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Jenny falls into the hands of White Sluts
Mrs. Jenny Li, age 36, second-generation Chinese-American schoolteacher ran wildly through the woods to escape her assailants. She had borrowed a friend’s cottage for the week and had just been assaulted and raped by 5 drunks. She had escaped when they had passed out.

Poor Jenny Li had escaped with only a white beach towel and sandals to cover her naked, slender, trim, 4’6” body. Her small 32C bust jiggled as she ran, her two traditional braided pigtails swishing from side to side. It was already dark and she was thoroughly lost. Luckily, the muggy, hot weather meant she wouldn’t freeze overnight.

In the distance a light emanated from a campsite. Jenny approached warily but with great relief.

Two bikini-clad women, a middle-aged white one and a young Hispanic, sat on a log in front of the fire, holding hands.

Jenny heard the young one say, “Barbara, my love, it’s so good to be alone with you. I’m glad your husband, Luke and his friends aren’t around.”

“Luke and his drunken pals borrowed Mark’s cottage for the week. They’re probably playing soldier or something. I’m really glad you came camping with me Juanita. I’ve enjoyed watching you at the coffee shop all week, your dark hair, your dark eyes and smooth skin. I wasn’t going to hire you when you first came in last week because of your inexperience. Now I’m glad I did.”

Barbara loved to hire young girls, enjoy their bodies, then fire them after a week or two. She didn’t care whether the girls were willing or unwilling just as long as they were young and soft.

Watching, Jenny worried that she shouldn’t just barge in. She decided to wait until she was sure it was safe to talk to these women.

Barbara added, “I forgot to ask your age. You’re old enough aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m 20. And you?” Juanita smiled.

“I’m 40 but I can still make you hot, in fact, I will right now.” Barbara put her arm around Juanita’s waist, drew her close and pressed her warm lips to Juanita’s face.

Juanita, her arms now tightly holding Barbara, eagerly, passionately returned the kiss, pressing her firm, bikini clad boobs hard against Barbara’s large melons.

Jenny, shocked, just stared, eyes wide, mouth open, clutching her towel. Did she just stumble on a couple of lesbians?

Barbara enjoyed the feel of Juanita’s firm, modest tits pressing against her and slowly slid her hand up Juanita’s naked back to the little bowtie securing Juanita’s bikini top. She tugged gently feeling the two strings separate. Now she caressed Juanita’s bare back while darting her tongue into Juanita’s small mouth. Slowly pulling the bikini top off, she enjoyed the feel of the young Hispanic’s body. Young Juanita returned the favor and both topless now, Barbara felt Juanita’s young tits press against her own mature melons.

Jenny couldn’t believe her eyes, the two women were actually kissing not ten feet from her. She continued peering from behind the bushes hoping not to be seen. She thought angrily of the five men who had raped her that afternoon. A fascinating idea entered her mind: women were safe; they would never rape another woman. Her left hand unconsciously strayed to her right tit, the nipple hardened.

Barbara, her tongue still exploring Juanita’s mouth, slowly pulled the young woman to her feet, reached to her hip, untied the bikini bottom and let it fall. She felt Juanita’s nipples harden against her as she pulled the girl closer, her hands squeezing both ass cheeks.

Wiggling till her own bottoms slid off, Barbara gently took one of Juanita’s inexperienced hands and guided it to her mature thatch making sure two fingers found her hot button. Juanita was a natural! Her fingers instantly pressed into Barbara’s sticky pussy and started a slow in/out.

After a minute or two, Barbara started pushing Juanita’s head down, down until it reached her blonde pussy. Juanita looked hesitant, confused.

“My sexy young thing, just lick it, taste my juice. Lick. I’m so hot for you.” Barbara instructed.

Jenny watched, fascinated, as Juanita’s tongue darted into Barbara’s obviously hot pussy. The older woman’s head went back as the young one eagerly sucked and tongued her curly haired mature cunt. Jenny, unaware that her own right hand had now slid to her own black-haired cunt continued watching as her own worked her pussy into a sticky lather. Both her nipples were hard as marbles as the towel slipped to her waist. Jenny was having trouble standing still now.

Barbara’s pussy was so excited. She held Juanita’s head tightly and pushed it as hard as possible against her hot cunt as the young tongue darted in, around, in, out. Just as she was ready to explode, Barbara heard a loud sound; a twig snapping nearby!

Spinning around, Barbara caught sight of Jenny behind the bushes.

“Hey you! Why are you spying on us? Come out here!” Barbara shouted while hurriedly slipping her bikini back on. Juanita looked stunned but hastily pulled on her own bikini.

Jenny stepped in to the light stammering, “I wasn’t spying. I just got here. I didn’t even see anyone until you spoke. Please, help me.”

Barbara and Juanita stared at the intruder: a cute Chinese woman wearing nothing but a towel. The Chinese woman hadn’t seen them groping each other.

Barbara said, “Help? What are you doing in the middle of the forest wearing nothing but a towel?”

Jenny sobbingly poured out the whole story of her gang rape and her terrifying run through the forest. She mentioned the names of her attackers.

Barbara nodded, “You’ve been through a lot honey. Tell you what, we’ll fix you a hot meal, you can get cleaned up in the lake and in the morning we’ll take you in to town.” Handing Jenny some soap, Barbara added to herself, “So my macho husband and his gang like to fuck Chinese chicks. Well, maybe I’ll see what they like.”

Friends at last! Jenny stepped knee-deep in the lake water applying soap liberally, especially in the areas that had been violated. She smiled knowing her ordeal was finally over.

Barbara and Juanita sat by the fire watching Jenny bathe. Barbara’s fingers pushed into the front of Juanita’s bikini bottom finding her pussy hole and rubbed as she watched the Chinese chick with the cute pigtails and soapy body. The short body, small tits and tight ass turned her on. She whispered a plan to Juanita who looked worried and shook her head uncertainly. Barbara whispered some more and Juanita slowly, then enthusiastically nodded her head.

After bathing, Jenny enjoyed a meal of corn and hamburgers. Then, feeling totally exhausted, she stretched out on a blanket kindly given her by the two wonderful ladies and fell fast asleep.

Barbara grinned and winked at Juanita as they watched the naked, exhausted Jenny sleeping on the blanket. Switching on her cell phone, she snapped a few photo’s of Jenny from various angles before phoning her husband, Luke, and telling him, “Just sent you some pictures. Hope you enjoy them. More pics later. Love ya.”

Jenny’s bare, petite body felt nothing when the two women crept close, touched her nipples and kissed her lips. Jenny’s body still felt nothing when Barbara tied her wrists to two low-hanging tree branches. Nor did her body feel anything when Juanita tied her legs with long ropes to another tree. Barbara snapped a few more pictures of Jenny tied spread-eagled on the ground.

Barbara smiled saying, “You take the top, I’ll take the bottom. When she wakes up, make her eat your cunt.”

“What if she won’t?” Juanita replied.

“Won’t?? Slap her silly face until she will!” Barbara began kissing Jenny’s ankles, slowly moving up her calves then her inner thighs. The short legs were soft and tender so she took a few nibbles too.

Juanita gently kissed Jenny’s soft lips while tentatively touching the small titty mounds. The small nipples on Jenny’s quarter-sized dark areolas stood erect from the cool night air. Juanita playfully tweaked and pulled the tiny nipples while trying to force her tongue into Jenny’s sleeping mouth.

Jenny Li’s eyes snapped open, wide. She stared at the woman kissing her for a second then let out a scream and tried to jump up. No luck. Her arms and legs were firmly tied.

“Stop! What the fuck are you doing?” Jenny yelled.

Barbara slapped the tender part of Jenny’s legs hard and laughed, “We’re fucking you. What do you think? Now eat my girlfriend’s cunt.”

Juanita, taking her cue, said, “Yeah. Eat me bitch. Eat my hot pussy. Taste me.” She slapped Jenny’s face and tits a few times for emphasis. Then she shoved her wet cunt into Jenny’s face to cut off any argument.

Jenny struggled to push away the suffocating cunt that had just plopped down on her face. It was impossible! No hands to fight with, she could only push with her face.

Juanita felt Jenny’s vain attempts to push her away. This excited her because Jenny’s nose had poked into her cunt. She eagerly rubbed her sticky pussy on Jenny’s nose and all over her face all the while saying, “That’s it little bitch. Feel my pussy. Eat me! Eat me!”

Barbara asked, as her own tongue approached Jenny’s black thatch, “Is she eating you yet?”


Barbara stopped then started slapping Jenny’s legs and stomach yelling, “Eat my fucking girlfriend bitch or you’ll wish you were never born!”

Poor frightened Jenny, to escape the vicious slaps tentatively stuck her tongue into Juanita’s waiting pussy.

“That’s better. Now suck me good. Stick your tongue in like you really like me. Yes. Yes!” Juanita enjoyed the soft little tongue licking her sticky hole. Rubbing her wet pussy back and forth on Jenny’s face, she squeezed Jenny’s small tits trying to make the honey-colored mounds go red.

Jenny, having no choice, continued licking the wet pussy grinding on her face. Every time she slowed or stopped she received a rough slap. Swallowing her humiliation and fighting exhaustion, she licked and licked, darting her petite tongue in and out of the sweet girl hole. Soon she felt a warm sensation between her own legs. The other woman was licking Jenny’s cunt!

Barbara, kneeling between Jenny’s legs, spread Jenny’s cunt wide open with her fingers, bent her head down and rammed her big, hot tongue right in the hole. Locating the pink button, she took a nibble, sucked it in into her mouth and lashed it with her strong tongue.

As Jenny wriggled trying to dislodge the invading tongue, Barbara slid her hands under Jenny’s ass. One hand on each cheek, she squeezed. Thinking to herself, “Nice ass, firm.” she then forced one finger into the crack of Jenny’s ass while still tongue fucking her cunt. She kept this up for a while until her cell phone rang.

“Yes?” she answered her phone in the middle of her fuck.

“This is Luke. Liked the picture. We were just fucking that bitch but she got away. Take some more pictures for us.” Luke sounded quite drunk, as usual.

“More pictures on the way.” Barbara answered as she aimed her phone at Jenny’s struggling petite honey-colored body. She made sure to get several pictures of Jenny eating Juanita’s cunt. Then she put the phone near Jenny’s head so Luke could hear the licking sounds.

Juanita started to gasp from the pleasure of Jenny’s licking. She pulled on Jenny’s nipples while continually moaning. Her young body shook as she approached climax. Her pussy rode up and down making Jenny’s face sticky, filling her nostrils with hot girl smell.

Juanita finally let out a victorious screech and, panting heavily, turned to grin at Barbara who continued snapping pictures.

Barbara returned the grin saying, “Hope that was good. Now move over so I can sit on that bitch’s face too.”

Juanita stood allowing Barbara to snap a clear picture of Jenny’s desperate face. She promptly sat on the face placing her mature pussy square on Jenny’s lips while telling Juanita, “Now it’s your turn to taste Chinese pussy. Enjoy.”

Then she added, “Stick your ass in the air so I can lick you.”

Now, Jenny, laying on her back, arms and legs tied, obediently licked at Barbara’s juicy pussy. Barbara tongued Juanita’s cunt from behind and Juanita’s warm tongue assaulted Jenny’s petite cunt. Again, any time Jenny’s efforts slowed she received a hard slap of encouragement.

Barbara felt her excitement rising from the small tongue inside her while taking great pleasure in the taste of Juanita’s own young pussy.

Juanita felt herself approaching climax a second time as she enjoyed gobbling her Chinese takeout. Sometimes she would stop for a few seconds to rest her tongue while lightly slapping Jenny’s exposed cunt.

Jenny desperately tried to keep licking to avoid the slaps while trying to ignore the disgusting tongue lapping at her poor pussy. She wanted to scream. The woman on top of her shuddered and convulsed while the one at her pussy shook while pushing harder into her worn out cunt.

Barbara sat up, ignoring the fact her ass was now firmly in Jenny’s face. “Well that was a good fuck. How was your end?”

“Tastes good, but I’m tired now.” Juanita replied with a big yawn.

“Let’s bed down in the tent. Just you and me in each other’s arms.” Barbara suggested.

“What about her?” Juanita asked looking at Jenny.

“Oh, yeah. She’s on our blanket. Take the blanket.”

Barbara and Juanita slept soundly in each other’s loving arms.

Jenny sobbed herself to sleep on the cold ground still tied and unable to move.

The sun shone in Jenny’s eyes. She woke. Her arms and legs were no longer tied. She sat up, naked, staring as she heard the voices.

“Bye, bye love. We had a great time. Bye.”

Barbara and Juanita were paddling away in the canoe, waving to her and blowing kisses!!

Looking wildly around, Jenny realized they had left nothing, not even her towel or sandals. She was naked and lost in the forest.

Starting to sob, Jenny noticed something shiny sticking out from under some leaves.

Barbara’s cell phone!!

She laughed hysterically. One call to her friend at State police and revenge would be sweet.

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