built up. I was going to be in for a rough ride and she was obviously quite strong from all that dancing. I tried hard to keep contact with her clit and continued to massage her g-spot with my fingers. Danni had sat back admiring the erotic sight in front of her as her friend continued to moan and rose to a crushing peak.

"Ohh Goddd ....Yesss I cumming" Screamed Anna bucking her hips violently. I just managed to hold on and keep flicking my tongue when Anna's orgasm hit her and she screamed out loud, her whole body shock as if she was being electrocuted. Her pussy gripped my fingers so tightly I thought they would turn blue, I stopped working her clit and as Anna's pussy finally began to relax I gently eased my fingers in and out a few times causing Anna to go into another shuddering orgasm, her juices squirted from her hot sticky pussy. This time I slid my fingers out completely and my whole hand was covered in Anna's cum. Danni grabbed it and eagerly sucked my fingers and hand clean before diving between Anna's legs and lapping up the juices that now covered her thighs. Anna moaned again as Danni's tongue caused a third huge orgasm to ripple through her body. Then with her lips covered in girl cum Danni slowly slid up Anna's body until face to face they kissed passionately again. My cock was rock hard at the sight and I was tempted to jack off right then and shoot my spunk over both of them but just then Danni rolled off of Anna and looking at me said "Don't worry Pete we're all yours now"

Anna propped herself up on the bed. "Pete that was great you were better much than some of my girlfriends"

"Thanks" I replied, I didn't really know what else to say not being used to getting such complements

"I'm going to give you the best blowjob you have ever had now. I want you to shoot your spunk right down my throat. Danni's going to watch then have a go herself" Continued Anna.

Danni smiled and nodded her head.

"Stand up, I'm going to get on my knees and Danni can watch from the bed" Said Anna

With Anna on her knees I walked up to her my cock hard and bobbing in front of me. With the tip of my cock just and inch away from her lips Anna smiled her dazzling simile and taking my cock in her hand gently rubbed it up and down with a slight circular motion. She then rubbed it over her face and slapped my hard cock against her face. "Ohh I going to enjoy sucking this hard cock, I hope those big balls have plenty of spunk for me to swallow" before engulfing the head in her warm wet mouth. Anna sucked on the head hard for a few seconds before taking her tongue and licking all the way down one side of my shaft then back up to the head. Her tongue flicked over and around the head. She licked over the hole at the very top then Anna licked her way back down the other side until she got my hairy balls. Putting her lips close to one Anna sucked the ball into her mouth and licked her tongue around the ball while my cock rested on Anna's face. She then started to hum and the gentle vibrations caused a pleasant tingle to run through my ball. My cock twitched in appreciation and Anna then repeated this process on the other ball. It felt so good that I had to work hard not to cum right there.

Then using just the tip of her tongue Anna worked her way back up to the head of my cock and took it back in her mouth.

Danni was lying on her stomach just inches from where all this was happening and watching intently

With the head of my cock in her mouth Anna stuck her tongue out and rubbed it across the little bit of skin where the foreskin attaches to the underside of my cock. I moaned in pleasure and Danni smiled as she made the same movement with her tongue. Then Anna started to take more of my cock in her mouth. Sucking firmly but not so hard as to be uncomfortable with about half of my cock in her mouth I was a very happy man and I held Anna's head gently in my hand. Anna looked up at me and smiled as she took my cock from her mouth and started to rub it in both hands "Having fun" She asked me "Not going cum just yet are we?"

"No not yet .....Everything you do feels so good though" I replied as I reached down to feel Anna's breasts to squeeze her hard nipples

Anna continued to stroke my thick shaft with one hand as she took my cock back into her mouth so that it was near the back of her throat. Then completely without warning Anna just pushed a bit harder and slid her mouth right down so that the whole of my cock was buried in her throat. Anna's tongue came out and tickled my balls before easing back up. My whole body stiffened as I tried not to cum just yet. But Anna said "I want you to relax and blow you load deep down in my throat" while looking at me and still stroking my cock

As Anna worked her way back down my shaft her warm soft mouth sucking and massaging my cock. She pushed further on and my cock was now several inches down her throat and her nose buried in my pubes. I could feel my balls churning as Anna licked them and I was close to blowing my load but Anna obliviously thought I needed extra encouragement as she started to massage my asshole with her finger. I'm not sure if that made any difference but what started as a deep low moan from me turned into a roar and I shouted "I'm Cumming .... I'm fucking cumming" My hand pulled Anna's head harder onto my cock, if it was possible to do so, as my balls tighten and unleashed what felt like a gallon of hot spunk straight down Anna's throat. I even thought my legs might give way but Anna didn't miss a beat with each blast of my spunk she gulped as it went straight into her belly. After four or five hard spurts Anna eased off my still hard cock and started jacking my cock twisting her hand up and down my shaft "My God I didn't think he would come that MUCH" She said smiling and turning to Danni

"I know and it's good to see that Viagra is working" Said Danni looking at my rock hard cock which Anna was still stroking up and down.

I reached over and started to run my finger around Danni's now smooth pussy with her puffy lips. I dipped my finger in-between the lip and felt the wetness inside. She purred in pleasure as I then used my finger to trace little circles around her clit. From nowhere I felt myself cumming again and another spurt of cum shot out of my cock and landed on Anna's face. Danni leaned over and licked creamy spunk from Anna's cheek before kissing her full on the mouth.

With no stimulation from Anna my cock did now start to soften but not for long as it was Danni's turn to suck it back to full size and she quickly stood up. I kissed her and nuzzled her neck telling how sexy she was and how great she had looked with Anna. She looked at me with those blue eyes of hers "I think you need to sit down while I get to work on your cock" as she motioned me down and got onto her knees between my legs. Anna meanwhile lay on the bed so she could watch and guide Danni. Taking my limp cock in her hand Danni began to stroke it up and down. I really didn't think anything would happen after cumming twice already however Anna told Danni to use both hands and to gently roll my limp cock between them. Just like she was rolling a cigar. Danni carried on rolling up, then down the effect was lovely and sure enough my cock gradually began to fill with blood as it thickened and hardened between her soft hands. When fully erect Danni stopped rolling and put the head in her mouth, the warm wetness was added to by Danni rolling her tongue around the head as Anna had done. Danni then traced her tongue down the hard shaft so she could lick and suck my hairy balls. Taking one in her mouth Danni started to hum. She ended up giggling as she said it tickled so she gave up on that and went back to stoking my cock. When it was good and hard again Danni put the head in her mouth and gradually worked her way down lower, before long my cock was touching the back of Danni's mouth and she pulled back.

Anna encouraged her " That's it, get it good and wet first then push down and when his cock is touching the back of your throat take a big swallow and push down at the same time" while she stroked Danni's hair. Danni looked back up at me, smiled and started to swallow my cock. I could feel her tongue sliding down my shaft until it could go no further. I moaned then smiled warmly at Danni to show I was enjoying what she was doing and to encourage her, then keeping her blue eyes fixed on me Danni pushed down and swallowed at the same time and the head of my cock slid further down her throat. Danni pulled back quickly and gasped as her throat was clear again. Anna reached out and hugged her shoulders "Well done Danni, you were actually deep throating Pete's cock then"

"It felt fantastic Danni" I added.

Danni obviously pleased with the reaction went for another go. I soon felt the back of Danni's mouth and then it just opened up as Danni pushed down harder. Another gulp and another inch went down Danni's throat, another gulp and Danni's nose was almost in my pubes. Danni had to pull back as she was running out of air and took big breaths when my cock was out and wiped the drool from her mouth. Danni was smiling broadly, pleased with what she had achieved. Anna was clapping and I just wanted to fuck Danni. But Danni wanted another go, rubbing my slick cock Danni slid her lips down the shaft, Danni had her hands on my hips so as my cock hit the back of her throat and she swallowed she could also push me closer to her. This time my cock easily slid down her throat and Danni's nose was buried in my pubes while her tongue tried to lick my balls. All too soon Danni pulled back and took some deep breaths again as Anna cheered and I was like the cat that got the cream with just the biggest smile ever. Danni was so pleased that she promised me plenty of blow jobs from now on.

I offered my hand and said "Get up Danni I want to bury this hard cock of mine deep in your pussy" As Danni got on the bed Anna motioned her into a 69 position with Danni on top. Danni turned to me and said "Don't cum in my pussy yet I want you to save it for later"

Before I could respond Anna said "Come on Pete fuck her pussy while I lick Danni's clit"

How could I refuse? I knelt behind Danni and lined my cock up with her dripping wet pussy. Anna held her lips open and Danni shivered with expectation and I knew she was close to cumming already as Anna started to lick around her clit while I rubbed the head of my cock the entrance to her pussy before slipping just the head inside. I could feel Danni's pussy gripping my cock trying to force it deeper inside but I held still with only a gentle rocking motion to tease Danni.

"Pleeease .... Pleeease fuck me" Begged Danni. And with that I slowly but purposefully pushed deeper into Danni.

I didn't stop or pull back but continued until my balls were dangling above Anna who started to lick them. Danni groaned in pleasure and I started to pull back, my cock, glistening with her wetness. I did four more long strokes before doing some short hard jabs. I couldn't see what Danni was doing to Anna's pussy but it wasn't long before Anna was groaning and saying "Lick my pussy ....I'm cumming" as Danni's talented tongue brought her to orgasm.

I continued to thrust hard and Danni's body quivered, Anna was focussed on Danni's clit now and I was fucking her pussy. I pulled back and thrust in again as Danni screamed while she orgasmed. Her whole body shock and her pussy massaged my cock trying to make me cum but I held still and then recited as many names as I could remember from England's World Cup winning Football team of 1966 anything to delay me cumming, I managed six names in all. I felt some of Danni's juices spurt out from around my cock and onto Anna's face. It took a while for Danni to calm down but when she did I started to stroke my cock into her once more. Long deep strokes were alternated by short fast thrusts. With Anna working on Danni's clit it wasn't long before Danni's moans increased as another orgasm washed through her body. I had to pull out as I was so close to cumming again now and told Danni so. .... This time I managed eight names before my cock started to wilt.

Anna however had continued sucking Danni's clit causing more small orgasms to crash through her body. "No more please Anna" gasped Danni "I've got to give Pete his special treat"

Special treat I thought, as if this wasn't special enough, my first threesome. Anna slid from underneath Danni, her face covered in girl cum. "I'll get a shower so you two can be alone for a while ....have fun " Smiled Anna as she got up and left the bedroom.

"You know I love it when you cum in my pussy" Said Danni lying on the bed with her legs spread. I could see her puffy pussy lips dripping with juice and her small pink asshole. "But your special treat tonight is to take my anal virginity" She smiled as she reached for some lube and rubbed some on my now semi hard cock and then squeezed some around her tight little pink hole using her finger to massage and work the lube inside. "You do want to do this for me Pete" Danni asked as she had one slim finger working in and out of her arse.

"Absolutely, Danni I don't know what to say it's such a special thing for you to give me" I replied.

"Are you ready to slip your hard cock into my tight little asshole?" Asked Danni

I nodded and my rock hard cock bobbed in agreement, I said "Are you sure Danni" but I didn't get a proper reply just Danni rolling over and getting onto her knees and spreading her perfect bum cheeks to show me her wet pussy topped with a tiny puckered pink hole glistening with lube. I lined the head of my cock up against the tight pink ring. "Just hold still" Danni told me "And let me push back." she continued.

I held still and slowly rubbed Danni's bum cheeks as I felt Danni pushing back. I continued to caress and then grip her bum cheeks as she kept the pressure on my cock. I saw Danni grip the bedspread harder as her knuckles went white. I didn't think my cock would go in and the pressure on my cock had begun to feel uncomfortable but I held firm when all of a sudden Danni's arse opened up and stretched itself around the head of my cock. I continued to rub Danni's ass cheeks as I felt her body relax again,

I really needed to start fucking her. I wanted to feel every millimetre of my cock inside Danni but I waited until Danni pushed back some more. "Okay you can start to fuck me with that big hard cock of yours now" said Danni.

So I pushed in a few inches before pulling back and then pushing forward again each time going slightly deeper. Danni started to moan in pleasure as she pushed back against my thrusts. I got deeper and deeper inside Danni's arse until my balls were resting against her puffy pussy lips. "Ohh My God .... I feel so full" Moaned Danni. I jerked my cock and Danni began to rotate her hips slowly around my cock as I continued to fuck her ass. This time it was my turn to let out a pleasurable moan as I started to fuck Danni's arse faster and harder while she continued to bump and grind on my cock.

Danni's arse felt great, not better than her pussy as that felt velvet smooth but different and tighter too. The spunk was beginning to boil in my balls; Danni began to scream in pleasure as I reached round and began to rub her clit with my thumb. As Danni began to shake I knew her body was orgasming. I couldn't hold back anymore as I pounded Danni harder than I probably should have as it was her first time "Here it comes Danni" I groaned as I pushed deep into her ass and I blasted a stream of hot spunk into her. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through Danni's body and I felt her ass spasm around my hard cock this was too much for me and with a loud roar of pleasure I unleashed another hot, heavy load of spunk deep into Danni's teenage arse. I wanted to pull out but Danni's arse was still spamming and gripping my cock tightly, milking every last drop of spunk out of me. I think Danni's orgasm lasted several minutes before her head slumped against the bedspread totally spent and moaning in pleasure. My cock was going soft so I gently eased from Danni, as the head popped out, Danni's once tight ass was now a gaping pink hole from which a river of creamy white spunk flowed down to her pussy and then onto the satin bedspread. Danni just rolled on her side, still too sensitive to touch with more of my spunk dribbling from her arse.

Anna came back into the room with wet hair and wearing a short silky bathrobe "You'd better clean up while Danni recovers" She said.

I bent down and gave Danni a kiss on her shoulder "Thank you Danni that was just amazing" I whispered in her ear before going with Anna to the bathroom to clean my sore cock.

I was careful not to have a shower as I didn't want to arouse any suspicion with my wife so Anna kindly filled the basin and gently soaped my limp cock, washing it clean for me. I started to caress Anna's pert bottom under her robe and told her how beautiful she was and how great her tits are. She looked at me and told me that she had a boyfriend but he while didn't mind her fucking with other girls he was the only man she would sleep with. It was only as a favour to Danni that she had given me a blowjob. I was enjoying the sensation of Anna washing my cock so I continued the conversation asking her what positions she liked. Anna preferred to be on top and yes her boyfriend could slip his cock into her her arse on special occasions. She hoped I would understand and as she had explained this me my cock had stiffened and I was now caressing Anna's large breasts and hard nipples. I did understand even if I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't get the chance to shoot my spunk deep into Anna. I moved my hand down and could feel the stickiness of Anna's pussy and it was clear she was becoming aroused. My cock was rock hard again. Slipping her bathrobe off Anna got some more soap in her hand and started to jerk my cock much quicker. Twisting her hand around the shaft Anna used her other hand to tickle my balls. Anna kept stroking my hard cock and took her other hand she sucked her index finger before reaching behind me searching for my asshole as before. This time instead of just massaging it in little circles Anna slipped her finger inside the puckered ring and twisted around inside. I didn't think it would be possible but with this extra stimulation I could feel my balls tighten as the need to cum became urgent and with a moan of pleasure I shot two small jets of hot white spunk over Anna's hard nipples. Anna pushed her boobs up and licked my spunk from them. She gave me a hug and thanked me again for the wonderful orgasm I had given her earlier but it was me who should really be thanking her for teaching Danni how to give blow jobs.

When we came back into the bedroom Danni was still lying naked of the bed but with a dreamy look in her eyes. I started to get dressed and Danni said "Is it time for you to go?"

"Yes I'm afraid so my wife will be wondering where I got to" I replied.

"I'll tell her you did a wonderful job ....My Hero" Smiled Danni

I caressed Danni's bum "How are you feeling now?" I inquired

"It was kinda painful at first but I really liked it when you came in my ass Pete. It was a really intense orgasm, I still leaking your cum even now" With that Danni got off the bed and threw her arms around me giving me a big hug and a kiss and whispered "I love you Pete" in my ear.

"I love you too" I whispered back

As Danni went to get a shower I kissed Anna and left the flat.

Sitting in my car I could hardly believe what had just taken place. I felt guilty about deceiving my wife but I knew that what Danni had given me was very special. For her to give me her anal virginity was obviously a very big step. At that moment I wanted to be with Danni more than anything in the world, however the enormity of the situation hit me and I felt very guilty about Iain; my lovely wife Sue. God what a mess I had gotten myself into. It would be a long lonely drive home.

Over the next few weeks I continued to see Danni at least once or twice a week in the flat. Sometimes we only had time for Danni to give me a blowjob... Only a blow job, what am I saying with Danni it was always so much more and the first time I shot a load of hot spunk straight down into her belly while she was deep throating me was memorable to say the least. I was still having sex with Sue but the guilt was kicking in and I sometimes struggled to get fully aroused. At least I could satisfy her orally. I knew this situation couldn't continue but if I came clean then I would lose everything, Sue, Iain and probably even Danni. So the time I spent with Danni over those following weeks became even more special.

The sex with Danni was even more mind blowing as she worked on and perfected her technique. She just blossomed. I loved the way she was there in the moment as we made love. It was back at the flat after I had skipped off work early for a 'dentist' appointment. I was naked, flat on my back with Danni also naked riding my hard cock. She ground her hips against mine while I caressed her soft boobs and hard nipples. She lent forward so we could kiss and I held her tight as I started to fuck her thrusting my hips off the bed. I was getting close and my ball ached for release but I was holding back waiting for Danni. I could see the blush forming on her chest so with one hand I sought out her clit and started to massage it in small circles. Danni cried out in pleasure and as her body shook I gave in to my aching balls and released the first of several streams of hot spunk into Danni's pussy. As she lay on top of me recovering from her orgasm Danni looked up and asked why I looked so sad. She was worried she had done something wrong. I smiled and told her she could do no wrong it was just the situation at home that was making me sad but that I loved being with her. She rolled off and looked at me seriously "You know Pete you have to tell to Sue, you can't keep carrying this burden around with you" I knew that what Danni was telling me was right but how do you tell your wife of 20 years that you have lied and cheated on her. But if I was honest with myself I still loved my wife I just loved Danni as well. As for Iain well he would probably want to kill me if Sue hadn't done so already. I sighed and cuddled up with Danni, stay with the moment I thought, stay with the moment.

I was in bed with Sue the next evening, I had licked and sucked her to orgasm and now instead of us fucking I was lying on the bed with my eyes closed as Sue jacked off my hard cock. I imagined it was Danni's soft small hand rubbing up and down the length of my cock. I was moaning and at the moment before I came I squeezed my eyes even tighter shut, then as the spunk shot from my cock I gasped "Unngghh ....Danni" It wasn't very loud but I knew Sue must have heard me as she continued to rub her spunk covered hand slowly up and down my softening cock. I looked over to Sue and said the words I had been dreading to say "I think we need to talk"

Sue looked at me very seriously "Okay ..... Just let me wash my hand off first" and jumped off the bed. I took the opportunity to clean myself up and pull on my boxers on as a cold heavy feeling spread through the pit of my stomach.

When Sue returned she still looked serious. "There is something I need to tell you as well ...... promise you won't be mad?" This took me back a bit I was ready to confess all and now Sue had something she wanted to talk about. The heavy feeling in my stomach got heavier. "I'm pregnant again" Sue blurted out. It took a while to sink in exactly what she had said. "Please don't be mad ..... I was desperate to have another child with Iain all grown up and at my age my biological clock ticking like mad"

"But what.....but why ....why didn't you tell me" I stuttered still in shock

"You're not mad are you?" She asked "You're just so easy going Pete you would have just carried on as normal. I needed to find a way, I've been rather devious" Sue continued" Oh this is not easy and I'm not making much sense" She said almost crying.

"Sue; Sue .... Calm down" I said holding her hand "I'm not mad, why should I be angry? ..... That may change of course when the sleepless nights kick in" I smiled Sue visibility relaxed when I smiled "But I have done something very wrong" She continued.

"How can getting pregnant be wrong" I said (In the back of my mind I began to question if the baby was mine)

"It's more to do with why you got me pregnant, I know why you would have called out Danni's name. Don't speak Pete let me try and explain it's a long story"

With that Sue explained that although she still loved me we had become very comfortable as a couple. The sex was good but not great. When Iain had told her he was thinking of splitting with Danni, Sue had remembered how she thought I had always had a soft spot (or should that be hard!) her. So she offered to help Iain and spoke to Danni. Sue found out that Danni had normally gone for older men and that even though she and Iain would always be good friends it just wasn't working out as he didn't press the right buttons with her to take things further. Sue had jokingly said so if only he was Pete's age you'd still be together. When Danni had said yes and idea had hatched in Sue's mind. Iain soon found a new girlfriend, Danni had introduced him to Anna (yes the same Anna who had taught Danni some dance moves and was as Danni liked to put it her "Bed buddy" there when either of them needed some sexual relief but not a substitute for a proper boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.)

Sue had suggested that Danni make it obvious she fancied me knowing I would not jump straight into bed with Danni. She had spoken to Iain and although he thought it was weird he didn't mind having Danni around the house for a while longer if it was what Mum wanted and he was happy with Anna. So when I started to fuck Sue harder and more often she knew that Danni's teasing was working and increasing the chance of me getting her pregnant. It was only meant to be for a short while but Sue realised she had started something that would change our lives for ever.

I was shocked and yes angry at being deceived but I couldn't stay angry for long because it had brought Danni and I together. Sue knew we had slept together but I didn't go into all the gory details right there as that wouldn't have been fair on her.

The big question was where do we go from here? Sue knows that Danni and I are going to keep on seeing each other. She respected the fact I wouldn't sleep with Danni in our bed but understands I will keep seeing Danni in the future. I should be really happy and in some ways I am but how am I going to tell Sue that Danni is pregnant as well? .........

© The Boz

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