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Two young friends show their love for each other in the school bathrooms.
King High
Misses Oliver’s chemistry class sat huddled around a wooden table in the centre of her classroom, observing intently as she poured a mixture of liquids together to create smokes and fizzing sounds. The boys were wide-eyed with a teenage lust for destruction, broad grins sitting on their faces, whilst the girls sat and fiddled with their hair in a bored manner. One girl in particular, Vicky, was looking especially dulled by the same science she had seen dozens of times, and was biting her nails. She sighed and rolled her deep grey blue eyes and stared at the clock impatiently. Across the room, her friend Sacha was smiling at her, staring across her cute plump cheeks and long dirty blonde hair. Vicky noticed and glanced her way, smiling back. Then an idea struck… She turned her attention to the science teacher and raised her hand gently in the air.

“Miss” she interrupted. Misses Oliver stopped talking and leaned her head to face Vicky.
“Yes, Victoria?”
“Miss, please may I use the bathroom? It’s, uhh… you know.”
Misses Oliver’s eyes widened and she nodded, understanding that Vicky was on her period. She of course wasn’t, but wasn’t ashamed of using it as an excuse in front of the class. A few stray boyish giggles meant nothing to her. She stood up and circled the table, walking towards the door. She knew that Sacha would be watching and walked with a swagger, showing off her firm ass. Even at the young age of fourteen, Vicky had developed the body of a young woman, with round, bouncy 32D breasts and an hourglass figure, with wide, womanly hips. She had been growing bright blonde pubic hair for a year now, but started shaving the majority of it off, choosing to ignore the picky parts that might hurt to get at.

Sacha noticed Vicky’s inviting swagger and saw this as an opportunity. She smirked to herself briefly before looking toward the teacher.
“Miss, could I go too? We’re on the same calendar and –-“
“Yes, whatever, quickly now.” Miss Oliver clearly didn’t take kindly to the idea of speaking about periods in public. Sacha beamed and quickly hurried after Vicky, her long, dark chocolate hair sweeping after her. Sacha hadn’t quite developed as much as Vicky, but was certainly a pretty girl, with bright green eyes that lit of a cheery face. She was curvaceous too, but with 30C breasts and an athletic figure from navy cadet’s training. She briskly walked out of the room, tailing Vicky to the girls’ bathroom.

Vicky knew she was being followed but continued to walk ahead of Sacha and giggle, breaking into a run into the bathroom. When she got in, she quickly checked the locks on the cubicles and made sure there were no other girls using them. She stood by the door of one and waited a moment for Sacha to appear, out of breath, at the door. They stared into each other eyes for a few seconds, smirking, admiring each other in their uniforms… tight white buttoned shirts with loose black ties, jet black shoes and fairly short grey skirts.

Sacha couldn’t take the tension and lunged herself at Vicky, wrapping her arms round her and slamming her lips against her friend’s. She closed her eyes as they fell into the open cubicle, leaning against the wall by the toilet. Their lips became loose as they furiously buried their tongues into each other’s mouths, sighing occasionally. Vicky too had closed her eyes and her hands were rubbing across Sacha’s hips and back, often clawing her nails playfully into her shirt. You see, there was something special about the girls and some boys at King High. They had reached puberty surprisingly fast and discovered that it was hard to suppress teenage urges. Some had found ways to control their desires, by themselves or sometimes with other people. Vicky and Sacha were a pair that found their friendship for each other grow stronger and stronger until a lustful relationship was formed one cold Sunday afternoon. Nothing was to change between them and it was not to be made “official” as such. It was simply two friends with the craving to satisfy themselves and each other.

Vicky broke the kiss for air, pulling back and smiling. She backed up and closed the door behind them, seductively slamming the lock in place. She pursed her lips and brought her fingers to the top of her shirt, and started to pluck at the buttons one by one. Sacha simply smiled back and bit her lower lip, feeling her nipples harden and her crotch start to ache. She stared longingly at Vicky’s shirt as more and more of her soft, smooth cleavage was revealed, cupped firmly in cute, light pink bra. Sacha shivered and stepped forward, slipping her fingers into Vicky’s open shirt and wrapping her palms around the delicate lumps of heaven in front of her. She squeezed softly and stroked the fabric of her bra, leaning in to peck kisses down Vicky’s neck. A soft moan escaped Vicky’s lips as her boobs melted into Sacha’s hands, and she wrapped her ankle around her friend’s. Sacha placed her fingers under the top rim of Vicky’s bra cup and tugged it down, revealing jiggly, firm teenage tits, a soft skin tone to them. Sacha stared hungrily at Vicky’s light, fairly small, pokey nipples before leaning down to lick and suckle on them, breathing hard. Vicky moved her hand to behind Sacha’s head and stroked her hair, pushing her against her breasts slightly. She moved her right hand down to Sacha’s stomach and started to tickle and stroke the rim of her skirt, her left hand rubbing across her own body, across her left breast, teasing Sacha and encouraging her to lick harder. Her hand eventually met her right and together they played with the clasp on Sacha’s skirt, as her cheeks turned red with passion. Sacha rubbed Vicky’s breasts a few times before regaining her posture and meeting Vicky’s lips, kissing her deeply as they closed their eyes.

Vicky finally released the buckle holding Sacha’s skirt tight, and tugged it down gently and playfully. As she bent down slightly to lower her skirt, she gave Sacha and eyeful of her extraordinary cleavage that came from her round breasts pushing together. Vicky glanced down as Sacha’s tiny white panties were revealed. She smiled and ran a finger across the length of them, tracing a damp line. Sacha quivered and moaned gently, reaching out for Vicky’s skirt, and started tugging at it too. As Vicky circled her panty waistline seductively, Sacha dropped Vicky’s uniformed skirt to the floor, gulping back lust as she observed Vicky’s tight pink panties that already had a little wet patch on the lower area.

In unison, they looked up into each other eyes smiling, as they held their hands against the waist of each other panties. As one, they slipped their fingers down into the fabric and felt the heat from their friend’s genitals. As one, they leaned their heads together and closed their eyes, breathing deeply as they started to rub each other. The silky, slick dampness on their fingers did nothing to help raw desire as they rubbed harder into each other’s vagina lips, pleasantly surprised at the small differences between their pussies. Vicky’s was wider at the bottom, with thinner lips at the top hiding her love button discreetly. Sacha’s was a little hairier but also longer and slimmer, with a tiny clit poking out at the top.

They rubbed their fingers up and down the length of each other’s privates for what seemed like only moments, both sweating and breathing hard into each other’s faces, foreheads pressed together. After the tension built and their sighs got more frequent and deeper, they started to let out audible moans against each other, before each letting a sharp sigh and falling into each other’s arms. They could smell their climax emitting from their underwear and their rubbing came to a halt. She removed each others hands and brought the fingers to each others mouths, licking and sucking the scented juices from each other. Together they giggled and pecked kisses, stood together in a girl’s toilet cubicle.

But as they stood, supposedly secretly, together as one in the stall, they were not entirely alone. A face, hidden by shadow, stood silently by the door, listening to the sounds with awe. The figure raised a single finger to her lips and bite her nail, smirking.

---------- NOTES ----------
Hello everyone, this is my first time writing a sex story, and being a younger man myself I remembed the good old days at high school, and dreaming up fantasies to help fill in the hours. This is my retelling of those fantasties through a group of friends at a fictional high school. If you enjoy these stories, and leave a comment or two, I'll write some more when I can. Thanks for reading.

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