A story about a teenager having a little fun with a black woman.
Ok this is my first story. please comment it with some feedback. if its bad feedback go ahead post it, it will help me but if it's just plain mean I won't like it to much. ENJOY!

Chris was woken up from his alarm clock ringing right into his ear. He stretches his arm and turns it off, it reads 10:30 A.M. It is a Saturday morning and the only thing Chris has to do around the house on Saturdays are to wake up really early and cut the grass.

He jumps out of bed with just his boxers on, but his morning wood is sticking out so much that his boxers aren't even around his waist anymore. He hears footsteps coming down the hall so he tucks his hard dick between his legs just in time because his mom walks into his room. "Chris hurry up and start cutting the grass" yells Janet (his mom). "Ok, mom chill out I just woke up!" Chris yells back.

"CHRIS! Don't use that tone with me or you will get grounded" Janet is now really pissed so Chris decides to end the argument there.
Finally at 11 o'clock Chris starts cutting the grass, it is a hot July day so Chris is only wearing his shorts. Since he is the star running back for his high school football team he has a pretty nice body. The sweat is really running down his muscles. He finally finishes at 12:30. He goes inside and grabs a big glass of water. He is now hungry and there is no food in the house so he wants to walk to the gas station a couple blocks from his house. He goes to ask his mom if he can walk there.

"Are you done with the grass Chris?" "Yes mom I finished" explains Chris. "Ok then you can go, pick me up some milk while you're there."

Chris grabs a shirt and starts walking, he strolls down his street when his phone rings, it's his best friend Mike. He answers his phone "Hey Mike, what’s up?" "Nothing much dude, what are you doing in about two hours? I need to go to the mall and I wanted to know if you could come." explains Mike. "Yea i can, I'm just walking to the gas station now to get some snacks." Chris says. "Ok ummm i'll call you when i'm ready to go to the mall."

"Ok Mike, cya later."

Chris continues to walk to the gas station but when he walked by one house he sees a nice and clean pool and there is a black woman in it!!

She seems very pretty from the spot where he was and her ass looked really nice because thats the only thing he could see because her back was turned to him. Chris started to get really horny just looking at this late 20's black woman sit there and swim around in her pool. Chris had never had sex before, he has had a girlfriend before and he got all the way to blowjobs and eating her out but she was very religious and thought sex before marriage was wrong. He couldn't stand her policy so he dumped her 3 weeks ago.

Chris finally makes up his mind and starts walking to the pool, with the woman's back still turned to him, he finally reaches the pool and slowly starts to strip off all of his clothes. He slowly and quickly gets into the opposite side of the pool the woman is on. She is now lying face down to the ground and tanning with her feet hanging into the water. Chris keeps on getting closer and closer to her. He finally reaches her and just stands there in the water looking at her ass. Her swimsuit is black and red stripes and shows the slightest curves of her ass and pussy. Chris finally puts his hand out and moves the bottom of the swimsuit to the side exposing her black pussy to Chris. Chris starts licking her pussy while playing with her ass with his hands. At first the woman gasped then started to moan. She thought that it was her husband and he just snoke around her and started to lick her pussy, but then she saw her husband in the house.

She closes her legs tightly around Chris' head, forcing him to stop licking her pussy. She then flips over and Chris goes right at her pussy from the front, but she closes her legs and pulls them in the way of her pusssy.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?!?" screams the woman. Chris simply replys with "Hi, i'm Chris."

She is still screaming "What the fuck do you think your doing!?"

"I'm eating your pussy duh. Why don't you like it?"

"Yea i loved it, but i thought you were my husband. I don't even know you!" says the woman.

Chris tells her "I'm Chris, i already told you at, i live two streets away from you and i saw your ass and i knew i needed a piece of that so i started licking your pussy, and if you like then let me continue doing it."

"Ok" she says. Chris starts to lick her pussy again but from the front now with her legs wide open.

"Oh my god Chris, that feels soooooo gooood!! And by the way i'm Monique." "Hi Monique, i love your pussy." says Chris.

Monique pushes Chris' head away from her pussy for a second so she can take off her swimsuit bottom, when she's done Chris goes right back and starts nibbling on her clit. She starts to take off her top and her big boobs fall down, but not too much. She is loving this experience until she sees her husband about to come out into the yard, she tells Chris to hide in the water and behind her legs. Her husband, Maurice, opens the door and looks at her weird, he opens his mouth to shout something at her and he says......................................

TO BE CONTINUED!!!! Chapter 2 is coming out soon!!

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2010-06-18 07:52:50
you errection you killed it you sick monster you killed it

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2008-10-20 17:21:18
what the fuck kind of bullshit is this?

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2008-10-13 20:20:36
No story development. The woman's position was unrealistic. The dialogue was horrible. The meeting could have been played out longer, with more reaction. It really needed to be a whole lot more. Not at all erotic.


2008-10-13 16:34:02
instead of saying its shit tell me what's wrong with it. Its my first story just help me out here

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2008-10-13 09:49:42
shit and really difficult to read.

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