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Two 15 year olds get a bit closer during a sleepover...
Secondary School. England. Winter. This was exactly what Hazel wanted at the moment. She didn’t like the summers that much. She had to wear skirts during summer, and with a body like hers, skirts were more dangerous than useful. Her rear end was heart-shaped and perfectly sized for her slim, athletic, 5 foot 8 body. At 15, she didn’t have the largest breasts, but, at a healthy 34B, she certainly could flaunt them if needed. However, she didn’t choose to. Her smooth skin, untouched by acne, was pale, but could tan very easily as she wasn’t fair skinned, thanks to her Chinese mother. Her eyes weren’t full slits, as her mothers were, but more Caucasian and wide. However, they were still the dark-of-dark colour characteristic of the Chinese. She had a high cheek boned face, straight black hair, with a straight nose and a full-lipped smile that captured the interests of anyone, male or female, caught in its direction. This beauty was the pride and joy of her parents, who, unfortunately, didn’t see her very often as they were both successful business people who worked in London, an hour and a half’s drive away. She had the house to herself a lot...

Hazel knew about sex. However, she wasn’t interested in it. She knew that many people, including her best friend, had been fingered, and had seen all the disgusting porn films her brother had kept ‘secret’ in his cupboard. It just didn’t seem interesting to her. To her, sex was for making babies. Nothing more, nothing less.
Her best friend, Emily, disagreed, however. She had made it her mission to get Hazel a boyfriend and for her to enjoy the sexual events that would inevitably occur a few months into the relationship. Hazel refused to cooperate, however, and it drove Emily up the wall. Even as Emily masturbated in her bed, she tried to think of ways to make Hazel feel the wonderful rushing and soaring sensations of a good orgasm. She would one day. She was the only one. Their friendship was at such a level that they kept NOTHING from each other, and felt perfectly comfortable naked in each other’s presence. Yes, only she had the power to make Hazel see sense.

One day, during a particularly cold day of winter, Emily came over to Hazel’s for a sleepover. They talked about the usual things that girls talked about at a sleepover: school, Emily’s boyfriend, homework, Emily’s boyfriend, clothes they wanted to buy, Emily’s boyfriend, periods, Emily’s boyfriend, and everything else. Then, as Hazel started to feel sleepy, Emily opened the window bringing the flat orange glow of the streetlamps into Hazel’s untidy bedroom covered in underwear and clothes.

“Shit, Emily, what are you doing, that’s freezing!”

“Sorry, I was just so hot and sticky...”

“Well, just don’t keep it open for too long.”

Hazel had taken her bra off, and, little did she know, but her nipples had stuck out like soldiers standing to attention. Seeing them, Emily giggled.

“Someone’s horny...” She quipped.

“What?” Emily pointed at the twin peaks on her chest. Hazel blushed crimson. “It’s cold.”

“Well, they were like that before I opened the window,” Emily lied easily. “So, who’s the lucky guy you’re horny over?”

“There isn’t one, don’t start this one again.” Hazel was also lying, but she didn’t want anything sexual from the guy she was after. He was just such a genuine guy.

“Well, I saw you looking at Greg the other day. In a more than friendly way. Both he and I noticed them then as well. Why else did you think he was stuttering when he talked to you?”

Hazel, who had forgotten her coat that particular day, blushed an even deeper shade of crimson. “If you hadn’t noticed, I was in my shirt sleeves, plus, that bra is really thin.” Hazel did like Greg, a lot, but she wasn’t sexually attracted to him, just to his good looks, and general loveliness as a person. Emily understood that about guys, just, she also loved the sexual part of relationships. “Perhaps a little too much”, Hazel thought.

“Of course, silly me...” One could almost taste the sarcasm in Emily’s voice.

“It is...” Hazel slipped out of bed and crossed to her drawer, turned on the light, and took off her top. As she searched her drawer for the offending bra, her breasts jiggled in front of her. Emily saw the large nipples that so often stuck out when she Hazel was cold, like now, and felt moistness well up between her legs. “Wait, what the hell? I have a boyfriend, I’m straight...

Hazel found the bra she was looking for, a plain white one, and put it on, with some difficulty, and turned around to show Emily.

“See, they stick out anyway...”

“Ok then. That might have been coincidental. Heh, most guys would kill to be in my position now, with Hazel Striker standing in front of me in a pair of see-through shorts and a see-through bra!” Emily felt very privileged.

Hazel threw a pillow at her “Shut up!”

Emily jumped out of her camp bed, dressed in nothing but a lacy red bra and a pair of matching skimpy red French Knickers, through which Hazel could clearly see Emily’s shaved crotch. Not that either of them cared. Hazel and Emily proceeded to have a furious, but silent, pillow fight. Soon after, Hazel and Emily were sitting cross legged opposite each other, playing truth or dare. Hazel found herself looking at the very obviously swollen lips of Emily’s pussy. She felt, against her better judgment, her own pussy get swollen and wet, and she saw Emily’s eyes widen as she happened to glance down at Hazel’s pussy.

“Yeah?” Hazel tried to act natural as possible, and accidentally-on-purpose shifted her hands over her crotch.

“It’s your go. Truth or dare?”

Feeling suddenly reckless, Hazel said “Dare.”

“Oooh, ok, erm, I dare you,” she paused for thought, and glanced down at Hazel’s crotch again. “To shave your vagina!”

Hazel choked on her breath. “What, no way!”

“If you back out, it’s a forfeit, and we know you don’t want that...!” Hazel recalled the last time she had backed out from one of Emily’s dares. The forfeit had involved a pair of used underwear and a very horny male friend of Emily’s. Hazel hadn’t been able to live it down for months.

“Urgh, OKAY then, what am I going to use?”

“Wax! I always keep some in my toilet bag!” Emily cheerfully went to her toilet bag and got out a packet of wax. “I’ll show you how; I need to do mine again soon anyway.”

“But you’re clean shaven!”

Emily dropped her French Knickers. “No I’m not, there’s stubble, see?” Hazel bent down to look. This was perfectly normal to them. However, tonight, both of them felt something different.

“Oh, yeah, so there is.”

“Right then, this won’t hurt, but it will tingle.”

Ten minutes later, both girls stood up, admiring Hazel’s perfectly smooth and shining pussy. Emily also was clean shaven, and Hazel’s eyes shifted to it. She saw the folds of pink skin, arranged somewhat like a flower, and a little nub at the end closest to her, Emily’s clitoris. Suddenly, Hazel felt juices well up in her own pussy, and her heart almost stopped. Emily was looking directly at her vagina. What would she say? Then, just before she looked back up at her, she saw moistness on Emily’s pussy too.


“Hazel, I am too, see?”

“But, I don’t like sex, what’s wrong with me?”

“There’s nothing wrong with you. You could just actually like sex. That could be the reason. I do.”

With that, Emily, leaned in forward, taking the initiative that she knew, for some reason, she wanted, and steered Hazel’s head towards her mouth. She kissed Hazel’s lips gently, and felt Hazel kiss her back, uncertainly at first, then with more enthusiasm. Hazel actually seemed to want this too! As Hazel’s tongue brushed Emily’s lips, she felt a jolt in her stomach. Hazel was initiating the tongue move! She allowed Hazel’s tongue to enter her mouth, and their tongues danced in their mouths, playing little wrestling games, and intertwining. Hazel’s mouth tasted fabulous!

Hazel was in paradise. She had her tongue in her best friend’s mouth, and they were French kissing passionately. She didn’t know why she was enjoying it so much, but she was. She felt her hands sliding down from around Emily’s shoulders to the edge of the bra Emily was wearing. Her hands were massaging her breasts, and Emily let out a small moan. Now Emily’s nipples were also sticking out. Hazel felt a definite sense of justice. As Hazel felt Emily undo her bra, Hazel followed suit, undoing the clasp of Emily’s bra, and sliding it off her slim frame. Massaging Emily’s C cup breasts was a turn on that made its mark very quickly. The juices started trickling down Hazel’s legs. And then Emily touched her nipples. An electric jolt ran down her spine, sending a wave of pleasure down to her heavily swollen pussy lips, which responded by flowing more sweet smelling juices. She was now literally dripping.

Emily was now reaching the stage where she had to have someone, her or Hazel, touch her pussy. Hazel was pinching her nipples, and she saw the juices dripping from Hazel’s pussy. This turned her on even more. She put her hand over Hazel’s and guided it to her pussy. Hazel responded with vigour, running her fingers over the red, blood-engorged labia, causing Emily to buck involuntarily, her golden brown hair flying around her pretty face. Hazel seemed to know instinctively how to please Emily, as she slid three fingers into the supple, slippery hole of Emily’s pussy – the exact number she used to pleasure herself the best – and used her thumb to barrage her clitoris with strokes that brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Hazel kept up a motion that had Emily biting her lip to stop her from squealing in ecstasy. Then, she felt the soaring feeling in the pit of her stomach that indicated imminent orgasm. The feeling built and built, in waves that were made by the rhythm of Hazel’s pumps in and out of her pussy.

“Ugh, Hazel, I’m cumming, ahh!!”

Suddenly, the waves built into one crescendo of pleasure that sent her reeling, and all she felt was the warmth and utter pleasure of orgasm. The juices flowed freely, drenching Hazel’s whole hand, and a good deal of her arm, dripping onto the beige carpet. Emily had snatched up a pillow from the bed, and was squealing into it, her face bright red, matching her pussy lips.

Hazel saw all the juices, and was impressed. The smell was intoxicating, musky, yet sweet. The juices from her pussy had started to dribble like a tap from her vagina, she was so turned on. She sniffed her soaked hand deeply. It smelled delicious. Acting on impulse, she licked her finger, and was rewarded by a tangy, slightly salty taste that she immensely enjoyed. She cleaned her whole hand, and her arm. The juices flowed even more heavily. There was a small puddle at her feet.
Suddenly, Emily sat up. She had a gleam in her eye that said quite plainly “My turn.” Quick as a flash, Emily rugby tackled her best friend onto the bed. Her mouth kissed Hazel’s again, and their tongues danced. Hazel knew that Emily must be able to taste her own juices on Hazel’s tongue.
“You taste really good, you horny bitch...” Hazel was surprised at how husky and sexual her voice sounded.
“Well, let’s see if you taste as good!” Emily had a wicked gleam in her eyes. Emily’s mouth kissed her way down Hazel’s body, and Hazel felt the puddle around her crotch growing on the bed. Suddenly, Emily’s mouth found Hazel’s pussy, and the jolt she felt sent electricity flow around her body. Then, Emily set her tongue to work on Hazel’s clit, and the electricity got stronger, making her body buck and twitch. The electricity zeroed in on her pussy all of a sudden, and she sputtered out some words.

“Emily, I’m cumming I think! Ughhh!!”

The electricity felt so good, and she felt Emily’s tongue go to her vaginal entrance, lapping up the juices in the folds of Hazel’s pussy. This sent her over the edge, and the ecstasy reached a pitch that sent juice spraying out of her vagina in jets that hit the back of Emily’s mouth. She kept it in there, until she had a small lake of pussy juice in her mouth. Hazel jerked in paradise, with pleasure coursing around her body. When she came down from her ecstatic high, she felt relaxed, and reached in to kiss Emily. The traded the juices between their mouths, spittle mixing with juice, and then they swallowed half each. They felt very content.

“Yes, Hazel, you do taste good.”

They smiled and lay down, stark naked with a finger in each other’s pussy. They went to sleep almost immediately.


Comments and critique are most welcome. I strive to make my writing as good as possible, so constructive criticism would be received most gratefully. Thank you, Pegman :)

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